Saturday, January 5, 2013

American Horror Story: Asylum- The Name Game

Alright!  So as you may recall, in the last episode of American Horror Story, Arden nearly killed Kit to see if the aliens would come.  This episode begins with Kit asking if Arden they came.  Arden lies and says no, even though he found a pregnant Grace and Pepper and locked them in a cell.

Arden examines Grace and says the aliens healed her bullet wound.  Pepper is now acting as Grace's protector, and her speech and vocabulary has improved.  Pepper reveals that her sister's husband is actually the one who killed their baby and cut off it's ears, but he blamed it on Pepper and everyone believed him because of her condition.

The angel of death came for Father Timothy after Leigh crucified him, but the angel told him that the devil was inside Sister Mary Eunice and he needed to cast the devil out.

Lana and Kit meet in the common room, and then Thredson walks in.  He comes over to them and says he plans to resume their treatments, since Sister Mary Eunice let him free and then offered him a full time position at Briarcliff.

Dr. Arden and Sister Mary Eunice give Sister Jude electroshock therapy to treat her symptoms of manic depression.

Then, Sister Mary Eunice starts to treat Father Timothy's wounds.  He tries to catch her by surprise and cast the devil out, but it doesn't work, so then, of course, she rapes him.  Dr. Arden walks in on her at the end.

Sister Jude walks into the common room in a daze after her shock therapy.  Lana asks her if she knows her name.  At this point I imagine Ryan Murphy racking his brain trying to think of a way to make this show even worse.  And he says, I know!  I'll turn it into GLEE!  And I'll have everyone in the asylum sing and dance to The Name Game.  FOR THREE MINUTES!  What a great idea, right??

Dr. Arden goes into the woods to do an afternoon feeding.  Sister Mary Eunice catches up with him.  She has this great idea to give Sister Jude a lobotomy.  But Arden won't do what she wants anymore because he's jealous.  He starts shooting the creatures and says the experiments are over.  He is about to shoot himself when he breaks down crying.  Sister Mary Eunice says he's being pitiful and walks away.

Father Timothy approaches Sister Jude to apologize for not listening to her when she says Sister Mary Eunice was possessed by the devil.  He says she violated him and took his virtue and asks Sister Jude what he should do.  Sister Jude tells him to kill her.

Dr. Thredson goes into Dr. Arden's office to root around looking for some drugs when he hears a woman moaning.  It's Grace and she is giving birth.

Father Timothy is praying when Sister Mary Eunice walks in on him.  She says he can't keep anything from her now, and she knows that he is praying for the strength to kill her.  She tells him that she is about to devour the last morsel of Mary Eunice's soul.  Mary Eunice takes control of the body momentarily and apologizes to Father Timothy.  She says she is tired of fighting.  Father Timothy throws her off the balcony and the angel of death comes.  Mary Eunice says "take me," and the angel says "I'll take you both."

So the devil is gone now.  It was that easy all along, huh.

Father Timothy says she needs to be prepared for burial, but Dr. Arden says she needs to be cremated, even though it's against Christian teachings, because she's been infected by the devil.

Dr. Thredson meets Kit for his appointment.  Thredson takes Kit to Grace and the baby, and says the baby is Kit's son.  Kit tells him where he hid the confession tape, and Thredson goes to the hydrotherapy room to get it.  When he finds it, he realizes that Lana replaced the tape with a book and she says she's the only one who knows where it is now.

Sister Jude is in the common room and she is babbling about how she and Father Timothy are going to get married in Rome and become pope.  Mother Superior comes to speak with her, and Jude tells her that Lana doesn't belong there and she needs to help her get out.

Dr. Arden prepares Sister Mary Eunice for cremation.  He climbs on top of her body and gets incinerated with her.  Ding Dong, the Nazi's dead.

Two major characters killed, and still one of the most boring episodes yet!  At least when people died on the first season it was sort of interesting.  Anyone think this episode was any good?

Well, we're in the home stretch now, three episodes to go!

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Chiara Soprano said...

What? Still three more episodes? Oy Vey!

gypsy said...

Show is beyond fantastic IMO - LOVE

Anonymous said...

Will there be a new recap today? I cannot believe what has happened last 2 episodes, but I was yelling with joy at my TV!

Mama Mia said...

Not today, I haven't had a chance to watch the new episode yet. I'll have the recap done in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Ok!! Enjoy! If you thought last week was something, you will enjoy this one!