Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mob Wives: Karen & Brittany The Last Straw

Back in better days

Karen Gravano introduces Brittany to the rest of the cast in Season 6 Mob Wives, "The Last Stand." Karen knows Brittany because both of their fathers are friends and did time together. There is a family tie there. Karen also relates to Brittany because she was in her shoes twenty years ago. Both of their fathers cooperated and the girls were being judged for it. Karen seems to take Brittany under her wing and, while they were filming, we saw many pictures of them together hanging out and having a good time. Something changed all that and last night we saw what it was. 

Brittany decides to befriend Drita. Despite her friendship with Karen and everything Karen and the others have told her, she decides to throw caution to the wind and hang out with Drita. She likes Drita even though she just met her and knows her for all of five seconds. She disrespects her friendship with Karen and shows she has no loyalty to her at all. Last night, after a whole season of filming, Karen and Brittany exchanged a few ugly tweets. Here, in the "Twitter After Show," is the nasty little twitter war for you to read.

First Brittany accuses Karen of not knowing Marissa

Karen sees just how loyal Brittany is

Karen decides to put the truth out there

Karen is in BLUE, Brittany is in GRAY

Brittany has a "mind of her own" and she made her choice loud and clear. Let's see how long this friendship with Drita lasts, maybe as long as season 6 . . . then Brittany may become the NEW "mothball" and they won't be friends "like that" any more.


Liana said...

Wow good job chiara....u have been very busy blgging and keeping up with the Twitter war!!!
I think like u say the fans are feeling a bit cheated at how set up this season feels and appears and we aren't we get heated along with the girls and try to make sense of it!
Marissa needs to come down to earth she ain't all that.....I'm sure her man O.Z is a great guy but I did read he punched a father of 2 in the head during a road rage accident and the guy died. He was charged with this back in 2005..... And I don't get it apparently he did 4 years starting in 2011 and she said she wasn't with him when he did this bid so how long have they been together for? Not long.....
I think the scene with Karen and Drita was set up....drita paused to hug n greet her but Karen stayed turned away so when they got into it I think drita was under the pretense she was set up for a fighting scene......or she didn't like what Karen had to say and kept yelling so she couldn't talk. It was funny when drita said do u wanna fight and Karen said no drita looked confused!!
But I get what drita is saying her and Karen at cordial whereas Carla is having weekends away with them. They did say awful things about Carla...she was a racist and Doberman pincher looking and a slut etc.....
This Twitter stuff is crazy and there must be more to it. It's like we missed the conversations that lead to it cause some of the comments are so left field...
Thanks for taking the time to blog for us the site looks great u guys have done a good job!
I might add I know a blogger and some of the mobwives approached her and asked her to leak stories about the other mobwives which she wouldn't wasn't drita. Or Karen that's all I will say

elhp45 said...

So let me get this straight you think everyone should bow down to Karen and be enemies with her enemies even though they never did anything bad to them? I saw Karen did an interview on periscope where she said she only met Brittany right before they started filming the season so why should she be loyal to her when she has no history with her personally to me based on Karen's tweets she seems very controlling and she was caught in a lie when she said Brittany never visited her father in prison and Brittany quickly posted a picture of her and her dad in prison also if Karen respected family history she wouldn't be talking about Brittany's mom like she did in that periscope interview you could at least admit that family should be off limits

Anonymous said...

Karen is wrong for calling another "not smart" based on her text (the "real him come out" is wrong grammatically on so many levels)!

Anonymous said...

Drita made herself look like a complete ass yelling "DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT!" And Karen was all "Uh, no, I'm trying to talk to you like a lady". How can a woman her age, and a mother to boot, go completely off the rails like that? That to me shows her true colors. At least Karen is going to say to your face what she says to other people.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above. Drita is classless, and thuggish. She thinks everything should be settled with fists.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Karen finished the first chapter of her book and was having lunch with Drita and asked her if wanted to read it Drita went nuts and to this day I can't figure out why. Did she honestly think that the first chapter in Karen's book would have anything to with her and/or Lee?
I also remember years ago Karen having a conversation with her mother where her mother told her to Never Trust Drita. Mom's know stuff all the time.
Karen has a big mouth, as do all the women on this show but she is what we call a Stand Up Broad. Drita, is just a big mouth bully. No class, no manners, no loyalty, period.

donna said...

Drita is mad & I understand why. That's why she was yelling like that! She feels betrayed. And why should Brittany bow down to Karen? And Marrisa aka Kim Kartrashian needs to be on KUWTK instead of MWs.

Anonymous said...

Brittney didn't have to fall for Drita in an instant. Then again, Brittney and Drita are both so full of BS, it's funny.

It's like watching a young version of Drita all over again.

Bet Brittney ends up with a dick neck like Drita does. I think it's hilarious she finally has her own dick to go with all the ballsy talk she talks.

