Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mob Wives: Recap "Cabin in the Woods" Ep 602

This is why I call everybody dildos 
Because  they are the fakes bunch of d*cks I ever saw.

Drita meets Renee for lunch to see how everything went at the Mermaid Parade because she couldn't be there. Everything starts off very pleasant. Renee tells her the parade was great. She shows her pictures. Drita spots Karina and is impressed with how grown up she is. Renee tells her that although things went well a lot of crazy stuff happened and Drita isn't prepared for what she his going to tell her.  Renee says Love showed up and she saw Carla. Love apologized to Carla for what happened at Drita's party, but said that it was all because someone was in her ear egging her on. Drita says, "Don't tell me my name came up." Renee says, "Yeah, and not good." Renee continues to tell Drita, Love told Carla that you told her you would bring Carla to the party and walk out so she could hit Carla. Drita says "that's a lie," but I didn't see the explosive reaction we all would expect from that story from Drita.  Hmmm. Drita just denied it and smiled. Drita says "I would never walk out and let someone get set up." Drita says "the last time I saw Love it was three years ago and she was dragging Carla by her f*ckin' hair. Those two hated each other and now she is trying' to pin some rat move on me!" Drita asks if anyone told Love she was full of sh*t?" Renee says no. Drita says, it figures, nice to know everyone has my back. Drita wants to know if Love likes Carla now, like everyone else. Drita says this crew has nothing in common except hating her. Drita starts to get angry. "You are all fake ass mother f*ckers." Drita is pissed and says Renee made up all kinds of stories about Carla and now they are friends. Renee doesn't understand why Drita has any issues with Carla when they were "tighter than a clam's ass" and never had an argument. Renee says she was just filling Drita in on what was said, so why is Drita starting in with her? Drita says everyone hated Carla and now everyone is friends with her. Drita shows Renee her phone and says she calls everybody "dildos" because that's the fakest bunch of dicks she ever saw in her life. Renee is stunned and Drita gets up to walk out. Renee feels Drita is taking it all out on her. Drita is fed up with all of them. Maybe the question isn't why is everybody friends with Carla now, BUT why isn't Drita "friends like that" with her any more? Maybe something happened at the end of season 3 to change their friendship?  I wonder why Drita never mentions the "pack" they [Karen, Carla, Ramona and Drita] all made and she broke when she sold them out? Now that would be a great sit-down for season 6!

Drita is done with the conversation

Brittany and her mother, Andrea talk about the parade.  Brittany tells her Renee wasn't too crazy about her. She judged her right off the bat. She said she told Renee not to talk about her mom or she would charge her. Andrea says would any one of those women take ten years for a man?  Brittany thinks Renee is being hypocritical to judge her based on what her father has done when she is in the same boat as Karen and AJ. Andrea says they think their way is the only way. Not everything is about hitting, that's like animals. Brittany says she will raise her hands if she has to. Andrea agrees if someone gets in her personal space and threatens her she should defend herself.

Karen meets Renee and Carla for brunch. Karen is glad they are in a good place, they dealt with their situation and moved past it. Karen starts off the conversation with her relationship with Storm, they are having communication issues. She says she is miserable and wants to get away from all the drama. Carla says she has has many good times in the Hamptons and met a lot of great people, so she rented a house for all the girls to have a fun weekend. Renee and Karen are in. Karen wants to ask her cousin, Frances, to come and Brittany.  Renee expresses that she has an issue with Brittany. Karen just wants Renee to give her a chance. Carla says she will invite all the girls, but NOT Drita. Drita hasn't called her so that's that. Renee jumps in with "speaking of Drita" . . . she tells them she was trying to bring Drita up to speed about the parade and Love and she totally flipped out. Drita told her, "You're a fake you're a phony," screaming and yelling. She is so angry that Renee and Carla are friends. Carla says it makes no sense she is angry about them being friends. Renee says, "The b*tch sat across from me and called me a name that no one has ever ever had the nerve to say to my face." Karen says Drita is the fake and the phony. Her actions don't match up to her words. Karen says, if someone is throwing dirt on your name who do you kill the messenger or the person who is throwing the dirt? I think Drita would probably kill both the messenger and the person throwing dirt with her blinded wrench. Don't forget, violence is the answer. Renee says the bottomline is that she has to have one more conversation with her. The last conversation. She can't do it any more. She's done. Renee may be done, but Carla and Karen are no where near done judging from the clips we've seen. Looks like a few more "meetings" are in the cards for season 6.

