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Mob Wives: Recap “Bad Boys,” Ep 302

First, here is what was cut out of last night's episode. Drita's NEW image and

Carla still dissing Joe and Raquel. Interesting, no? The last part is all Carla so wait for it!

RECAP: At Renee’s house, Karen and Ramona arrive and see the for sale sign outside. Ramona thinks it’s a good thing to get rid of bad memories. Renee is very happy to see them. She tells them everything that went on with her sit down with Carla. “She called me a junkie. She says I am a whore and slept with married men. Carla’s addiction is to married men.” Karen and Ramona want to know what did Big Ang and Drita do? Renee says they did nothing. “Carla picked up a butter knife.” Ramona can’t believe it, she doesn’t know if she should laugh because it’s like a bad joke. Ramona says, “What did she want to do, get some butter and whip it all over you?" They all laugh about the butter knife. Renee says Carla has no respect, “the only thing she knows how to do with her hand is j*rk a guy off.”

Carla says she used to feel sorry for Renee, but she can’t any more. “What goes on in my life is my f*cking business.” Then she says the kids like being at daddy’s big house. She doesn’t know why he got such a big house. The kids tell her he cooks and cleans a lot. They tell her they went to Coney Island. Carla says maybe if he cleaned when she was with him they would still be together. Then she asks about Raquel and questions why this younger girl wants to be with Joe, who just got out of jail, is much older and has kids. Carla seems overly concerned about what goes on in Joe’s house. She pumps the kids for information.

Drita goes to the pet store with Lucky and runs into Ang and her new puppy Chanel. They talk about the sit down. Ang says Carla is a maniac, a lunatic. Drita says she went bonkers. Drita feels bad for Renee, but she is glad they both said what they needed to say and agreed to be civil around each other. So, Big Ang wants to have a botox bash with ALL the girls. Drita just found out Love was back, when Ang says who she is inviting. Drita describes Love as Renee without the crying.

Drita, Carla and Ang walk along the boardwalk at Coney Island, they are going to Brighton Beach. Ang tells them about the botox bash. Carla says she can deal with Renee in a room full of people. They ask about Joe’s girlfriend because Carla told them they wouldn’t be together long and they still are. She tells them she doesn’t care about Raquel because she doesn’t want to be with Joe. “Raquel is a young, sweet, matronly girl to powder his balls.” Drita tells them Lee is coming home in six months. Ang thinks Drita should give Lee another chance for the kids, they need their faher. Drita gets a call while they are talking and it’s Lee. He wants Drita and the girls to come and pay him a visit. Drita says if the girls want to go she will definitely take them.

AJ gets home from his grandfather’s sentencing hearing. Renee didn’t go because she was afraid Junior would be there. He tells his mother he is getting 27 months and 6 months off for time served. Everyone asked where Renee was. Renee said she didn’t know if she could sit there and  handle it. AJ tells her about his grandfather’s letter of apology to his wife, all the children and grandchildren. Renee starts crying, but is relieved and happy to know that her father doesn’t blame them for what Junior did. She worries it’s a big burden on AJ to know that his father is responsible for putting his grandfather back in prison. Renee says she is ready to move on with everything in her life and they are moving out of that house. AJ thinks it’s a good idea.

Drita is at the park with the girls and Lucky, kicking the soccer ball around. Drita tells them she could have been a professional soccer player, but she made bad choices and hung out with the wrong people. She is confused about how she feels about Lee. She tells them Lee is coming home soon, but he won’t come directly home, he has to go to a halfway house first. She wants to go see him. Aleeya says she wants to go, but Giselle says no. Drita won’t force her, but they talk about Lee a little more and Giselle changes her mind. Drita is very happy about that.

Joe and Raquel play basketball in the park. Joe says he spent 6 years in jail, it’s a different world there, and now he appreciate all the little things more. He says Raquel is a conversationalist and Carla is argumentative. Their personalities are very different. Raquel says they are happy together and their relationship is solid. That’s all that really matters right now. Joe says things are so easy with her. She asks him if he talked to Carla yet. He says, not yet, soon, he is waiting for the right time. All Carla knows is that he is dating Raquel, but he has been stalling about telling her that Raquel is moving in with him because he is afraid Carla will have a negative reaction. Raquel thinks Carla is upset because when the kids are with her and Joe they look like a family. She may not like to see another woman involved with her kids. He tells Raquel that Carla liked it better when he was in jail. Raquel is moving in regardless what Carla says.

