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Mob Wives: Recap “Mob Knives,” Ep 301

The whole reason for the title!
Her face & neck are showing signs of aging, oops.

On the boardwalk, Drita and Carla are walking when Drita recalls spending time there with Lee when he was with the South Beach Boys and ran the area. Carla says she went to see Big Ang and she told her that AJ has to spend a lot more time in rehab, 18 to 24 months. Carla says he could have been dead on the streets. Drita wants her kids to have a better life. Then Drita asks Carla if she has seen Renee. Carla says, “No, thank God, but I heard she has a problem with me, get over it, get a life. Someone must have gotten in her ear.  I’m done with her. She’s a f*ckin clown. She pops a pill. She’s never happy. Depends what pill she was poppin’ that day. Renee is a junk box, when she takes drugs she takes things out on everyone, especially me.” Drita says she is not comfortable with the conversation. Renee has had such a tough time this year with everything she is surprised at Carla for talking this way.  She says she has no problems with Renee and she wants to keep it that way.

At Renee’s house the locksmith is there because someone broke into the house while Renee was on a trip to Atlantic City. Renee says she had a security camera in the attic out of sight. Renee thinks it was a personal attack. She tells AJ she thinks the house was being watched and she wants her home to be secure. Renee says she feels very unsafe since Junior cooperated with the government. She wants a gun. She says she saw a black car with three guys in it watching her house. AJ doesn’t seem to take her seriously. Renee is agitated and seems to blame Junior. AJ says he knows what his father did was wrong but it’s over and he wants his mother to move on. AJ tells Renee he wants her to respect him and to stop talking about his dad. Renee wants AJ to respect her father, who is 72, and has been sent back to prison because of Junior.

Love is a keeper!

At Big Ang’s house, Love Majewski arrives! Big Ang says she knows Love for 20 years and that she went to high school with Karen and Ramona. Love says she was engaged to Ray Merolle, who allegedly ran a car theft ring called the Untouchables. Love and Big Ang catch up. Big Ang tells her it’s been a horror that AJ got in trouble, was arrested and is in a drug program. Big Ang is glad Love is back. Love asks about the girls. Big Ang tells her that Renee and Carla have big issues, they are at each other‘s throats. Love says she has her own issue with Renee. In the past Renee accused Love of sleeping with Junior and Love felt disrespected. Love was very upset about that. Big Ang says she is inviting the girls over to the Monkey. Love is anxious to see all her friends.

Renee's attitude with Carla "Mafia Wars? I win bitch!"

Renee and Drita meet and hug at a restaurant. Renee shows off her nice ass. Renee tells her that her house was robbed. All the pictures were thrown across the room and ripped. Her bedroom and AJ’s bedroom were destroyed. Her pillow was slashed. The Bible was on the floor. It felt personal. A lot of people were unhappy about Junior being a rat. This feels like a message is being sent to his family. Drita says Lee is coming home soon, within six months. Renee predicts they will get back together. They get on to the topic of Carla. Renee says Carla is a sneaky, conniving, whore, filthy, husband f*cking douche bag. She has more traffic than the Holland Tunnel. Renee tells Drita that she caught Carla blatantly moving in on her friend’s man. Renee makes it clear that Carla slept with a lot of married men. Renee says she has no respect for her. Drita asks if she wants to talk to her about it. “Talk to her? I’ll rip her f*cking throat out!“ Renee says there is nothing to say except, “F*ck you, you filthy c*nt.” Drita thinks there is more to Renee’s anger. Renee then tells her that Carla told people Renee chopped up her body to look like her. Drita tells Renee that Carla called her a “junkie.”  Renee looks disgusted and says, “You want to go to war with me? You know what war with me is?”

Ramona has great maternal instincts!

Ramona and her daughters have a little fun in some racing cars and then she wants to have a little talk with them about family matters. She tells them they have to move because the owner is selling the house. They may move into an apartment and have to share a room. Joe is still in prison so they won’t be getting married as planned. She gets no support from their father who left them penniless. Right now they are in limbo over a lot of things.

