Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mob Wives: Recap "Cuts Both Ways," Ep 608

Neil is a good guy

Watching Mob Wives with a heavy heart. It seems surreal that as we are grieving Ang, she is still bigger than life on our screens. Praying for her family. RIP Big Ang

Drita's house. She is complaining about Karen causing problems in her home and being obsessed with Lee. Delusional. She has finished the first draft of her book and is sending it to her agent. I'll believe it when I see it. She asks Giselle if she wants to check it out. Giselle doesn't seem interested. Smart kid. She asks Giselle what she wants for her birthday. She wants another dog. She tells her to ask Lee, she has him wrapped around her finger. Who thinks Drita is really writing a book? Not me. The thought of her sitting at her computer writing down her fake ass stories makes me laugh.

Renee's house. She sits down with AJ and shows him about three thousand dollars worth of traffic tickets. Whoa! His license is suspended in New Jersey. He pissed in the street and got a citation for $350. Renee is annoyed with his irresponsibility. AJ thinks she needs a hobby. She says he should stop getting tickets so she can afford a hobby.

Brittany spills the beans to Karen

Brittany meets up with Karen at a clothing store. Karen asks her if she invited Renee and Carla to her show. Brittany says no, she didn't want any drama. Karen says Brittany really doesn't understand these women, but she can invite who she wants. Brittany feels she needs to tell Karen about her meeting with Drita because Drita is riled up. Brittany tells Karen that, from what she understood, Marissa told Drita that Karen was bringing up the men. She tells Karen that Drita believes Karen is talking about the men . . . and in particular, "her man, Lee." Karen says, "The b*tch wants to start trouble. I'm not bringing up the men, B*tch." Brittany isn't clear exactly how the conversation went down between Drita and Marissa, but she does know everything was fine between Karen and Drita at the show and now Drita is flipping out. Karen is clear that Marissa said Drita was bringing up the men (which we all saw last week). Marissa said, "Drita was running her mouth in regards to her man reaching out to my man telling us girls to play nice." Brittany says she just wanted to give Karen the heads up because Drita was aggravated and there was some name calling, and Drita also said Karen was still hung up on Lee. Oh please! Let's get real! The only person on this planet hung up on Lee is Drita! Have you seen this dynamic duo in action? If not check out this recent blog, video included. Then you tell me who is "hung up" on Lee!

Has Karen ever been this angry?

Drita accuses Karen for the word on the street.

But now Karen is getting aggravated! She says "I'm done with this little pig b*tch!" Karen says she isn't hung up on her husband. She has a man and Lee could never be half the man he is (in more ways than one!). Karen doesn't give a f*ck about Lee. Karen says Drita is obsessed with her, she wants to do everything she does. She wants to write a book and she is obsessed about the relationship Karen had with Lee. Karen says Drita should keep her name out of her mouth and she won't have a problem. If she keeps her name in her mouth then she and her b*tch ass husband will have a problem. "I know way too many secrets, B*tch!" Oh Karen please write another book and put all your secrets in there! BEST SELLER! Karen explains some history to Brittany. Twenty years ago when Sammy was in the witness protection program, Lee was making visits to go see him in Arizona. Her father was fighting with everyone in the New York mob. He told Lee if you want to be around my daughter you are going to have to prove to me what type of man you are and what camp you are in. When Lee couldn't take the heat, Lee ran. He high-tailed it out of there and he never turned around. And then he asked Karen not to speak to her father and she told him to go f*ck himself and she left. He was scared of what he was going to have to do, he was scared of the situation. He knows that in his f*cking heart. Now Brittany is really squirming because she feels she just started a war by telling Karen what Drita said. And she did.  Karen says this has escalated to a point where no one is going to be able to shut it down. She wants to bring men into it, we can bring men into it. "Her husband is a f*cking swindler, he's a snake, he's a rat, he's a bubble gum gangster, he's a fake. He can't even look in the mirror, he has no face. He's a b*tch too. That's why I saw him walking out of the dry cleaners the other day and he couldn't even look me in the eye. B*tch, your husband's a p*ssy."

Karen turns to the cameramen "You can film that mother-f*ckers!" "Your husband's a p*ssy. Tell her that. Tell her that. Tell her that . . ." I don't think we have ever seen Karen this angry in any other season. Better hire a few more body guards Jenn.

Ang's House. Ang is doing laundry and Neil arrives with a bouquet of roses to apologize and talk. She tells him she doesn't want that junk. She said she was scared to go to the doctor. She had to go alone to find out she had lung cancer. She was hurt. Neil said she never asks or tells him anything. He said he went to all her appointments and he had no idea this one was so serious. He thought is as just for blood tests.  Ang feels overwhelmed and Neil isn't doing enough. He tells her he is sorry and wants to come back home. He wants to be their for her to support her during her medical condition. Her health comes first for now. They make up. Watching this scene was heartbreaking. To be going through this serious health crisis, being overwhelmed and terrified, and continue on with the show in front of millions of people is unimaginable to me. I don't know where Ang found the strength and courage to put it all out there.