Drita is opening a makeup store, but can’t find one that works for her. Then she goes to see Big Ang at the Drunken Monkey and tells her what a hard time she is having finding a location. Big Ang tells her there is a store right across the street for rent. They go over and look at it. Drita is thrilled. It’s exactly what she is looking for . She calls the number and asks about the rent. It’s $950. Perfect! She wants to see the inside and says she will pay them when they get there. She want to build an empire for her girls.

Karen goes with Renee to look at houses for Renee. Renee has issues with all the houses. She is afraid someone will break in. She is afraid of doors, windows, basements, attics and cars on the street. She is worried about her safety and she need security. She tells Karen she wants to live in a home with one door and you have to climb up to get to the windows.

Carla and the kids are in the car heading off to Joe’s house to be dropped off for the weekend. She mumbles something about how she hopes Joe spends quality time with the kids. “Hope Joe and Raquel are not locked in a room doing fun things.” The kids go in the house and Joe and Carla talk. Right off the bat Carla tells him he doesn’t need such a big house. He says he won’t be a bachelor his whole life. He tells her there is more than enough room for everyone and he didn’t know Carla was sleeping with the kids till they were nine. Then he tells her he has been seeing Raquel for months and he is asking her to move in with him. Carla has a little fit. “I don’t know who Joe thinks he is putting this little young girl in her face.” She doesn’t like the idea, it’s not her home. She thinks Raquel is looking for Joe to be her sugar daddy and pay for everything. Joe tells her he met Raquel at work and she has a job and contributes to the bills. He tells her Raquel is moving in. Carla says she is still the mother of those kids and Raquel is still the girlfriend…kiss my ass.”

The botox party is at the doctor’s office. All the girls were invited. Carla and Drita have not arrived but they begin without them. Love goes first and says it hurts bad, but she is joking. Karen goes next. Ramona screams it burns. Renee arrives and sees Drita and Carla aren’t there, but then she sees Love. Renee tells Love she wants to make sure that they are both okay. Love say she meant what she said and reassures her that she doesn’t date married men. Renee doesn’t have an issue with her any more. They go get some botox done. Drita calls Ang and says she can’t make the party because she has a toothache. Then Drita adds Carla won’t be coming because she feels uncomfortable. Renee announces that Carla isn’t coming because she has a problem with Love. Love says she will leave and go ask her what her problem is. The fact is that Carla is “dating” the guy that Love broke up with (Handy Man). Love is irritated with Carla. Karen says Carla should run if she has a problem with Love. Love has a long history of violent behavior.

Renee goes through her mail and opens a letter. She reads it. It’s in Junior’s handwriting. She feels chills go up her spine. She is thinking she is dead. She is calling all the girls but no one is picking up. She is very afraid he is going to kill her. She takes off with the letter. She finally gets Ramona and says she needs to see her.


Here goes. I have a headache and it’s bound to get worse after this recap, but I have no choice, do I? I am going to be called a “hater” again today. Let’s get it over with.

This is the first time I take issue with the title of the episode, “Bad Boys,” I think it should have been called “Bad Girl.” I will explain why later, or maybe, if you know me by now, you have figured it out. Let’s break the episode down, shall we?

Where the hell are Karen and Ramona? I mean yes, we saw them, but I hope they aren’t going to be just supporting cast members the whole season. I understand that time has to be devoted to developing new cast members and their storyline, but I want my dynamic duo back on the scene!

Renee’s issue with security and safety are understandable under the circumstances. Her house being broken into and her feeling threatened by Junior is more than enough for her to feel paranoid about her well being. I would too. I don’t know if there is any way to help her over that feeling. It will probably take a long time. I’m glad she has Karen and Ramona to help her try to get over it. A new house is a move in the right direction, but she may have to have bars or gates installed on all the windows, a secure front door and a good alarm system to feel better.

Drita has done a 180 this season and I for one am happy to see it. She looks so much more relaxed and happy. Things are going well for her. She seems a lot less stressed. I know she is excited about how things in her life are going. And she seems to be sticking to her resolve not to get involved in any fights! I’m not sure if she should get back together with Lee, although that may have happened by now because this was filmed months ago. Maybe Big Ang is right and she should see if he has changed and they can work on putting their family back together. Time will tell. In any case, the truth is those girls need their father in their lives and I hope Lee works hard to rebuild a relationship with his daughters. I wonder if Lee will be on the show this season…Jennifer?