Carla and Drita meet to eat. Drita can’t wait to tell her about her meeting with Renee. Drita says Renee told her that Carla has a problem with married men. Carla denies it. She says she has had boyfriends her whole life and never with someone else’s man. Drita tells her Renee says she heard Carla told people Renee had surgery to look like Carla. Carla says she never said that and “she could never look like me if she got 100 surgeries. She never had surgery on her face, she looks like a clown…everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie or she makes up in her head. She is a lying little bitch…a pill poppin’ bitch!”

Big Ang has surgery on six toes and they are wrapped up. Drita stops by and is disgusted by the sight of the toes and blood. Drita is there to tell her about Renee and Carla. Big Ang asks if Carla talked about Renee. Drita says she ripped her. She says Carla destroyed Renee and Renee says Carla bashed her son. Renee says Carla is a ho for money. Big Ang says what does Renee care who sleeps with who? Drita says, but Carla is turning around in retaliation and Carla can be ruthless. Big Ang wants them to straighten things out, like the nice ladies that they are, and clear the air.

At the Drunken Monkey Renee tells Big Ang and Karen that Carla is running her mouth and calling her a “junkie.” Karen says Carla is an antagonizer. Love shows up and hugs Karen. Renee is upset to see Love there and Karen feels like she is caught in the middle. Renee tells Big Ang and Karen to take a walk so she can talk to Love. Renee says the last time they spoke it was about the rumors she heard from 10 different people that Love slept with Junior. Renee tells Love that she is a little crazy. Love says why would I sleep with Junior, I only met him two or three times. He ain’t no prize in her book. There was an incident Love explains, where one of her ex-boyfriends put his hands on her and Junior stepped in to defend her, that was it. Love says she never slept with a married man. Renee says because Junior is a “lying, conniving no good piece of shit,” she doesn’t care any more about this situation and she is letting it go.

The BRUNCH at Big Ang’s house. D-Day = Dumb Bitch day! The sit down with Renee and Carla is on an poppin’. Drita and Big Ang are waiting for them to show up. Carla and Renee both hate each other, but agree to go. Renee arrives first, she seems happy and hugs Drita. Then Carla arrives. Renee is ready to give Carla a piece of her mind and deal with her head on. Carla strolls in and coyly says, “What’s up?” TENSION! 

The NEW peacemaker! Loving it!

Carla thinks Renee picks on her. Renee gets the conversation off the ground with her first issue. She reminds Carla of the time they were at the club and Carla was talking to a man who was with Renee’s friend. The man was taken, but Renee, her cousin and 2 other friends saw Carla following him around the club. Renee was implying Carla was going after him. Carla starts screaming that he was following her and he wouldn’t leave her alone. Renee says then you should have walked back to where the woman was. Drita says she is there to keep the peace and make sure there is no violence, not to add her two cents. Renee calls Carla a “go to” girl. Renee addresses her next issue with Carla. She tells her she is upset that she is going all over town calling her a junkie. Carla says, “you are a junkie.” Renee turns to Big Ang and says, “Did you know your son is a junkie?” Carla says he isn’t a junkie because he is getting help. Big Ang says to Carla she doesn’t like the word junkie, her son has a problem. Renee says, “I’m an addict.” She says it’s due to the pain after her surgery and trying to cope with Junior’s betrayal of her father and family. Carla says that everything Renee says and does has to do with her addiction. Renee counters with saying Carla sleeps with married men. Big Ang doesn’t think it’s Renee’s business. Carla picks up her butter knife and points is at Renee. Renee tells her to put the knife down! Carla says, “I’d like to stab you right now!” Renee says, “Do it! I’m telling you to do it!” Big Ang says, “Carla grew some balls!”

The Renee gets to the last issue. She tells Carla I don’t like how you verbally assaulted my son on Twitter. Carla says he is not a child. Now Carla wants to talk about Twitter and calls Renee a Mother F*cking hypocrite. Carla smugly says that Renee doesn’t know how much BS she knows about her and has on her. Carla says Renee is saying things that aren’t true while she only said one thing that was true about Renee. Renee says Carla never admits to anything. Renee tells her, “you have the f*cking mentality of a gnat!” Carla says, “You have the f*cking mentality of a junkie.”

Renee hates being called a junkie again and says Carla is a low down fckin’ bitch. 

