Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mob Wives: Recap "Hamptons Hangover," Ep 603

Brittany fills Ang in on what she thinks of Marissa

Before I get started, let me backtrack to the premiere episodes for a minute. With two episodes it was hard to blog everything I wanted to say. Let's address the whole "lush" argument and how we got there. First we have the fact that Brittany and Marissa mix as well as oil and water. There is no love lost between these two. But, were Brittany and I the only ones annoyed with Marissa?  Marissa was invited for a lovely weekend in the Hamptons. She accepted and then did nothing but complain the whole time. The limo ride was too long, she didn't have enough air, there was too much drinking on the way there. It's like the kid who keeps asking "Are we there yet?" Then they arrive at a beautiful house that Carla and VH1 spared no expense in renting for them. Marissa insults Carla by calling it a cabin in the woods. While they are there the girls want to relax and have a few drinks, but Marissa isn't happy about that. She turns to Brittany and calls her a "lush." Maybe none of them are familiar with that word because it's outdated and not used very often in this context. Marissa says she was joking, I don't think so, but let's say she was joking. How many times does it take before a "joke" isn't a joke, and is considered passive-aggressive behavior? The first couple of times Brittany took it well and laughed it off. But Marissa continued to provoke as though she wanted to start an argument or fight. That was disrespectful to Carla and all the women who went there just to relax and have fun. And, I might add, Brittany was not acting intoxicated or annoying so there was really no need for Marissa to call her out on her drinking. People in their 20's drink and like to party. Period.

After wearing out the word "lush," the girls decide to enjoy the rest of their time in the Hamptons. Carla takes the girls to her friends house. Carla doesn't want Marissa and Brittany acting up and embarrassing her. Ang pulls Brittany over and they talk about the "lush" argument. Renee and Marissa have a conversation about the same thing. As I stated above, I have to side with Brittany on this one. Brittany says she shut down Marissa and her "lushing" mouth. Marissa complains about too much alcohol at the party. There's just too much drinking for her taste. I'm not sure how well Marissa fits in to this circle. She complains about everything and seems impossible to please. At this point she is really a "party pooper."

Marissa shares a few thoughts about Brittany

The next morning everyone is back at the house and the doorbell rings. Ang answers it. Its 8 AM and there is a yoga instructor there to teach the girls a few moves. Who the hell had that bright idea? VH1 must have arranged that because no way Carla is going to surprise everyone with yoga after a night of drinking! Renee is not interested, and the instructor is on Ang's nerves. Karen is hungover and does not want to get out of bed. She worked hard to get her hangover and the last thing she wants is to detoxify. But they all (except Renee) end up outside on mats to "Omm," while Ang is saying "Bloody Mary," and just wants to do a "wrist to elbow move."  Renee wants no part of yoga or sweating. Marissa is the last one to come out. Gotta give Ang credit for joining in. Then she quits. She did more than I would have done.

A nice meal to wrap up the trip

Carla hires a personal chef for their last day in the Hamptons. A nice "delicious" breakfast before they head home. Everyone says how much they enjoyed their vacation. Apparently Brittany and Marissa keep mumbling about "lush" so they aren't totally over it. Everyone thanks Carla for the weekend. Big Ang brings up the fact that she lost her constitutional rights because she is a felon. All she knows how to do is work in a bar, so she wants to restore her rights. Karen gives her a little advice. Having the Drunken Monkey close down put a hole in her heart. Then Renee advises Carla to talk to Drita when they get home. Ang agrees they should sit down and talk. Karen says she is tired of hearing Drita calling her a fake and a phony and she wants her to say it to her face. Karen plans on meeting up with Drita. Bye bye Hamptons. We've had a chance to meet the new girls and this little time away gave everyone time to talk about their issues with Drita.

Renee and AJ have lunch. AJ has grown up before our eyes. Renee says she will ask Andrea what kind of wedding she wants. Renee thinks he should put a real engagement ring on her finger, "a solid rock."  Andrea says she wasn't ready for a wedding, but she is ready for an engagement. Renee wants them to move in with her. She is lonely and she loves having her son around. The kids aren't crazy about staying with Renee. Andrea thinks the house is haunted. Renee wants to get a medium to come to the house and find the ghost and have it removed.  If there are no ghosts the kids agree to stay with Renee. I'm not so sure I believe they are really happy with that arrangement, but okay I'll go along with it.