Love seems to fit right in with everyone…except Carla. I have to wonder why Carla has an issue with Love? Oh, right, it’s because Love went out with Handy Man for a short time and broke up with him and now Carla has her leftovers. That shouldn’t be a problem for Carla, if it’s not a problem for Love. Looks like there is more to come on this storyline so stay tuned. I think Love is going to want to have it out with Carla. Carla might want to take Karen’s advice and run.

Way to start the New Year off right!

Let's get to know Raquel. Joe and Raquel are very likable as a couple. They seem happy to me. I have followed Raquel on Twitter since Carla first told the girls on the show that he was dating a “young girl” and asks Joe if she brought her Barbie dolls when she spends time with the kids? This is what I know about Raquel from Twitter. The girl loves to take pictures. She loves her dog. She takes pictures of herself, her and Joe, her family and friends and Joe’s children. She tweets she goes to work and the gym. She loves Joe. She seems to be a lovely lady. In all this time there hasn’t been one tweet that would lead anyone to think otherwise. And you know if there was one I would have found it.

Raquel and Carmen doing homework together!

Joe and Raquel have a little chat while playing basketball. Joe gives us an assessment of the different personalities of these two ladies: Raquel is a conversationalist, Carla is combative. It seems Joe has intentions of having Raquel move in with him, but he is afraid to tell Carla because she might have a negative reaction. Ya think? Joe is waiting for the right moment to break the news that Carla is moving down to the #2 slot and Raquel is #1. Raquel may have hit the nail on the side of it’s head when she said Carla may not like her because when the kids are with them they look like a family (we did a blog on Joe’s picture perfect family not long ago). She thinks Carla doesn’t like seeing another woman mothering her children. But, Rachel doesn’t think Carla is jealous of her…and that’s where I think she missed hitting the rest of that nail. I think Carla is jealous of Raquel for two reasons: one she has Joe and they are happy, two she is very young. Enough said.

Now for my title suggestion…Bad Girl! Have you figured it out? Yes, I am referring to Carla. Where do I begin? I won’t rewind and go back to last week’s episode of butter knives and “junkie” because that’s been done to death. Let’s move on to this week.

Carla says, “What goes on in my life is my f*cking business!” 

I agree 100% with her. But...

then she proceeds to spend the rest of the episode in Joe’s business. Go figure. She pumps the kids for information about what goes on at Joe’s house. I am going to cut her slack for that because I don’t know if some producer put her up to that or not. But, then she starts saying things like, “I don’t know why he got such a big house,” “he doesn’t need a big house,” she insinuates that Raquel is a gold digger and only with Joe for his money and then stoops to an all time low, saying she hopes Joe and Raquel haven’t locked themselves in a room doing “fun things” and leaving the kids unsupervised. I don’t know what her problem is, but it doesn’t end there. Nope. She tells the girls:

“I don’t know much about Raquel, but knowing Joe, she’s probably a young, sweet little matronly girl. You know, someone to do his laundry, powder his balls…”

What does that sound like to you? Bitterness? Jealousy? That’s what I am hearing. She has been with her Handy Man for 2, 3 or 4 years depending who you listen to. She has had him around the kids. I never heard a word from Joe about that. Oh, maybe I did. I think Carla was leading him on to believe there was a chance for them to get back together when he got out of prison, but all the while she was allegedly seeing Handy at the same time. So I think Joe found out about that and was pissed. Then he met Raquel and he has been happy ever since. If Carla is so happy with Handy, why can’t Joe be happy with Raquel?

Tweeted: "Life can't get any better."

Ok so who in the world uses the words YOUNG and MATRONLY in the same sentence to describe the same person? Carla does. Let’s go to the dictionary for a minute and tell her what matronly means: “Like or characteristic of a matron, esp. in being dignified and staid and typically associated with having a large or plump build.” So I think we can all agree that Raquel is far from matronly, for that matter, so is Carla.

