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Real Housewives of New York: Ramona and Mario Split

Ramona Singer and Mario Singer

From the Bravo Blog Oct 15, 2010 titled "Together Forever?"

to this Tweet from Ramona . . .

There has been a ton of speculation over whether Mario allegedly cheated on Ramona with Kasey Dexter, or whether it was just a ploy to get the RHONY bigger ratings. They never did use this as a storyline on the show and Ramona was not willing to talk about it at all on part 2 of the Reunion show three days ago. But, soon after the show aired, Ramona tweeted that her marriage to Mario was over. According to reports Mario claimed to have called it off with his "mistress" this spring, but apparently he has been still seeing her and not discretely. They have been photographed together, dining, kissing, and holding hands this summer. Ramona allegedly threw Mario out at the end of July. However, despite Andy's relentless questioning on the Reunion show, Ramona insisted the couple was still together and rumors of Mario's cheating were simply "allegations." LuAnn seemed to contradict Ramona, saying "It's hard when your other half cheats on you." She indicated that Ramona said some cruel things to her regarding the breakup of her marriage and, while she has been very supportive of Ramona during this time, she seemed to get some satisfaction in saying, "Karma's a b*tch." 

I guess Ramona finally realized that when you live your life in a public forum and make your living from being on a reality tv show, you cannot keep certain painful aspects of your life private. As hard as she tried it was impossible to hide when Mario was out flaunting his alleged affair for all the world to see and photograph. He even had the audacity to say on the show "The best cheaters never get caught." Mario didn't try very hard not to get caught. Ramona seems to be done being in denial about it. 

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