Monday, January 11, 2016

Mob Wives: Part Two Karen Responds to Drita

Drita's Post

Once again Drita takes a shot at Karen accusing her of going to a blog with a made up story about her husband, Lee, getting arrested.  Karen took the time to set the record straight with the truth.  I do not believe Karen went to any blog to say something she can easily post on social media. We invited her to respond to Drita's rant, but instead of taking us up on our offer she addressed it in a public forum for the world to see. Karen has never had anything to hide. She wrote a tell-all book. Does it make sense she is going to try to sneak around and lie about something so trivial?  Ridiculous. This is what Karen had to say.  Whose story has the ring of truth to it?  

 Stay tuned for all the drama on and off the show as it develops!  There is never a dull moment where Mob Wives is concerned.


Anonymous said...

This was really STUPID of Drita to do. First of all, Karen is VERY active on social media, so if she were going to put that out there, she wouldn't run to somebody's blog. Second, who cares about Drita and her jailbird hubby anyway?

Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to think Drita is envious of the fact that Karen is actually affiliated with mob ties unlike her husband who is just a regular joe criminal. In her eyes that is the "gangster" life that she has always wanted. I use to be a HUGE Drita fan back in the day but I saw her true persona. I don't condone violence but if Drita was really a "lady boss" she would go to Karen's house and talk face to face and not wait till the reunion. Drita unfortunately is all talk but no show.

danielle shot said...

you are insanely biased towards karen. its kind of annoying

Anonymous said...

That's why I have followed Karen Gravano since DAY ONE!

Keeping it REAL!!

The show is nothing without her and she's right on Drita being a character on a show and will be forgotten as soon as the show ends.

SuperNature Wee said...


Chiara Soprano said...

Danielle, my "bias" towards Karen (and all of the Mob Wives, good or bad) comes from 5 years of watching the show, reading articles, watching clips, reading her book and Twitter account etc etc. Sorry if you happen to find it annoying.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for season 6! Counting the days/hours.

danielle shot said...

Are you sure you didn't know Karen personally prior? How can anyone be a Karen fan is what I need to know. This is a girl who made fun of someone who called the cops when her boy friend got stabbed off the show- implying that had it happened to storm or any loved one of hers, she wouldn't have done the same, but rather take the law into her own hands. You know what people call that mindset? The mindset of a criminal. This show started off being about women being victim to the lifestyle, but as the show went on people's true colors came forward. Karen isn't a victim of the life style; she relishes in it and embraces it.

This is a girl who harbors a grudge against Drita for something she did when they were in their 20s. As now a mother in her 40s, is that not pathetic? Had she confronted Drita when she first heard about her and lee- then fine. But instead, she waited two decades and until Drita was married with 2 kids. Now she just looks pathetic and jealous, which I believe she is.

Someone above said she makes the show? Laughable. She went off the show for a year and ratings went up. I'm not saying season 4 was enjoyable, but losing Drita would have been a way bigger deal than Karen. And guess what? The producers agreed! Which is why Drita got her raise, and the rest of the women were fired.

Karen is an illiterate snake, period. She talks ghetto. She wants to be ghetto. And as stated before, she pretends like she is victim to a lifestyle that she secretly wishes she were in.

Chiara Soprano said...

Danielle, I do not know Karen personally. Just about everyone watching the show is partial and takes sides. The same way you cannot understand my favoring Karen is the same way I do not understand your favoring Drita. So lets' just leave it at that. Thanks for commenting.

STACY said...

All I have to say about Drita's post is - HAHAHHAA...FUNNY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if you are going to bash someones looks it just shows how insecure you are with yourself. I don't condone any of the bashing either side is doing, but at least Karen can back her sh*t up with facts, where as Drita has to tag the philly girls and the new blonde one to make create a little circle of high school like mean girls.

If you are as "gangstah" as you think you are Drita, go one on one with Karen. No bodyguards, no little girls full of silicone who are all talk and no action.

Or better yet, since Drita wants to create a better life for her daughters, she should lead by example and talk it out with Karen. And if at they end they can't put their differences aside, then so be it.

Drita, you aren't a Lady Boss, you are a child.

Anonymous said...

WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND IS WHY.... WHY.... WHY DOES THIS GO ON WITH SOCIAL MEDIA AND NOT ONE ON ONE IN EACH OTHERS FACES??? No bodyguards, I cameras, just two grown Ass woman in their 40s hashing shit out! I thought they were about that life, roll with gangsters, fight like tough guys, yata yata yata. Drita why not go to Karen and say this to her?? I'm not related to gangsters or have a convict husband lol and I DEFINITELY ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WOULD COME TO YOUR FACE AND SPEAK. SCREW SOCIAL MEDIA. IM A GROWN WOMAN AND WILL DIRECTLY CONFRONT you. I can't even take these woman serious anymore. Stop talking on twitter like twitter thugs and do what REAL BOLD PEOPLE DO.... And bring your a@@ to them directly and either talk like forty something year old woman or throw down. YOU LOOK LIKE COMPLETE MORONS!!