Tweet: "My love."
So happy together

Now when Joe decides to talk to Carla, after she drops off the kids, things don’t go well, as he expected. When he tells her Raquel is moving in with him, her thoughts are, “Does he think I’m gonna go for this? I don’t think so.” I guess Joe’s life isn’t his business? She is concerned about the welfare of her children, so she says. I guess maybe she thinks Raquel will be a bad influence? I saw a picture of Raquel doing homework with Carmen. I was pretty impressed. It’s obvious to me that she really cares for those children and Carla has nothing to be concerned about. If anything she should be happy that Joe found a nice woman who cares for his children. Now if anyone has a right to say something and be concerned, it’s Joe. Carla has had Handy Man around both her kids for a long time. He has a criminal record…"a rap sheet." So maybe Carla should focus on her own “f*cking business” as she calls it, and stay out of Joe’s. Carla’s parting words: “I don’t want my kids to feel uncomfortable because she’s living in that house now,” Carla says. I'm still the mother of those kids, you’re the girlfriend. I don’t care where the f*ck you live.” Did anyone hear the kids complain? I didn’t. Then she adds, “Kiss my ass,” and drives off! What class! Joe had the decency to tell her about Raquel before doing anything, but you see where that got him?

And now I may have exceeded the length of last week’s blog so I need to wrap this up. Bad Girl Carla got down with her bad self…again! Let the haters begin, but at least read the blog before you attack. I think I was more than fair.

Video Credit: VH1

Picture Credit: Raquel's Twitter


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I am against women going with married men myself...but...this Carla kick you are on, really?
Carla slept with a married man. So does Raquel. Joe is still married.
Raquel tweets pics of doing homework with Carla's kids. Um, I'm sure that was setup so everyone could see how "good she is with the kids."
Carla's boyfriend has a rap sheet. Um, Joe just got out of jail.
Half of the stuff Carla said sure seemed like the producers fed her the lines for the show to me.
Really, this putting Raquel on a pedestal is getting old. She is sleeping with a married man too.
Oh, and by the way, how is it that the men in these relationships never get any grief? If Carla slept with Joe before he was divorced, and Raquel is sleeping with Joe before his is divorced, just how is Joe and Toni's husbands such heros here? I don't get it. If you are going to go after Carla for sleeping with married men, then go after the rest, and the guys too. This is weird, your obsession, it really is. I also don't know any mother who is not uncomfortable when the father brings a new girl into the kids lives, lets get real here.
Carla is no saint, but neither is anyone else on this show, sorry.

Anonymous said...

nice point of view, but here's how i saw it. first, renee is moving because the owner is selling the house, not for some big closure from junior. at the botox party, drita never said that carla had a problem with love, she said carla felt uncomfortable. so renee was just stirring the pot. i know this is a lil mean but love could use some work done before she starts flashing stuff on tv. i think that carla is acting the way most woman do when their children are around another woman. she knows joe well. hes obviously an impulsive guy, he's been married twice and is already living with someone, so maybe she's worried that if this don't last, then there will be another woman in her kids life. i know u don't like carla but if it wasn't for her the past two episodes stink so far. do the other ladies have storylines? why r they there? also love is just a pumped up drita, so over that already!

Anonymous said...

Love your comments! Spot on! I have to say I had fun laughing at Carla this week. "Powder his balls" then the kiss my ass did it for me. You are right and make a great point: Stay out of her business, even though it affects others' families/men, but she is all up in Joe and Roc's, LOL. She is making everyone look enjoyable this season. As long as Drita stays how she has been so far I may like her. I ma kind of annoyed I have not seen my favorite duo that much! When the heck are Ramona and Karen getting more air time?????

Anonymous said...

Agree with both comments other than I do like Love!! Drita didNOT say Carla wasnt going because of Love Renee did!! She ASSumed thats why!Thats what Renee always seems to do! Dont approve of messin with married men either but why after 15-20 yrs is all this BS abt Carla being brought up now like it just happened?? nuff already!!

Anonymous said...

To the first anon above: Carla has had other men in her life while Joe was in prison while she was still married, so your case about Raquel has no merit. She has had a boyfriend since before ever hearing about Raquel. Why is it ok that Carla has a past with married men, met Joe while he was technically married , had lovers while Joe was in prison, but he cannot move on with his girlfriend? Has Carla even asked for a divorce? I don't think Joe wants to stay with her and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

2nd Anon: I see what you are saying about the kids, but are they not in her boyfriend's environment also? She is not some innocent woman who was cheated on and left in the dust, c'mon!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Sorry I attributed the comment about Carla and Love to Drita also. I can't tell you how extremely difficult to impossible it is to get all the facts straight and accurate while watching the show and I watched it twice. I count on our readers and followers to correct anything I misstate.

