Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mob Wives: Recap "Mobbed Up Mermaids" Ep 601

Drita is not happy with Karen
Opening clip

And we're BACK in business!  Season 6 takes off with a Big Big Bang! No more Natalies, but Carla is back and she has a new attitude!

Karen calls Drita a B*tch a couple of times

Opening clip: Karen and Drita face off with their allies, Marissa and Brittany, sitting along side them. Brittany was introduced to the group by Karen, but she is now aligned with Drita. How did that happen? Drita is in a rage and upset about something Karen said. What else is new? The tension builds up quickly and they both get up to attack each other. Security acts quickly to haul off both Drita and Brittany, while Drita yells, "You're dead Karen! Dead!" And Karen responds back with "You don't want to hear the truth!" a la Jack Nicholson (A Few Good Men).

Another sit down gone wrong as
Drita gets hauled away by security

The filming begins Three Months Earlier:

Staten Island. Karen wants to make sure Karina enjoys New York City and all it has to offer.  Karina is now a teenager, all grown up and reminding Karen of how much trouble she gave her own parents. Renee surrounds herself with loyal people. She stops by Karen's and sees how mature Karina is now. Renee and Karen agree they are happy to be free from all the Natalie drama. (Can we all say Amen to that!) Renee says her Mob Candy business is getting a float for the Mermaid Parade with costumes. She invites Karen and Karina to join her and wear the Mob Candy jewelry at the parade.

Ang is at the doctor's office. She is being examined. Ang had surgery a few months ago for throat cancer. She gives Neil credit for staying by her side the whole time. She was in the hospital for 9 days. Recovery was terrible. The doctor wants her on a healthy, organic diet. He wants her to exercise. He also wants her to stop smoking. It's overwhelming. It's cramping her style. She is set in her ways. Just like Ang to keep her sense of humor during such a difficult time in her life.

Drita's House.  Drita says they have a normal household and family. They are happy. (unless she wants to write a book and then the trouble in "paradise" begins). She is taking her girls to the neighborhood where she grew up, in the projects. Aleeya is a teenager. Drita wants her girls to see how little she had growing up and appreciate everything they have. Drita tells them s story about a friend she had who wasn't allowed to go to her house because she lived in the projects. She wants them to see where she started and how far she has come. Drita is nervous to tell Lee about the book, the girls think the book is a good idea.

Renee meets the girls at the park 

Renee, Karen, Drita, Ang meet up at the park. Drita tells them she wants to write a book even though it's hard for her to relive the past. Renee tells them about the Mermaid Parade and float. Karen wants to invite her friend Brittany. Karen tells them about Brittany's father, John Fogarty, who cooperated. That word unsettles Renee. She doesn't want to open her own old wounds involving people who cooperated. Renee seems to have a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to the word "cooperate." It stings. She associates the word with pain, betrayal, loss of loved ones. I don't think she can help it. It's just like the word "rat," it evokes strong feelings. It's part of the lifestyle and the way she was raised. Karen, however, gets insulted because of her own experience twenty years ago and she feels she is being judged all over again because her father cooperated.

Brittany Fogarty is introduced. Her father, John Fogarty, and her mother Andrea Giovino both were in the mob. Brittany is bored with Pennsylvania. She moved back from LA to be near her mother and boyfriend. She wants to move back to Staten Island where the rest of her family lives. He mother is worried for her because the people there still remember her father and his problems. Brittany doesn't want her life to be dictated based on what her father did. Her mother is upset about this decision.

Ang is being forced to close the Drunken Monkey because she is a felon. She and Neil go to the bar to pick up whatever things she wants to take with her. Drita pops in. She tells them her customers are devastated the place is closing. Someone reported them to the liquor licensing board. And with that the place is closed . . .  it's over . . .  gone . . .  done.

Karen is disappointed in Renee 
for the way she is treating Brittany

Karen's house. Renee shows up. Karen is paying bills. Karen has to address an issue she has with Renee. She is very disappointed at the way Renee reacted when Brittany's name came up. Renee says Karen got very defensive. Karen says "20 years ago I was Brittany." Renee knows what Karen had to deal with because of her father. But, Renee doesn't want her whole circle to be full of people who are related to people who cooperated. It makes her uncomfortable. She doesn't know Brittany so why does she have to add her to her circle, especially when it brings up negative feelings. Karen wants to have a relationship with Brittany because of the relationship Sammy had with her father. Karen says Renee is her friend and her sister, but she doesn't want this drama. Renee feels she is entitled to her opinion, she doesn't like what Brittany's father did. Karen says that makes her think back to how people treated her when her father cooperated and how she felt. She doesn't like it. Renee understands and out of respect for Karen she is going to be nice to Brittany, but won't trust her. I'm not prepared to call Renee a hypocrite or say she is wrong right now.  She may not be able to help how she feels because the word triggers a lot of negative memories and feelings.  Moving on.

