Monday, January 4, 2016

Mob Wives: Season 6 Super Trailer!

Here's the Super Trailer for Season 6 "The Last Stand" in case you haven't seen it!  It's about LOYALTY or lack of it, Renee demands it. It's about BETRAYAL, just ask Carla, she's been stabbed in the back! It's about RESPECT, Karen knows that all too well. It's about the TRUTH, and who is not telling it.

The season starts out without everyone being peaceful, which I find hard to believe. However, that doesn't last long at all. How could it? This ain't called Mob Wives for nothing.

We see various clips of what we can expect. Big Ang helps disrobe Brittany's boyfriend. Everyone gets a nice eyeful. Big Ang also suffers a health setback, her cancer has returned. Karen has issues with Storm, but he has no time to talk about their relationship. Drita's writing a book, I'd love to meet her ghostwriter.  Carla and Karen seem to have big problems with Drita. Karen brings her friend, Brittany, up in conversation. Renee has an issue with Brittany's father and doesn't want any new girls in their circle. Meanwhile, Renee introduces her friend, Marissa, into the mix. Marissa grew up in the lifestyle and seems to hit it off with Renee, Carla and Karen. However, it's clear she has issues with Brittany, and there's a fight! And Marissa doesn't care for Drita either, "What do you think I'm gonna let you do Drita, hit me?" By the time we near the end of the trailer everyone is out to kill and as Karen yells into the camera, "You can film that, Mother F*cker!" And Drita yells into the phone, "I'm gonna show you who the f*ck is gonna be the boss!

Things are definitely explosive. You won't want to miss a minute. Order your wine and get ready. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Mob Wives Premieres, Wednesday, January 13th at 8PM and it's 2 HOURS long!

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Anonymous said...

It's one thing for people to deny a past, even if it doesn't belong to them but to their parent or parents, these girls (Karen & Brittney) are owning that past. I don't like that people call out the world "rat" when every crime family has had one or more informants or people cooperating.

The more I read on Gotti and Gravano, the more I like Gravano. I especially like that 1200 hours of recordings in his home by FBI revealed NOTHING.. Sammy never spoke against Gotti or anyone. He was solid.

I don't like pot stirrers, there is enough real drama without stirring shisnit up. I don't like beer tough bitches either.

I already know Drita is a beer tough bitch. She kissed Karen on the cheek after threatening to bash Reene's head in if Reene spoke to Karen again.. yet there goes Drita, kissing her cheek instead of bashing her head in.. wtf!

Anyway, Reene should let the past go as far as rats go bc she married one and had a kid with one. Karen's right about people not knowing what they're talking about.

Still #TeamKaren #OG's