Manhattan. Renee goes to meet Marissa who is getting made up. They know each other through her boyfriend, O.Z. Marissa is doing photoshoot for a jewelry line. Marissa models for Renee. They take a break to catch up on things. Renee tells her about the Mermaid Parade and Brittany. Renee tells her why she feels the way she does, Brittany stirs up feelings for her about her ex-husband and father. Marissa doesn't care for people who cooperate because her boyfriend was sentenced for 5 years for narcotics when someone ratted him out to soften up their sentence. Then Renee invites Marissa to the Hamptons to join the girls. She warns her Brittany has a mouth on her, Marissa says she does too.

Shopping for Health Food
Is not Ang's favorite thing

Big Ang and Drita are go shopping for some health food on doctors orders. They talk about Drita's book. Lee doesn't want her to do it. Ang tells her she should share her story if she wants. Ang says she heard about the Mermaid Parade and how Love said Drita set up Carla. Drita is disgusted that after three years this BS story between Carla and Love is just now coming out. Ang says she doesn't believe a word Love says. Drita says if she was standing there she would have helped Carla. Now Carla jumped on the bandwagon with the others. Drita says Renee and Karen bashed Carla everyday for a year. Carla disappeared off the face of the earth and then came out from Karen's ass and then jumped into Renee's. Ang tells her she was invited to the Hamptons. Drita tells her to go and relax. Ang says right now Drita is the odd man out. Drita says Ang should tell them she has never seen faker girls, never in history. She wants them to talk to her one by one to her face because they are lying.

Storm has no time to talk about the relationship

Karen meets up with Storm. She says they can't move forward until he understands how she is feeling. He is concerned with his business and making money. She wants to talk about their relationship. She doesn't want to argue or fight. He says he is handling his business and money and has no time for this conversation. She wants to build a relationship but he leaves her sitting there. Karen is pissed he can't make time for her. "Enjoy your life Storm." and she leaves. This relationship has has more than it's share of ups and downs. I hope Karen takes the time to think about whether they can move forward or if she should cut her losses. Every woman deserves to be loved and appreciated and listened to.

The girls meet up at Karen's house to go to the Hamptons. Brittany and Renee greet each other. Brittany isn't concerned with Renee and her opinions. Renee still has reservations. Ang, Marissa and Carla are there, Marissa is introduced to Brittany and they all get into the limo to have fun with a few drinks on the way to the Hamptons. Marissa is a killjoy according to Brittany. She is complaining about the lack of air in the car. They finally arrive. The house is beyond beautiful. Marissa doesn't understand the excitement, it's a cabin in the woods and she'd rather be at the Ritz. Carla looks for Renee, she is sleeping. Renee is going to relax while the others go have fun. Marissa says she is reserved and not wild, while Brittany is a partier.  Ang tells them Drita is bugging out about her book and Lee doesn't want he to write it. Karen thinks this is karma for the way she flipped out over her book.

Will Lee ever support Drita?

Carla wants to know why Drita got so mad at Renee. Ang says she said it was all bulls*t. Karen says no, no, no, Love told her a long time ago Drita came to her house and said she was not sticking up for Carla. Carla says Love told her that Drita said she could do whatever she wanted to Carla, she didn't care. Ang asks if she believes Love? Carla says no she doesn't. Ang says Love is just a lying troublemaker. Karen wants to know what makes Drita more believable? Drita has been saying Carla is not a friend "like that" she has the mentality of a "mothball." Karen and Carla consider what Drita said and it seems to give credibility to what Love was saying. Carla said she considered her a good friend of hers and stuck up for her 100% and she talks this way about her, if anyone is fake and phony it's Drita. Brittany wants to know what does it mean that she wasn't a "friend like that?" Marissa is annoyed that Brittany is butting into a conversation when she doesn't even know Drita. Ang tells them that Drita called them all phonies. Carla wants to know why. Ang says because they all hated each other and now they act like best friends. Karen says when she gets back home the first thing she is going to do is call Drita because she doesn't talk behind her back, she has to say it to her face. Carla says they didn't come to the Hamptons to talk about Drita. Karen says Drita doesn't value friendship. Just makes me miss Ramona, who had Drita pegged from day one with her "Flip-floppin' floozie."

