Monday, January 28, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap “Of Vice & Men” Ep. 304

First, what we didn't see!

Carla says, “She needs to button up the lip a little. Maybe she’ll f*cking stop barking so much.”

Big Ang and Carla meet at the nail salon. Big Ang has new hair, but it’s not really hers, it’s a permed “Cher” wig. Drita joins them. Drita tells them that Renee has moved to a new house around the corner from Carla. That doesn’t make Carla too happy because she will be running into her all the time. Big Ang says that Renee is going to Florida for a month of rehab. Carla says she needs a lot of help. Big Ang feels that rehab is helping her son and it will help Renee. Carla says she can’t take being attacked any more. Drita says she is proud of Renee. Carla hopes that when Renee comes home she won’t bash her any more. And while Drita and Big Ang are proud and supportive of Renee, Carla reacts with her typical, “bashing attitude” and says, “She needs to button up the lip a little. Maybe she’ll f*cking stop barking so much.” Hmmmm.

Joe says, “I want a divorce, I want a divorce, I want a divorce!” 

Joe has been out of prison for a year and he has some unfinished business...Carla. He meets with his lawyer, Ralph, and they discuss his past criminal history. Joe explains that he was pinched for money laundering and stock fraud. He is trying to redeem himself now. He tells the lawyer he has a girlfriend and they are living together. The lawyer advises him that if he is getting along with Carla things will go a lot easier with the divorce. Joes says, “I want a divorce, I want a divorce, I want a divorce!” Joe wants to move on with his life. He knows he has to take baby steps with Carla because their relationship swings back and forth from good to bad. The lawyer stresses that it’s important they get along.

“This is probably going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life,” Renee says.

Back at Renee’s house, AJ, Ramona and Karen are going to take Renee to the airport for her trip to Florida. Renee gets nervous about missing her plane because Karen and Ramona haven’t arrived yet. She says prescription pills have taken control of too much of her life. She has a lot of anxiety and she and AJ are getting on each other’s nerves. Karen and Ramona arrive and they all head out to the car. Renee says she is looking forward to rehab. Karen says she is being very brave and she is proud of Renee. Ramona is very supportive. They all say good bye at the airport and Renee and AJ walks off to the gate of the flight to Florida. AJ accompanies Renee to the rehab center to drop her off. He wants her to find a way to deal with her problems and be happy. AJ says things are hard as hell, but he wants Renee to be strong and get clean and sober. Renee is nervous about entering the rehab and says it will be the hardest 28 days of her life.

Love says,  “I didn’t actually hit him, I went all around him,” she clarifies. “So he knew that I loved him.” 

Love is applying Karen’s makeup while Karen fills her in on what is going on with Dave. She tells her about the girlfriend and Love thinks she it is amazing that Karen hasn’t killed anyone. But, Karen’s story triggers some emotion in Love, who has her own story. Love dated a guy named Ray Merole, who was head of one of the largest car theft rings in the world. She says they were inseparable and she thought he was her one true love. Then he cheated on her and the police said she allegedly tried to shoot him. But she says she shot all around him because she loved him, if she didn’t she wouldn’t have missed. Love just found out that Ray had twins who are three years old. It seems that Ray had his sperm frozen before going to prison and two different women were artificially inseminated and had his children. Love gets very emotional. She always felt, in the back of her mind, that she and Ray would be together. Karen is very angry about Dave. Where is the loyalty and respect for their relationship and all she has done for him to help him get back on his feet after he got out of prison?

Drita and the girls go to visit Lee. It’s been two years since they last saw him. Drita has a lot on her mind and is full of emotion. Drita says she needs to see how she and the girls feel being around him. Her girls don’t know what it feels like to have a father. She tells them that Lee has his girls and that is the best reason for him to change. They all get on a plane and land in Buffalo.

Meanwhile, at the Florida rehab, Transitions, Renee says good bye to AJ. Renee has to confront some serious issues. They ask her a lot of questions about her life events and drug use. She says on her worst day she took about 20 pills. She goes 3 to 4 days without sleep. She suffers from depression. She mentions several different types of prescription drugs that she has taken.

Once Drita and the girls get off the plane, there is a long drive to Bradford, Pennsylvania. They check into a hotel to spend the night. They have to get up very early the next day to go visit Lee. Drita is concerned about whether or not there will be a future with Lee and if so, what if he hurts them all again?

“From what Joe tells me,” Raquel explains, “Carla is just very…nasty.”

