Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mob Wives: RECAP "Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers," Ep 604

The Episode all leads up to this moment!

Drita meets Ang at a fancy restaurant. Drita considers Ang a real friend, the only one who has had her back. I guess Drita forgot all the times Carla had her back? Drita says she is going to put Ang in the book about her life. Ang is a legend in Staten Island. And, of course, she can't leave out all those fights at Ang's Nocturnal Bar. Ang tells her she can't have a bar any more, her bar days are over. No bar, no money. Ang says Neil has to start contributing. Ang tells Drita she is throwing herself a birthday party with all the girls. Even though she is short on money, no expense will be spared. Neil will probably have to work 5 years just to pay for that party. Ang tells her how Carla was freaking out when she found out Drita told Ang about her ex-boyfriend. Ang knows she did it out of concern. Drita is getting hot under the collar and talks about violence again. Ang thinks they can talk at her party and straighten it out. We all know how those party "talks" always end up . . . hair pulling and no cake!

Renee's house. Renee is trying to keep herself in a happy and healthy space. She is gardening and doesn't know what's up with Drita. Karen shows up and says she had a rough weekend. She has problems with Storm. She says while she was out with the girls the phone kept ringing and she didn't see it. It was Storm asking her where she is. Meanwhile, he hangs out all night working at the club and that's okay. He went to Karen's house to wait for her and he had been drinking and acting crazy. He grabbed her phone. Now her phone is broken. He was disrespecting her. Karen feels things are out of control, no coming back from it, it's just over. This isn't the first time there have been problems. The same problems. Maybe couple's therapy is in order here, but I doubt Storm would go for that.

Ang is fed up with paying all the bills

Ang's house. Ang says her bills are piling up. Neil got a second job with her brother in construction, but he still doesn't bring home any money. There is no money coming in, she can't pay the bills by herself. He works every day, but Ang says she has yet to see a pay check. She says he doesn't pay for anything. Neil says she chose to buy expensive things and an expensive house. He says he wants to be with her, but  she doesn't want to be with him. Neil leaves for work. "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." Ang should have known that Neil could never support her in the lifestyle the wise guys got her accustomed to on the salary of a sanitation worker. This relationship was doomed form the get go. Neil seems like a nice enough guy if only he could win the lottery.

Karen and Brittany talk about their Dads

Karen reads what Victoria Gotti Sr. had to say
about Sammy's early release

Karen's House. Brittany comes over to visit. They chat about their fathers and how close they were. Karen says Brittany reminds her of herself, they went through similar situations. Their fathers were in jail together, they knew the same people. They were very close and had each other's back. Karen tells Brittany about the early release program and filing papers to get her father out early. But Karen says everyone's got something to say, like Victoria Gotti Sr. who commented about it to the media. Karen is sick of them attacking her father. Karen is so over the Gotti's pointing the finger and they need to take responsibility for what their father did. (If you want to know what really happened back in the day, read Sammy's book "Underboss" or read our blog on his 1997 Interview with Diane Sawyer)

Ang sets up the warehouse sitdown

Manhattan. Drita is sick of people bringing up things from the past. Sure she does, because when you set people up and sell them out you don't want that coming back to bite you in the ass. On the other hand, when she is meeting with an agent about getting her story published, Drita doesn't mind revisiting the past. She pitches her story to an agent. She tells the agent she lived in the projects, she was a soccer player, she chose a bad path at 17 or 18 and got involved with a street guy. She got caught up in shoot outs, got shot at.  She says she came from nothing and never even went to a restaurant. Then she dates someone who lavishes her with expensive gifts and a lifestyle that looked good to her. The agent wants to know if she is going to talk about all this in her book. Drita says she has to. The Agent says Drita has to submit a proposal with some of the stories of her life so she can get a feel for it. The agent says it sounds like an interesting, unique story. The agent better have a ghost writer handy to tackle this book. I want to know if Drita plans to write about Karen in her book after giving her hell for mentioning Lee?