Drita's house. Drita is home writing her book and Lee doesn't have her back about the book. Giselle walks in and watches Drita write. Giselle wants twenty bucks for helping her. They have a little chat about "daddy." The story goes from happy to sad to happy she tells her daughter. Reliving her past is one of the hardest things she has ever done. Her two girls always have her back. Drita is determined to write her book whether Lee likes it or not. I'll believe it when I see it.

"Lush" is the new buzz word of Season 6
If you are playing a drinking game tonight, this is the word you want!

Back to the Hamptons, next day. The girls have hangovers and Renee is rested. Brittany strolls in and then Marissa. Brittany keeps talking about drinking and Marissa says she can't hang, especially with this lush. Brittany doesn't know what a "lush" is. Renee explains it's someone who likes to drink and Brittany says she likes to have fun. Brittany doesn't care for Marissa's "sober" attitude. Carla wants to fill Renee in on what happened yesterday. Carla says she didn't just call Renee a fake and phony but everyone except Ang. Renee wants to know why not Ang? Renee says she and Ang had a huge argument and were able to say they were sorry and work through it. So if Ang isn't being a phony to Renee what the hell is Drita's problem? Carla says in the last couple of years Drita has become a whole different person, she acts like she is JLo walking down the street. Renee thinks Drita needs to sit down and talk to every one of them except for Renee because e she doesn't give a flying f*ck what Drita thinks.  Renee is done talking about Drita.

Carla is in the mood for good wine. They are at a vineyard, tasting some wine, and Marissa doesn't like some of the wines while Brittany is busy finishing every glass. Marissa is really tired of Brittany always being focused on alcohol. They go outside and take a walk around the vineyard grounds and have a seat. Carla says she is having a little cocktail party that night with all her friends. Marissa calls Brittany a lush one too many times. Brittany says she likes to drink and have fun, she's good. But Brittany takes offense to Marissa's taunting and wants her to shut up. Marissa is not about to change her tune. Brittany is tired of being judged, she wanted to break her glass and stick it in her throat. Marissa says she was saying it in fun. The two have a little argument, yelling in front of the others. Brittany says don't worry about how many drinks she has. Now, if you are wondering how many drinks Brittany had this episode don't ask me, I was too busy blogging.

P.S. Mob Mistress wants to know why Drita is orange? Or does the color on her television need adjusting.

The RECAP for the first episode Mobbed Up Mermaids  HERE


Anonymous said...

I'd read awhile back that Ang's bar was in trouble. That's too bad it was closed. It really isn't fair on the felony convictions on voting or owning certain things/businesses. People should get their rights back once they've done their time and paid the costs. Here we have to get pardons from the governor. It's BS and only one person we all know got his rights back. It even made the news. Ang should be told that those e-cigs aren't safe either. Hope she does well.

BOOKS that tell too much is how the feds were able to link all the families together then toss down RICO charges. Tweets and pics that tell too much do the same thing. Alicia even got herself trippin on photos she put out simply by being on the show.

Renee is so old school. I love her. Full circle should include the changing era we're in. ALL the families have had a member cooperate. It's nothing new and there's a whole generation that follows that have to live in the aftermaths of those sort of trials. She would be mad if someone did that to her son based on his dad's actions.

What the heck with Drita? She looks like she wants to lead herself into comedy. She clowns people in a way that isn't really funny to anyone but other cruel minded people. The "ghetto" she grew up in doesn't look so ghetto, there were nice cars and not one junker I saw. She should stop making fun of people's weight bc her daughter was hiding her tummy and that was sad to see. Everyone is beautiful.

Karina is so cute. I hope her modeling career takes off!!

I don't drink to get drunk. I got hella fam that does and to them it's fun but to me, it gets to be too much. Our whole group got kicked out of a resort and none of us are allowed to ever return. Some don't care if kids are around or not and I saw a kid at the Hamptons.. pathetic. I say there's a time and place for everything and the level to indulge... The Hamptons wasn't the place for it, imo.

Marissa cracks me up too. Hope it gets better for her.

Great show and blog!!

Anonymous said...

Drita say, "everybody is going to have a different name".. ummm, yea, well she better watch what she says on national tv bc it will and is all gonna come back at her.

Todt Hill Housing Projects is no ghetto.
"writer Brad Fox travels to Todt Hill Houses on Staten Island. Safe, suburban, and well-maintained, Todt Hill defies many of the stereotypes of New York City housing projects."

