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American Horror Story: Asylum - Spilt Milk & Continuum

Apparently, for those in the know, Ryan Murphy has been leaving clues as to what Season 3 will be about in the last 3 episodes, starting with The Name Game.  Anyone pick up on any clues so far or have theories?

Onto the recap


Kit speaks to Grace about her abduction and their baby.  She says time moves differently up there, so that's why the baby is so big now.  Of course, Father Timothy is having the baby put in an orphanage, and Kit and Grace are outraged.  But this is like the least horrible thing Father Timothy has done because these two are BONKERS.  As evidenced by the fact that Kit proposes to Grace because he thinks Alma is dead.  Well why wouldn't he?  It's not like anyone has ever been abducted by aliens and then come back, right?  Oh wait.

Mother Superior helps Lana slip out of Briarcliff.  Kit is speaking to Thredson as Lana comes down the stairs, and works overtime to keep Thredson distracted until she gets out the door.  Thredson runs outside just in time for Lana to flip him the bird as she drives away in a cab.

Lana finally got a break!  Now she'll go straight to the police with the confession tape and... what?  Oh she went back to Thredson's apartment.  No that's totally cool, that's exactly what I would have done.  Lana has a gun, and Thredson is hiding a gun as well, and is about to shoot Lana as the police approach, but Lana blows his brains out first.  And that's the end of Bloody Face.

One of Lana's friends gives her a number for a woman who can help her get an abortion.  Lana is all set to do it, but backs out at the last moment. Which was a good call on her part.  On a scale of one to three rattails, that definitely rates as a three rattail decision.

Kit is released from Briarcliff as Lana has proven that Thredson was Bloody Face.  Kit tells Father Timothy to let Grace out with him and get their son back because according to the records, Grace is dead anyway.  Yeah, let's let an ax murderer loose.  Sounds good to me.

Lana goes back to Briarcliff to get Jude out, but Father Timothy tells her Jude is already dead.  Lana leaves but it's revealed that Jude is actually being kept in solitary.

And that's all that happened in this episode, weirdly enough.


This episode opens with a lot of heavy breathing, and then Kit heaving around a bloody axe with blood slashed across his wife beater and tighty whiteys.

This episode spanned a few years, starting in 1967, 3 years after most of this season takes place.  So Kit is living with Alma and Grace.  Grace feels their abduction was a religious experience because it brought her back to life.  Alma doesn't feel that way since the whole thing pretty much ruined her life.  Kit is sitting with Grace in one room when all of a sudden Alma comes in with an ax and starts hacking at Grace.  Now Kit has two wives and they're both ax murders.

Lana has written a book about her story of survival.  I guess it wasn't crazy enough for her so she embellished some parts.  She also became a huge diva, moaning that her assistant didn't pack almonds or chill her Tab cola.  Kit attends her book signing and tries to light a fire under Lana to get Briarcliff shut down once and for all.  Alma was committed there and died, but Kit saw Jude still living there when he visited.  Lana doesn't feel too sympathetic because Jude made that place what it was.

Meanwhile Jude slips further and further into psychosis as Briarcliff gets taken over by the state.

In 2013, Dylan McDermott starts putting a plan into action, to get an autographed copy of Lana's book so he can hand it to her before he kills her.  That'll show her.

One episode to go! Any thoughts on those clues?

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Chiara Soprano said...

I recently saw Jessica Lange (Jude) being interviewed and she told how it came about that she sang the Name Game. She said Ryan Murphy asked her if there was anything she had wanted to play that she hadn't had the opportunity to do, and she said she wanted to sing and he wrote it in for her. Another things she told him was that she wanted to play an alcoholic and he wrote that into to the script too. Apparently she is going to have a major role in Season 3 too. Great recaps.