Carla arrives at the warehouse dressed "to kill"

Brooklyn. Carla, Renee, Kim and Etty meet for a meal and wine. Renee wants to fill them in about what's going on, but Carla speaks up. Carla tells them about the Mermaid Parade and all of a sudden there is  Love and she told her what Drita did. Then she found out that Drita betrayed her by telling Ang her business about her ex-boyfriend. Carla feels sad and betrayed. Renee says Drita has a different definition of friendship. Renee thinks it's funny Drita blames her for all the problems when she is starting fights with everyone. Renee mentions Ang's party and they will all be there at the same time. Carla just wants to know what her problem is. I think her problem is guilt for the way she treated Carla after Carla defended her and had her back for three seasons. Only a million viewers were witnesses to that. And then we jump to "we aren't friends like that" and the "mothball" comment. Drita is the only one who can connect those dots.

Renee arrives at the warehouse 

Ang's Party in her sister's yard. "The cancer free, 55th birthday party." She says no way Neil is coming to her party after the argument they had. Renee says she isn't in the mood to see Drita. Carla loves Ang's parties. Karen says they all have issues, but no one has issues with Ang and they are there to support her. Brittany is excited to spend time with all the girls. Drita arrives and isn't happy seeing all the girls there. But, she goes over and kisses Renee and Karen. They seemed shocked. I did a double take. Carla says if Drita wants to speak to her she will have to go over to her. Drita loves the yard.  Marissa goes over to the girls, but isn't happy to see Brittany there.  Drita and Marissa meet when Marissa wishes Ang a Happy Birthday. Drita says Ang told her Marissa said she snubbed her. Marissa reminds her about the details of the incident. Drita says Marissa's boyfriend, Jamie aka O.Z. was like a brother to her so she would never snub his girlfriend. Drita explains that she thought Marissa was with someone she didn't care for or respect at the time. Marissa isn't sure what to think for now.  Drita tells Ang she is a friendly mother f*cker. (Until she isn't.) Got to hand it to Marissa for telling Drita exactly how it is.

Carla is pissed Drita won't go over and talk to her. Don't hold your breath Carla. Ang says the group is divided and they are making no attempt to make up. Ang tells Drita she should talk to Carla. Marissa notices Brittany is hanging out with Drita after all she had to say in the Hamptons about her. Carla is sick of Drita staring at her from across the room. Suddenly, a jerk at the party (who coincidently looks like the stalker that waddled away from Drita's store) says Karen's father is a rat. Karen overhears him and calls him out on it. The guy was shaking in his shoes. Karen wants him to say it to her face not behind her back. He won't repeat it. He looks all around trying to find a way to escape. Karen tells him she doesn't want him to disrespect her father. Of course they have the guy remove from the party before things get out of hand. He was dressed like he was going to a ballgame and didn't even look like he even belonged there. Drita decides she doesn't want to talk to Carla at this point because there is too much drama. I guess that's as good of an excuse as any. Even if they did talk, Drita would have to scream at the top of her lungs to drown Carla out because Carla is in the right and Drita has no good explanation for the way she has been treating her.

Karen takes her seat at the warehouse sitdown

Storm and Karen meet at the park. Karen has reached her stress limit. She is giving him back his stuff, it's in her trunk. They are not seeing eye to eye. Karen gets emotional. He doesn't get it that she needs to express her feelings, they need to communicate. Karen knows they love each other, and they are on the same team, but they have to work on communication and their unresolved issues.

Cabo restaurant. Ang is meeting up with Carla and Marissa to see if they remember what happened at the party because she was so drunk she can't remember anything. Carla asks about Neil. Ang says they aren't getting along. Marissa tells them Drita admitted she snubbed her and apologized. Carla was surprised to hear that. Marissa wants to know how Brittany, who was team KG in the Hamptons, is hanging with Drita when she had plenty to say about her in the Hamptons. Marissa says Drita preys on the weak. Marissa doesn't care for flip-floppers and weak people. Carla says Brittany asked her 100 times if she spoke to Drita. Carla says that's her business. Carla says if she and Drita have a problem they should talk it out. Ang says she is going to take matters in her own hands and straighten all these issues out.

Trouble arrives
Everyone else is inside seated, waiting and peaceful

Ang gets a warehouse from a friend for the sitdown. It's just like the wise guys used to do it. Ang says, "Tonight things are going to change for better or for worse." All the ladies are all going to meet and talk. Karen is going there to back up anything she has said or done. Carla wants them all be under the same roof, in front of each other, to put it all on the table. Renee says she avoided Drita at the party, but tonight the bullying ends. Ang wants to end all these problems and move on. Drita says going to this meeting is like going to a "hornet's nest." She is still calling them fake b*tches. With this attitude how can things not go wrong? Drita arrives last. She is ready for a fight.  Next week everyone has their say! DO NOT miss next week's episode . . . called The Sitdown!