Renee's house. AJ and his fiancee, Andrea are there. It's the day of the Mermaid Parade. Karen and Brittany arrive for makeup and costumes. Renee is going to pay extra attention to what Brittany says and does. Carla arrives to get ready. Carla is glad she has repaired her friendships with Renee and Karen. Drita isn't going to join them because Carla will be there. Carla says it doesn't make any sense. They didn't have an argument or exchange words, so why doesn't she want be around her? Oh I know I know!  Maybe because she feels guilty about double crossing someone who was a real and loyal friend to her for three seasons and can't look at Carla in the eye. Guilt will do that to you. Or maybe, as some people have suggested, Lee ("the King of his castle"), forbid her from hanging around with Carla and Drita complied?  Maybe a little of both?  Oh well, on to the parade.

Love apologizes

Coney Island. As soon as they get there Love comes running over to greet Karen. Carla is stunned to see Love. Renee greets Love. The last time Carla saw Love she was attacking her, so she isn't happy at all. Love immediately extends her hand to Carla and says "I'm really sorry I really owe you a big apology." Carla is shocked that after two years she is getting this apology and she is skeptical. Love says, "I'm sorry, I really do owe you a big apology. It's my fault, it really is. I'm really sorry. Instead of talking to you directly, I let someone who was a friend of yours speak for you. And, Drita's definition of "friend" is different than what our definition of "friend" is." Carla responds with, "Drita said something to you about me?" Carla doesn't trust Love, but at the same time she feels it could explain the weird way Drita has been treating her.

An unhappy, skeptical Carla listens to Love

Carla wants to hear what Drita said to Love.  Love says, "The night before [the altercation] she [Drita] was at my house saying, 'I'll make sure Carla's there and I'll walk away." Renee can't believe what she just heard Love say. It translates into Drita setting Carla up. Love goes even further and says Drita told her, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you gotta take care of this blah blah blah and pushing me towards this situation. She said a hundred times, I'm not friends with Carla like that." Love turns to Carla and adds, "Actions speak louder than words. Did she defend you at that moment or no?" Now Carla thinks back and remembers right before the altercation with Love, Drita left the room. Love says they can talk about it another time and not spoil the day. Carla wants to talk to Drita. Love says good-bye to the ladies. Renee wants the day to be about Mob Candy and Mermaids. I do hope there is a lot more to this story later in the season. I can't figure out why Drita would set Carla up unless something happened we didn't see.

Drita's house. She calls Lee to tell him she is writing a book. He says, "What do you mean writing a book? Go see a f*ckin' shrink. I don't want to be in anybody's book." Drita argues with him and says she is writing it. She feels he should support her. She went to visit him in prison and stood by him. She is so upset by his attitude she is shaking.  Who is surprised at Lee's reaction? No one. I'm surprise d he didn't order he to bring him a cherry coke and a provolone for lunch.

All the ladies deck out in Mob Candy Bling!

Mermaid Parade is full swing. Carla's head is spinning from what Love told her, while she is trying to have a good time at the parade. Karen thanks Renee, it's her first time at Coney Island. Brittany tells them her mother doesn't want her moving back to Staten Island. As Brittany talks about her parents and how it came about that her father cooperated, Renee is getting more upset. Brittany says her mother convinced the father to cooperate so she could stay home and raise the kids, but Renee says it was to cover her own ass. Renee speaks up and Karen gets upset. Brittany compares herself to AJ. Brittany says her mother put her kids first, above everything. Renee says, "Your mother was wrong." Brittany tells Renee "you talk about my mother I will charge you." Renee is upset at the lack of respect. Renee doesn't like outsiders. Renee's eyes are open!

There you have it. The storylines are set up, but I think there will be so many twists and turns we will never see coming. I am already wondering how Brittany, who was brought into the group by Karen, turns out to be BFF's with Drita?  But I don't have time to speculate, the next episode is already starting!

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RECAP for Episode 2 Cabin in the Woods HERE 


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Renee cracks me up!! "who does she think she is talking to me so dis re spect ful." HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hey is Drita gonna go grab images from fans, twitter, blogs and from foreign sites that celebrate big women that don't GAF if they have cellulite to be funny?? Of course AFTER she changes everyone's names. I don't like Drita, she has NO ORIGINAL ideas of her own!!!!

Her True Ghost Story was a fricken FLOP!!! I saw that on youtube!!

Drita isnt' real and laughing isn't gonna drag her out of the hole she's put herself and others in.

Anonymous said...

Brittney said that her mom and uncles got a rap. That her dad was in jail... then that's where her mom lost me. Mom says she wasn't going to do 10 years for a man. Which man? Did they add more time to the dad's sentence he was already doing or was she too buzzed to tell the story right on the float??

Renee may right about not letting insiders in. She does need to move ahead in her thought process as far as kids that got parents that cooperated.
Karen did owe it to Brittney to be cool with her though based on how people do time.

Anyway, caught that and wondered what up with that?
Was pops already locked up?
Was pops free and was with the uncles and mom when the mom and uncles got busted?


So how old was Brittney when she went into the witness protection program?? I guess I'm wondering based on her exaggerated behavior. She and Drita stress their necks when they get mad or try to make a point, they got me thinking Brittney's neck is gonna end up looking like Dritas.

Anonymous said...

Drita is a backstabbing flipflopping moron, who has no loyalty to anyone, and does not value friendship.

donna said...