Susan Wagner HS isn't a ghetto school either, and Castleton Corners is an upscale neighborhood.

Since Todt Hill isn't in Castleton Corners... something isn't making sense.

Either the paper and school were wrong on where she lived or there's a big huge housing project in Castleton Corners I can't find.

I'm one of those people that seriously pays too much attention to details which is why I do what I do.

Anonymous said...

Housing projects are usually ghetto.

Leah said...

Here is the interview on utube that love did saying that the producers were the ones to push her to attack Carla and how it really was.... Hopefully the link works otherwise it's under Love reveals why she didn't return to mobwives and more...
She just completely threw Drita under the bus and it doesn't change the fact that she attacked Carla that was so wrong....on so many levels....umm love u physically hurt her and acting like it was drita fault.....
I believe Drita went to her house and knew the producers and Renee were asking this off her and she might have said i k ow it's going to happen. But I don't believe she set her up for a second and Ang even said Love is a liar.....I think that was completely staged and again she was used by mobwives to do and say what they looked so phony.
It would have been nice to hear what the ladies have been up too and what's going on more in their lives but it seemed to move a bit quick in terms of weekends away and random people and straight into Drita bashing and negativiy there. It did entertain me and I didn't feel angry or take sides it just felt to fake...
Renee was wrong on so many levels with Brittany situation. I highly doubt she would let her son go into foster care as a baby and go to jail.....and if ur not in the situation u can't judge. Family over everything....
I'm not feeling it this season.....I don't know what it much drama and bitching maybe?
I think its getting boring now all the tough talk.....especially as they never's always broken up straight away....and it's just the norm now with all reality shows fighting cursing tough talk.
Maybe it's good it's the last season move into different directions.
And yes Drita looked a bit orange but I hear her other products are nice.....She wants her children to appreciate etc but then she drops a $20 for nothing........Lee sounds like a jerk. Truly.
Marissa is way up herself and Britney seems very young......I hope they pull it altogether and stop the constant bitching and backstabbing.
Renee........I can't with.the way she smiled after Drita left their talk shows her character......
The show would be boring as shit without Drita....I hope the main storyline isn't proving Drita is wrong.....I want to hear about sammys case and Ang family and how mob candy is going......

Chiara Soprano said...

Leah you make a lot of good points in your comments. I also heard that video and am baffled right now as to how it will be explained away. Too many contradictions and inconsistencies floating around the internet. I also cannot see Renee leaving her son behind, even with family, to go do time. You really do not know what you will do until you are in a situation. Speaking as a mother, my kids would be my first priority and children need their mother. There's a lot to say with all the new drama. Hopefully, things will become clearer in future episodes.

donna said...

You're right in everything you are saying!

Anonymous said...

Yes, most housing projects are ghetto but the one brought up and shown isn't:

"writer Brad Fox travels to Todt Hill Houses on Staten Island. Safe, suburban, and well-maintained, Todt Hill defies many of the stereotypes of New York City housing projects."

Calling it a ghetto is an exaggeration and that's what I'm seeing WAY too much of from Drita and last night with Brittaney on the show.

Leah said...

Thanks chiara? And thanks for giving us fans a place to come and vent, gossip and exchange opinions!!

Ashley Germaine said...

Lots of good points made by all! Love your blogs Chiara, but for some reason I'm blocked by you on Twitter...I think it was from last season when all the crazy fake accounts were on ... I'm not really active on Twitter just love reading the blogs and following celebrities etc. I'm aag1031 ... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman. My man rolled on me and let me hear him doing it. After I flipped out, they came in and told me their system was down and they knew my man had a record. He'd given them a fake name and he was from out of state.
I didn't roll. I told them, "I'll do my time and you do your job. YOU find out who he is!!" It FELT like they'd come in and slapped me in the face.
My youngest was 8 months old! My THREE kids went out of state to stay with friends. I went to prison and my man went to work release.
I got ONE visit from my kids and it was so hard on them, I told my family not to bring them again. That was while I was STILL sitting in county jail.

So I believe Renee TOO would do her own time and NOT co-operate to soften up her time.

I felt I DID put my kids first. I don't ever want them in prison AND I expect them to face up to their bads. My kids, THANK GOD, have never done time NOR do they tell on people for shit!!

The fakeness in Drita, Nat G and Blondie is very obvious to me.
It's entertaining, it's profitable but it isn't real!

Chiara Soprano said...

Ashley sorry but with all the stress I had to block many many people and fake accounts.

