Friday, January 29, 2016

Mob Wives: Brittany, Flip-Flopping Or Flipping Off?

Brittany in true Mob Wife form!

We just got around to listening to Brittany Fogarty's interview with AfterBuzz TV Mob Wives Aftershow which took place after episode 4, "Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers," aired.

After a little chit chat about the recent blizzard, her modeling, her boyfriend and some family talk they get around to the talking about the show. Brittany feels that the other mob wives don't respect what she has to say because she is the youngest at 25, and doesn't understand. She says that they can't wrap their heads around the fact that someone younger than they are can see through them. Brittany says, her mother, Andrea Giovino, always put her kids first. No matter how difficult life got, Brittany says her mother was a strong woman who never let them see how upset she was and she was more of an idol and inspiration to her growing up. Her father, John Fogarty, wasn't too happy with her joining the show. He didn't want her to be associated with the mob in any way. Her brothers think the show is funny and they laugh about it. Brittany says things were rough in her relationship with her dad, who got out of prison when she was 11. But they are working on their relationship. Her maternal grandmother ran illegal card games for wise guys in the basement her Brooklyn home. She had 10 kids and she would make them hang up their coats and serve them drinks. When Brittany's brother was four, her grandmother bought him a pocketknife for Christmas and taught him how to use it. At 18 months Brittany's family relocated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They often went back to Staten Island to visit family and spend time there. She says she misses LA where she has been living recently.

Now for the episode chat. "Flip-Floppers" in the title refers to Brittany. The interviewer says she understands Brittany's frustration with Marissa because Marissa is just looking for every excuse not to like Brittany. Every episode she takes shots at Brittany. Brittany says she is still trying to figure out why this girl is so concerned with what she is doing and who she is talking to and how much she is drinking. She feels Renee has brainwashed Marissa into not liking her from day one. And if she wants to call her a "lush" she really doesn't care, but it's the antagonist intention behind it and the way she kept saying it to provoke her. Why is she looking to start a problem with someone she doesn't know from a hole in the wall? Brittany and the interviewers feel that Brittany is Marissa's storyline. She says in every scene Marissa is taking about her like she has nothing else to talk about. I have to agree with Brittany on this point. This is exactly what I have seen in the first four episodes. The whole "lush" scene at the Hamptons seemed to irritate the other women and I felt like Marissa was really trying to provoke Brittany into a fight at the pool or at the very least, set the tone for future episodes.

As far as the "Flip-Flopper" thing goes, she thinks the women cannot handle the fact that she likes Drita, it's as simple as that. They ask her how can she explain the way she spoke about Drita in the Hamptons behind her back and then becoming friends with her.  She owns the fact she spoke about Drita behind her back and in looking back she was wrong to do that, she shouldn't have chimed in because she hadn't even met Drita yet. But, she was hanging around a bunch of women who did nothing but talk about her and bad mouth her for weeks so she chimed in. When she met Drita she found her to be a totally different person than the one they described. She liked her right off the bat. She doesn't feel she should have a grudge against Drita for the problems other people had with her. Brittany denies that Drita "took her under her wing." She says the other women talked badly about Drita to influence her, but Drita never spoke badly about any of them to sway her one way or another. If anyone was trying to manipulate her it would be all the other women who tried to convince her not to like Drita. As for Carla saying Drita took her under her wing, Brittany says Carla must be weak to have been manipulated for three years. Ouch! Maybe if Brittany had watched the previous seasons, and seen it with her own two eyes, she would understand where the other women are coming from. Drita has not been loyal and is not "friend" material. Sometimes, when you are young, you have to learn things the hard way. Like Carla said, give it enough time and Brittany will be the new "mothball," especially if she decides to move to LA and disappear. They soon may not be "friends like that any more."

Brittany says she watched the first season of Mob Wives when it aired four years ago. When she was asked to be on the show she made the decision not to go back and watch the other seasons so she wouldn't have preconceived ideas about all the women because those issues have nothing to do with her. She is going to meet them one on one and base her opinions on how they are with her. Now that filming has ended she is still friends with Drita and Ang. She says she enjoys the show.

