Friday, August 15, 2014

Mob Wives: Is Karen Gravano Coming Back?


You tell me! I have been doing a little detective work and it seems to me that Karen Gravano has been in New York all summer long. Coincidently, Mob Wives has started filming season 5. I can never resist speculation, especially when the facts add up to the conclusion I want . . . Karen is BACK!

Before you get too excited, I can't exactly confirm my theory with either Jennifer Graziano or Karen because they are locked into that Omerta Code of silence like the gold in Fort Knox. But, I have some tweets that make me think I am right about this . . . please let me know what you think after reading.

Here she is in NYC for July 4th!

On July 12th she is partying with Carla!

On July 16 or 17th she is hanging out with Love!

On July 23rd she is chilling with Renee!

On August 1st she is "Back at it" with Ramona!

On August 12th she is at the gym with Jennifer!

So today, like a good blogger who is really devoted to just one show and one show alone, I reach out to Jenn and ask her to give me something to blog about . . . she replies

"they'll be plenty of that!!"

So we will have plenty to talk about? I already do. Here's a little tidbit that kind of eliminates any doubts I have about Karen coming back. On August 11th, she was here in NYC and LOOKING FOR FURNITURE! Hello!

Is this undeniable proof or what?

So tell me, what do you think? Is Karen coming back to Mob Wives? Or am I delusional and relying on wishful thinking? I sure as hell hope it's true because I don't think I can get through season 5 without her!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mob Wives: Alicia DiMichele Finally Gets Sentenced!

Alicia tweeted her fans after sentencing

It sure as hell took long enough, but Alicia DiMichele finally got sentenced for her part in the embezzlement from the pension fund of employees in a trucking company she owned with her husband, Edward "Tall Guy" Garofalo. Alicia agreed to make restitution of $40,000 (well below the 3 million the union was seeking), said she was sorry and embarassed for her role, and received four years probation. Maybe crime does pay?

Alicia resigned from Mob Wives while her sentencing was pending for fear that being on the show and glamorizing the mob life, would make her "look bad" when facing the judge and result in a harsher sentence. Now that she has made her peace with the justice system and is free to do as she pleases, will she return to the show, which has been filming and due to premiere in December (last I heard)? I think there is a good chance she will. So far they have filmed a garage sale that Big Ang had . . . excuse me if I dont jump for joy.

Meanwhile, I have always hoped that Karen Gravano would return to the show she played a large part in getting on the air. Unfortunately, I can't confirm anything, as both Jenn Graziano and Karen Gravano seem to live by the Omerta code of silence when asked questions. However, wouldn't it be great if Karen and Alicia returned for season five and Karen got the opportunity to address Alicia's comments about her and her father, Sammy? That's a beef that needs to be settled and it's a great storyline. I guess time will tell.

Picture Credit: Alicia's Twitter Account

Friday, August 8, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: Ramona and Mario Split

Ramona Singer and Mario Singer

From the Bravo Blog Oct 15, 2010 titled "Together Forever?"

to this Tweet from Ramona . . .

There has been a ton of speculation over whether Mario allegedly cheated on Ramona with Kasey Dexter, or whether it was just a ploy to get the RHONY bigger ratings. They never did use this as a storyline on the show and Ramona was not willing to talk about it at all on part 2 of the Reunion show three days ago. But, soon after the show aired, Ramona tweeted that her marriage to Mario was over. According to reports Mario claimed to have called it off with his "mistress" this spring, but apparently he has been still seeing her and not discretely. They have been photographed together, dining, kissing, and holding hands this summer. Ramona allegedly threw Mario out at the end of July. However, despite Andy's relentless questioning on the Reunion show, Ramona insisted the couple was still together and rumors of Mario's cheating were simply "allegations." LuAnn seemed to contradict Ramona, saying "It's hard when your other half cheats on you." She indicated that Ramona said some cruel things to her regarding the breakup of her marriage and, while she has been very supportive of Ramona during this time, she seemed to get some satisfaction in saying, "Karma's a b*tch." 

I guess Ramona finally realized that when you live your life in a public forum and make your living from being on a reality tv show, you cannot keep certain painful aspects of your life private. As hard as she tried it was impossible to hide when Mario was out flaunting his alleged affair for all the world to see and photograph. He even had the audacity to say on the show "The best cheaters never get caught." Mario didn't try very hard not to get caught. Ramona seems to be done being in denial about it. 

Picture Credit: BRAVO

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: Carole's "Open Relationship" with Russ

Click on picture for larger view and let me know
if I earned my million dollars!

Did anyone hear Carole say she had an open relationship with her then boyfriend, Russ Irwin, last season. Aviva heard it. I could swear I heard it. But, did it really happen or did we imagine it? This is the kind of controversy I love to get to the bottom of. Like most viewers, I love Carole and what she brings to the show: intelligence, wit, a calming influence, good sense, and humor. I love Carole, but I don’t hate Aviva. Aviva brings the drama. I feel some compassion towards her. Her life wasn’t all a piece of cake. She lost her leg, she lost her mother, she was married to Harry and she was raised by a sex maniac. So I am going to cut Aviva plenty of slack and if she is right about this open relationship I want to see it for myself and perhaps earn the million dollars Carole offered to anyone who heard her say she was in an “open relationship,” because she denies it ever saying it.

First of all, what is an “open relationship?” By definition, an open relationship is defined as a couple being in a committed relationship, but are free to “see” other people. What I remember Carole saying that when Russ was in town they were together and when he traveled they were free to “date” other people. But, let’s see if Aviva and I need our ears cleaned or a lesson in open relationships. What did other people hear? Let’s go back in time to before the controversy became a controversy . . .

In August 2012, “Wetpaint” says: “Carole Radizwell . . . her casual, seemingly open relationship with rocker Russ Irwin.” I wonder where they got that from?

In July 2012, “Starcasm” reports: “Carole Radziwill has been extremely open with the fact that her and Russ Irwin have an open relationship. Carole lives in New York City and Russ lives in Los Angeles, and it seems this unconventional arrangement works for them! When they are in the same city, they reunite and do normal boyfriend/girlfriend activities. When they are apart, they live as single people — they even go on dates! ‘Russ and I are dating, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go to dinner with another man, or meet someone else for drinks,’ Carole explains.” That certainly seems to fit the definition.

In June, 2012, writes: “But it don’t mean a thing to Carole, nor to Russ. They are adults in a long-distance, ‘cool, casual’ (which I guess just means open) long-distance relationship.”

In fact, if you Google Carole Radizwell and “open relationship,” you will get literally dozens of blogs all saying that Carole had an open relationship with Russ. Did we all make the same mistake as Aviva? Or, did Carole’s choice of words describing her relationship lead us all to believe the same thing? 

And then there’s the July 2012 article by the New York Daily News who interviewed Russ Irwin at the time and this is what Russ had to say: ““It’s not easy to date or to try to have a relationship when you’re on the road,” he says, “but Carole and I get along great, and we keep the relationship open, and that’s one of the ways we make it work.” So even Russ understood it was an open relationship!

Finally, the June 11, 2012 BRAVO Blog says: “Over furs, Carole gives Aviva in update about her dating life. She's in a "situation" with Russ. They date when he's around, but when he's on the road (playing AEROSMITH SONGS) they are their own people.” 

It seems to me the evidence is pretty conclusive that even if Carole didn’t use the words “open relationship,” everyone heard “open relationship.” Aviva and I don’t need our ears cleaned. We don’t need a lesson on open relationships. Carole needs to own what she said or implied because even Russ thought the relationship was open and wouldn't he know? What is right, is right. Aviva is right. Did I earn the one million Carole offered? I would love to collect it!