Big Ang says we accomplished nothing. They both said how much they hate each other. Renee says we can walk past each other and never say a word. Drita says we are done.

Carla think she won the argument. Renee is happy she let Carla know how much she doesn’t like her.


I got up at 6 am this morning because this recap was haunting me. Last night, when I complimented Jennifer Graziano on an explosive episode she answered, “Thanks, but it hurt.” And I can imagine the things Carla was saying about her sister, Renee, did cut deep, deeper than a “butter knife.” We all saw what happened. I even watched the show twice and I’m know I still missed things. I’m sure fans of the show all felt bad for Renee too. I can only wonder how she will feel watching this episode and knowing her son, family and friends will see it. It’s going to hurt a lot of people. 

Since we all saw what happened and it was basically the same issue throughout the show, I am going to break my thoughts down, mob wife by mob wife, to make is easier.

We didn’t see much of Karen, though she looked great from what little I did see. She was there to welcome Love back to Staten Island and the show. 

Ramona did a scene with her children. I think Ramona’s being totally honest with her kids is great parenting. Kids have a way of knowing things, even if they don’t say anything. I agree with her parenting style of being upfront with her children and keeping the lines of communication open. I hope their lives get settled soon and they are out of limbo.

Love Majewski made her debut on the show last night. It was great to finally see her on the show and she seemed to fit right in with the rest of the cast. That probably has to a lot to do with the long history they all share, they are comfortable with each other. I’m glad Love’s issue with Renee was quickly resolved. Love handled it well. I believe Love had no interest in Junior at all and that nothing happened between them. It was smart of Renee to let go of any resentment she may had had towards Love because she needs to focus her energy for more important things. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of Love in upcoming episodes!

Big Ang has learned nothing from previous seasons. Her heart may be in the right place, but how in the world did she think Renee and Carla could sit down and work things out? It wasn’t even remotely possible after everything Carla said about Renee. I think it would have been better if Big Ang called Carla and had a sit down one on one with her to discuss her behavior and her use of the word “junkie.” I am so glad she told Carla she didn’t like the word. Carla looked down and I think she said she was sorry, but I can’t be sure. What the hell is Carla thinking anyway? She knows Big Ang’s son is in rehab and has a problem. And Carla just had that conversation with Big Ang and Drita. Big Ang states, “We should be helping her instead of calling her junkie.”  I’ll get to Carla later.

Drita! How refreshing to see a new and improved Drita! Who would have thought that our world class fighter would turn into a peacemaker? Not me. But, I am here to give credit where credit is due. When Drita was talking to Renee and Carla, she didn’t say anything to “stir the pot” either. She just listened and spoke up when they were being harsh with their words. She even said she was at the brunch to keep the peace and intervene if there was any violence. My very favorite line, though I didn’t catch it word for word, was her comment about Carla. Drita said she was surprised that Carla would talk that way about Renee knowing everything that Renee has been through. I could not have said it better myself. I like the new Drita! I just want to say that Drita has no reason to dislike me really. My criticism of her fighting is the same way she feels about it, namely, it’s inappropriate behavior for a grown woman and mother. We were really on the same page all along. Maybe someone will tell her I am giving her credit in this episode? However, she hasn’t run into Ramona and Karen yet, so we will see if the truce can be maintained by all three.

As for Renee, she just showed us what a strong woman she really is. She has been to hell and back, just in the time we have known her from the show. How many things have happened to her the last two years? We’ve all seen it, she hid nothing from the cameras. And yet, she is still fighting and staying strong. She admits to having an addiction, to getting help to try to get healthy for her son, AJ, and be a better mother. She needs the support of her family and friends and the people around her. What she doesn’t need is more stress or someone making it more difficult for her to cope with her illness…enter filler Carla…last and definitely least.

