Friday, January 4, 2013

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano & Renee Graziano Buzzed

Karen & Renee talk about season 3 of Mob Wives on ABC's What's the Buzz.
Many know Karen Gravano & Renee Graziano our my favorite Mob Wives.  I love what each of the women bring to my television screen each week.  Karen is down to Earth & a stand up chick.  Renee brings the anger & hurt of the lifestyle to the surface in the most dramatic way.  I root for each of the these women each & every week.  Neither of them are perfect or 100% right in all that they do.  However, I enjoy what they bring to the table & can type they're the reason I tune in each week, research and watch everything Mob Wives.

No one was happier than I to catch the video of ABC's "What the Buzz" segment.  We learn Renee Graziano is not going to bury the hatchet with Carla Facciolo.  She isn't to happy that Carla called her a junkie.  Nor is she happy that Carla "Hot Coochie" Facciolo took to Twitter allegedly typing, "...even her son is disappointed in her."  We are so glad Carla is mother of the year & perfect.

The ladies then talk about the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and how it affected them.  Enjoy the video:

I don't need to tell you season 3 of Mob Wives premieres January 6 Sunday on VH1!  If you miss it you'll regret it.  The women of Mob Wives are fire.  We are especially looking forward to the new mob wife Love Majewski who I've affectionately named The Boobed Brawler.  Check out Discovery ID to catch Love on "I Married a Mobster" & "Deadly Sins".  You can follow Love Majewski on Twitter by CLICKING HERE.

Picture & Video credit: ABC


Deana3452 said...

I took this to mean CARLA said, "No, he's not a junkie, just you." Wow. That's not cool.

Deana3452 said...

P.S. Meaning like Carla tried to cover her tracks in front of Big Ang by saying that...that's what I think.

Chiara Soprano said...

When we see the episode it may all become clear. I wasn't too sure myself.