Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mob Wives: Alicia DiMichele Finally Gets Sentenced!

Alicia tweeted her fans after sentencing

It sure as hell took long enough, but Alicia DiMichele finally got sentenced for her part in the embezzlement from the pension fund of employees in a trucking company she owned with her husband, Edward "Tall Guy" Garofalo. Alicia agreed to make restitution of $40,000 (well below the 3 million the union was seeking), said she was sorry and embarassed for her role, and received four years probation. Maybe crime does pay?

Alicia resigned from Mob Wives while her sentencing was pending for fear that being on the show and glamorizing the mob life, would make her "look bad" when facing the judge and result in a harsher sentence. Now that she has made her peace with the justice system and is free to do as she pleases, will she return to the show, which has been filming and due to premiere in December (last I heard)? I think there is a good chance she will. So far they have filmed a garage sale that Big Ang had . . . excuse me if I dont jump for joy.

Meanwhile, I have always hoped that Karen Gravano would return to the show she played a large part in getting on the air. Unfortunately, I can't confirm anything, as both Jenn Graziano and Karen Gravano seem to live by the Omerta code of silence when asked questions. However, wouldn't it be great if Karen and Alicia returned for season five and Karen got the opportunity to address Alicia's comments about her and her father, Sammy? That's a beef that needs to be settled and it's a great storyline. I guess time will tell.

Picture Credit: Alicia's Twitter Account


maharet1965 said...

I hope Karen comes back. But I hope to not have to see Alicia again. It would be fun to watch KG put Alicia in her place though !!

Susan Testa said...

Alicia has paid her dues to society, and I hope she gets some peace now. KG and Alicia have some issues that need resolving..maybe it SHOULD be dealt with on the air..plenty of alibis readily available lol!

Anonymous said...

should have gotten 4 years in jail