Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boss Lady: New Show Starring Pia Rizza!

I just woke up to find that Pia Rizza is starring in a NEW SHOW called BO$$ LADY! And guess what? Leah DeSimone is Co-Starring with Pia, as well as, Pia's dear friend Franky Forliano, and daughter, Bella, who we saw on Mob Wives Chicago. The show promises to put the real back in reality and where have we heard that before?

We at the blog could not he happier for Pia Rizza and Leah DeSimone! I always said they were my favorites on Mob Wives Chicago and they were the "cream" that rose to the top! I am thrilled that they will be getting another opportunity to star in a show together. Let's all support them in their new venture, via Twitter and other social media, so that maybe, when Mob Wives season three is over, we will have a brand new show for summer!

Here are a couple of tweets confirming this new development!

Stay tuned for more developments in the up coming months, which I hope to bring you as fast as I hear about them!


Picture credit: Twitter

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Gina DeMambro said...

when is it gonna air? mobwives season 4 si in december.. or is this show gonna not appear like boss ladies..