Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mob Wives: Karen and Drita Season 6 Sit Down

"Who the f*ck you talking' about?"
Who the f*ck you callin' a dumb b*tch?"

"You B*tch."

A video is floating around with a little scene from Season 6.  It starts in the middle of a sit down between Karen Drita with their two allies nearby, Marissa and Brittany. It's ugly. Karen is sitting across from Drita. Drita keeps asking who she is talking about. Karen answers directly, "You b*tch."  And then Brittany and Marissa chime in . . .

"You shut your mouth!"

"No you shut your mouth!"

"You want to fight."

"You can't fight . . . !"

"You rat b*tch"

Away goes Brittany . . .

"You're dead Karen! Dead!"
as security hauls her off the set

"You don't want to hear the truth!"

Now that is the best I could do to capture the conversation of this sit down. I don't know what Karen said or Drita is accusing her of saying, but Drita is beyond enraged.  There was plenty of security present and they were needed. Karen jumps up, Drita jumps up. They are about to fight across the table. Then security rushes in to take Drita and Brittany away.  All this happens in a mere 25 seconds.  

Thanks to @MobWivesVH1News for alerting us to the video

Picture Credit: VH1 


Anonymous said...

Ok.. I'm guessing Karen is calling Drita a rat because Drita's Lee ratted to save himself some time and/or even his life.

NOW, that is HELLA interesting beings that people have been calling Karen a rat behind her dad doing the same thing. WOW!!

I see a spin off of the Gravano story, the TRUTH and the WHOLE TRUTH!!
That could be a movie and I would DEFINITELY watch that!!

To me, exposing the truth and ratting are different!! ESPECIALLY when people have been trying to force a jacket on someone they don't OWN!!

WOW and more WOW!!
Hope I'm right on the future!!!!

AND Karen CAN fight.. Drita needs to reflect on that ugly black eye she got and the image she has up calling them "punk ass mother fuckers".


Mobfan said...

Do you know where we can find this video? The anticipation is to much I can't wait for the season.... It really sucks it's the end of the franchise but I've resorted to watching all the other seasons again....

Chiara Soprano said...

If it's still up you can find it here http://joeybgcblogger.tumblr.com/post/137119107542/mob-wives-season-six-opening

Anonymous said...

OMG.. this site cracks me up!! I don't have TV services bc I have a whole network here and most stuff is on the Internet EXCEPT the show on the DAY it shows!!!

I tried like a mofo to find a TV service compatible with VH1, HULU, Amazon.. ANYONE so I can watch the show TOMORROW!!!

NOPE.. sucks being me right now so I'm gonna check out that link!!!

LOVE, LOVE this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a little something ppl need 2 take note on. The real gangster in this entire show is Brittany Fogertys Mother. Her grandmother was a gangster back in the day. Women usually were never included in the life. So, brittany has the genes on both sides. Afterall;her Mom was the first women arrested in a huge undercover narcotics operation involving mob ties..totally unheard of at the time. So they best treat Brittany right because I guarantee she has a mean side and was born with one.

Nick said...

Chiara I just listened to an Interview from Today on youtube its from Love... She hates Renee and was saying that Renee set up Carla.. Have you heard it yet...

Dangelo Byer said...

The black eye she got was due to about 3 guys holding her down and Karen and romona trying to go after her

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Nick, yes I've heard it. I'm not sure what to make of it. I don't think it was just one thing that provoked Love into going after Carla. I believe there were a few things working at the same time to bring about that finale. I am hoping that more of the story will come out this season as well as what happened to the pack four of them made and Drita broke.

Anonymous said...

I think Love's answers were different in that interview because of a few things such as not knowing the real truth until long after doing interview! I don't know much about Love so I can't say say she is a liar but many have heard Drita's lies and saw her betray others since season 1 . I believe her versions that Drita went to her home and put words in her ear. Drita really likes to set others up it seems and her plan looks like she wanted anyone removed from show that could not only beat her up, but shed truth on all of her lies. What better way then to set Love up, then do her refusal to film trick on the other 3? I really wish Jenn G could come out and speak the truth on what really has gone down. Maybe she will if this is truly last stand. So everyone jumping on Drita wagon with this old interview, needs to remember that she initially did what she did because of what was told to her off camera. The main things are, she sold others out, and she most certainly did betray Carla who was the most loyal friend to her. She still hasn't come up with a legit reason or argument as to why she targeted Carla to begin with, why she hauled ass when Carla appeared last season. Noticed on twitter miss flip flopper also became friends with Carla's ex hubby's woman Raquel months back if not a year ago. What a stand up gal.

Anonymous said...

Karen CAN NOT FIGHT!" She and her so call cousin Ramona jumped Drita because they both knew that they could not fight Drita one on one. Once again. Karen CAN NOT FIGHT! All Karen does is PULL HAIR!" Like she did when fought Natalie G. Karen would get her ass beat by Drita. She would need help like she needed Ramona to help fight Drita. ONCE AGAIN KAREN CAN NOT THROW HANDS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

karen and ramona didnt jump drita.... drita started the fight cant stand that wanna be italian bitch