Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mob Wives: Our Interview with Marissa Jade

A new Mafia Princess

I just got off the phone with the beautiful Marissa Jade, one of the new cast members to join the cast of Mob Wives for Season 6.  Here's what she had to say . . . 

Hi Marissa, this is Chiara from M.O.B Wives Blospot.


I just want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Fans are very excited about Season 6 and the "new" mob wives. Can you tell me how did it come about that you were cast for the show?

My boyfriend's cousin's wife is close to all the girls on the show. They have known each other for years. One day she said to them, I know someone who would be great for the show, and they introduced me to Jennifer Graziano.

Can you tell us exactly what your mob ties or connections are?

My boyfriend is in the lifestyle. He is close to Renee's family. He also grew up with Lee D'Avanzo and they are long time friends. I have always been around the lifestyle, but my affiliation is through my boyfriend.

Marissa with her crew

We can see that everyone in the cast has issues with someone. You seem to have problems with Drita and Brittany. What if anything can you tell us about that?

I never had any intentions of being on the outs with anyone. I came into this season giving everyone a fair shot. But, if you show a side of yourself that is questionable, it shows me I can't trust you. I have no time for nonsense and two-faced people.

We can see you don't have time for much, you seem very busy in your career modeling, acting and even the comic, "Destiny: Queen of Thieves."

Yes I do have a lot on my plate. I book my modeling gigs through agencies and I do a lot of promotional events for the comic where I mingle with fans. I am very excited that the comic is going to be made into a live action movie in 2016 and I will be playing the lead character. 

Is there anything you can tell us about your filming experience with Mob Wives and the drama?

I didn't expect anything less from being on the show.  I experienced a lot of this type of drama as a teenager, but I didn't expect to relive it with mature women.  I am focused on my life and career and I don't have time for bullsh*t.

Marissa in the "Green Screen"
Wonder what she was saying!

What surprised you the most about season 6?

Nothing surprised me. The ones I thought would be troublemakers, turned out to be trouble makers. But, I enjoyed myself and 99% of the time I had fun and laughs.

Can you give us any hints about what we can expect to see? I have to ask because fans want to know and Jennifer tells us nothing.

(laughs) Expect to be entertained. You can expect that the truth and people's true colors will come out this season.

Well thank you for your time and I hope you have a Happy New Year.

Thank you, Happy Holidays.


Marissa is very pleasant and comes across as a down to earth, no nonsense, straight shooter.  Even on her social media you get the sense of how focused she is on her career. I think she is going to bring a lot to the table in Season 6. 

Don't forget the Season Premiere is January 13th at 8 PM and will be 2 hours long! 


Anonymous said...

I like her. She's pretty, classy and seems sincerely sweet.

Lia said...

I can't wait this is the one show I love...the girls look so different from season 1 it's interesting seeing how they utilised there 'platforms' and evolved into the successful women and created companies....
This is genius to bring back all the originals and get it back to the inner circle drama. Sadly the Philly girls ruined it some.....Nat g was disgusting, Alicia cried all the time.....ratings were low.
If anyone hears what the plan is after season 6? Is it a new network or spin offs?

Looks like drifta is angry all season...this is her back and forth flip flopping and lies catching up with her..... She had a good run last 3 seasons now it's time for answers.
Interesting that love is back I heard some great interviews she did about mob wives and the 'reality' behind it....she was treated badly by the producers. What's with the mermaid parade??

Only 2 weeks to go ladies and gents...
The blog is about to get very busy....all the best with it and thanks for making this site available for our rants, opinions and laughs. X