Friday, August 15, 2014

Mob Wives: Is Karen Gravano Coming Back?


You tell me! I have been doing a little detective work and it seems to me that Karen Gravano has been in New York all summer long. Coincidently, Mob Wives has started filming season 5. I can never resist speculation, especially when the facts add up to the conclusion I want . . . Karen is BACK!

Before you get too excited, I can't exactly confirm my theory with either Jennifer Graziano or Karen because they are locked into that Omerta Code of silence like the gold in Fort Knox. But, I have some tweets that make me think I am right about this . . . please let me know what you think after reading.

Here she is in NYC for July 4th!

On July 12th she is partying with Carla!

On July 16 or 17th she is hanging out with Love!

On July 23rd she is chilling with Renee!

On August 1st she is "Back at it" with Ramona!

On August 12th she is at the gym with Jennifer!

So today, like a good blogger who is really devoted to just one show and one show alone, I reach out to Jenn and ask her to give me something to blog about . . . she replies

"they'll be plenty of that!!"

So we will have plenty to talk about? I already do. Here's a little tidbit that kind of eliminates any doubts I have about Karen coming back. On August 11th, she was here in NYC and LOOKING FOR FURNITURE! Hello!

Is this undeniable proof or what?

So tell me, what do you think? Is Karen coming back to Mob Wives? Or am I delusional and relying on wishful thinking? I sure as hell hope it's true because I don't think I can get through season 5 without her!


maharet1965 said...

OMG I hope you are right !! Last season sucked the big one without KG.she would have had Renee's back. Crossing my fingers !! :)

Chiara Soprano said...

I agree and I was dreading season 5, but now I have high hopes we won't be disappointed! Stay tuned for updates and I keep my eye on Twitter!

Michelle Hibbard said...

Oh please let it be true!!!! I dont think I can take another season of made up drama and fillers!

Anonymous said...

Love and Karen back in the same episode?? MAKE IT HAPPEN, JENN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Karen, Ramona and Love needs to come back to the show and for the producers of the show why bring Natalie back.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to not watch this show

Susan Testa said...

Two seasons ago I would've bet my left arm I'd NEVER EVER say these words out loud.."I'm sooooo hoping KG returns for season 5~~and I'm glad Natalie is a cast member; it didn't take her but 3 episodes to play the game well. Chiara, now I don't feel alone with the anticipated speculation.

Chiara Soprano said...

Susan, right now I think you are getting your wish because guess where Karina is? That's right, she has moved to New York and is going to school here. Sounds permanent to me.

Anonymous said...

I love Karen! She has always been one of my favorites. (Renee is my other favorite) I really look forward to her return. It was hard to watch Alicia say things about Karen without her being able to give her side of the story. Hope to see you back Karen!!!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Karen (never thought I would ever say that).

I can't tolerate Ramona.

Why not throw V. Gotti and Love into the mix. Both are vile creatures who think they're hard. Imagine their interactions.

Please get rid of Nat and Alicia. Can't stand them.