Karen confronts Drita

The confrontation at the park. Karen is driving to meet Drita to talk to her directly and face to face.  Drita has a lot to say to Karen so she is glad she called. Karen says she hears she is a fake and a  phony. Drita says everyone is a phony because they talk about each other, hate each other and then they become best friends and love each other. Karen asks why is she fake for being friends with Carla? Karen says Drita's issue with Carla is not her issue. Drita wants to know why none of them defended her when Love told them she set up Carla. Karen says she doesn't know if that's true or not, she should talk to Love about that. Drita says she doesn't set anyone up. Considering how Drita is behaving towards Carla, who knows if her hands are really clean?

Drita gets louder and louder

Drita starts screaming at Karen. Karen is trying to talk. Drita thinks Karen is trying to fight with her because Karen keeps telling her to lower her voice. Karen just wants to talk like civilized adults. She says Drita needs to "Put her veins away." Karen tells her the two of us had issues and put them behind us and sat a table many times. Does that make us phony?  Karen says she isn't a fake or phony, and if that is how Drita feels, oh well. Drita says right now they are far from friends. Drita says Karen has been a headache in her life for the last five years, since she came back. Karen says she doesn't like Drita's version of friendship and she doesn't need a "friend" like that. All I could think of while watching this scene is that Drita really didn't want to address anything Karen had to say. She wouldn't let her talk or make her point. I don't think Drita wanted Karen to make her point at all because then she would have had to answer with reasons that make sense. Instead she screams on the top of her lungs, until she drowns Karen out, and basically forces her to leave because she can't get anywhere.

Counting Drita's Veins? 

Ang's House. Brittany is there. They chat. They had a great time the Hamptons and Ang loves Brittany. They both wish Drita had been there. Drita arrives to meet Brittany. Brittany thinks Drita can't be all bad if Ang likes her. Drita arrives. Drita and Brittany hit it off right away. Drita knows Marissa's boyfriend O.Z.  When Brittany hears that, she tells Drita how miserable Marissa was at the Hamptons. They have a good laugh over Marissa's face and how it annoyed Drita. Brittany calls Marissa "Miss Miserable." Drita says Renee has had a fight with everyone, so who is really the problem? Brittany can relate because of how Renee reacted towards her when they first met. Drita says Renee is the Queen F*cking Problem. Drita says everyone will show their true colors at some point. I find it interesting that Brittany would dismiss everything Karen has told her and just become "friends" with Drita. She just drops her guard (and her loyalty to Karen) and embraces Drita, who she doesn't know from a hole the wall?  Who does that?  (Another blog should be coming out later today about this.)

Marissa and Karen talk about Brittany. She can't believe she got so upset over a word she had to look up and didn't know. Karen says she has a loyalty to both Brittany and Marissa. She says Brittany's father and Sammy were friends and there is a family tie there. But, Karen says she knows O.Z. a long time too and is good friends with his sister.  Karen says she really likes Brittany. They move on to Drita. Marissa says she didn't get a good vibe from Drita when they met through their men, Lee and O.Z., who are lifelong friends. Karen and Marissa are on the same page concerning Drita.

Renee's house. Joann the medium comes to the house to check it out for ghosts. She says there are two females. One who loves roses. Renee's grandmother. The other is a little girl who likes to play and make noise. AJ claims he hears a little girl who lives in the closet. Joann says the ghost is looking out for Renee and says she needs to cleanse certain people from her life.

Ang goes to see a lawyer about restoring her constitutional rights. He helped her back in 2001 when she was in trouble. Her girlfriend ratted her out. Ang tells him she can't escape the past. He says the consequences of what happened 13 years ago will stay with her the rest of he life. He tells her she can't get her record expunged and, as long as it exists, she cannot get her rights back. Ang is really upset by this news.

At the gym Brittany and Drita get together. Isn't this great? Brittany isn't seeing the side of Drita that the others complained about at the Hamptons. The two of them are clicking. Brittany tells her about her father being away for 11 years and she was 8 months old when he went in. She tells her how scary it was visiting him in prison. Drita relates to her story because her girls were in the same situation. Drita tells her what happened with Lee going to prison while she was pregnant. Drita tells her Lee was a bank burglar. Drita is dissing the other girls, Karen and Renee. They had everything handed to them, she had to work for everything. Brittany and Drita seem to see eye to eye on everything. Brittany says the only reason she knows any of them is because of Karen. So, because she is friends with Karen does that mean she can't be Drita's friend too?

Good question and Brittany should know the answer. In case she doesn't, let's summarize. A long time family friend (Karen) has been on the outs with someone (Drita) for five years. You meet that person and immediately strike up a friendship with them without any thought or consideration for what your friend has told you? No loyalty to your friend? And it's not just your friend telling you she can't be trusted, others are saying the same thing. Does that mean you shouldn't be friends with Drita? Drita who drops friends left and right when it's not convenient? Who marries a good friend's ex boyfriend and never bothers to call and tell her. Who decides when someone moves away they stop being your friend? Who joins in a pact with her co-workers to negotiate for a better contract and then sells them out and makes a deal for herself? Who dumps a friend (Carla) who has had her back 100% and then says she is a "mothball" and "we weren't friends like that?"  Who very possibly helped to set up a good friend so she could be hit? Who tells your business to others that you told her in confidence? Someone who flip flops every chance she gets? Yes, Drita is certainly friend material.