My gut instinct, when I saw Carla in the first couple of episodes was that I didn’t like her. Why? She is full of herself, insincere, cold, unfeeling, a liar, shows no compassion, shall I go on? Well, last night she showed her true colors in all their glory. I hope her fans took notes. I did. She was supposed to be Renee’s friend? She knows everything Renee has been through and yet how many times did she call Renee a “junkie?” I lost count. Lord knows how many more times she said it around Staten Island and how many more times it ended up on the cutting room floor during filming? Really? Was Carla trying to make Renee look bad? All she succeeded in doing was making herself look bad. Let’s face it, Carla is unarmed intellectually and on top of that, she shoots herself in the foot with her own mouth. Doesn’t she realize how many people have substance abuse problems in this country? How many of her own fans may be suffering from the same illness as Renee? How many of her fans know someone they love who is going through these issues? Why not alienate everyone with her use of the word “junkie?” And you can bet if she said it about Renee, she will say it about anyone who has a problem. It doesn’t sit well with me that she would hit Renee below the belt so many times and think nothing of it. She is callous. 

I wonder how this will affect her other business opportunities? Do you want a spokesperson for Wives for Wines or whatever they call themselves, who throws the word junkie around so freely? Do you want her to make a personal appearance at your establishment to draw in a crowd? Maybe some disgruntled people from AA will show up to give her a piece of their minds? 

How smart is Carla? She can’t be too bright if she is verbally abusing the Executive Producer’s sister on national television, can she? Does she even think of the repercussions this may have on her own children? A lot of people watch Mob Wives and they talk about the show. But then again, I have found that Carla thinks of no one but herself. She proves it every episode. I can only wonder how, the “ruthless” Carla with a “new set of balls” is going to get along with the new “peacemaker” Drita? Hmmmm…

Speaking of “balls,” the only set of balls I give Carla credit for having is a big pair of Home Wrecking Balls! Carla blatantly lied last night when she said she had boyfriends, but she was never with anyone’s man. Liar, liar pants on fire…AGAIN! Carla forgets that Michael “Mickey Scars” Di Leonardo was married to Toni Marie Ricci when she was his mistress, and she helped to break up his home. Oh, and did she conveniently forget that her husband, Joe Ferragamo, was also married when she started sleeping with him? I know there are many out there who claim to have a list of married men that Carla has allegedly been with and I believe it. I have heard this from more than one source. Carla is just a liar, you can’t believe her if her tongue came notarized. Just last month she said she had no boyfriend, even though some say she has been with Derek for four years now. All of a sudden, last night she admits she has a boyfriend and hopes he will be on the show. Jennifer please tell me that’s not happening! She started the first season with a lie saying she was 35 when she was 44. She lied to Joy Behar that her only connection to the mob was her uncle Bruno, when her own father, Louis, was an associate. Oh, she never answered the question about hair extensions, but now we know her gorgeous hair is fake too. 

I better end this blog, it’s the longest one I’ve written. I just want to say if Carla meant to hurt Renee with her derogatory and defamatory language (someone translate this for her), she probably did. But you know who else Carla hurt? She hurt every member of Renee’s family, her son, AJ, her mother, her sisters, all Renee’s friends and fans. As Jennifer said to me, “it hurt.” And you know who I bet it hurt most of all, Carla. Not in the same way maybe, but hopefully career wise and popularity wise, it took her down a few pegs. Words hurt. Once they are out there they can never, ever be taken back. So I hope her fans are appalled and disgusted by her behavior last night and let her know about it. That’s the only thing that will make a difference, her knowing she offended fans. Will they be calling me a “hater” this morning…or will they be saving their criticism for Carla? Let’s see.  

What do you think? I’d love to read your comments. Let me know if I left anything out!

I couldn't help but notice the bags under these soon to be 46 year old eyes!

P.S. The bags under Carla’s eyes were especially bad last night. Maybe she should consult with skin and makeup experts Karen and Love?

Picture Credit: VH1


Deana3452 said...

OMG. First, I just want to say that Love is beautiful! I really like her. Second, I was fortunate enough to go to the Drunken Monkey party last night. The Raiola/Detore family is MORE than gracious. And on a lighter note, Drita actually did my make up at the Staten Island mall and spent at least 25 minutes with me, answered questions, signed autographs and took pictures. And that was with just ME...there was a line when we left. Back to the Drunken Monkey. Carla was there and was nice to everyone and took pictures, but when the episode was on, I said to my mom (who went with me), "I wonder if Carla is embarrassed with this on." I really thought she might be embarrassed when Renee was yelling at her and Carla said "Well, you have the mind of a junkie." If that was me, I would have been embarrassed. Oh, and for those who haven't met Blonde Linda and Lil' Jenn from Big Ang...both VERY nice and believe me, what you see on Big Ang's show is exactly how they are...they are hilarious! Thanks to Jenn Graziano for a great show! Great recap!