Carla is walking her dog, Elvis. “Elvis is a real man,” she says. Carla hasn’t spoken to Joe since they had that little conversation about Raquel moving in with him, which didn’t end well. Joe says Elvis was his dog, until he made one too many visits to Carla’s with the kids and she just kept him. Joe talks to Raquel about what the lawyer had to say. He tells her if Carla contests the divorce it could take two years for him to get one. Joe believes that Carla is afraid he will marry Raquel and have more kids. He adds, she should be scared because that is exactly what he wants to do.

Drita and the girls get up early and get ready for their visit with Lee. They dress and do their hair. Aleeya is excited. They get in the car. Drita is nervous, she feels like she is going on her first date. Aleeya says the first thing she will say is “I love you, daddy.” Drita’s anxiety is running very high because she has no idea what to expect from her visit with Lee.

Ramona says, , “I would choke him until he had no breath left in him.”

Ramona and Karen meet. Karen tells her she hasn’t talked to Dave yet. She says that Karina doesn’t want her to tell Dave that she told him anything about the girlfriend. And, Karina told her that she doesn’t want to move back to New York because she finally has a good relationship with her father. She tells Karen that Dave’s girlfriend, Rebecca, is helping her with stuff and she doesn’t want Karen causing problems. Ramona advises Karen to go out to Arizona, it’s her house. Karen feels she is between a rock and a hard place. She wants to kill Dave, but she doesn’t want to alienate her daughter.

Drita and the girls leave the prison. She is on cloud nine. She says there was a lot of hugging and kissing. It’s like they were all never separated. It just goes to show you blood is thicker than water. Drita says she felt happy, peaceful and comfortable with Lee in spite of all he did to her. She tells Big Ang it was amazing. Giselle went over to Lee screaming like they were never apart. She says she and Lee didn’t even need to talk. She misses him a lot and she now realizes how much. She says she felt so good being with him. It was a 5 hour visit. The girls were very happy and Drita was very emotional.

“How the f*ck do you do that to me?” Love asks.

Love visits Big Ang. Ang tells Love she threw Neal out because he isn’t a good husband. He took her for surgery and left her there. Drita is the only one doing good in the men’s department right now. She tells Love that Drita had a good visit with Lee. Love tells her she always thought she would end up with Ray. Then she tells Ang about how he had his sperm frozen and two girls used it to have his babies. Love wants to write him a letter and demand an explanation of how he could do this to her.

“What do you mean, insecure? I’m MAD!” Karen tells Dave. “I have been the most loyalist person to this man in his entire life, and the fact that I want that back in return, he’s gonna say insecure? Nah, motherf*cker, I’m not having it.” 

A very angry Karen is in her apartment and decides to call Dave. She is angry because he hasn’t been taking her calls or calling her back. He says he has been busy working. Karen wants to know what he is so busy working at? She asks if he has a girlfriend. He says he was going to tell her eventually, he isn’t hiding anything. Karen feels that they should have always kept an open line of communication. He tells her now that he has a girlfriend she is being insecure. He says he doesn’t have to answer any questions. She wants to know why Karina doesn’t want to move to New York? She is the only who raised her for twelve years by herself.

Drita meets her close friend, Jessica, who she went to high school with. She tells her about her visit with Lee. She is thinking about giving Lee another chance and wants to hear what Jessica thinks. Jessica tells her that the worst time is Drita’s life was when Lee went to jail. But, Jessica adds, she remembers how happy Drita always was with Lee. She encourages Drita to give him another chance.

Renee survived the rehab interview, now she wants to know why she is addicted to pain medication. She asks, why her son, who has two addicts for parents, isn’t addicted. They tell her it’s a matter of choice and self control. Renee tells them there is a girl in her group that makes her angry [Carla]. She is a whore, a douche bag, something you use and throw away. They tell her to take the energy she is putting into this b*tch and put it into something positive. Anger comes from fear. By focusing on Carla, Renee is giving her power. Renee says she has to let it go.


Oh boy, we have an episodes built around so many different situations, all very emotional! I guess I’ll break them down one by one.

Renee is dealing with her addiction to pain medication. How will she be able to cope without the pills? It’s not going to be easy getting clean. It takes a lot of work. Everyone is supporting her decision to go get help…everyone but Carla. Despite the fact that Carla is well aware of everything Renee has been through in her life, she can’t even find an ounce of compassion for her, as a human being, to even “fake” being concerned. After all, being fake is something Carla is very good at, but she won’t even make an effort. What does that say about her? Even Big Ang and Drita find fault with Carla’s attitude. Thank God Renee has the love and support of her son, AJ, her family, friends, and fans.