La Marina. The girls meet for colorful drinks. Ang tells them she saw her lawyer. He says there is no way she can get her rights back. Carla, Karen and Renee think it's ridiculous. Brittany is there quietly sipping a drink and listening. Renee tells them all that Drita told Brittany that Renee is the cause of all the problems and trouble. Renee says she and Carla made up and got past their issues. She can't understand why that bothers Drita. Ang says she remembers Drita sticking for Carla. Carla says no, Drita never defended her, Carla was always the one who stuck up for Drita. Carla told Drita something in confidence; something to the effect that her ex beat her up. It seems Drita told Ang and Renee her business. Carla is really pissed now. Renee says Drita is causing more problems and another fight. Renee says Drita has fought with everyone and she's blaming her. I predict many more sit-downs before this season ends.

So now all the storylines seem to be set up. Everyone but Brittany has a bone to pick with Drita. I hope we get to hear what Love has to say soon. Carla has a lot of issues to take up with Drita. I can't wait to see if Drita will explain anything or have answers OR will she just scream in Carla's face until she walks away too? Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Well seems Brittney and Drita have this in common: They go and forth with each others conversations and will make excuses why it's okay for them to do that but not Renee.

Funny how Brittney is the new bff at the gym with Drita. We started the show off with that same gym scene, different bestie.

LOL on the park scene. Karen seemed done with Drita, like Renee was done with Gnat. Both Gnat and Drita leave thinking they might be able to mend the friendship "later". Don't think so.. done is done.

Drita is going to be left out like Gnat was. Both have that same mentality that they're "making" the show what it is. Wrong again, those OG's are making that show what it is.

Drita is so envious of the other girls, it just seeps from her neck veins. She really thinks she was the only one figuring out a way to survive. Only thing is that Drita has NO ORIGINAL thoughts, ideas or character of her own. She's a concocted figure of her own imagination.

Poor Drita crawled her way out of the ghetto to become a real mob wife.. but since her man was never a made member, she's not even that except, again.. in her own imagination.

What a real delusional world Drita created for herself. No wonder everyone but Brittney wants to call her out on her big mouth and yes.. her neck does look like a dick.

LOL.. she finally has that dick she's been talking about for the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

LOL....great post.

Anonymous said...

Drita had no control over where she grew up but her immigrant parents worked hard to make a good life for her and her brother. Again, her family moved out of the projects when she was a teenager but the experience made her appreciate things more than others who didn't have a similar experience while growing up.

Anonymous said...

Drita's "experience" of growing up in low income housing made her ENVIOUS of the friends SHE CHOSE to hang out with.

A LOT of people are attracted to that mob life, just like many get attracted to the gang life.

Drita has a WEAK character (that is her own), in that she can't come to terms with her OWN life and instead would allow her parents to disown her for a "good pounding" from a thug wanna be mobster with a filthy mouth.

Meanwhile her teen looks like she's so confused on what to say or how to act. Drita should learn to talk to those kids in a way that isn't BS, baby talk, or like a gang mama!!

It's good that her makeup line has gone as far as it has but really, she could have accomplished so much more if she wasn't aimed on being the "boss" of that group... which we see she isn't.

They didn't film with her bc they didn't want to let her be filmed. Now all Drita gots is crumbs of film like the crumbs she went after trying to live the life of a mob princess.


Anonymous said...

Well, most of the people in the USA come from immigrant parents.

EVERYONE on the show has parents or grandparents that immigrated to the US.

Drita wants to make her life out to be a story nobody has ever heard. She needs to realize that there are people watching the show that grow up with a criminal element in their families and work HARD to raise kids that are NOT of that mentality, embrace their individuality and don't envy the person with a better home, car or even the tanning bed in their homes.

I've been in two homes with tanning beds. People have them.. get over it!!

Anonymous said...

Drita is walking, talking hipocracy. How is she gonna be mad at Karen because she didn't rush to her defense when Love spilled the beans and then turn right around and tell her how they are not friends. In what world can expect someone to have your back when you don't even consider them a friend.

Unknown said...