Chiara I can see you were up most of the night. LOVE this recap, you have missed nothing. I agree with you about Drita, she showed a different side and it was very heart warming to see. I am thrilled that Love is a part of the show. I think we are going to see alot of action from her as she pulls no punches. My hat is off to Renee ( no shock there) It takes a strong woman to go through what she has. Last time I saw her I told her what an inspiration she is. She has gone through SO MUCH and looks better then she ever has.

Now to Carla. She is a nasty, LYING and wretched person. She uses the word Junkie as most of us use the word "The" meaning its every other word out of her mouth. Like I tweeted last night, she is LUCKY Renee was medicated or she would have really gotten a piece of her mind or perhaps a hammer to the head. I cant help but LOL that Joe Ferragamo spent however long in jail and he wouldnt even go back to her. I look forward to seeing him and his beautiful GF Raquel on the show.

Sara Zapata said...

I love this blog! I definitely think you hit the nail on the head. The only thing I would really add to it is my personal opinion: I believe Carla verbally attacked Renee for the main goal of deflecting her own f*ck up. I noticed at the start that right as Drita just casually asked Carla if she had seen Renee Carla went into a defense/attack mode like she already knew someone was going to be opening up her closet full of secrets. I personally don't think it should be a cause of concern to Renee about who Carla is whoring around with unless it deals with her personally, but with all them being "friends" naturally they are going to call out each others bad points. My biggist issue is with Carla. How dare her use the term "junkie" twords a friend. I am a recovering addict. Clean for 7years. Renee, Drita and Big Ang should have all slapped her for that. I know I would like to. I don't recall, did her friends call her a whore, tramp, slut anything like that to her face? They should treat her how her mouth and actions say she needs to be treated.

Sorry this was a long comment Chiara. Your blog, not mine. I just can't stand the word junkie and your opinion helped me voice mine. I love your blogs and can't wait to read more ♥

cwedd30 said...

Well Season 3 started with a huge bang!!! I am left to wonder how that fight really went down and what really happened between Renee and Carla. God knows I am no Carla fan but I thought it was interesting that she tweeted "thank god you were there Drita for the way that really ended".....hummm what was left out??? Jenn also commenting that it was bittersweet makes me wonder what they edited out of that. I know it must be painful to bring it out that Renee has a problem but I have come to see that with my mob wives there is more than meets the eye!!! Carla Carla Carla!!! She is a no good dirty bitch in my opinion!! I think she is FREAKING out that her dirty deeds are coming out! That is why she is spinning everything around. Notice how no comments were ever made about Renee having a substance problem until Carla's real personality gets reveled. I think Carla is filth. She was also tweeting that Renee has had a drug problem since she was 16. If that's the case Carla why is it so important to bring it up now?? For two seasons Renee and Carla have fought with now word of drugs. Carla is a filthy rat. Just when I think she can't disgust me more she opens her mouth again! I say shut that bitch up and get someone with some real integrity!!!

Carmela Corleone said...

Well, this was some episode to say the least. Here's my thoughts on the girls. Big Ang will forever stay out of any mess. She wont get involved and never call a kettle black cause she has her own real life issues to deal with. Drita was my favorite from the beginning until the arguement over some blog writers-lol and Im happy to the change in her. Romona is afaid of nothing. That girl obviously has been thru some hard times so moving from a great big house to an apt is easy-breezy for her. I think its great the way she is being honest with her kids. Karen looks sensational!!! Renee-well this whole show is really based on the roots of where she came from and what she's been thru. She's been to hell and back more than once. The hardest thing here is that Jenn is the producer, sister and friend. I cant imagine being in her shoes. Carla-well, one day shell have to be honest with herself cause you just cant keep on going thru life lying and being ok with it. L O V E is the best addition. She has history! Looking foward to next weeks episode where Drita & Ramona have a one on one. Thanks for the recap Chiara.

Chiara Soprano said...