Everyone has different views on Carla's "dating" and it is her business. But, she has children and I would think she would conduct herself as a more moral role model, esp for her daughter's sake.

Everyone who thinks I was harsh on Carla in any way, I ask you, do you think Carla was harsh with Renee or Raquel?

We all have our own opinions. I appreciate everyone's comments regardless if you agree with me or not. Differing perspectives make for an interesting discussion.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why CF gets picked on. In general, all the ladies have acted with immaturity, pettiness and violence and are off the scale nuts. Frankly, CF is one of the calmer ones. Not sure why KG, RR, and LM think its cool to make threats and call out women less nuts than themselves. Everyone needs a chill pill! Not sure why think Psychotic Behavior is cool. Well, whatever. Thank God I'm not dating them.

Deana3452 said...

I agree with other posters....unless we are victim to poor editing, Renee shouldn't have said Carla wasn't coming because of Love. No one said that except Renee. Like I said, I know we don't see it all, but from what we DID see, Renee shouldn't have said that.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Heidi and Spencer's fake divorce is getting more airtime than Karen and Ramona when Spencer isn't even out of the joint yet. I'm sure when he is they'll take over completely.

Hilarious editing on JG's part, the immediate cut to Carla grilling the kids and deciding what size house Joe is allowed to have right after she declares that what she does is no one's business. Really don't get what harm Raquel poses to the kids that a shady drunk groper doesn't, but no one ever said Carla wasn't a hypocrite. So far, Love, Joe, and Raquel are the only things making the Heidi and Spencer and Carla show watchable.

Casey said...

Chiara,you were spot on! Carla has one set of standards for herself and one for others. And BS that she's not jealous. She's the worst kind of jealous, because she doesn't even want Joe. She just wants him to want her. That's pathetic for a 40-something woman.

Anonymous said...

Loving your take. Carla is nuts but Joe is definitely to blame for not putting her in her place and letting her think she has a say over things that are none of her business. Her saying it's the kids' house, not Raquel's house was too much and he should have told her the one person whose house it's not is hers and to stay out of it. He's never going to be able to keep a relationship with anyone if he expects them to deal with his crazy ex and her boundary issues.

Renee already said on twitter that she was a victim of editing, Carla'd been trash-talking Love all over and Love already knew it.

Anonymous said...

Anon #1 here. Not condoning anyone sleeping with someone married. That means anyone. Not Carla, not Joe, not Raquel. My objection is that your blog lately is ONLY directed at dissing Carla. Either give it to them all, or give it to none.
Joe has tweeted his marriage was over when he started seeing Carla, he has tweeted she is a great mom, and Carla has tweeted she likes Raquel for Joe. If someone does not expect someone to get a little nervous when another mother figure comes in to your childrens lives, then they are crazy, it is only natural. Really, it seems like you are all looking for something to diss Carla about. Her married men escapades were years ago. Who hasn't made mistakes when they were young? Certainly no one I am aware of. Carla has a boyfriend, Joe has a girlfriend, Toni has remarried, I say everyone should just move on.

Leah said...

The new season seems a little more 'forced' or 'rehearsed' I cant put my finger on it but its a different feel from season 1??
Renee is really stirring the pot is all i can say everyone is getting on with it but she is just shit stirring.
It was pathetic how she got carla in the shit with love because of what Renee assumes.....really renee.
Name calling is terrible and i know the superstorm episodes are to air soon maybe they will realise how petty it is and put things in perspective a little!
It wouldnt be mobwives without the drama though....

Jane Springfield said...

As for Drita, I actually feel like I'm proud for her. She really showed us her vulnerabilites when she confessed that she had to stop working because of Lee's incarceration because of the stress and when she opened up to her girls (who are very adorable) about the poor decisions she's made. I liked how she not only told them about Lee's poor decision making but also owned up to her own. Took a lot of guts for her to do that and it's kinda clearing up that the reason she was such a fighter was because she probably harbored animosity not only towards Lee but towards herself for making bad decisions but not owning up to it. Shadowing what Karen said season 2 how Drita was scared of the truth and would either run from it or fight. Seems like Drita is growing up and facing them head on. I sincerely wish her well in her endeavors with her makeup store. What was interesting though how she said Lee's cheating was a "little" thing so makes me wonder where her head is at as far as he goes.