Chiara Soprano said...

To the Anonymous who understands Renee's point, I hope she reads your comment. You are coming from a place many of us haven't been so we can't fully understand or appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe a word Love has to say about Drita and some alleged set up against Carla. Love has an obvious agenda and if Karen has proof regarding a letter that Drita wrote, then post it already. And I have whiplash from the amount of time Karen and Renee change their minds about one of their friends and they decide to collectively go after the woman and exclude her from the group like the bullies they are.

It does seem as if Drita has allies in Ang and Brittany because I would hate to watch a season of Karen, Renee and Carla talking about Drita behind her back. As for the new women, Brittany seems cool where as Marissa is a little too self-righteous and it has to be said that all of these women talk a good game but you can't take them seriously as any kind of a threat.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure what to believe when it comes to Love and the Carla fight although, flashbacks show that Drita could be involved somehow. At that time during filming Love never said who it was yapping in her ear. If it were the producers and involved Jenn, surely Love would not be back on the show after stating such. Last night - Drita never let Renee finish the conversation. the went right into " Was my name brought up?", then flipped on Renee as if she was waiting for her chance to rip into her and the others. She never once denied that I know of, being at Love's home. If I were Drita ( who I can't stand), I would think she would have asked renee more questions then proceed to call Love and ask, confront or yell, why the hell are you blaming me, why would you say my name and so on. Instead, she ran and deflects by now waging war with the rest of the ladies. Considering she has never defended anyone, why would she ask Renee if anyone stepped up for her? Especially with her flip flopping and back stabbing over the seasons? Why as a grown woman would you not be happy all of the others are on good terms especially for filming? Why has Drita not yet ever spoke to Carla to clear that tension up when Carla was her ride or die? I dare her to confront Love and I challenge her to step up as a civil woman and talk things out with anyone. Her back and forth and tough guy act has ruined so much of the show since season 1.

Ashley Germaine said...

No problem! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Drita had the opportunity to step into a ring to fight when Nat D was on the show. She never got in Nat D's face for calling her a flop-flopper. Instead, the focus went on Nat G with Nat D... and Drita was the one going back n forth there.

Drita is either going to:
1. take the blame or
2. tell on the people that did set up that fight or
3. confront Love OR
4. run

I believe Carla was set up and it sickens me to see her beating on Carla. I don't care for Love anymore because she's showing me how easily she can be manipulated.

stacy said...

Leah's comment is exactly what mine would be on all points. Id like to add that Brit & Marissa appear very young and somewhat immature in different ways...which is similar to how both Nats were.

kellymoe70 said...

Hello Chiara---as always, I always look to your blog first, & I enjoy your recaps & the comments of readers/viewers. I agree with Stacy and Leah; however, I feel (my opinion) that nearly all cast members talk about each other, change their recollections & so on. Of course there exists a plethora of media in all forms that contradict a lot of what each of the cast states as well. That's I'm sure there are a lot of "direction" and suggestion for intrigue/plots for episodes---it's reality tv :-)! Viewers aren't going to tune in to watch bill paying, going to work, cleaning the house, etc. I'll tune in as I enjoy it and it's my escape from the above! :-) Thank you for the great blogs!

Anonymous said...

Someone was just fatally stabbed in the Todt Hill projects.

Why are people assigning a "ghetto value" to the projects? The fact is that Drita grew up in government housing and her parents worked hard so that they were able to move out when Drita was a teenager.

And, I understood what she meant about a friend's mother not wanting the daughter to visit her in the projects because my own mother had concerns about my safety when I visited a childhood friend in the Todt Hill projects and was calling the apartment quite a bit to check up on me.

As usual I'm detecting an anti-Drita tone in the blog which is fine but the fact is that Karen knew about Drita and Lee and she was friendly with Drita for years before "Mob Wives" regardless of what the show tries to portray as "reality."

All of the cast can use a dialogue coach as well as some lessons in grammar and pronunciation because they desperately need them (I cringe quite often when I watch the show but Renee saying "supposibly" instead of "supposedly" is terrible).

Did Brittany seriously not know what a "lush" was or was that also scripted? Also, I have to agree with Marissa in that I also would have wanted to be at the Ritz and that the Long Island wine probably did taste horrible.

By the way, there is no way that Renee would have ever let her precious AJ go into the foster care system! But, there is a strong chance that the stuff with Junior may have not transpired if Renee wanted a little less attention on camera (and if her sister was not so intent on making money on the show by drawing such attention to her family).