Carla, Karen and Renee are at the park playing bocci balls. Karen says she isn't in a good place. She starts to tell them about Drita, but wants to wait for Marissa because her name came up.  Karen tells them about Brittany's fashion show and how Renee and Carla weren't invited. She says she met up with Brittany in the city and told them everything Drita said about her. Marissa says all she did was ask Drita if she was the one talking about their men speaking on the phone. Carla gets angry and wants Brittany to stay in her lane. Renee agrees that Brittany should mind her own business. Karen is done with Drita. They weren't supposed to talk about each other. They made a truce at the warehouse and she never sticks to her word. Karen says Drita is the laughing stock of New York City with that husband of hers.Karen got that right. Karen drops a little bomb . . . Drita got a group people arrested because she was f*cking someone and Karen adds you want to talk about men? Let's get started. Renee says this is a f*cking 911 problem now. Hire some more bodyguards Jenn.

Back to the doctor's office. Neil goes with Ang to the doctor to discuss the lung cancer surgery. The doctor describes the procedure. First they will remove the cancerous lesion and then the top half of the lung where it was located. If it's in the lymph nodes then she will need chemotherapy. Ang is scared. She already had too much surgery and doesn't want any more.

Renee takes AJ's advice and goes for some dancing lessons. She says she was always good at dancing. The instructor wants her to look at him not her feet. She has to trust him, he says. She says then you are f*cked because I trust no one. Renee has some great moves!  Dancing With The Stars are you watching???  Renee is having so much fun, she should have done this years ago.

Carla and Ang go furniture shopping. Ang is the Queen decorator and Carla meds her advice. Ang tells her about the lung surgery and how anxious she is. Carla says Ang has gone through a lot. Ang tells her about Karen flipping out. The whole story comes out about Drita trying to blame Karen for talking about the men. Ang thought this was all resolved and they came to a truce. Carla is angry that Brittany talked sh*t about Karen to Drita when she brought her into the group. Ang thinks Marissa and Brittany should mind their own business. Carla and Ang think that Drita and Karen need to talk this out. They both feel there will be a war if they don't hash it out. Hey Jenn, hired another dozen bodyguards!

Karen's House. Karen wants to spend quality time with Karina and put the Drita BS to the side. Karen takes out all the packages her father sent her with his drawings. He spent 7 years in solitary confinement and spent the time creating art. His work is amazing. It kills Karen that Karina doesn't know her father as well as she should. Karen wants to show his work to the public because they  they only know one side of him, as the most notorious underboss in the New York mob.

Ang drops in at Drita's store for lipstick.  She tells her she is having another surgery. Drita tells her not to think anything negative. Drita knows she will survive and come out on top. Ang tells her there is a big problem brewing between her and Karen. Drita feels Karen has a hard on for her and her marriage. Delusions. Ang tells her that Carla says Karen isn't talking about anything. Drita is screaming about people getting in her business. She is flipping out and prepared to attack. Drita says she has been too nice for too long and they are going to be snapped in half.  She was nice?  She holds up a lipstick and screams, this is Carla! Looks like Carla has been promoted from mothball to lipstick. Drita doesn't want anyone talking about Lee. Next time Lee is mentioned out of Karen's mouth she will make her eat it and put her back in witness protection. Those are some mighty big fighting words! Jenn put the bodyguards number on speed dial!

Ang helps out with he disrobing of the "peeshee" for the sake of art

Art Class anyone?

Karen wants to help Ang get her mind off all the negativity. Karen set up an "art experience" for the girls as a distraction. It works! There is a teacher and she says they will be drawing a nude model. Woo Hoo! They girls all have smiles on their faces. They ask Ang to come up and ask her to help the model, Kurt, take his pants off. Ang doesn't hesitate for a second. Bad Bing, bada boom Kurt is exposed and so is little Kurt! Kurt poses and Carla wants to know what they are drawing? Ang says  "his peeshee." They keep talking about his "peeshee," and then instructor tells them there are no bad drawings so they don't have to "rub" anything out. Ang is having a great time. Karen finds out she doesn't have her father's artistic talent. I think Karen did a great job all the same. Maybe I will do a blog analyzing these drawings. What do you say?

That's our Ang!
She never lost her sense of humor.