Leigh' said...

I'm confused.....Drita said to Marissa "I thought you were with a kid me and lee had a problem with that's why I snubbed you" but at Ang house last week episode she said to Brittney " the first time I met Marissa i abused her because I didn't like her face"..........
So which is it....she snubbed her because she didn't like her twat face or because she thought she wS with someone else or both?
I really am trying to hold onto a liking fo Drita but she keeps putting her foot in it. I personally thought she looked a little worried when Marissa was talking to her.....
I notice they never actually address any issues like normal ppl who say u said this and the other says why......instead Drita just yells or jumps to violence with no actual mention or talk of makes her look guilty.
Ang made the situation worse by saying what Drita said and renee does stir the pot......
Brittney looked silly trying to talk to Carla and Drita about there situation she has known them for 2 seconds .........I feel bad for Neil the poor guy....ang treats him so unfair she knew he wasn't a street guy when she got with him and times have changed......made men brought her houses back in the day etc but I'm sure all those guys are either dead or in jail now....
This issue is between Carla and Drita it's no one else's business.
Do you thi k Drita was legit on the reason she snubbed her as I said I'm confused with last weeks comments coinciding with what she said....

Chiara Soprano said...

Leigh I love all your comments and I agree. Drita did look worried when she met up with Marissa at the party. I think she remembered exactly what happened and try to down play it. You could almost see her wheels turning as she tried to concoct an excuse. Marissa was right not to trust her explanation. In my opinion, Drita resorts to yelling at the stop of her lungs, even when others are trying to talk calmly, because she knows she is in the wrong, she is defensive and has a guilty conscience. She doesn't want to hear the truth and she already knows the truth and has no defense. What else can she do? Ang did add a ton of fuel to the fire between Carla and Drita. I don't know what she would bring up that issue if she felt Drita told her out of genuine concern for Carla. Or maybe that's why she said something, to show Carla Drita was a good friend and cared about her? Who knows? Brittany should have left Caral alone. They barely spoke at the Hamptons. Carla must have been getting some kind of bad vibe and keeping her distance until she got to know her better. Poor Neil could work 80 hours a week and it wouldn't make a bit of difference with the lifestyle Ang has chosen to live. To answer your last question, I do not think Drita is telling the truth as long as her lips are moving. I've seen too many things in her character that do not make her a trustworthy person/friend. I hope she doesn't disappoint you too much. Thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

That's funny that Drita is gonna write about Ang in her book. Talk about a platform to launch from. Hope she plans on sharing the $$ with Ang too.

Drita slithered away from all the shit she talked about Marissa. What happened to calling her a * face when she KNEW that Marissa was with OZ? My goodness, how much crap do people put up behind a loved one having an unlikable s/o? Not Drita, she's talks way too much shit about people and then kisses them or slithers out of her big mouth!

She's just too big a liar for me anymore. The show is getting lame bc Drita is so full of shit, it's not worth paying to watch anymore.
Sounds like the "final" showdown will be IF they come back next season.

The root of all this is LOVE and that who Drita needs to confront instead of all the girls! If Dirta can't be honest with Marissa, she sure isn't going to honest with Love. She'll do whatever she needs to in order to stay away from Love bc Love Hurts!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I've always like Angela, "Big Ang" and I always felt she was like Switzerland, neutral. But last season and now this season she is what we, in my neighborhood call a Bringer and A Carrier. She brings stories and carries them all over the place. She seems to be causing more trouble than all of the women put together and one thing these broads don't need is someone causing them trouble, they do that very well all on their own

Anonymous said...

Yea, I was surprised when Karen and Renee both said they'd heard the story about Carla's ex. Drita surely didn't tell them two out of concern and I doubt she told Ang out of concern either. Figured Ang was the one that told them.

I like Carla. She has natural beauty and she's Italian.
Brittney's front veneers look like they are ready to fall out. The girl is a mini Drita, and we all see how that's working for Drita.

Poor Neil.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Brittney. She reminds me of Nat G. She's even ending on the same friendly terms as Nat G and she's full of shit on Twitter like Nat G.

