Monday, December 7, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Final Season?

Ang, Karen, Renee and Drita
Wonder what this scene is about?

"The Last Stand!" Looks like VH1 has made up it's mind. Mob Wives will come back for it's sixth and final season on January 13t, 2016! I don't believe it, but it's all decided and in black and white on their website and you can read all about it right HERE. Let me get myself a glass of Carla's prosecco and drown my sorrows before continuing . . .

Okay, I'm back. Season 6 appears to be going back to it's home roots in Staten Island with the original girls: Renee, Karen, Carla and Drita. They did add two new girls, Marissa and Brittany, to the mix. They are in different alliances. Marisa has teamed up with Renee, Karen and Carla. We have seen plenty of pictures and tweets supporting that. Brittany has aligned herself with Drita. Big Ang is still somewhere in the middle.

It looks like we are going to see where all the women are at this point in their lives. Maybe they will try to settle the unresolved issues between them. And hopefully, we will learn what the future holds for them.

Maybe they do all need to move on. The question is . . . are we all ready to say good-bye?  We have been there since before the show aired in April, 2011. There have been days so stressful I was ready to throw in the towel. But now that the end is near, I am not sure I am ready for this journey to end. Are you?


Anonymous said...

I'm ready for them to move on. I expect to still see Karen and Reene on TV, I expect it to go back to its mob roots, deep roots, family roots.

I hope the best for Drita and Gnat but on the real, they couldn't handle the truths or the fans that didn't totally agree with them. This is one reality show that really got real with fans calling it like they saw it. It got ugly sometimes, such is real life.

I'm very anxious to see what everyone ends up doing and how they're moving forward. Karen has been a big inspiration for me as far as writing and telling life stories goes.
Reene was real too, her ups and downs and her fight to maintain her sanity, sobriety and soul.. love her!!
Glad Big Ang is doing well and funny to see her on other shows. She's come a long way since she first appeared on the show.
I would have liked to have seen more on Carla's line and how she's marketing her wines and body products.

The show has been hella interesting since day 1. A lot of reality out of a show for the fans and all the women on the show.

Fortuna e amore a tutti voi!

*posting incognito bc you never know.. ;)

Margaret W. said...

Drita is no one's Boss !! Not even Lee's . I hope Karen sucker punches her like she ( Drita ) did in season 2 . Her book is gonna suck !! Karen's book was awesome and that kills Drita !! I am still wondering when Drita's " Double Whammy " is gonna happen so I can make sure not to watch it !! Lee is right she has nothing to write about. Oh I know she is a tough bitch :p ( NOT ) but who gives a rat's ass !! NOT I !! I also hope Carla has ALOT to say about what a good "friend " Drita is . Can't wait for season 6 but I am bummed it is the last season !! :'(

Unknown said...

Do you think that fight between drita and Karen happened during that sit down Karen tweeted about last week or do you think it was when all that Twitter stuff about Karen creating a monster was happening a couple of weeks ago.

Amberly said...

Nooooo this is the only reality show I really enjoy.... Unlike flippin 12 seasons of Kardashians....
I'm so upset and mad but I guess they want to go,out with a bang and maybe they have other things in the works.
I heard Karen's book maybe turned into a movie etc

This season looks great. Season 1 and 5 have been the best... season 4 by far the worst.
Well what can we do except watch and saviour all the moments thus season offers.

Does anyone know what kind of salaries vh1 pays these girls?

Anonymous said...

Drita seems to be hinting on Twitter that the show is leaving VH1 but will most likely be picked up by another network for Season 7.

Anonymous said...

@Blogger Margaret W.

Drita is just trying to complete with Karen.
Karen's life has been interesting. Her father was underboss for John Gotti, this is huge, this is book-worthy. Drita can't compete with that. Drita doesn't even have mob ties whatsoever like Karen does.
It seems like what Karen has Drita has to follow behind her. Karen had Lee, then Drita had to have Lee. Karen is writing a book, now Drita has to write a book.

Drita YOU have NOTHING that is interesting that the public wants to read.

Nick said...

Where was Carla during this photo and the fight between Karen and Drita...

Also do you notice how before Karen or Ramona can get anything out that fist start flying end of Season 1 then Beginning of Season 2 Just saying just saying..

Anonymous said...

Drita's book will probably be about the Mob Wives show and all the behind the scenes stuff. Drita, imo, is very under handed and will do, say or give what ever impression she needs to in order to be the center of attention.

It cracks me up she thinks she's the "boss". The name, "Lady Boss" wasn't even her idea.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care to see Drita in anymore Mob shows. She exaggerates too much and that's a bid on trying too hard to be accepted. She said her husband robbed a bank and from what the show says, he robbed an ATM machine.

To me, it's always that "outsider" looking in wanting a "life" so bad, they sell themselves out to role play.

Prayers of healing and peace to Big Ang and Reene. May everything good surround them.