Drita not only had to face the prison visit, she has to consider the future of her family. She is full of emotion from fear and anxiety to being happy and excited. It’s hard to make decisions when you are experiencing so much internal conflict. Drita is a very good mother. She raised two beautiful girls. Aleeya, who is intelligent and mature, and Giselle, who is independent and adorable. She always puts her children’s well being before her own. Drita was always close to her own father growing up. I’m sure she wants the same for her girls. Everything that’s been said on the show leads me to believe she is going to give Lee and their family another chance. Let’s hope Lee doesn’t screw it up this time. He is very blessed and I hope he appreciates what he has now.

Love’s story just gets more and more bizarre. There is nothing ordinary about Love’s life. Now she has to deal with the fact that the man she thought was her “one true love” betrayed her in a way. He froze his sperm before going to prison, in case he wanted to have a baby. Then he finds two women to get inseminated with his sperm at the same time and have his children? Who the hell does that? It seems to me Love never got any closure from that relationship. I think she should write that letter and see what he has to say. She never really let go of Ray. This might be just what she needs to move on. And maybe Love should ask herself if Ray had asked her to have his baby, would she have said yes with him being in prison? Somehow I doubt it. I think this is a lose end she just has to wrap up, just like Joe’s unfinished business.

Speaking of Joe’s unfinished business (you knew I was saving the best for last right?), and by unfinished business I mean Carla. Joe is adamant about getting a divorce. I can’t say I was crazy about Joe’s criminal past, because I wasn’t, but I am very happy with his present and future. This is what we know. Carla has been seeing Handy Man before Mob Wives started two years ago. By other accounts I have heard she has been with him as long as four years. So, if she is so “in love” with Handy aka “Baby,” why wouldn’t give Joe a divorce? Why would she contest it? It makes no sense unless she wants Joe back in her life, which she claims she does not. She said she was done with him when he got out of prison…the feelings, the closeness were gone…maybe that’s because she had moved on with her life and Handy?

Joe has a chance to start over with Raquel. Raquel is wonderful with his children, she loves them. She wants to have children of her own. It’s all natural and wonderful. But they have to deal with Carla and, as we know, Carla is not about other people, Carla is about Carla. She is selfish and egotistical. Carla grills her children about their weekend with Joe, and when they come back with happy glowing reports, she is determined to find something bad. How dare another woman mother her children? You would think she would be happy to have them spend time with someone so nurturing while she is off at appearances, or selling Wives for Wine, or filming, or on her many dates with Handy. Joe’s home appears to be happy and stable. A good home for his children to grow up in.

I have been accused of being harsh on Carla. That isn’t going to change any time soon, especially if she gives Joe a hard time about the divorce. Joe has said, in so many words, how difficult Carla can be. She is argumentative, she can be nasty. We have seen those sides of her. By the way, are there other sides? He is afraid to talk to her about certain subjects. She doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do and yet she thinks it is okay for her to tell Joe what he should and shouldn’t do. I sense Joe is very frustrated because he anticipates that Carla is going to be a road block to his future happiness. From what I have seen of Carla, I think she will do whatever she can to give Joe a hard time. I hope Joe’s lawyer has a few tricks up his sleeve. I don’t see how she can contest the divorce. What grounds does she have? Doesn’t the fact that Carla has been with Handy all this time and doesn’t want to be with Joe, something the courts should consider? They have it all on video tape! Roll it!

I rest my case!

What did you think of all the turmoil in this episode? I’d love to know.

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lilolme said...

Not a Carla supporter, but when did Joe become a "Wife". In my humble opinion, securities fraud=scum bag. Don't really care about seeing him or Raquel.

Leah said...

There is a lot about to happen.....firstly im happy Renee has gone to rehab if not for herself her son deserves it.
Its a very brave and scary thing to do, I wonder if we will see a different acting Renee post rehab?

Drita i am just so happy for her and her girls...she has held it down and done very well considering all the circumstances and with the empire she has built with her cosmetics line, clothing line and the show.....well surely Lee doesnt need to rob banks anymore and get in trouble cause his lady is making some serious money!!

Karen...I am so happy she has Ramona for support with this one...what an asshole Dirty Dave is.
She puts him up rent free to get him back on his feet and she has raised their daughter for 12 years alone and even though they were not together for part of the 10yrs he was in jail it seemed last season they were in a great place with each other so no wonder the poor girl is so fkn mad!
The text Karina sent...i think thats dave fault again for putting her in that situation.