Both Bridget and Gnat crawled up Drita's ass bc they're weak. Drita preys on those new girls and they fall for that "gansta" role. Stupid, both of them.

Bridget's interview on AfterBuzz was so full of lies. Like Drita, she can't keep her shit straight.

LMAO because Drita is going to let the shit hit on Bridget like she did on Gnat. What a friend, what a pal and all it takes is to stay connected to Drita on Twitter and LOL at her lame BS!!

Margaret Winningham said...

I do not care for either of the new girls yet. Maybe I will see something to like about them in the future . I always end up feeling bad for Neil Ang is too bitchy with him and unfair in my eyes . Like he said it's her lifestyle NOT his . $10 grand for a couch ?? That is ridiculous all on it's own . Karen is the real deal Drita is just a wannabe always has been always will be . She should have kept her mouth closed about Carla's ex. I do not think she said anything out of concern for Carla .

Anonymous said...

I think Drita looked amused more than anything else when Marissa was talking to her just like the "script" and production assistants instructed them to do so.

Both Marissa and Brittany were brought on the show to attract a younger demographic but at least Brittany has more of a reason to be on the show.

I like Big Ang but I hated that scene with her and Neil. Both she and Neil get paid good money for being on the show so that scene where she was crying about money was another filler scene put into the show.

It's been said that she gets approximately $20,000 per show (or even more) as well as expenses and I do remember someone mentioning that she once complained when VH1 didn't pay the electricity bill in her bar on time and the lights got shut off (I believe that it was in one of the comments on the blog).

Big Ang also had two spinoffs as well as a book along with a Celebrity Wife Swap appearance (they pay $10,000 a week for non-celebrities so I would guess that she made more unless the profits went to charity) so there has been money coming in and there will continue to be money coming in.

I'm sure that the show provides the cast with medical benefits too.

Yes, made excellent profits from wise guys because she didn't eat them out when she was arrested and I still think that they take good care of her (it's even been rumored that the bar was a gift to her).

Why on earth should Drita provide Big Ang with any of her profits? Big Ang and Drita are friends so that is why Big Ang will be in her both. And, please remember that Drita also put Big Ang in her rap with French Montana because of their friendship.

kellymoe70 said...

Right on Anonymous above!

Angel Demon said...

Drita HAD to bring Ang into her rap career because it was FAILING and in fact STILL FAILED!! What rap song did Drita finally put out?? Never heard it, probably never will. Did the producers tell her to ask her kid to try and write lyrics for her too??

Enough on blaming all the BS from Drita on producers or production. Fact is NONE OF THE GIRLS wanted to film with her. Do you see Ang out of the photos bc Drita wasn't there? NOPE, Ang made her appearances with or without Drita and she will continue to too. Was Drita on Miami Monkey, even for a visit? NOPE, Drita won't do for Ang like that either.

Drita's book will only be interesting IF Ang and the others are in it. Her book/movie will be interesting IF it shows how scandalous and envious Drita has been when she slithered into that group.

Already sick of Drita and her Gnat cleanup crew running from site to site defending her! She took huge advantage of the show and cast members to get where she is today.. loyal to nobody not even to herself.

Drita had the chance of a lifetime with French Montana, she didn't have the talents that she bragged about though. Funny how Nat G followed her with her own rap and really blew Drita out of the limelight.

I doubt Drita and Nat G are even friends and not just collaborating together to make sure they return to Mob Wives IF it returns. The show has put all those faces, except Karen's, in a realm none of even knew they existed before Mob Wives.

Drita screwed up like Nat G did and they are both paying for it. That's REAL mob lives and the OG's are done with it all. I don't care to see Drita anymore, she's a snake and it's ugly.

The ONLY person Drita will continue to want to fight is Karen. And Karen was right, Drita's and her definition of friends is way different!!

It's cool seeing all the other girls get along. Seems Drita doesn't have any real friends on the show anymore. That's why she always has to scoop up with the newbies. She screwed up royally turning on Carla.

And in case you missed the # of times Ang has rolled her eyes on what Drita is saying.. AND if she's gonna bitch about Neil's cash flow while he's on a lunch break FROM work.. she's gonna want to get paid for using her name in a book and I'm sure she got paid for her part in Drita's rap career.


Anonymous said...