Anonymous said...

To the poster above about the projects- not only that but Drita was also allegedly, a very promising student athlete/star soccer player. I don't believe for one minute there was any struggle based on her version of life events other then the fact she didn't live in a home like some of her friends. She chose to walk away from her hard working parents and father soccer coach who was helping her other way to hang with " mobsters" and be a" cool" girl. Her father was so heartbroken, that supposedly they didn't speak for years due to the path she chose and everything she gave up to be a " tough girl". Im so turned off by her and her lies trying to push a book based on those lies.
Also - to first poster above- not only did Drita push that story about Carla, it was also said by her that she and Carla became fast friends ( prior to show) when one family was selling home to the other; either Carla's parents sold their's to dirt's or vice versa. The only cast member who is lacking in all parts of credibility consistently is Drita.

Anonymous said...

Drita compared her "poor, ghetto" upbringing to that mafia princess life. Oh, poor deprived Drita. Her dad worked at a University and taught her to be a real contender but nope, she wanted to be a mob princess TOO!!

People get stabbed all over the place. There's been 4 murders on the 2 blocks lil hood I live in and we're still not considered a "ghetto". So Drita needs to quit frontin'!

It's funny how Drita calls everyone that makes her mad some sort of character but she's really the one that's all made up. I'm sure Lee is involved in crime but then Drita didn't meet Lee on her own.

Thinking back on an earlier episode where Drita said she, "wanted to marry 'that' kind of guy" and her latest line, "we were sooo in love". Hmmm makes me wonder when the "love" began. Karen already told us that Drita ratted Karen out to Lee about messing around on him... so hmmmmm again.

Drita, Drita, you dirty dwagg!!

Anonymous said...

Renee has too many REAL frens and family ties for AJ to have ever HAD to go into the foster system.

That is for parents with NO fam or frens that can or will step to the plate to care for anothers child or children.

IMO, that shows how little real frens rat woman had or has.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Drita came off as the poor child that was disowned bc she "fell in love with the life" and her poor ghetto upbringing, having to fight her way out of the projects, literally. What BS!!

Yea, she probably grew up in those low income units but the girl had skills but wanted to play thug mama. What a farce. Sad is that in the first episode, her daughter is literally copying her while Drita is on the phone with her back turned to her.

Anyway, Drita should put more time in BOTH girls and stop baby talking when she addresses BOTH of them about something that is supposed to be a life long lesson for both of them... showing them how far she's come.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is proof that Drita was an honors student and excellent soccer player in her youth.

I think that she just decided to put off college for a bit as many people do when they graduate high school and that can easily be understood. I think when she got romantically involved with Lee in her early twenties--things changed dramatically for her.

She also did make a living for herself while Lee was in jail and that is something to be admired.

And, she was friendly with Carla before the show but I think the show drew them closer together in the early seasons. I do remember when Carla left the show that she would tweet that she was "done with fake bitches but Drita's still cool."

Anyway, the show has put many friendships to the test for sure and Jenn Graziano is a clever mastermind of helping to add to the chaos.

Anonymous said...

Drita is sh*t, I certainly believe she is guilty as h*ll of setting Carla up.
As someone else on this forum noted, Drita acted guilty when Renee was talking to her in the restaurant about it. Also Drita has some nerve getting mad that nobody spoke up for her, as she NEVER spoke up for anyone, she never spoke up for Carla when everybody was attacking Carla. Drita was even agreeing with them when they were attacking Carla. But Drita has the gall to expect someone to speak up for her. I can't stand the two-faced, b*tch.

Anonymous said...

Oh spare me the pity on Drita for making a living for her kids while her husband was locked up for bank jobs, atm thefts and whatever else to bring in large sums of money.

If Drita jumped on the Lee board too late to cash in, oh TF well!! How many women have raised kids while there husbands are away or just absent?! Drita won't get my vote of a hard working single mom doing everything in an honest manner.

She's a snake. Started dating her friends ex and got pregnant with the quickness. Whatever on Drita and her POOR path of life that made her millions. I'm sure she was collecting debts for her husband and still feels a need to push his name all over the place.

She's a crumb snatcher that has faked her way into financial independence. Good for her, she's a conniver and didn't even have to be raised by criminals to get that way. Fact, those that were all more honest than Drita could ever be.