Friday, December 25, 2015

Mob Wives: PROMO "The Last Stand"

VH1 just released a new 30 second promo and with that two very interesting and exciting pieces of information. First of all the season premiere on January 13th with be a 2 HOUR episode!  I don't even want to think about how I am going to recap this myself!  Second, a big surprise for fans, another Mob Wife is returning this season! Love Majewski is in the video and will join the cast for another exciting season.  What more can I say? This is a great little Christmas present and it gives us a little taste of what is soon to come. Enjoy! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year.


Melissa said...

This season looks like the best yet. Alot of questions, how is Carla and Love going get past what happened between them. From the clip, I see Marisa is one tough chick and I believe without all the bullshit that Gnat brought. Is Drita ever going say she was wrong? Drita is huge Storyteller as Carla stated. I remember when Carla met Rene for lunch after the fight season 2, Carla was like, I heard that blood was everywhere from Ramona. Rene told Carla. Rene said no not at all, Drita is the one that got knocked. Little things like that started the doubts about Drita.I was one of her biggest fans and was denial, but she proved it over and over again and all that tough talk is getting old. So many more questions, this will be very interesting..

Anonymous said...

Oh, I went back to Season 2 for the roof fight. Drita got an ugly black eye. I'm sure she ended up going to the hospital. Karen tried to bring that fact out but Drita wouldn't say anything.

Drita is so fake, she's nobody's boss, maybe her own family's but not the girls.
Karen got her real good with one good punch.... and obviously put that weight behind the punch Drita is always complaining about.

OH.. and when she told Reene about hanging out with Karen.. wtf, she really tries to run things.

She's a joke, glad the show is ending.

Anonymous said...

Do we know how much a presence Love will have this season? Is she back as a full-time regular, part time like Nat D last season, or just a few sporadic appearances like Carla last season????

Chiara Soprano said...

We don't know how much air time Love will get, but I don't think she is in the main cast so it just may be guest appearances.

Anonymous said...

I like Love. I'm glad she's getting some air time.
She may be thuggish in her behavior but she's straight honest... a little paranoid on the angel wings emblem bc that's a very common image.

NatG and her twisted fan base on the Internet was too crazy to ever want to see her on TV again. She had fans accusing people of hacking and all sorts of crazy sh*t so her lies weren't uncovered.
Drita, to me, is so fake, her Albanian ties are almost scary.. almost.
I already don't like Brittney bc she's an admitted pot stirrer and thinks it's funny. She showed that on social media, nobody had anything to do with her posting her claim to it... but of course, Drita was on the other end of that stick.

I like all the OG's and don't consider Drita to be one of them. Maybe an original on the show but never a "G".

Three Drita remarks I'd like to see addressed:
1. When she threatened to bash Renee's head in if she talked to Karen again.
2. Her black eye from Season 2 where Karen jammed up her eye socket with one "phat" punch... which would address her claim to putting people in the hospital in later episodes.
3. Why did she turn on Carla?? Carla was like always there for her, even through the ugly black eye. Carla could have mentioned her eye anytime but never has.

I see Drita as a poser. Her 3rdd eye and strong claims to her Albanian roots is sort of twisted for her to be mixed in with the Italian American Mob beings they're mostly Catholic and reign from Italy. That's why, for me, Drita doesn't "fit" in at all.

Anyways, looking forward to the show and it's final season. It was great and I expect this last season to end well. I don't really see it ending well for Drita, to me, she's too much like Nat G... an outsider or on the wrong side of the whole mob life... IF you're about the mob life that is... really honestly and truly about it.

Even if it means moving into a different era with those ties. Drita doesn't have those ties.

Anyway, good luck to them all.

Anonymous said...

@ the anonymous above, the evil eye or "malocchio" is a thing in Italy too. Many Italians are very superstitious. Salt over the shoulder, making a cross with salt or flour when cooking/baking, always turning bread right side up, etc...
Drita's connection is Lee's father. Love is a Puerto Rican & Polish Jew. She doesn't have any connections besides friends & ex-bfs... but she's the real deal. That's why Drita doesn't fit in. Ethnicity and religion aside, Drita's a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Lee is connected too. Drita is connected by Lee and his father but we never hear about the father but do about Lee. Lee reminds me of someone without any class and a straight up thug and Drita talks just like him if not worst, for a woman that wants to come off as classy.

Drita is a gangsta in some episodes and trying to stay away from that life in others. Her boss killer line is when she threatened to bash Reene's head in if she talked to Karen again and then the next time Drita sees Karen, she kisses her on the cheek... OMG, what a fraud... you're absolutely right.

Yea, I don't think her religion or ethnic background define her unless she wants to be a "made" mobster... which with all her dick talk, that wouldn't be surprising.

What cracks me up is how these mob people don't get that all the hate and bs fighting is doing is exposing them more... but I would like to see Sammy speak on the whole tape thing bc every time I listen to some doc, it's Gotti's voice that's on all the tapes, including where he wanted Sammy whacked.

I think Drita would do a lot better without Lee. It's like she has displaced anger and loses focus on how to behave with Lee being such a jerk (mobster-like) to her... BUT she's in love.

I also think Drita went out on Lee and that's why she slipped out of the friendship with her single and classy friend Carla. I do not think Lee is handsome either, Drita is pretty though... when her veins aren't popping out of her head.