It's the morning of Ang's surgery. Neil and Ang drive to the city to NYU Langone. Her mind is overwhelmed. All she can think about is her children and grandchildren. She is the glue that holds them together. Will she ever see them again? Ang is so glad to have Neil there supporting her. She can't do this by herself. She says she had a full life, but she isn't done here. She wants to see her grandchildren grow up. Neil tells her she'll be fine. This hits very close to home for me. I'm in tears because I know exactly how Ang feels at this moment. We have to find a cure for this disease in our lifetimes so our children will never know what's it's like to lose any one to cancer. RIP Ang.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Mob Wives: Rest in Peace Angela

May she rest in peace

This morning Angela "Big Ang" Raiola was laid to rest. She is gone, but will never be forgotten by those of us who were blessed to know her. Ang left us all with some important life lessons. Live life to the fullest. Put your family first. Treasure your friends. Don't fight, life is short. Forgive others. Don't stay angry or carry a grudge. Eat cake. Protect children. Spread love and laughter wherever you go. That's what Ang would want to leave us as her legacy. In her own unique way Ang helped change the world for the better. Whether you knew her in real life, or just from watching the show, it was clear to everyone that Ang had a heart of gold and everyone loved her. 

Ang took time from her family to go on Dr. Oz, days before her passing, to help others. Her message was: If you smoke, stop; if you haven't started, don't. Please take her words to heart and quit today.

And now a few words from the cast . . .

Karen at the funeral

Our loss is heaven's gain
RIP Angela


Friday, February 19, 2016

Mob Wives: Karen & Carla Share Ang's Final Moments

Karen and Carla were at Ang's bedside hours before she passed. They talk about her final moments, the woman she was, and how they found comfort in the way she was loved by millions. They say Ang wouldn't want people to grieve her passing, but to celebrate her life. 

In private moments, sharing our grief over the loss of Ang, a friend of mine posted this picture of Ang, saying it was her favorite. I had never seen it before, but it felt so perfect at the moment. To see Ang in this way, looking so free and happy, with her wings spread and ready to soar. It gave me a little peace and comfort. 

Here is another video which is longer:

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mob Wives: Loving Memorial to Big Ang

This is how I'll remember Ang

Angela Raiola, "Big Ang," passed away during the night surrounded by her loved ones. She was only 55 and taken from this world much too soon. The outpouring of grief in social media was like none I have seen before. Ang was no ordinary television reality star, she touched millions of lives and many of them were devastated to hear she was losing her battle with cancer last night.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Big Ang, and her bigger than life personality, first graced our television screens. She was instantly loved by fans of the show. No one could get enough of her. Even people who never watched Mob Wives, fell in love with her and her unique sense humor. Big Ang was a "peacemaker," she didn't like arguing or conflict. Everything about Ang was BIG, but the biggest part of her,  the part we couldn't see . . . was her heart.

Ang loved her family more than anything and she fought this disease with everything she had. It was a long hard year for her. Now her battle is over and she is at peace. She is a special angel in heaven looking down and protecting her loved ones.

Who else do you know with her own mural?

Last night, as I watch my Twitter timeline fill up with sadness, I began to see fans who loved Ang putting up their own pictures. Pictures they had taken with Ang when they met her. Here are just a few of them:

I went to an event with my daughter, who does not watch Mob Wives. She went to meet Jennifer Graziano, the brains behind the show, but the first person we met that night was Big Ang. My daughter was excited. She and her friends love Big Ang. I asked Ang if she would mind taking a picture with my daughter. Ang put down her fur coat and took my daughter, who only came up to her elbow, over to where there were some steps. She wanted my daughter to stand on a step to make for a better picture. It meant a lot to us.

Ang's family issued a statement immediately following her passing.

In her last days Ang never gave up. I read how she insisted on going to film the Reunion Show just a few days ago because she wanted to finish what she started. I heard she looked great, but was only able to stay for five or six hours because she got too tired. I'll be thinking of that when I watch those shows. 

Ang's heart was so big she even agreed to go on Dr. Oz to try and help people with her story. She told the viewers: : "If you smoke, quit; if you haven't started, don't." Dr. Oz said her words would make more of an impact than anything he could have said. If you missed Ang's appearance on the show you can watch it here: Big Ang fighting for her life. Have tissues handy.

And Karen Gravano, who watched the show, could not hold back her own grief and posted this message:

Ang was greatly loved by all who knew her. That reminds me of an expression that I didn't quite get until this moment: The more love you give away, the more love comes back to you. And for Ang there was nothing she loved more than her family, they were everything to her.

Rest in Eternal Peace Ang

Angela Raiola 
February 18, 2016

And now a few words from our blogger, Carmela, who covered The Big Ang Show:

Tremendous. Fabulous;  Genuine…words that are used to described world event or perhaps a personality that came to life in most of our homes. Big Ang was more than just a reality star.

A mother and a loyal friend she lived each moment to the fullest. In all the times I’ve met Ang she was sweet and very personable. I am thankful I got the chance to meet her.  She will be missed by many especially her family. She leaves behind her grandchildren that will live off the memories.

My deepest condolences to everyone that was part of her life.
Thanks for the memories. ~ Carmela