Friday, February 19, 2016

Mob Wives: Karen & Carla Share Ang's Final Moments

Karen and Carla were at Ang's bedside hours before she passed. They talk about her final moments, the woman she was, and how they found comfort in the way she was loved by millions. They say Ang wouldn't want people to grieve her passing, but to celebrate her life. 

In private moments, sharing our grief over the loss of Ang, a friend of mine posted this picture of Ang, saying it was her favorite. I had never seen it before, but it felt so perfect at the moment. To see Ang in this way, looking so free and happy, with her wings spread and ready to soar. It gave me a little peace and comfort. 

Here is another video which is longer:


Anonymous said...

Love this picture and I feel it is a great representation of her being .
I watched the interview last night with Karen and Carla and they handled themselves well under the circumstances. Im happy that everyone who Ang loved and loved her back were there with her.

Anonymous said...

The interview I saw with Staten Island Advance yesterday said that Carla and Karen visited Ang in the hospital 10 days ago.
They werent there when she passed away.

Anonymous said...

I like that Carla has that almost goofy personality. She's made this so much easier for me. I cried Wednesday night for Ang, she went so far from when she first was on the show.

No matter what, nobody ever got mad at Ang, even Marissa and Ang was wrong on that one.. but still gotta love her!!

She was a star. I hope her family asks the governor for a pardon on her charge as her final tribute to her greatness!!

Loved ya Big Ang. A tear for a star doesn't seem fair.
I'm never buying another pack of cigs in your honor. I quit once, I can do it again.


Anonymous said...

Wow, really? We got to say what's what in death too??

Karen said she was there the last hour.
Carla didn't say whether she was there or not.

Ang loved Karen and Carla, she wouldn't want any arguing over what was what in her last hours.

RIP Big Ang!!

Chiara Soprano said...

This is from the SI Advance that I read "Gravano was with Ang last night, soon after she lost consciousness at about 1 a.m., she said."

"The most heartbreaking part was that we just thought, 'maybe we can beat this,' but reality kicked in, and her color was starting to just happened so fast," Gravano said.

Amberly said...

It was the pneumonia that was the cause of her death technically and the cancer was to aggressive. Maybe it was a blessing because she would have had a terminal few months and only got sicker.... She didn't deserve to suffer.
I imagine if we all feel so sad and the huge loss I can only imagine how her family feels. It's so hard to watch the latest season now..
I don't know how Karen got through that interview without sounded like she was there in the last hours. Drita must be a wreck she really leaned on ang and allied with her the past few seasons.....
It's just so sad....

Anonymous said...

Completely disgusting how Drita and NatG are making this about themselves.
"A report says, 'No rats allowed'", that's so messed up!!

I lose more respect for Drita on a daily basis!!

WHY Karen wasn't at the wake makes sense with GNAT and Driters making it about them.

IF people are mad that Karen did that interview after Ang died.. I'll say this:

It is ALWAYS Karen's sites that I go to in order to find out what is going on.
REGARDLESS of what happens, Karen has ALWAYS tried to make the show work out!

Drita and her fake ass body guards is just too messed up for words. Gnat sticking with her RAT storyline is just disgusting.

So WRONG on so many levels!

Chiara Soprano said...

Karen was at the wake to pay her respects. The article from TMZ says she isn't invited to the Disco Party Ang wanted. I'm not so sure that is true. If so it is extremely insulting and certainly not what Ang would have wanted.

Unknown said...

First of all it was Carla and Renee who made the comments about Drita making it about her whilst a new article ran what the family allegedly said... How ever Dom detore has publicly thanked Drita today so I guess the story was bullshit.
So how classless of Carla and Renee to throw shade, have a dig whilst people are mourning. People mourn and grieve completely differently and let's not forget that just a day or two before Ang sadly passed away so did Dritas brother in law.
I've always been a Carla fan but there is a time and a place. Maybe Drita knew fans would be there and the body guards (being the favourite of the show whether this blog likes to believe it or not) wanted them kept away so she could pay her respects.
Was Karen there? There are no photos of her there. Speaking of Karen I found it tasteless that a day after she had passed they were doing interviews, yet Renee says people should cry in quiet. What she meant was Drita should cry in private cus i don't like the woman.
NatG only went after Carla because Carla went after Drita. Drita, Nat and Alicia all went for dinner together after the wake.
We do not know how close they are over Karen's friendship. We aren't them so nothing about it. Even in Ang's death some of you still can't give it a week before you start on your I hate Drita crusade

Southern Plaid said...

Just read that Drita showed up to Ang' s wake with Bodyguards. How disrespectful! Its always has 2 b about Drita! Dumpster Juice!

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all some of you are wrong about assuming some other gossip blogger is correct about Karen .and Carla whatever- Chiara I saw what you did ! No one should be stalking anyone's( that tweeter who shall not be named going after Carla ) Instagrams to create a story like another blogger or whatever they call themselves that is a half a cuss word anyway. Its trashy and speaks volumes. Carla and Renee were there, we weren't. So Ill take what they say as true , Nat g and Alicia are so so irrelevant and are stage 5 clingers at this point and they are also giving an appearance as a team for Drita. So gross. None of this should be going on with Ang not even in the ground yet! Who can go, who can't.. Ang defended Karen even though disagreeing about her Father- she was still a friend and cared for Karen and the others so if she isn't included in any services thats disgusting. Why is Nat G even tweeting about the others and a do not enter list? I thought services were open to the public anyway? It just shows her true colors and what a fame chaser she is. At a time of death look whom is looking for attention. Enough said. Also I highly doubt Ang would say Karen of all people were denied going when she herself had a record!