Wow! Thank you all for your comments, I can see I am not the only one to get riled up over what went down. I can only imagine where we go from here! PS Long comments are welcome! :)

Funlady28 @Tlkjustice30 said...

Great recap! Renee has been through so much and she continues to be strong and work through it as best as she can. I have nothing but respect for her. Big Ang continues to crack me up. I loved Drita from day one and I am glad to see her trying to stay out of all the drama. Karen looked great. I am ecstatic about Love. She is very down to earth and real. I look forward to seeing her on the show. Carla is the lowest of the low. One of these days she's going to point her butter knife at the wrong person and they are going to spread her loose self all over SI. I'm looking forward to rest of the season and the future recaps.

Anonymous said...

I have always felt Carla was a sneaky a$$hole from day one. Im happy to see that Drita is coming back to Earth.
I think she really looks like an idiot calling Renee a junkie constantly and Im really surprised that the other women have not done more to shut her up with that especially given the circumstance with Ang's son, Ang's past ( cocaine? or did she just sell)?
Carla has slept with married men and that has been proven. Im wondering how Drita feels about that since Lee cheated? Wondering why Ang does not care at all? Things like that should make you question the company you keep! For Renee, I think that it was just icing on the cake with Carla. She always took a man's side over Renee and Renee , although forgiving, always said you need to watch out for Carla.

Anonymous said...

Carla is a heart less bitch she knows that word. Hurt Renee but she keep saying it anyway Carla from day one. I never liked her I can't wait for love to put her on blast Carla is a low down dirty hoe she just does not. What to admit it I think Carla knew that some of the guys she slept or dated was married. And she just didn't care I can't wait to meet joe new girlfriend. I like drita the peace maker I know big ang is the peace maker but she was wrong when she said who cares. If Carla slept with married man the wife cared the kids cared so it does matter. And Carla really need to get over herself she is not all that she has great fake hair. That's it she is not pretty Karen is pretty.Hopefull after last night episode people start to see Carla true color because last night her behavior was not cool she didn't grew a pair. She was cruel and evil there is a different between defense yourself and downright cutting someone with words. To do more damaged to their emotion state and that what Carla did last night.

Anonymous said...

Carla is not human. She bleeds ice. You are right Chiara there is absolutely no emotion out of that woman. In fact I dont recall her ever crying in the any of the episodes. Has anyone else? She is so dead that she doesnt even know it.

Peter j said...

I'm from the uk and although I have seen season 1 and 2 I have to wait until season 3 is out on DVD to watch. I always pop on here to read the latest. I say this as someone who has struggled with addiction all my life, but renee can't dress it up or down... She is an addict. A smack head. A junkie. A dragon chaser. Those words are hurtful but if she is concentrating on those words she isn't treating her addiction properly. How is calling someone a whore, a filthy c*nt any different? It's not. It's all relative to someone's feelings.
I'm enjoying reading about dritas softer side and her peacemaking skills. Its shifted my perception. Love looks like a character and a half, I look forward to seeing what she brings to this season. I might not always agree with what is said on this blog, especially the way people seem to go after carla and single her out but I do love the interaction you all have and the passion you all have for these remarkable and gritty women.

Anonymous said...

I might have to go back and watch the previous seasons. For me, I considered Carla to be a non factor. I never cared about her one way or the other, but I do find it interesting that people picked up on her ways from the get go.

Renee taking Carla to task for allegedly sleeping with married men, and being so upset about it leads me to believe there was something more to Renee's anger. Could it just be years of the little things that finally built up or did something really big happen between those two?

I do think it was uncalled for Carla to continue to call Renee a junkie when Big Ang (whom I enjoy) had made it pretty clear that she didn't appreciate that word being used.

It was interesting to see Drita not being one of the parties involved in a shouting match.

Great recap.

Anonymous said...

What I don't like about Drita is she can never just be real. If she didn't have to play green screen gangster and do that whole thing about being a role model and if he cheats she's done, then she wouldn't look stupid now trying to walk it back. Lee is honest because he lied for years, got caught, kept lying after he got caught and then finally told the truth? Whatever, Drita. Just keep it 100 from jump.