I just hope that for once Ang stops acting neutral with some things and starts to lecture Drita as she does the others. I never understood why she will try to keep them in check but condones Drita's mess? She never wants to be involved but tells them what crazy says, thinks they need to talk but says nothing to vein popper? Hoping we get somewhere with this sit-down but I doubt it will happen. Ang knows Renee is not the one causing the group issues. She knows Karen isn't being fake for hashing things out and doing right by fixing things with Carla as grown folks should, so why does she remain buddy buddy with such a storytelling flip flopper?

Anonymous said...

Angel Demon- I think I love you hahahaha! Love your comment and couldn't agree more

Angel Demon said...

Thank you. Got tired of the BS and had to lay it out there!

Now, I'm waiting for Bridget's front teeth to pop out. Yea, Google Brittney Fogarty false teeth, click images, and her buckies pop up.

I don't like liars. I've caught Bridget in more lies than I can count. Drita lied from day one too. Said she met Carla when she was pregnant and then when the "friendship" ended, Drita only knew Carla from the show.

Same thing with Karen. Drita's lame excuse with Lee is that Karen moved and she seriously must have thought she wasn't coming back. Drita tried that line that they were friends like that but Karen cut that to the quick when she reminded Drita that they'd been ROOMMATES!!
Now Drita refuses to bring it up but will bring up Lee's BS and throw it at Karen.

So honestly, from all this ratched shit Drita AND Gnat and NOW Bridget are doing, I'm thinking they want Karen and Carla off the show to leave up two spots... Drita wasn't being nice to anyone until that interview she did with Renee when Renee said Mob Wives or something from their corner was coming back.
Drita's eyes lit up and she got surprised. She's ALSO stopped acting like a straight up fool on Twitter.

She toyed Bridget onto her side like she did Gnat and Alicia to stay relevant to the "storyline".

Drita is not only back pedaling now, she's kissing ass.. ummm cheeks, same thing. NOW she wants to stay on the show.

She is SO transparent!! Bridget is dumb.
The teeth comment was in return for the getting caught in lies and blaming "scripts" on you repeating shit Drita said and supposed to be friends with her.

Bridget would stomp Drita with the quickness for a spot on the show. Yea, she would! Gnat did by following Drita with that rap video. After that Drita wasn't cool with Gnat and so no more Gnat.

This really is a reality show. LMFAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Angel Demon-

I understand that you are tired of the BS as well as the lies and so am I but trust me when I write that we still get plenty of BS and lies in a heavily edited show that gets less than an hour of actual airtime per week.

Many people who read and comment on this blog live in SI and know the cast and crew personally (I am one of those people).

We can't believe everything that is shown on a "reality" show because only a small amount of it is real (very few reality shows actually film in real time with he actual unscripted footage being aired without retakes).

The original cast members were all friendly with one another for years before the show aired and that was a big reason why Jenn Graziano wanted them all together for the show.

Any "beef" that Karen may have had with Drita marrying Lee was kept under lock and key for years because she always spoke about how much she loved Drita, her family, and her beautiful children before she was moved from Arizona by the show in 2010.

Please remember that Drita was the "first" person Karen was shown as reaching out to upon her arrival back in NYC.

And, also remember that Renee was the one being rude and confrontational with Karen at Carla's "televised and scripted birthday party" but that was also played up because they were all tight and friendly for years (and they had all been hanging out at various times shortly before that scene was filmed).

What is true is that the relationships among the cast soured as the shows would air (especially with the things that were said in the "Mobfessionals") and throughout contract negotiation procedures.

Drita did get her own representation and Jenn Graziano was never pleased about that so things also got a little tense among the two of them.

I don't think Drita cared whether or not she was on an episode of "Miami Monkey" but I do think that there are very clear rules and directions in her contract (and I do not think that Jenn wanted Drita on that show).

I will write that my friend who only made one brief appearance on "Big Ang" did get paid handsomely so these shows pay extremely good money to their cast members.

And, Junior was known to brag to people around SI that they would also pay him lots of money for his brief appearances (and he was very happy with his girlfriend during Season 1 and would also state that Renee and him were not living together then even though the show made it look like they were).

I doubt that Big Ang got anything for the mention in Drita's rap because those contracts were also pretty firm and I am also sure that Michelle Pfeiffer did not get one penny from Bruno Mars for the mention of her name in "Uptown Funk" (names and titles are usually not copyrighted with regards to songs unless stated otherwise).

