Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The Walking Dead" Mid-Season 3 Teasers

Hey guys! With "The Walking Dead" taking a winter break, I've been indulging in some "Mob Wives" like everyone else on here. But on February 10, 9/8c, the mid-season 3 of "The Walking Dead" premieres! So between "Mob Wives" and "The Walking Dead", it's going to be a pretty exciting TV season for us! I will be very happy when it's back on the air because I've been suffering from serious Daryl Dixon withdrawls. So here are two sneak-peak trailers to check out!


I've also drafted up a Season 3 recap as a memory refresher for viewers I will post sometime close before the season premiere date. Keep an eye out for that!

Trailer Credit: AMC/Youtube 
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Unknown said...

I cannot wait for TWD to come back. I know the writing is somewhat lacking but this is one of the few somewhat original (I know, I know... based on a comic book) series out there.

leah said...

Love the walking dead, game of thrones and mobwives.....i feel lost between seasons...so walking dead is feb 10th return and is it correct that mobwives is returning feb 10th?