Carla?....ho boy....for someone who only prefers the finest things in life, I found it laughable that she gave Joe crap for buying a "big house". Doesn't she have a big, nice house too for just her and two kids? Get the fuck out of here! The way Carla talked about Raquel, I was expecting a 19-year-old dumbass but was surprised to see she was 27...and lemme say that she is quite the bold one! I think Carla is holding serious resentment because her and handyman haven't gotten the best attention and people seem to be pulling through for Joe and Raquel. Some say Raquel is "technically with a married man" but its not like Carla was pining for Joe and Raquel came in and "patted Joe's balls". What bothers me though is if Carla is so hellbent on protecting her kids and making them number one for both her and Joe (as any respectful mother would do), wouldn't she have been slightly concerned at Renee and others' accusations of handy man being the fondler? I don't know about you but if one or two (or more) girls claimed that my boyfriend was fondling them, I wouldn't want that shit near my own kids and nip it in the bud.

As for Raquel's POV, I've "kinda" been in her spot. I wasn't with a married man but I was with a man who had kids from a previous marriage. I told my bf at the time that I respect the kids' mother out of respect for everyone involved. Also that while the kids are not mine, if they are under my watch, you damn right I would look after them like a hawk, make sure they are doing their homework, fed, taken care of, etc. I get the vibe from Raquel that she does want things to be amicable with Joe and Carla but with the way Carla is...good luck!

Renee....I think Junior is just a desperate psychopath at this point trying to instill fear in Renee. Renee has opened up at how manipulative and controlling Junior was in the past and we all know Renee has taken great measures to break free from Junior's grasp. Junior hates seeing Renee moving forward without him because he no longer controls or manipulates Renee so he's still trying to grasp at the seams to keep instilling fear and control over her life, hence the letter.

Big Ang is still Big Ang and Love Majewski keeps spitting out precious gems while going on with her bad, "not give a fuck" attitude that I've come to love so much!

Jane Springfield said...

Also want to note in the past that I think it was less-than-stellar of some of the ladies talking about Joe and Raquel and how Raquel could possibly like Joe just because he got out of prison....aren't "wise guys" the same type of men these ladies go for??? So why shit on Raquel when the rest of the cast has had husbands, boyfriends, fuck buddies, etc who have been incarcerated? Pot calling kettle black much?

Chiara Soprano said...

I know some don't like the dissing of Carla and I'm sorry. I suppose some of you missed her tweet where she dissed Raquel by making some insensitive remarks about her face for absolutely no reason? I think it was in one of our blogs. Nevertheless, my point is that we see, hear, read many things most viewers do not because we are writing a blog and pay closer attention. So if I don't like Carla, I have my reasons. I am not asking anyone to agree with me, please do not expect me to agree with you. Drita seems to have done a 180 this season and so I will be changing my stance on her according to her new behavior.

DanieDaBull said...

Chiara, just like everyone, you are intitled to your opinion especially on your own d@mn blog. hehe.
So nothing said (from me at least) is a bashing towards you persay. I mean, you can be a little harsh towards certain people ar certain times, but when they do something that you find as "stand up" you credit them for it. Everyone sees things differently.
I thought the feelings of the first two Anons mimic my own. Where the hell did Renee get that Carla wasn't there because of Love. I mean - wow! Renee had to dig deep in the old bag of tricks for that. When Carla said that Renee lies... she wasn't far from the truth. To me, Drita didn't state why, and Renee made up her own reason. That's just shady to me.
I love Love! She's boobtacular!
Kind of glad Ramona is a back up singer this season. She has the best one liners but that's all she has. But I'd really love to see Drita and Karen interact more. I know there is a deeper connection there somewhere.
Thanks for giving us a place to "bash" and love our M.O.B. Wives freely!

Anonymous said...

it's one thing not to like someone but it seems like you are on a mission to destroy her!! the way the season is going so far, doesn't look like there will be a season 4 so you may never have to see her again!! also, your stating how she wrote things about raquel on twitter but u don't know what was going on with all of them. i'm sure raquel isn't so innocent. i've been in carlas position, so don't knock her unless you have walked in her shoes! she was married to a man who cheated on her constantly and now after being in jail for 6 years he comes out and is playing house with a 27 year old? maybe she feels they will make their own family and forget about the old one!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Rest assured, I am far from a narcissist, lol. As I say we know more than most viewers. The reason Renee made that comment was because Carla and Love exchanged words on Twitter, not long ago, concerning Handy Man and it got ugly. If you missed that, then Renee's comment seemed to come from left field. I know that Love and Renee talked a lot about this issue before and after it was filmed, so maybe that's where Renee gets her info. If you are willing to overlook Carla's BS that's fine with me, but let's see how the rest of the season plays out. I am sticking with my opinion, let me know if yours changes.