By the way, I like all of the people on the show and Ramona was a personal favorite of mine with the feisty side of her that was often shown.

But, why oh why has there been zero mention of Marissa's son on the show so far? The only thing that I can come up with is that maybe they have asked her to either not speak of her son earlier on during the season or to just leave the son out of the storyline all together in order to maximize her appeal to younger men.

Angel Demon said...

Bottom line with editing, unless they edit frame for frame, NOBODY can MAKE a person say anything, EVER!

And what excuse for Twitter? Does the producers make her tweet made up rag mag articles her or Gnat's crew photoshopped for an image???
Did they make her (Drita) tweet about Karen SUPPOSEDLY calling some gangland blog to talk about LEE?!
Drita always brings Lee up, she was poppin out veins thinking LEE was going to be in chapter one of Karen's book.

Yea, I know the show is edited and the producers want to sway the conversations a certain way. ULTIMATELY, each woman is responsible for what comes out of her mouth.

A person don't have to live on SI to know that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, people are not forced to say anything but an edit can splice words together said at different moments and put them as a voiceover or something or another in a scene to make it appear as if a person said it while filming something else and/or cutting away from a person.

The taking of words from another scene and filming them over another was a personal experience of mine when it came to filming a reality show.

I still think the whole Lee in Karen's book thing was played up to a nauseating level but for sure Drita didn't like it when Karen spoke about how she used to ride Lee and that she wouldn't "f*ck someone with Drita's p*ssy" during the original airing of season one.

I think all of the cast members have posted things on Twitter that they wish that they could take back at a later time and place. And, I am once again reminded of the expression that "One cannot control what others say or do but one can only control one's reaction to what others say or do."

Also, it is pretty well known that when the scenes get heated at a public establishment among the cast and other patrons want to come to the air of them because of a worry of a possible fight--they have been advised to stand back because they want them to argue and possibly fight for better television.

Jenn Graziano has certainly done a great job of making sure that the show holds the interest of the viewer and I guess that she wouldn't be able to do that if the members of the cast were getting along and being friendly to one another all of the time.

Angel Demon said...

So you want me to believe that so much editing and voice overs have been done that:
1. The explanation Drita gave on how she met Carla when she was pregnant in S1E1, that was all a voice over.
2. In the interview she gave, she said she only knew Carla from the show.

You're saying Drita hasn't lied and when the audience catches her in a lie, it's production's doing via splicing and major editing.

Karen DID used to ride Lee. How can Drita be offended by the truth? Drita knew Karen had ridden Lee because she was friends, not friends like that, or hey.. maybe all we've heard from Karen on Lee is voiced over and spliced film.

Oh what? That is only happening with Drita?? That's what you'd have me believe. I say, "BULLSHIT!!"

I think it was "she can lick my pussy" that Karen had said.. then again, maybe not for real but only through editing.


Angel Demon said...

Not to spam this blog.. but, yes Jen has done a great job. No, I don't believe the audience would be lost without all the fights.

There's really more to lives than popping out veins for a staged fist fight. The first cabin scene was funny, Renee was a riot. It got lame when the veins came out. I prefer to see results.

The modeling scenes have been cool until someone starts talking stupid shit.

A real fight, like the rooftops ones, yea; but that staged shit from Gnat and Bridget.. nah!!

kellymoe70 said...

@Anonymous from SI---thank you. I think you gave a concise evaluation of the show as well as the women and people on it. I know I will sound naive (I'm not--just hopeful!), but I do hope most of the fighting, b.s., etc. is for the viewers, not existing in their actual lives....

Anonymous said...

Angel Demon -

As much as I know the cast--I do not know what goes on in the minds of each one of them at any given moment.

Drita did know Carla before the show and there is no disputing that. I do not know of what interview that you are referring to so where Drita said she only knew her from the show but I'll take your word on it.

I know that her and Carla grew closer during the first few seasons of the show and there is no denying that.

However, I do think that all of the characters have been untruthful at some point or another at during the course of the show and i do not know if they are instructed to be that way or if they choose to be that way.

How could Drita be offended by the "riding" comment? How could Drita not be offended by the comment? I have remained on good terms with people that I have been in relationships with and I would never even dream of saying such a disgusting comment because it is not appropriate nor is it respectful to any person involved with the ex.

