Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mob Wives: Carla and Love Make Peace?

Carla comes face-to-face with Love

Who knows what is going on this season? After seeing the Super Trailer for Season 6, it's anyone's guess. I didn't think bringing Love back was an option and yet from the snippets we have seen for the promo, there she is face to face with Carla at the Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn. This was back in June 2015. Did this little face-to-face encounter come about by chance or by production company design?

They were all at the parade

Last time we saw Love and Carla together was at the end of season three at Drita's party. This is straight out of the Season 3 Finale blog I wrote in April, 2013 to refresh your memory:

Love says she demands and expects respect and she will get it one way or another. Karen tells Love if she needs to talk to Carla, then just talk, no violence. Karen then tells Carla that Love wants to talk to her. Love is trying to stay calm. Ramona says Karen needs to be alert if Love is near Carla. The three of them, Love, Karen and Carla, go off to a corner to talk. Carla and Love sit down. Karen is right there, beside them. Love has her cell phone out. Carla wants to know why Karen is there. Love says she is there “to keep me from knocking your teeth down your throat.” Love jumps up and lunges at Carla and grabs her hair. There is complete confusion and chaos. A mob gathers trying to break up the fight. Carla trusts no one. Drita is upset her party turned into a zoo. Karen is upset and wants to talk to Carla. She feels bad because it looks like she set her up. Carla feels set up. Carla’s hand is bleeding and Ramona tries to get close enough to help. Carla wants everyone to leave her alone. Karen is mad at Love for not even hearing Carla out. Karen tells Drita what happened and says she was standing right there to prevent any attack, but Love hit her. Carla is riled up and Renee feels bad for her. She says Carla is alone in a pack of wolves.

Karen needs to find Love to see if she is okay and what triggered her so quick. Karen goes out to the car and tells Love it looks like she set Carla up. Karen said she gave her word there would be no violence. Karen can’t calm Love down. Karen feels Love was wrong for hitting Carla so quickly. Drita is pissed with Love, she wanted them to just talk and air out their differences. Carla tells them what Love said about Karen being there to stop them from fighting. Karen is upset that she gave her word and Love went against it. Both Drita and Karen know it all looks like a set up. Love tells Karen all the reasons she is mad and Karen understands, but doesn’t like that it all happened so fast. Karen tells Carla that she didn’t set her up. Carla says she is done with Love. Drita says it doesn’t look good on Love’s part, she waited for Big Ang and Drita to leave to attack Carla.

All of season three was leading up to this confrontation. Love heard that Carla was talking about her behind her back and had had enough.  So, how did these two manage to get past their differences to even be on the same set filming together for Season 6? One would think there had to be a sitdown of some kind to iron out their issues. That would make for a very interesting scene!  And just between you and me, a source recently told me that the two of them are on speaking terms today.

Can't wait to see how this situation develops in Season 6 between these two ladies. Do they make up and move on? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Carla seems to me like someone you might want to be careful for. She's classy and quiet. She knew Drita had that big black eye but never said a word, still hasn't. She's only commented on stuff that had to do with her and her only and I like that about her.

She seems loyal but too trusting. I like that she knows how to forgive petty stuff and move on.
Love flipping out wasn't petty and I hope she apologizes to Carla for that. I can see Carla letting that go too and moving on.

I like Carla, she's classy until she gets mad and even the way she grabs someone is classy. GO CARLA!!

AND she's Italian and has her own boobs!!

ramona said...

Love did a great interview back after her season ended and said she barely knew carla and she had producers and renee in her ear about carla riling her up, the end party where she attacked carla she was put in another room for 2 hours with her cousin waiting while it showed everyone else partying then they let her through for the reason of confrontation. Karen also went on to say she was present when a producer told Love she had to hit carla. So any beef now would be interesting.... the new season looks soo good I cant wait

elhp45 said...

I heard the same interview with love love and she clearly said that the producers and Renee told her to hit Carla also if you go back and watch the second episode of the third season Renee was the one who told love Carla had a problem with her when it wasn't true at the time. My guess is that when Renee and Carla made up she probably fessed up to it and Carla became more inclined to forgive love. My question though is if Renee and love are on good terms because in that same interview she said Renee was an evil snake and tried to get her off the show. If you want to here the interview go on YouTube and search love majewski explains why she left mob wives Karen's picture is the thumbnail of the video.

adriana v said...

Insider has told me that Drita is the most popular mob wife and the others wanted her off the show as it means more camera time and endorsement deals etc... they refused to film with her and only would if she 'accidentally' turned up during a scene. Security was hired by some cast as she got so violent,
Dont know if this is true but they say renee strongly dislikes drita so much that she stopped filming halfway through the season and had 'health issues'..
How it works is the producer developers asks for your weekly agenda or gets in their ear saying so and so has been saying this about you you should talk to her we can capture it and picks up which bits they want to film and what storylines they want to develop...a lot gets cut and stories they want to build momentum will get edited in such a way with the occasional producers going as far as whispering into mobwife ears or giving wrong information.
We cant be naive though they want ratings its all for good filming and the producers to create some drama but hell we love it and this franchise has been very successful.

Anonymous said...

I read it was Lee that wanted Karen off the show. I also read that he had Drita's boyfriend Marc beat up.

I also read that Lee was the leader of a gang called Springville boys or something like that. I read that Lee and the Graziano family are tied to the Banano crime family.

We all know the Gravano name goes with the Gambino crime family. The Gravano name made that show and the characters are along for the ride.

Gotti should have left Paul alone. The route he (Paul) was on and trying to get the thugs to go along with is the route these girls seem to be trying to go. It's always the hot head that messes stuff up.