Karen should boot his ass out and ask for child support...thats not being mean thats just the legal thing to do as 2 adults who have a child together.
The last reunion they were very complimentary with each other dave even said he could se them with a couple more kids so what the hell has happened....maybe he is trying to flick her jealousy switch?
Carla needs a win she is doing herself no favours this season.....

Dunno about you ladies but I really hope we see Lee in an episode one day...and i really hope the camera follows karen to arizona...

Thanks for the update and doing all this for the fans in your own precious time

Chiara Soprano said...

Yo're welcome Leah ♥

lilolme, Joe didn't become a "wife" but he is bringing out carla's true colors, and thanks to him I have more to blog about.

Kevin said...

Anyone else start to notice that the majority of what we saw in this season's trailer has happened already or will happen next week? There must be so much more for this season that we don't know about yet. Can't wait to see what happens with Drita and Ramona in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, it is getting boring to me. Renee's eyebrows are a distraction. Drita is boring, Carla is boring. If Karen doesn't hurry up and kick Dave out of her house I won't respect her anymore. Love is just, well, odd. Ange is funny but kind of one note. To me Ramona is the only one with substance, she doesn't bemoan her history, she just picks herself up, dusts herself off and gets on with raising her kids. Well I always thought Karen too, but she better act on this Dave thing. He is taking advantage of her.

Anonymous said...

Chiara it was Me McMona last night that Carla called a fake & said I had only 13 followers. I just joined twitter on Jan 11,2013 & yes I only had 13 followers. Half of them the Cast & crew of MobWives. You & I were tweeting & Horse Face aka Carla blew a fuse. She lost it when her hubby Joe chimed in to laugh in agreement to one of my tweets. Then Miss Wanker reports me & gets me Suspended!! WTF? If she wants to block a fan that's one thing. But to falsely report them for voicing their opinion is just Wrong! People were tweeting last night that she was blocking everyone who wasn't kissing her Ring! I'm new at this twitter stuff. Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this? I've already requested to be reinstated but who knows how long tha'll take. I have a new account MonaMc but I want my Old account back! I miss my peeps. Chiara I Love your Blog & especially how TRUTHFUL it is. ToniMariRicci could relate to this. Lol. Thank you SweetHeart. Xx

Chiara Soprano said...

Mona I could have sworn she directed it to me, but I'm sorry she reported you and I hope you can get your account back. She is spiteful on top of everything else.

Deana3452 said...

WTH did she block you for????? On a lighter note, no offense to Raquel, no offense to anyone else, but Joe is F-I-N-E! lol Plus, like Chiara, I am not crazy about his criminal past, but he seems sincere about moving on and redeeming himself.

Anonymous said...

Someone above asked when did Joe become a wife, LOL? I kind of have been wondering that myself. Not that I do not mind too much him being on but since he and Carla are done I think its odd he is on with his new girl. And no wonder Carla acts so bitchy! Her boyfriend Handy is NOT HOT!!! He just looks like such a douche.

I loved Renee at therapy outside. Everyone looked scared every time she talked about Carla. So move over Ramona, there is a new devil in town !
Chiara - love your 2 cents they make my Mondays:)
I chuckled out loud with Karen wanting to kill Dave , but does not want to alienate her daughter! Love would have that hole dug faster than anyone I know I think, LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much Chiara! I think you have Magic. I got my account Back (McMona)), Yay!! I appreciate your message. You are right, Mr. Ed is Spiteful & can't handle the pressure. Raquel was right,"She's Nasty!". No wonder Joe is running. At least he has a warm beautiful sweet half latina to love him. Not a COLD ICE HAG like Ms. Faculo!Lol I can't wait to see her fatcha brut when they bring on Miss Toni Marie Ricci to MobWives. That will burn her short & curlies! The TRUTH is coming!!! Karmas on its way to take a Big Bite outa Horse faces dried up butt. Thanks Again Pretty Lady! I'm loving what you do so Well. Cheers!! Xx

lurkernomore said...

I never have liked that Carla. She always seems like a sort of tack-on to the show, like they couldn't get anyone more interesting to sign on. On all the other blogs, long before Renee called her out for being a bottom feeding husband f***er, residents of Staten Island were calling her out for her nasty and not so suble past, not just Toni Marie's husband, either. Joe was a con artist, little more then a thief, she knew it and was happy to spend the money. But most of all, her storyline is BORING. Love Majewski, Big Ang, or Toni Mari Ricci (although she has to much class to put her business out on a reality TV show) should have long been cast before her. Carla is a bore. I'm no Drita fan, but the woman is interesting at least. She's trying to be a hard ass this season. She's no gangster moll. Looks like the producers may have gone to her and asked her to wake up a bit. Oh and her homophobic comments????? Please. Somebody from VH1 needs to get her into media training fast.