Please don't let this season be like the last. Two new people arguing about things that don't matter.
I had hoped the show would be about the originals but...these new girls. Just over it!
Hopefully the next few episodes move onto something with some meat. These people talking about how mad they get, how they are going to beat, tear, kill blah blah blah the next girl is so tired. No wonder it's the last season.

Chiara Soprano said...

"Drita is walking, talking hipocracy. How is she gonna be mad at Karen because she didn't rush to her defense when Love spilled the beans and then turn right around and tell her how they are not friends. In what world can expect someone to have your back when you don't even consider them a friend." Anonymous
I have to say I wish I had thought of this and said it in the blog! You are so right on the money. How can you expect someone to have your back when you don't even consider them a friend? Love that comment.

Anonymous said...

I saw Drita saying we were not friends as in that Karen and Renee didnt defend her, clearly you stick up with your friends. Its what ever spin you would like to put on it. You choose to see Karens side, and I chose Dritas side... it makes for interesting debates. Healthy discussion without the previous Twitter drama that happened in season 4&5.

Have you all stopped to think that Drita is done with all the garbage and she is content with life? Two children, a husband, successful businesses and money in the bank. If we all had that why would we be envious of those that dont? It doesnt make sense. Ang was naughty for what she did saying Drita told her Carlas boyfriend beat her up. We jump on brit for going between groups but when Ang does it we are ok with it. Yet its the same thing, just a different topic.

As for Karen saying she doesnt know that Drita didnt set Carla up, WE do know that Karen had something to do with it. Love told her that she was waiting and the way Karen behaved after was so shady. Too over the top. Karen knew that Love was going to attack Carla and it was KAREN that took Love to her when Drita and Ang left the room. Ms Gravano is not miss innocent in ANY of this

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for all the great comments! As to Anonymous who says we don't point out how Big Ang changes sides, I refer you to the blog titled Big Ang is NOT Switzerland" Ang does not remain neutral even though she is friends with all the girls. That's fine. Even when she brought up what Drita said about Carla's business, she is always Team Drita until she is not. They can all do what they want, in the end we just observe and write about it from our point of view. And we respect everyone's opinion whether they agree or not as it makes this show more interesting for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Take into account that Big Ang is a bartender. Most good or great bartenders are neutral as possible and are good listeners and maintain a chill social environment. Mainly bc it's SAFE and less costly than letting drunk people get worked up with aggression and breaking stuff.

Plus, the police or ambulance is BAD for business.

Ang is a great bartender!!

Anonymous said...

Drita's "we're not friends" comment did not come up until she was chastising Karen for being friends with Carla because of how they felt about each other in the past. It was only after Karen pointed out and compared how she and Drita were friends after all of their drama in the past and wanted to know why should it be any different with Carla, that is when Drita corrected her and let her know that they are not friends only acquaintances. And as far as her being fed up, you're absolutely right she has two kids, a husband, and money in the bank. So if it's that big of a headache why not just walk away. Not seeing it from anyone's point of view, just seeing whats right in our faces. I am Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Drita has been pretending to be Renee's friend just to stay on the show. Now that it's ending she seems all too quick to toss Renee aside. Even though she admitted Renee has been a great friend to her on the S04 reunion show.
Drita said her and Ramona were going to be friends after their "sit down". Drita should rewatch S03, because that's literally what she said.
Why did Drita go to Karen's poker party and shovel in those chicken wings, if they aren't friends? No one is as phonie as Drita, pretending to be these girl's friend for a spot on the show.

Nick said...

If Drita called Karen a Rat... Does Britany condone Drita calling her that... That was just a question I wanted to know... Cuz wouldnt britany fall into the same category...

If these Ladies are telling the Truth why cant they just stick to it.. Or is someone making them fabricate truths when they do interviews...

I'm annoyed can these girls ever do anything without a Camera Present.. They've all been to each others house's go there to say what you gotta say or is it better because of the agreement that they can fight on film... Which they really cant cuz Security is there so its pointless..

Anonymous said...

Drita is a snake. I strongly believe Love when she said Drita set up Carla. As soon as Love started to approach Carla, Drita split.
And Drita has the gall to be mad that nobody came to her defense, BUT she did not come to Carla's defense when Carla was being picked on by the group. Yet Carla defended Drita fiercely.

Anonymous said...

Always thought Drita left Carla hanging on purpose. Ang hung behind after Drita walked out.

Drita's very fake. She's made a lot of money and fans in the process. She's paying for it with that dick neck now, her veins are ugly. She looks old too.

She should be more careful where she wants Karma brought in.

Someone wrote earlier that Karen dealt with "double betrayal". When ya think back on it, it was a double betrayal Karen dealt with.

Drita is a snake. Her creepy one-eye logo won't save her. She dug herself in way too deep. She's got no talents besides makeup.