Big Ang isn't neutral and it's kind of annoying. If she doesn't think Carla's problems are Renee's business, why is it Ang's business that Renee doesn't want Carla jumping her friend's husband? Ang would feel the same way in Renee's place. It was crazy that she was madder at Renee for judging Carla than she was at Carla for calling everybody junkies.

India said...

Great blog Chiara! I think you covered all angles! I do agree with Peter's comments - more or less. Carla is definitely NOT the only IMAM woman or MW who has slept with someone else's HUSBAND/man or wrecked someone's home - not saying that is ok cause it IS NOT. Why pick on her about that all the time. She probably should not have called Renee a junkie but then they are always calling her slop jar, dirty cunt, etc. or something like that. I'm one who does not show a lot of emotion but I DO FEEL and CARE. I say stop it all. I watch the show because of BIG ANG and now Love.!

Chiara Soprano said...

The comments have been great, I enjoyed reading all your thoughts. In blogging the show I watch, read, and talk to people about it all the time. Sometimes my stand my seem harsh, but it's based on everything, not just what we see on the episodes.

Anonymous said...

OK..First off, I totally agree with Big Ang-Who cares who Carla is sleeping with. Its really none of Renee's business, well, unless it's HER husband. Does Carla get a pass for it being none of Renee's business, yes & no. No, because if it's true, it does make her a whore & homewrecker! Yes, bc, like Ang said, WHO CARES!! Now, on to "junkie"...It IS true, a majority of ppl with substance abuse (pills& other drugs) do lie, sometimes they aren't accurate with what they have heard or seen etc. YES, IK this 2b fact. This is a storyline IMO, anyway so oh well. NOW, my BIG QUESTION-If Love has stabbed, shot, beat the crap out of as many ppl as she said, how in the heck is she not locked up. The bragging about all that is not impressive-maybe she thinks it is but not 2 everybody. I'd really like to see her police record.

Anonymous said...

okay, it may be mean to call Carla names, but she is a HUGE shit- stirrer who then plays all innocent like she doesn't know why anyone has a problem with her. Except they''re all so jealous. Her beef with Renee started because Renee got groped and Carla is such a narcissist and sucky friend that she pretended it didn't happen and slung all this shit about why would he touch you when he could have my fine ass. Who wants to be friends with anyone that cold, egotistical and delusional.

Plus everybody knew she dated married men, but nobody brought it up until she was laughing all over the place acting like Karen was crazy when she knew damn well why Karen was so upset with her. If you act horrible to everyone and lie and pretty much dare them to clear up the lies, that's on you. Don't start what you can' t finish.

Anonymous said...

Someone above mentioned Ang not being neutral and its annoying! You know what? Im thinking that may just be true! As nice as she seemed and less drama at first, I know now she is very close with Carla and she really is not the peace maker I thought she was.

Chiara Soprano said...

I just want to add, for anyone who thought I was being too harsh or critical of Carla, that I really do believe I was much kinder to her than she was to Renee. If she keeps up her deplorable behavior she can expect more of the same.

Anonymous said...

i get that u hate carla cuz ur a big renee fan but i believe u wrote some false statements. u said that she broke up mikey scars marriage but i watched the episode and he had a child with another woman and thats why she left him. also i believe that joe himself tweeted to u that he was not married when he started with carla.

Shred said...

Nice write up, Chiara-
Why is it ok for Renee to say horrible things and not ok for Carla to say horrible things? When exchanges like these are under way there is NO TOPIC off limits. That's how it is played especially when you’re from NYC.

Carla is a non-factor. But she did win that exchange. Renee seemed pilled out the whole episode.

Renee has a serious addition. Anyone watching can notice it. She needs to go to rehab and back to a real therapist, like the one in season 1, not this guy in season 2 which tells her what she wants to hear, talk about a non-factor. I know Chiara like him better cause he is “hot” but the couples counseling w Renee and Junior will go down as one of the saddest wastes of time ever. The sessions in season 1 were much more engaging and like real therapy. If Renee chooses not to address her addiction, there is only so many ways this story will end for her.

Chiara Soprano said...