Sometimes the past is best left in the past and there are words that are better unspoken and unsaid.

Karen made the "I wouldn't f*ck him with Drita's p*ssy" comment in season 1 when both her and Renee were outside of Z One restaurant and They were complaining about a guy that was being disrespectful to them (Junior was then called and magically showed up in minutes).

By the way, in that episode where Renee is "cracking Junior's password" on his cellular phone--you see Junior behind the front door waiting for his cue to come in and both him as well as Drita are trying to hide their laughter.

And, one of the classic bad editorial jobs happened in the episode where Renee got the "letter" of what Junior had done and her nail polish color changes and her cellular telephone goes from being closed to being open on her ear in successive scenes.

Angel Demon said...

Actually, the show did show that Jr n Renee weren't living together.

The short part that showed them living together, prob staged but who cares, that went on for what, a day and just to show that the watch that wasn't bugged. I actually researched Renee's ex husband and yea, he did rat on the two that were with him in the robbery. One got 38 years and the other 37. I'm betting if I research the guy that got 38, that's the one that's related to Big Ang.

Another part of the show, I think is real, is when Gnat buried herself and her career by turning so vicious on Renee. Man, I could see the venom come from Renee and I KNEW, regardless of how popular she was on the show, she was going to get canned... and she did. Ratings or not, the bitch is GONE!! That's "gangsta"!

The drug bust in AZ was also real. David Seabrook was a part of that bust, show never showed that but research says Karen and David were telling the truth.

The petty stuff you're bringing up doesn't really matter bc there is way too much truth in the main topics... BUT REALLY, it seems you're here more to clean up for Drita, like they tried to clean up for Gnat. I don't think Drita will continue with the girls, if the Graziano corner has anything to say about it.

I think fans, her own included, are tired of Drita's lies and bs behavior. She won't fight anymore after that huge black eye she got and tried to hide... so the threat to do so is hype and too bad bc that hyped up behavior is what got her neck looking like a stiff penis.

Interesting too is that script that's come up. It's a mob comedy, I believe and from what I've gathered, the LEAD role is still up for grabs after it was taken from Gnat.
I actually got a message from the writer on leaving poor Gnat alone. ONE fan, twisted or not, is not going to be the demise of some fake star. She ruined her own career and instead of making a movie, she's doing hair. That's "gansta" too!!

Anyway, you enjoy the show the way you like and I'll do the same.
Read ya after the next episode. ;)

Angel Demon said...

oh, and here's the link to the interview where Drita says she only knows Carla from the show.

Interview where Drita tries to throw that stupid ass line AGAIN but Renee cuts her off. Anyway, at about the 2: mark, Drita begins her lies about her "friendship" with Carla.

Instead of drinking to the word, "rat", people are gonna start taking shots when they catch Drita in another lie and two for back pedaling.

Anonymous said...

Angel Demon-

I completely agree about Nat G. and while I liked her too--it really only was a matter of time before things would not work out with her and the show.

But, the whole "delicious" thing with Nat G. was also ridiculous because that guy was really not closely involved with Renee and pretty much brought on for the show.

There was also much in Vegas that was also cut out for the show and I did not only hear that locally but I also heard it from people in the entertainment industry in Vegas,

By the way, it's pretty well known that Storm has a more serious girlfriend other than Karen and that he was also a "show relationship" for television but that's all well and good.

I like Karen because shows that she generally has a good heart but I like it even more when she is being herself and not putting on a fake accent (her Staten Island accent with the slight modifications of being in Arizona is more than enough).

The segment with Renee and Junior "living together" in Season 1 concluded with Renee just leaving his luggage at the door. In the second season--they tried to play up the whole living together thing a little more with the moving in of the couch and stuff.

For sure the drug bust in AZ was for real and there is documented proof out there regarding it. I'm glad that all of those either in the show or affiliated with the show (and that includes Jenn) have cleaned up their criminal past in relation to illegal drug distribution.

Again, I like all of the cast members and that includes Drita. I am uncertain if she will continue on with the Grazianos but I do think that Jenn continues to realize that she brings a viewership of those that both "love her" as well as those that "love to hate her" to the show.

I'm sure that Drita will be fine either with the show or without the show.

But, have you heard the latest update about Big Ang's sickness? It is very upsetting news and my heart goes out for her.

Anonymous said...

Oh--very interesting information about the mob comedy!