DanieDaBull said...

Fair enough! You're right... I don't follow twitter convo between these "crickets" so I don't know the back story. I'm stating my opinion from a viewers-only point of view. Which I think is a fair assissment on its own. I'm in it for entertainment only.
It's hard for me to willingly overlook Carla's BS when I don't do the twitter thing. So far, I haven't seen BS come through my TV from her. I see genuine feelings. Tho they may be harsh at times, and we all fall victim to name calling, but like you said, we still have the rest of the season to watch so it could change. We'll see.
Keep rocking your blog!

Anonymous said...

your right we form our opinion from what we see on tv. you have your insider info from some of the cast and base your blogs on that. but in both cases, it doesn't mean it's the truth. regardless of a twitter fight between them, drita did not tell big ang on the phone that carla wasn't coming b/c of love. i've heard that when they are filming the producers tell them what to discuss. so when u saying that carla was "drilling" the kids, she was prob told to ask questions to set up joe's gf appearance on the show.

@perri6 said...

Chiara another great one, as the other commenters said you are SPOT ON! To ANON: I am not surprised by your last comment, you were in Carla's position, I can tell by your comments you are taking this way to personally, almost as if YOU ARE CARLA(ANONYNOUSLY)! You say unless you have walked in her shoes dont knock her, well Carla lets the world walk in her shoes every Sunday night when she decided to air her dirty laundry to the world on reality t.v! I think you are confused about Carla and Joe and Raquel, and you being in Carla's position, I will explain, Joe was a married man when Carla met him< he wasnt in jail for 6 years, he was living home with his wife, CARLA didnt give a RATS A#S about his wife,her feelings, nothing, Carla broke up that poor woman's marriage, Joe left her for Carla! Its more like Carla is the reason you were in that position, you were really in the same position as Joe's wife he left for Carla!

@perri6 said...

To Anonymous, we all see what goes on between them on twitter, and it has spilled into the show, and yes its true, you obviously dont know what your talking about or you would not have just wrote that! Mobwives chicago was cancelled after only one season, do you know why? Well go on twitter and you will see the fighting that was going on between them< and I mean down right nasty! You think the producer fed Carla what to say< so in the first episode do you really beleive Jenngraziano the producer, told Carla to go crazy on Renee her sister, amd show what white trash garbage you are Carla, and call Renee a JUNKIE 13 TIMES?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you @perri6, but I am not Carla, have not been in her shoes, so you are way off. Just saying everyone makes mistakes when they are young, get over it. I believe that Joe and Carla are both ok with their situations, I do believe this was goaded on by the producers. Sorry, I know it happens, believe it or not. I know some of them personally myself, so I DO know what I am speaking of. My point is, this no longer seems to be a MobWives blog. It is a Carla blog. This is an unhealthy borderline obsession with hating Carla. I find that odd, since the other girls are no angels, either, and if the blog owners know so much more than we do, as they claim, they would certainly know that.

XoxO.C said...

I am just glad I have not had to really deal with Ramona and Karen. They ruine the show for me every time they open their mouths. It's nice not having the urge to fast forward parts of the show. I truly find those two to be revolting and not even the kind of girls you "love to hate" I was on the fence about watching this season just because I really did not want to spend a season listening to those two slime balls. But it's only episode two so yeah... -_-

I have always loved Drita. I felt like this blog went in on her unfairly before and now it seems like we are doing it to Carla. That's why I still maintain that this Blog must be ran or written by a couple particular cast members lol.

I really wish we could be a little less 1 sided when it comes to certain things on this blog but hey it is a blog after all.

butimonly23 said...

Can I just throw this out... how in the hell do all of these men flit in and out of prison and come back and within a year have money to rent or buy a home? As a felon, you cannot get any decent job, let alone a crappy one. Who do they work for that pays them so well?

@perri6 said...

Anon, I didnt mean you are Carla literaly, just responding to you saying you were in Carla's position! I dont know you thats true, however im responding to what you said, go back and read what you said, thats what I responded to! Just like Chiara and Mob Mistress Blog about what they see on an episode, They Blog about what happened, and if you watched the episode, thats what happened.
1+1=2, Comprende?