Monday, January 25, 2016

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Flip-Flopper & Party Hoppers" Ep 604

A new sneak peek was just released by VH1 for Wednesday night's episode.  You may recall that Karen was trying to get her father, Sammy, released early under a new law. And in one episode, when Victoria Gotti was talking to Ang, she mentioned the "Sammy Deal" which she explained meant turing informant for a slap on the wrist. As far as I know, no such expression exists or has been posted online. In the scene above, Brittany and Karen discuss Karen's plans to get her father out of prison early. Then Karen opens the newspaper and reads what Victoria Gotti Sr. had to say about Sammy's release. Needless, to say Karen was not happy. Watch this scene and see what you think.

Link to news story: Victoria Gotti Speaks Out!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy!!

Those tapes are what got BOTH arrested and it wasn't Sammy they got ALL that arresting information from, it was Gotti!!

It was also GOTTI that was heard TURNING first!! He wanted Sammy DEAD!!

1200 hours of recordings from Sammy's wire taps and ZERO information heard.

Gotti had a BIG MOUTH and that's what got everyone arrested. He was also so ENVIOUS of everyone, that he got paranoid about them... or was doing better than he thought they should.

I've been following Mob stories since I was a kid!!!

elhp45 said...

Don't you see this as a tough situation it's hard because you want to side with Karen but I can understand why the gottis are mad there dad died in prison I just hope no gotti not ever comes on the show again because it will get ugly between them. The issues between them will make drita and Karen look like best friends

Anonymous said...

I don't side with Karen or the Gotti's on whether Sammy rolled or not.

It was the tapes that got them arrested and it was Gotti on those tapes. Informers were nothing new when that trial took place. Every family had already gone through that and books were taboo bc they provided too much information.

When the feds busted Sammy and Gotti, it was the tapes that brought everyone down. Had they not had the tapes with Gotti talking about EVERYTHING and Sammy talking about NOTHING, there never would have been a trial.

Plus, Gotti was working it so that Sammy took the fall for murders he'd ordered and wanted Sammy dead.. wtf? Oldest trick in the book.. find your fall guy and let him take the rap, then kill him b4 he can talk.

Oswald ring a bell??

Ironic that so many turned on Sammy with the drug bust and it was Sammy on the tapes that time that got that arrest.

Live and learn.. or don't.

Anonymous said...

I have family that have died in prison. It's a part of the life people choose.
It doesn't matter who did the killing, when a hit or job is planned and a person dies, both or all involved should do time.
Why maintain loyalties when you know the top dog is ready to feed you to the pigs so he can walk??

I read that Gravano lost his bid for an early release. I wonder when his time started bc I also read he had to do 20 years.

I honestly hope things work out for all the cast members except those that continually talk sh*t to be relevant and aren't even a part of this season. Like a gnat in true form.

Drita and Britt need to come out of their gangsta modes and find their own individuality. They're funny to a point and then it's just annoying.

Prayers to the ladies that do come from mob ties and are earning an honest living. My elder told me that an honest living is the hardest earned but the most rewarding!!
True, plus nobody can take it away from you or your freedom!!

Peace to you all!

Gia said...

I read sammy release was 2017.....??? If u google it comes up his max sentence to be 17 years?
U know what's so wrong is that society and people are mad he apparently turned 'rat' when that is the right thing to do and there ok he murdered those ppl when that's the wrong thing to's so twisted how our perception has been altered and I know there is the street code but everyone is right if Gotti had kept his big mouth shut no one would have gotten pinched then the only reason Sammy spoke was because Gotti was ready to turn on him and make him take the the fall when sammy had done all his dirty work and made him a lot of money.
..I sincerely hope he stays on the straight Nd narrow and can live out the rest of his life with his family. When he is released.
Gotti can only be mad at there own father it was his choice for that lifestyle. As for saying he sammy deal she clearly made that up herself.
Marissa is highly annoying the way she acts is pathetic.....sorry but she would be much prettier if she had a bit of warmth and friendliness to her and not this prissy way that makes her look silly....I think Karen is more beautiful than her.

Anonymous said...

I too hope Sammy is with his family soon and that he walks the straight n narrow. I've seen too many people that still think the days are like they were, even in the 90's. Baby, those days are done. People get big time for illegal drugs and all that mess.

Hopefully he retires with his art and a book or a movie that credits him instead of always making him the fall guy.
I think Sammy would have done time but those tapes.. man, Gotti had a side Sammy didn't see. Too trusting, Karen can be the same way. I like her though and her stance for her father.

I don't care to see any more Gotti talk on MW's.

Anonymous said...

Really? Prissy?
I think she's hot and she knows it. I think Drita and Bridget are jealous of her and that Marissa enjoys flaunting what she's got, especially to piss those two off.

I'd still put my money on Marissa over Brittney anyday. Drita and Brittney are so blown up, their veins really do pop out of their necks. Brittney is still stuck on being called a lush.. who GAF?!

Brittney is like Nat G in that she is afraid of what Karen is up against so kisses ass instead. Drita is like Nat G in that she doesn't know what a real friendship is. Brittney could have chosen to be neutral like Ang, but nope, she flopped too.

Actually, it's been Drita that has had a problem with everyone since episode 1. I want to see Drita confront Love on calling her a liar about setting Carla up!!