Thursday, January 10, 2013

Staten Island Law: A NEW Show on OWN

Elura and Michele

One of my followers brought this to my attention yesterday. At first I was a little skeptical. Everyone wants to get a piece of Mob Wives one way or another, and now they are fascinated with Staten Island. But I read an interview that the New York Post did with Jennifer Graziano, to get her thoughts on this new show, which will be airing on Oprah’s OWN Network. Then I found a video of the first five minutes of the show…I’m hooked!

The show is about two women, Elura Nanos and Michele Sileo, who became best friends in law school, became prosecutors together, got married at the same time and even had kids at the same time. They decided to go into business together. They travel around New York City as mediators for people who have legal problems to try to help them achieve a resolution. We get to see what goes on in the mediation process and it could be full of drama! The ladies say they would like to also correct the negative stereotypes regarding Italians in Staten Islands. From what I saw in the clip, I love their accents, I love what they are doing together in business, I love the law…in short, I think I am an instant fan!

As for Jennifer Graziano, she isn’t at all threatened by the new show. She says, Mob Wives is “darker” show, but it will also be similar in that each of the women are branching out into business ventures of their own. So both shows are depicting women who are empowered and independent. She wishes them luck and success!

Check out the video below and let me know what you think of this new show, Staten Island Law and the two lawyers, Elura and Sileo. The show premieres on Saturday nights, on OWN at 9PM/8c. I think this show is going to be an instant hit, though I am a little worried about their time slot on Saturday Nights. Will you be giving it a try? What do you think so far?

Picture & Video Credit: OWN Network

LINKS to articles for more info: New York Post and Huffington Post

Shout Out to @Deana3452, the follower who alerted me to this gem!
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Anonymous said...

This should be interesting. I will watch, but it seems like a show for TLC. Hope the ratings are good on OWN.

@perri6 said...

Wow Im catching up on my favorite Blog and saw this show you posted, I love it, that was only the 5minutes you posted, I cant help to compare Mobwives woman to these 2 woman that are all from Staten Island! Im a fan already!