Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mob Wives: Renee, Karen & Ramona on WPIX

Some interesting conversation!

Today, Renee, Karen and Ramona were interviewed live on WPIX in New York City about a variety of subjects. Of course, they couldn’t discuss too much of the storyline to season three, but I did managed to capture a few pictures and choice quotes to share with those of you who missed it.

When Karen was asked about how things are with Drita , she said they are cordial and have agreed to disagree. They are not on the same page when it comes to the definition of friendship and that issue is settled.

Gotta LOVE Renee!

Then Renee was asked about Carla and said, “What can you say about  a chick that spends so much time on her knees?” Renee says that Carla “stepped over the bounds drastically. Addiction is a serious illness and to be called a junkie is disgraceful. She is ignorant, there are millions of people suffering from addiction.” Renee adds, every day is a struggle, but she is doing good.

A serious moment about "Sandy" victims

They go on to discuss Hurricane Sandy. Ramona says they were personally affected because her  daughter’s religion teacher lost a daughter in Sandy. They all discuss how they started Mob Wives Saving Lives to give back to those who lost so much in Staten Island because Federal Aid wasn‘t coming fast enough.  They actually raised money and went down there to see the places that were hard hit. Ramona explained how she and Karen went down the first day it happened, it was rough. She adds if you weren’t down there you  didn’t see the true devastation. They also share that there was a lot of unity of people helping people and everyone in New York was affected. Community helping a community. Karen says she is proud to be a New Yorker.

Moving on to “new character,” Love Majewski. Love is friends with Karen and Ramona. They all went to school together growing up, and she is friends with Renee. Renee says, “I’m not the crazy one this year.” (I guess that means lots of action/drama from Love!) 

Renee is asked about her plastic surgery. She says she is healthy, but unfortunately one more surgery necessary, otherwise she is good. 

That about wraps up the short, but informative little interview from this morning.

Now this is the way I see things stacking up so far: Renee, Karen, Ramona and Love are TEAM #1 and Carla, Drita and Big Ang make up TEAM #2. Hmmmm…so Drita has vowed to give up fighting AND Big Ang doesn’t like to fight at all, she runs from drama. Joe and the “young girl” aren’t too thrilled with Carla’s antics either. So does that mean Carla stands alone? Reminds of the cheese in the Farmer in the Dell, I think it was Limburger   

In case you can’t recall the lyrics, here is a little video:

Oh Carla does have one person on her “Team” and I guess that comes in “Handy,” when things are stacked the way they are? And I guess she is trying to recruit more “team” members because for $30 a pop you can also get your very own T-Shirt. Seriously? I think NOT!

Team members come in "Handy" on Mob Wives

Picture Credit: WPIX, Twitter
Video Credit: APPUSERIES

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That shirt should say "THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE" cuz hes a rat and Carla is as cheesy as limberger