Did Renee even stop & think about what she was saying about "CHILDREN OF RATS?" Really, is she even thinking?

Anonymous said...

I will give you the AMEN to the two Natalies now off the show. The twitter drama should not be a problem anymore but now Drita has been attacking people on twitter. Drita has said in the past that she did not like people fighting on twitter. It's a different look for her at this time.

Karen and Renee looked beautiful!

Big Ang is awesome and my prayers go out to her.

Carla looks good as well but it's going to take time to see if she has changed any on this season.

It is still too early to know much about the two new girls. Both are beautiful. It seems the two do not like one another.

Once again I will be watching the show every week.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Brittany at all. She is trying to hard to prove herself in a negative way. I like how Karen was being respectful of her and her life, and stuck up for her to Renee. Wonder what changed to make her try so hard to be Drita?
I love Karen. I think she has been the most level headed , loyal, and takes no crap from anyone. I hate she still gets targeted and harassed because of her Father but she handles it well. I hope Ang doesn't stay too blinded by Drita and her antics, If she doesn't trust Love, how the hell does she remain friends with Drita? How does she not see the antics?

Anonymous said...

I created a fake acct at Twitter. All the dick talk, ugly photos and basic calling others bitches is viewable to followers if they look into my page before following me or letting me follow them.

Mob Wives is a SHOW! It's entertaining but not something I want people to see that I want to work with in the field of things that I do professionally. I work with full figured women, my kid is one... and that shit that Nat G and now Drita put up isn't even cool.

WTF wants OTHERS to see that shit when I'm trying to do professional shit on Twitter TOO!!

The BS with Twitter, I thought would end with Nat G and I started using my own acct to comment, then that FR*CKEN pic went up and more followed.

Those bitches didn't and aren't keeping it real so why would anyone want them to be a part of their REAL professional lives unless they were in a reality show themselves or producing one.

When the cast members and fan sites start using their real names and their PERSONAL accts to comment.. so will I. AND since I know that is never going to happen, I'll remain blocked bc I'm not bring my $$$ into an area that WOULD cause me to lose it!!

Anonymous said...

Rene has always said she hates rats, period. How she and Karen deal with each is their business, they go very far back.
If anyone read Karen's book they should remember that when her father decided to "cooperate" she went ballistic, on him. But, she came to terms with what he did, even though I am sure she still does not agree with it but he is her father and she loves him. How can you not like a guy who sends you a card and signs it, Love, Your Father, Sammy The Bull?
As for Drita, who knows? I also recall when Karen was writing her book and finished the first chapter she was having lunch with Drita and asked her if she wanted to read it and Drita went nuts. I still can't figure out why she thought the first chapter of Karen's book would have anything to with her and/or Lee. Made no sense then, makes no sense now.
And me with my wonderful memory recalls a conversation Karen was having with her mother in Arizona where her mother told her not to ever trust Drita, and this was a few years back. Mother's know stuff

James Cooke said...


She seems to have forgotten that her son is in the same position as Brittany and Karen as his father her ex husband ratted on her father plus a ton of other people .,.. Hypocrite is what she is looking like atm... I mean the nerve she has smh

Melissa said...

The preview to be honest was a little disappointing. I want more details to come out about what Love has to say about Drita with respect at being at her house the night before Drita's party. You can't blame people for being suspicious of Love, because she was scorned and she said many disparaging comments about the show and Renee. I remember Drita treated Love like celebrity on the season 3. I remember Drita telling Love that she would watch her with her friends and thought she was cool or beautiful, or something to that effect when Drita was young. I think all of us are not to sure what really happened with Love, but it would be nice for them to come face to face, so we can hear the real truth. There are some thing that are facts, Carla defended Drita fiercely through season 1 & 2. Then when Carla was being attacked Drita did not stand up for her at all. Watch the seasons, there is no denying that. I am having a little trouble with Renee's opinion of Brit because of her father. Aj is in the same situation, so is Karen. I am puzzled why Renee would come down on her for children having to live with the consequences of their father. The new additions: First shot off Brit she is talking about how tough she is, it really looked like an act, no reason at that point to be on the defense because she had not met the girls yet. Now for Marisa, she had a bad attitude towards Brit right off the bat and calling her a lush and she does not even know her was a low blow. Last thought Drita is for sure on the defense, but what she is accusing Love and the other one's is exactly what she has done. Watch her interviews then watch her actions. Watch what she sez on the show and see her doing the opposite. For such a tough chick, she plays the middle and wants everybody to like her, so she is the biggest hypocrite. As I see more episodes, I hope things will clear up for me.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Renee's message was conveyed properly or she had trouble getting her point across. I think she is over any more new ladies coming on and on infiltrating, based on the last newbies, especially those who come with potential issues and drama. When she is emotional about something, I think she jumbles her own points. Maybe she knows more about Brittany's Mother and their case then we all do? I am not caring for Brittany that much and feel her and misplaced anger issues are going to be a problem. Hello Little Drita. Im not positive but I think her mother was also on ID' I married a mobster with Love. Renee did throw me with the whole putting her kid in foster care comment. We all know she would nevaaaahhh.