Monday, February 1, 2016

Mob Wives: Karen Wants Sit Down with Gottis

Karen asking for a real sit down not a twitter war.

Here's what Karen said on the show: "this is a plot from them, to sway the judge into making a bad decision.” She adds, "Honestly, I'm so over the Gottis -- always pointing the finger; Sammy this, Sammy that. They need to realize and take responsibilty for what their father did." 

In episode 4 Karen Gravano says she is fed up and tired of the Gottis pointing fingers at her father, Sammy Gravano, for what happened years ago. She says, they never take responsibility for what John Gotti did. When Victoria Gotti, Jr. was on Mob Wives, she mentioned the "Sammy Deal" which she described as cooperating for lighter sentence. And recently, when Karen tried to get her father out under a new early release law, Victoria Gotti, Sr. said Sammy should have gotten a life sentence for violating his deal. Karen has wanted to tell the real story of what happened between her father and John Gotti for years. She says she has the facts to back her up. There are FBI tapes to back her up. There are dozens of articles and books about what happened that led up to Sammy Gravano accepting a plea deal. Sammy says he was prepared to go to jail for life, but after hearing the FBI Gotti tapes and thinking about it for a year, he finally agreed to testify. All of this spilled over to Twitter Friday, and here is what happened:

The Tweet that got it started

and Karen's responses

Referring to John Gotti, Jr.

Referring to Victoria Gotti, Jr.

Karen is 100% right, the history between these two families is too long to deal with on social media in small tweet bites. This requires a real sit down. I don't know how many times Karen has said she would love to address these issues and put all the facts on the table. In Sammy Gravano's 1997 interview with Diane Sawyer, he tells her what happened and why he finally decided to cooperate. Diane Sawyer is professional journalist. She did her homework before the interview. I believe that if Sammy said anything that was not based on truth, she certainly would have challenged it. The explanation starts at the 46 minute mark, but the entire historic interview is well worth watching. 

Of course, such a sit down between the daughters of Gravano and Gotti would be epic and every smart television network would probably be in a bidding war for the rights to produce it and air it. Maybe the Gottis should take Karen up on her offer if they believe they are right?  There may be plenty of money to be made for all involved and the truth can finally come out once and for all. Maybe we can even convince Diane Sawyer to come out of retirement to moderate?

UPDATE: This just in, a new tweet from Karen to Victoria Gotti, Jr.  More facts!


Angel Demon said...
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Anonymous said...

That is a sit down that I guarantee will NEVER happen!

Anonymous said...

I don't know.. Victoria, the daughter, finally admitted her dad was involved in people dying. Not in those words but before she was in denial about her father's part.

Gotti had the boss killed and then took his spot bc the commission was going to have him killed. Gotti was lucky to get in when he did, things were chaos at that time.

I do have to had it to Gotti on his ability to reach the top. I think his downfall was his presence on tv and talking too much about the life.
Paul had it right and so did Sammy in having legal businesses and staying low key, even in safe places. It was always taboo to be so out there and showing a presence or talking about things.

That being outside wasn't for show, it was to talk without being heard, shoot, some spoke into newspapers in case someone was reading lips.

The old, old way was never to brag or be too ugly outside orders given.

The very first book out was a gold mine for the feds and the writer saw that, later in court proceedings.

Anonymous said...

I just saw where John Gotti Jr. is putting out a movie about his dad. What gets me about the Gotti's is that they REFUSE to acknowledge their dad's part in his own demise.

LOYALTY isn't just for the courtroom. Gotti wanted Sammy dead, how is that NOT turning on someone's loyalty?? Gotti was trying to use Sammy as the fall guy for murders he HAD ordered. Where's the loyalty there??

Gotti turned FIRST on Sammy and Sammy only found out about it in the courtroom.

I hope the Gravano's put out a movie of their own.
Gotti was not the last of the Dons.

I've also read where John Jr has cooperated too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really familiar with this type of situation but my understanding is if you tell on people then you are a rat. That being said, if Karen's father told on people, regardless of the reasons, then he is a rat. Not only him but anyone that tells. So I don't understand why she gets so upset when someone says he's a rat or something to that effect. It's true so why stress yourself out. You can't defend it. There is no defense. Truth is truth and it never changes.

Anonymous said...


Setting up a fall guy for your part in crimes is also a rat move, especially when the fall guy is someone that's been loyal, has never spoken bad on you and has had your back for the past years.

Sammy did rat, yes he did. Gotti ratted on Sammy too to other mobsters to make him look bad and have people turn on him to get him killed or to justify killing him.
That's what I think ALSO needs to come out as far as "rats" go.

We got hood rats, ratchet rats, sneaky rats, dirty rats and rats. ;)

Gotti was a rat too!

Anonymous said...

I really don't know anything about this type of stuff so I wanted to ask Karen a couple of questions.
1. Did your father tell on other people? If he did isn't that being a rat.
2. If that is what your father did, why get so upset when someone says something about it. It's not like the person talking is telling this big horrendous lie about your father. The truth never changes.