Brittney's mom put herself in a position for people to talk about. Then she LIES about how it went down. She wasn't gonna do time for some man.. no, she had her man take her rap. Men do it all the time, no sense in her trying to make herself out to be some model criminalized parent.

I read that Brittney was already a big Drita fan before she came on MW's.. so I can see her flipping and being reality star-struck!

Anonymous said...

Drita was acting in that scene with the first chapter of Karen's book and Karen was asking for those pages back like she didn't have copies!

The show is all about trying to keep the viewer entertained and there is always a script.

Didn't Karen have a ghostwriter like Drita is using anyway?

Anonymous said...

I know Marissa man O-Z for a long time , the girls and the guys in the neighborhood always loved him, as far as the road rage incident it was a case of mistaken identity and he wasn't never even indicted , the say the guy was driving in a Honda when O-Z was always in a Beemer or a Benz , the rest of the description was shaved head and muscular built that's only 80% of Staten Island, he and Marissa used to see each other back in the day before he went away but it looks like they got serious when he got home around 2 years ago

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is the comments about drita being a thug. She is clearly about resolving things with fists (not my idea of settling things) but lets not make out that Ms Karen Gravano is a lady. She is the person who flipped a table and attacked Natalie.. But I am guessing that since the majority of readers on here disliked Natalie G that it was acceptable and forgotten about.
The text messages sent were 14th July so going by a rough estimate on blogs, news articles and their own instagrams, this was sent BEFORE Brit met Drita.
Brit is young and immature to being from group to group but its clear she doesnt now. She has aligned herself with Drita and that is ok. The two seem very tight. As for Karen calling her a lying bitch and that she didnt visit her father in prison because her mother had another relationship, why is she even speaking about Andrea? and then Brit blazed her out with a photo of her and her father in prison. Dont call someone a liar when they have the proof to back it up. Shame on Karen for trying to get a low blow.
Now this isnt relevant to this post but I will add it here. Drita never once said if Renee speaks to Karen again she will crack her head open, she said if you talk about HER husband to karen she would. Very different from what the readers of this blog make out she said. Some people see ONLY what they want to see.
Keep up the blogging you are doing an amazing job

Anonymous said...

No, Drita said Renee was lucky she (Drita) didn't crack her (Renee's) head open. Then Drita went on to say that "the next time you (Renee) wanna hangout with motha fukin' ex girlfriends, you're going to get hurt."

That was all in the reunion s3.

AND THEN.. when Karen (the ex girlfriend) returned, Drita kissed her on the cheek.

Don't think I'm missing anything or seeing it any other way then it's all being shown.

Anonymous said...


Drita does not have the privilege to be mad that nobody stood up for her.
Drita never stands up for ANYBODY, Drita is out for Drita and nobody else.
Carla stood up for Drita,Carla had Drita's back, but Drita did not stand up for Carla when Carla was being attacked. Drita went to Love and bad mouthed Carla, and when Drita saw Carla being approached by Love at the party Drita took off.
Drita knows no loyalty, she does not have a loyal bone in her body, she is a backstabbing bully.

Anonymous said...

Something I'm thinking about:

Karen is 3 yrs older than Drita.
Karen was with Lee when she was 19 to 27 yrs old.

That makes Drita 24 when Karen and Lee broke up.

Drita knew Karen for a couple of years before she left.

So how old was Karen when she left to AZ??

Didn't Drita have Alyiah when she was 24? Had just gotten married b4 he went to prison?

The first fight between Karen and Drita started when Karen told Drita that she'd ratted her out to Lee. So obviously Drita and Lee were together without Karen for that to happen.

We know Lee is a two timer.
Did Karen know Lee was two timing her but not know who the woman was???


Thanks for the great blog and letting us post our thoughts and opinions!!!

Anonymous said...


Drita thinks everybody should be enemies with Carla. This is why Drita is mad, because Karen, Renee, and love made up with Carla.
Drita turned on Carla for no reason when she saw the other women turn on Carla, and when the other women made up with Carla, Drita got mad. And even Renee said Carla and Drita never even had an argument. So why did Drita turn on Carla?

Drita is the worse piece of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Carla and Love haven't made up. They never knew each other before the show.
In an interview Carla did after the first shows, she said Drita was mad after she (Drita) left Renee's party. Carla said that Drita was yelling she'd been set up and the girls could hear her bc Drita was just on the other side of the door.

Seems Drita trips a LOT on thinking she's being set up. Even with the fight with Ramona and Karen, she started swinging bc she said she thought she was being set up.

On a fight, that's understandable to think you're getting set up... but for an old fren to show up unexpected at a party; where's the reasoning that Drita would think she's being set up? Set up for what??

Something to do with Carla that's for sure..
I think Drita is hiding something big.

Since Carla confided in Drita about the abusive boyfriend, maybe Drita confided in Carla about something too.