I said Carla helped to break up Toni Marie's marriage because she was not going to put up with his cheating. The other woman and the baby were, in the end, the major cause. As for Joe tweeting me he wasn't married when he was with Carla, that never happened. However here are his tweets in Curvy Magazine showing that he was with Carla while married

I do not make it a practice of making false statements as they would ruin my credibility. Toni Marie's story was abbreviate because of the confines of a thirty minute show. She still harbors ill will against Carla. I wish I knew all the other men Carla has allegedly been with, with proof.

Mrskathyc said...

To the anon directly above Chiara, I would like to clarify a couple things. The tweet from Joe was actually to me. He said his marriage was already over and that Carla didn't cause the end of that marriage, but he was still technically married when they started dating. The second thing is whether or not carla caused the divorce between Mike and Toni Marie she still was sleeping with a man who she knew was married and is still trying to deny that. Either way it is wrong to sleep with a married man. I also happen to know that Carla is not the only mw who has been with a married man.
I think that both Renee and Carla both were hurtful Carla's comments were way over board, you don't attack someone who is struggling with an addiction. Especially don't continue to use the word junkie when Ang said she didn't like the word and you are in her house. They both went for the kill, but Carla has hurt a lot of people with that word.

Morris Park said...

Wasn't Carla Drita's best friend and had her back? Why isn't Drita backing her now?

This season must be plotted out by Jennifer G and its a good one! Why Carla has accepted the role as this season's villain will no doubt be revealed. Someone knows - tell us!

Renee is the star and she brings the reality show gold by bringing the drama. And she signed off on it.

All reality shows are plotted out - but Mob Wives had real drama with Renee, A.J., etc. That's why it is so addictive. What about Drita's brother?

And I still am waiting to hear how these ladies support themselves. So now we know Ramona is renting her home and has no support from the children's father. Who paid the rent?

How did Drita, Romana, and Carla support themselves before Mob Wives?

Was Carla paid a lot of money to become this seasons villain? That is my theory.

Will Chicago Mob Wives be back?

Chiara Soprano said...

Morris Mob Wives Chicago will NOT be back. Drita seems to have taken a vow not to fight so she can only back Carla to a point. Don't know how it came about that Carla has taken the villain role, as you put it. The summer before season two it was said she went around bad mouthing Karen in Staten Island. It's my impression she has a propensity for spreading rumors and talking behind people's backs. Right now I think they are supporting themselves with money earned from the show, appearances and other business ventures. Ask the IRS how they supported themselves before the show started LOL. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Firstly just like to say your blog keeps a UK fan up to date i love it.I get to watch it on a Tuesday on a site i found in UK:)Carla is and as far as i have made out (by watching) never been a friend to Renee. I cannot abide Carla she is a nasty, cold hearted, arrogant for Drita she done right not to get involved, I think Drita knew she was out of order keep calling Renee a junkie. Carla's own kids have to grow up yet so lets hope none of her kids get an addiction cos it can happen to anyone.Cant wait for next week and Chiara keep up the great work love it. A Happy UK Fan

Anonymous said...

i saw carla tweet to drita about knowing what really happened at the brunch. i'm guessing she was referring to editing. i guess its convenient for renee that her sis is the producer and can edit the way she wants. everyone is on carla for calling renee a junkie but it seems that renee started this war first by calling her a whore after what she says happened at a club. obviously carla has known for a while that renee has a problem and has never brought it up before. lets face it though, if it wasn't for their fight, the episode kinda sucked!!

Anonymous said...

@kathyC thank u for clarifying the tweet. what happened with him and carla is the same thing that he is doing now. he's not divorced from carla but is living with another woman. they all have tons of skeletons in their closets!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chiara- I agree. Carla is a busy body when it comes to " hearing it on the streets".She is always running her mouth thinking no one was looking. She brings alot of this drama on herself then tries to get others to back her. Im hoping that other's eyes are opened since the last reunion to the present! And yes you have treated Carla kinder than Renee, LOL. I think you have always kept it real and classier than other people would have or do when you blog about these girls. Keep up the good work .

Anonymous said...

Oh here we go, this season Carla is the bad one...Geez
I have a lot of respect for Carla, she tweets back to her fans and types back on Facebook, Not many others do that!

Carla's Wack said...

To Anon Above, She also calls them F*GS and clowns. She is a POS. Point Blank Period.