Amberley said...

So much is happening and we all get so emotionally involved .......the genius of mob wives. I believe it's real to a degree I also believe some story lines are pushed and edited and instigated......end of season 5 they started to set the storyline up for drita to be the villain...I do see all sides...I think the recent drama on Twitter has more to it....
It seems crazy to get so upset over an apparent fake story to gangland blog about a fake arrest??
I don't get it....I would if she was selling a story about him being a rat then that's a reason to get mad but what's the big deal if it was a story about an arrest? Who cares. More of an excuse to start a fight? Clearly the producers get involved and whisper in there has told this in interviews and at one of the reunions it came evident they were preventing drita and Karen from talking for a time to increase some drama.
But everyone is entitled to their opinion and who they wNt to's good everyone has different favourites it makes the blogs interesting..... I do like all the ladies except Renee grinds on me and from ppl that know her in 'real life' she is very insecure and jealous she takes endorsement deals from the others and is just so drama......
Carla looks ridiculous being so chummy with Karen.....I understand reconciling with Renee as they have history but from where they were it just seems phony.
I love Brittany Fogarty I don't understand ppl calling her mum a rat? Her dad took the wrap so she Cld raise the kids then she had a bit on her so she relocated??? Did I miss something?
Thanks for the blog it's about to get real busy

Anonymous said...

I just can't stand Drita. She has NO mob ties and she is extremely jealous that Karen DOES have mob ties. Everything Karen does or has, Drita copies. Karen had Lee, so Drita went after Lee. Karen wrote a book now Drita wants to write a book. Who is the h*ll does Drita think wants to read about her dull, NON-MOB life? She is so jealous of Karen, she copied her.

But thing is, Karen HAS mob ties, and mob history, and her life story is of human interest.

Drita YOUR LIFE IS NOT of human interest.

Anonymous said...

Ratings went up when the Nats were on bc, I for one, wanted to see Gnat get beat up!! It was irritating having to wait, only to see she is one to run away before and/or after a fight!!

That was ME that said Karen makes the show. WHY.. because the show is about women affiliated with the MOB. Lee was never a made man, Drita wasn't even introduced to it until her party years started.

When you don't really know anything about that life style, you would be attracted to simple fist fights and over blown tempers that run from confrontations or fights. Nobody runs from a fight, especially after talking a grip of shit. You back up what you said or prove you didn't say it.
When an ex is removed from the circle, NOBODY brings that ex back in. Their name isn't even allowed to be mentioned and all ties get broken except the ones for the kids. Nobody sees the ex, except the kids.

Drita, from a clip in the beginning, she's saying she knew Carla when she was pregnant and that Carla's parents bought her first house. BUT last night I saw an interview where she says she only knew Carla since the show. So which is it??

Now back to Karen. Karen WILL be who she is, on the show AND after the show and her NAME will be even MORE known that it was before the show. The Gravano/Gotti story is very interesting if you've taken the time to read on it outside of what people THINK about the whole situation.

I always thought Drita set up Carla. It was too fast a move out the door when it was obvious Carla was getting tipsy. ANG asked if she'd be ok before she left with Carla but Drita didn't.
BUT to give Drita some slack, I will add that it was decent of her to be there when Gnat and Karen fought. It was also interesting how she moved out of the way so Karen could reach Gnat.

Besides S3, Drita has always ended on a good note with Karen. It was interesting also to see Drita kiss Karen on the cheek S4E1.. when she was threatening to bash in Renee's head if she spoke to Karen again at the S3Reunion.

Gnat has NO CLASS and neither does Drita. They both talk a grip of shit and tell lies to cover up their behavior. They are BOTH wannabe gangsters.

I think the next venture these women take onto our screens would do BETTER without Drita bc she's been a pot stirrer from day one!!

Also Drita wants to talk about weight, well Drita's ass is looking like a pillow, her neck is snagging where all her over exerted veins pop out on their own now. Her neck and face are two different colors and that's a bad look for a makeup artist.


Sherri Hollyfield said...

The show has gotten RIDICULOUS!!They can't even go anywhere and have a good time without bossin each other up. Big Ang is the only one with some common sense!!! Lol

Rayquan Martin said...

First off drita did the right thing cause karen should not talk shit bout her man in the first place

Rayquan Martin said...

People need to back tf off drita ass like she has been grtting junp in picked on ever since season 1 so wt the end of the day drita a real ass bitch