Not hard to believe Drita went behind Carla's back telling everyone about the abuse. Ugly that everyone was mad at Carla then too.. so Drita obviously wasn't sharing Carla's misfortune out of concern.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous working out the ages and years also take into consideration that Karina is 16...... Karen is now 43 so she had Karina when she was 27...... She was clearly in Arizona living and with dave for a good year or two and her and lee were on and off it wasn't a solid relationship

Anonymous said...

One site says Karen was born in 1970/Jan.. another says 1972/May.

So we have to know Karen's true birthdate first.

Karina is a cutie, btw... I think she'll go far in modeling.

Anonymous said...

In season 3 she said she was 40 when she was introduced to dave girlfriend at the restaurant.....she she is 42 or 43 now......that wS funny that scene 'I shoplifted and robbed cars' while Rebecca ran track

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

'''Carla and Love haven't made up. They never knew each other before the show.''

Love apologized and shook Carla's hand, so as far as I am concerned that is made up.

Anonymous said...

Since the other women have made up with Carla, and Love has apologized to Carla, Drita is pissed about it.

Renee said Carla and Drita had never even had an argument, so even she is puzzled at why Drita turned on Carla.

Anonymous said...

'''The first fight between Karen and Drita started when Karen told Drita that she'd ratted her out to Lee. So obviously Drita and Lee were together without Karen for that to happen.

We know Lee is a two timer.
Did Karen know Lee was two timing her but not know who the woman was???'''

When you have a man who will sleep with your friend, and you have a friend who will sleep with your man, that is DOUBLE BETRAYAL.

elhp45 said...

What your talking about is becoming friends not making up you make up with someone you were already friends with

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree elhps45. Carla accepted Love's apology and that was it. She still doesn't believe Love and I would think she'd never trust her. Not friends in my book.

I think Lee was two timing Karen with Drita.
The birth date of her eldest is too close for Drita not to be involved in some way with Lee.... while Karen was still with him??

It's still wrong for Drita to be all up in the mix with Lee when he's still with Karen, even if they're two timing each other.. Drita was supposed to be Karen's friend.

Drita DID confide in Lee that Karen went out on him. I'm sure Karen was in AZ when Drita spilled that one.

We ALL know, or should know, that the other woman always makes the woman out to be bad so she can slither in.
Drita is still mad that Karen had a tanning bed.. and a model boyfriend she never wants Karen to talk about.. wow.. now that IS a messed up friend!!

I think Drita was involved with Lee when Karen was in AZ and Lee and Karen were still together.
Unless the article that says Lee and Karen were together from when she was 19-27.

Because the way Drita was spinning it, I thought Lee was like a childhood sweetheart that went into very young adulthood.. but I don't thinks so!!!

Aroundtheway said...

Lee and Karen went out the early and mid part of the 90's, Drita was going out with a guy named Albert around that time , the reason I know this is because I used to see O-Z back then and he was always with Lee, Lee and Drita hooked up in 99 or 2000 and they have been together since , I remember leaving a club with O-Z and meeting us meeting up with Lee and Drita to eat

Anonymous said...

So Karen and Lee had already been split up for a year or two.

Drag, I was hoping for a love triangle.

Aroundtheway said...

No def no love triangle between Lee , Karen and Drita , when Lee got with Drita she was pregnet and married very fast and he had caught his first bid , his buddy O-Z had triangles all over the place I learned that the hard way , not saying we were a couple because he would never commit then , it was a new one every night , Marissa is a lucky girl

Anonymous said...

Drita was pregnant when she got with Lee? Meaning Lee is not Alyiah's father??

Nah, that one I find that hard to believe. I don't see Lee as the type of guy to step up for someone else's kid.

Don't see Marissa as the type to put up with crap from no man. OZ is a lucky man!

Aroundtheway said...

Obviously Drita got pregnant really fast with Lees baby which was Aliyah, I'm taking about O-Z doing his thing years ago before Marissa , she is beautiful and let's say they both are lucky

Anonymous said...

I've yet to see OZ so, it's he's a lucky man for me still. BUT I will say that Marissa seems really sweet so I'm sure OZ is as sweet or fine.

I tried to like Drita, tried to find humor in what others see humorous and I still get fake as fuck from her. I'm happy she got her "life" and "that sort of man" she was looking for. Aleeya looks confused on the show, I think she's hip to her mom's fakery. With Lee being gone most of Aleeya's life, that "life" Drita insists is hers has to be foreign to her kids besides the tough guy act that comes with that life and Drita is too fast to cash in on.

Glad her makeup line is doing well and really, after this show, hope to never see her on the screens again.

Anonymous said...

God bless all of you ladies ! Despite hardship,criticiczm,and a hard road you all have managed well !every picture tells a story each one unique ! Try not to let the wind at your back's be your own !