Me said...

Hi all, thnx for this blog, first of all, appologies for any spelling or grammar errors, reason for this i´m from `the Netherlands`
Since we just finished season 2, im always reading this blog to be kept updated!!
THough i do like Carla and Drita (not the most favourite persons here) but that doesn't change the fact i do like to read this blog and would like to thank you for keeping me updated! Oh and thanks for the recepies as well, since im allergic to a lot of things, can the next recepe be without unions or peppers??

shannie said...

Omfg....I love Love....she's a nut and a half. Carla is a jerk off. And I'm so happy Drita.
They need to give Romona some more time on camera.
And I love that drama queen Renee! She scared the shit out of the other people in her was great.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to know how these ladies support themselves. If your husband is in prison for 6 years, how is the mortgage getting paid??? Especially if your husband is a bank robber or embezzler, the government isn't going to allow you to keep that money. I've never heard of Drita or her make-up line and she said that she was a make up artist and had to "give it up" due to the pressures of Lee going to prison, so she hasn't built an empire. Carla doesn't even seem to have a job. Big Ang seems to be the only one with a real job as the owner of her bar. Was money burried in the back yard, Tony Soprano style... lol. This show just seems unrealistic that these husbands are in prison and the wives are all still living the good life and don't have to work.

And what does Carla's husband do? He just got of prison and he's able to afford a big condo... with a felony criminal record. Really? Most felons out there can't get a job working at McDonalds. Since he's a new cast member now apparently... how about get honest with the viewers and tell us how this man earns a living??? This show just seems fake.

Jane Springfield said...

Once again Chiara, you hit the bulls-eye about it all! I can see great growth in Karen and Drita. Ramona can come off as a huge bitch but seeing her with Renee and her kids makes me like her soft side.

As for Renee, I'm so glad she decided to get treatment. It made my liver turn learning about all the drugs she was prescribed over the years. I can't wait to see her and AJ rekindle their relationship.

I don't know why Carla just doesn't sign the papers and get it over with. Raquel is bold and has her heart in the right place but I also think she should keep her nose out of Carla and Joe's business. Let them straighten it out.

lurkernomore said...

Why doesn't Karen serve that ex of hers with a damn eviction notice? I'll be damned if my ex is f*cking and s*cking on my dime. And if I recieved a disrespectful text message from my daughter like she did Karina, I would be on the first plane back to Arizona, and drug her by her hair back to Staten Island. Since when do 13 year olds get to choose where they live? Karen bought a business for the benefit and future of her family, she probably has sole custody of Karina, it's time for her to pack her bags. Karen undoubtly has the funds to put her in a great school in the area. Leaving her daughter in the care of her aging mother and her felon father is not responsible. I <3 Karen, but this episode has me SMDH.

Anonymous said...

There was a bad editorial error when they filmed one plane for Drita's takeoff and a completely different plane for her landing.

Vicki Lon said...

I accidentally discovered I could view this show in Australia.
I feel Karen is allowing her ex to live in the house as he probably took some of the wrap. She may feel she owes it to him, viewers are not getting full story. Men usually take the fall so they take care of kids.
Is Renee so hard on Carla because she raised Renee's drug addiction. I also wonder was it discuss in production as who would raise the issue and how it would be brought into the story.

Vicki Lon said...

Also how can Carly not see that her boyfriend touching other women is totally inappropriate and just not on. It is not ok to do?????
it is sexual harassment

it is so hard to see the letters to prove I am human.
Had to type so many times

Mob Mistress said...


We're all aging. I've met Mrs. Gravano and her age isn't an hindrance in caring for Karina.

I disagree and think Karen is a very responsible mother.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to run into a Mob Wives show 2mo ago. I immediatley joined hulu and have watched every single show up to date. It interested me to the point in which i have researched all of the cast/husbands/family members etc. So, now I am a Mob wives addict. The thing I do ask myself is..HOW exactly do these women live so extravagantly?! It is pretty much known that these families are not supported by the "Big Familia" after their loved ones are pinched". I realize the show pays them, but that much? Also, are they welcomed w/open arms by the present residents of Staten Island?! I notice w/each episode how these girls are more "wisely" choosing their words re:mob ties.