They ask if she is close with Karen now. Brittany says, "No, oh no." Then adds they got into a twitter war last week.  She says she thinks it's because she formed a friendship with Drita in spite of their efforts to keep that from happening. The interviewers are shocked to hear about the twitter war because Brittany and Karen were getting along great, especially in episode four. Brittany says you have to see how her relationship with Karen plays out. They were friendly in the beginning, but these women are so black and white, it's either team Drita or team Karen and she doesn't see it like that. None of their issues had to do with her. But her friendship with Drita had a lot to do with hurting her relationship with Karen. She says they haven't filmed the Reunion Show yet, but they will be doing that next week. She is looking forward to it. As for how she got on the show, she went through the regular casting process and was hired by Jennifer Graziano, who she thanks. Fans think Karen brought her around and got her the job.

They go over the Twitter War tweets. Karen calls Brittany fake and her story about visiting her father in prison fake. Brittany says that's why people are delusional. Now that they aren't friends she wants to say her whole story is fake, but when they were friends she was saying how close their fathers were. She thinks sometimes people forget what they say. Brittany says it all started when Karen tweeted she had no loyalty because she was friendly towards Drita at the gym. But Drita never said anything bad about her except she had a tanning bed in her house. Brittany didn't think that was such a big deal because it's true Karen had a tanning bed. The interviewer says yes, but maybe Karen is pissed because Brittany started the conversation with Drita and kind of stirred the pot. Brittany agrees but says how can she address the elephant in the room when Drita knows all these women talked about her in the Hamptons? Is she supposed to go in and pretend she doesn't know anything? The fact remains that none of these other women's issues with Drita are her issues, so why should she have a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Drita?

It ends with one of Brittany's quotes: "Be strong, put your lipstick on and get the f*ck out there."

In my opinion Brittany did a great job handling all the questions and her answers came across as truthful from her point of view.

In next week's episode 5, "The SitDown" we are supposed to see how Karen gets dragged into the middle of Brittany and Marissa's issues. Stay Tuned!

To listen to the AfterBuss Interview go to Mob Wives AfterShow


Anonymous said...

"Brittany denies that Drita "took her under her wing." She says the other women talked badly about Drita to influence her, but Drita never spoke badly about any of them to sway her one way or another."

Drita spoke badly about MARISSA from jump. It's Brittney that always has Marissa's name in her mouth bc we have hardly heard from Marissa. Marissa has said she is over it and was more focused on Drita.

Drita back peddaled with Marissa all fast and lied too boot. Drita said she knew OZ and that Marissa was a * face, so whatever with those two on Marissa.

Drita ALSO talked big shit on Renee and that is the conversation Brittney repeated. What liars Brittney AND Drita are!!

"Brittany says she watched the first season of Mob Wives when it aired four years ago." LOL on that one because Brittney said she'd never seen the show when she first came on the show.

Fans don't think Karen got Brittney a job. Fans are going with the story line of Karen asking Renee if it was okay to bring a "friend" around. That's what's meant by Karen brought her in.

I'm anxious to see why Brittney didn't maintain a neutral relationship with Karen.

Brittney spoke well on the interview but it was far from honest.

Chiara Soprano said...

We wil never know how accurate her version is, people tell things from their perspective and perception. I'm very curious as to what happens to change her relationship with Karen to the extreme.

Anonymous said...

Carla is about 9 years older than Drita so youth certainly didn't account for her "manipulation by Drita."

So far...I have found Brittany to be an enjoyable character and I did not dislike Natalie G. either last season.

But, why or why has there been no mention of Marissa's son on the show? By the way, Marissa very much wanted to be on a reality show for awhile now and had been casted on some that were never picked up for the past couple of years.

Ambers said...

Britney tweeted a picture of Karen and drita dancing at big ang party together on the hot tub and u can see they are having fun together it appears to be the just them two and u can see a camera in the background......
Shows how much they edit the was showing that Karen and drita were not talking or going near each other....but thanks to Britney tweet we can see they were least by the end of the party.
When renee says 'you know what I can't I can't" it drives me nuts........she just loves drama. Whenever it's someone being nice to her that she hates she says it...grow up. Push past it, move on.
As for the whole drita and Carla thing I think it's simple: they were friends and got along great, then the contract issue happened and drita backed out of the renegotiations and signed so Carla formed friendship with Karen through that mistrust of drita. Then drita said those comments and love stuck her big foot in it and it's gone to this level. Now they have made a show on it and I really hope 5 episodes in it changes direction..
Thanks chaira for your replies and blogs I find them to be a good read and of good intelligence you cover it all and it comes across really good when it's not bias so the viewers can then say there opinion. It's fun to go somewhere and discuss the show!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you Ambers. I did see the picture of Karen and Drita dancing, but that is just a snap shot. It doesn't mean they get along in my opinion. They were celebrating Ang's birthday and happened to be dancing in close proximity. No one wanted to ruin or cause any drama at Ang's party with all she has been going through. I think a lot of what you said about the Carla situation is true or possible, but I would add Drita must feel guilty for selling out Carla and that's why she distanced herself.

Ambers said...

@ chiara I agree it would have been easy for drita to talk to Carla and sit down with her. Hopefully when they have the sit down next week they actually talk about the issues not jump from subject to subject then start screaming!!!
Drita looks guilty as hell......are we ever gonna we Lee this is ridiculous everyone knows what he looks like.
It's true the photo could have been taken at any stage and didn't mean there cool but I would love to speak to someone and get the real on it....I know due to contractual obligations they can't say to much and I'm sure it will play out eventually.

Chiara Soprano said...

It doesn't sound like we are ever going to see Lee, at least I'm not holding my breath. I think the only way he might agree to do tv is if Drita got a spin off and they offered him enough money. Even then I think it's along shot. I hope Carla can get everything off her chest at the sit down. Nothing may be resolved but she should have her say.

Angel Demon said...

I like Marissa and Carla. They are the two that know how to act like ladies and make their point.

Bridget and her stupid pic. Big deal, they're dancing in the vicinity of each other. Bridget is not even a good pot stirrer. I LOL when Drita "back peddaled" with Marissa and again when Drita kissed Karen's cheek... what a fake ass bitching about nothing for nothing type of bitch!!

Drita isn't going to be real about anything. She only wants to fight Karen. The real issue is Love but Drita wouldn't DARE talk shit to Love. She only wants to fight with women that don't want to fight but work stuff out.

Carla wasn't manipulated by Drita, she was conned by her! It was easy for Drita to con Carla because she was going behind her back setting her up and acting like she truly GAF about Carla but didn't.

Drita has been doing Drita since season 1. She wants that spotlight as bad as she wanted that tanning bed!! An envious snake at its best!!

Angel Demon said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok for the ones going on about the pic of the 2 dancing all I can say from the is that it shows still that Karen is always upfront can move on and still act like a grown up. For Drita it shows how much of a nut job she is. She walks in and kisses and hellos everyone right after she had her dickneck out and was trying to beat Karen up into silence. That is too much crazy. Since season 1, it seems Karen is the only person on the show who has not only been honest but always goes to one she has issue with and addresses it head on in order to move on. She is also is the only one who consistently confronts Drita and deals without acting like an animal.
Brittany- ego inflated tv went right to her head. Based on texts Karen put out , it seems like Brittany flipped for fans, camera time and attention, She wouldn't be any type of in need character if she stayed on the normal side where she would have been just one little bland voice in the crowd of OG's. Her attention taker was running to Team Drita after Karen had her back, argued with renee over her and was honest about how some operate. Also, it was after she had nothing positive herself to say about Drita. What some seem to forget that , its Drita's own fault that she is in situation she is this season with everyone being mad with her. Her lies have become too much, her aggression is atrocious and the blame game is laughable from her. I am not liking Brittany. Its not because of just running to Drita. She has no respect or loyalty and is another one that is allergic to truth.

Jj said...

Maybe Britney does actually like Drita....she doesn't have to have an agenda.... Although I will say I admire how Karen always goes to the person she has a problem with and 'puts it on the table' it out and move on.

Anonymous said...

I think both of the new girls SUCK! They are trying WAY too hard! Jenn shoulda brought Ramona back!

Anonymous said...

But then who would be Drita's fren? Ang is sick and Drita has a really heavy load to deal with.

All of her own doing and past choices she's made.