Anonymous said...

Dom thanked everyone that commented, including Karen. So I guess the story that she was banned is bs too.

Drita is NOT that popular. Wow!

And Nat G going after anyone because someone else did blah, blah to someone else is Nat G's way of making noise so she's mentioned again.

Drita should have made the peace she promised she would and paid her respects like the others did.

What hate on Drita crusade? We have a right to comment just like you do.

Southern Plaid said...

Drita has sunk to a whole new low. Bodyguards @ a Private wake? who does that?! Speaks volumes about her ego. What? Did she think she was gonna get jumped?

Southern Plaid said...

I hope Karen did go to the wake. Its a shame that 20 plus years have passed ,& she is still catching the ramifications of her Father's past. Truly sad. Ang & Karen had a genuine friendship.

Nick said...

IMO maybe they were hired bodyguards by Angs Family... But then if Karen and Britany werent invited there would be no point.. Drita isn't beefing with Carla or Renee on the Level she has with Karen... But I saw the pics of Drita and Bodyguards or not maybe she was too hysterical about Ang it happens... Maybe they wanted to make sure she got to her car safely or maybe they wanted to get her outside where she can get some fresh air and not pass out.. If any of you have ever been to a funeral there are a number of reasons..

Also I saw Dom thank not only Drita but he thanked Karen underneath Dritas tweet... I dont know where everyone is finding these tweets where ppl are beefing but I didnt read anything negative on Any Of the OG Mob Wives Twitters....

Also IF and thats an IF it is True that the family is mad that Karen did an Interview about Ang... Well Carla was next to Karen doing one too yet she was at the Funeral.. Also how can the family get upset about an interview.. To me Death Bed Photos are worse.... Again this JMO...

Tedesca said...

NYP quotes a relative of Ang, who said Karen and the new blonde girl were not allowed to come to the wake because of the past, which means their fathers.

Southern Plaid said...

The interview was so generic, & highly respectful. Did the family think that only the family should be giving interviews? Truly believe both ladies would never disrespect Ang., or her family.

Chiara Soprano said...

I won't comment on the going's on at the Funeral Home. There is enough media coverage and speculation on that. As for this interview, I didn't see anything wrong with it. Carla and Karen have been long time friends of Ang, plenty of people are asking them questions and they took a few moments to share their memories and her final moments for all fans to see and hear. It's exactly what goes on at every funeral I have attended. So it was taped and put online? That's what results when a celebrity dies. Better to hear things from people directly involved who loved Ang, than a bunch of rumors.

Anonymous said...

So am article online today says that the body guards were hired BY the family and were not for Drita but for all the Mobwives.
Of course you hate Drita- anyone who bashes anyone who is in grief can't think of that person kindly.
The IG post was deleted by Carla and so was renees comment.
In regards to Nat G- we know she is friendly with Janine and clearly was friends after the show with Angela. Why wouldn't she be there? And why shouldn't she comment on something? If we're saying it's ok for Carla to feel a certain way and report false information why isn't ok for Natalie to come to someone's defence who was actually being attacked for something she didn't do. The only person who has been quiet in all of this is Drita.
Looks like the blog was wrong and Karen wasn't invited and neither was Britney because of family ties. Maybe that was on Angela's request or the families but either way if the family didn't want someone there then that's their business. She was their loved on not ours.

As I stated previously though- this Drita crusade some of you are on is so so sad. Less than a week after she has lost two close people to her and people are writing all sorts about her. Give the woman a break. Let's hope losing two people and your grief process is never brought into question

ChrisGonzWA said...

That show never would have launched had it not been for Karen Gravano. She has been everyone's story line at one time or another. Drita wouldn't have a life like she has now if it wasn't for Karen.

It was her name and her father's actions that kept everyone coming back. When the show is over, the only name that will continue on in will be the Gravano name.

It's okay to cash in on that name, to use for ratings but when it comes down to being a REAL and LOYAL friend.. everyone flunks out except Karen.

Karen is also the ONLY cast member that keeps everyone coming back. She will rise above this too!!!

elhp45 said...

The bodyguards were hired by the family to prevent paparazzi from taking pictures they saw drita in pain and helped her outside they weren't her personal bodyguards. The media is saying ang's family was upset by how she broke down but it's not true cause they invited drita to stay afterwards. Carla showed her true colors by attacking drita for grieving and blaming the family for the reports she really is a bad person.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how nasty people can be at a a time like this although I shouldn't be surprised. Keyboard gangsters everywhere. I feel so bad fro Carla being attacked by all of these nasty strangers and one who rides Drita's jock way too hard- its pathetic. Im glad Jenn G finally got involved and said something! Carla said nothing wrong and nothing direct about Drita so its pretty funny how her computer gang went right for Carla and brought Drita's name into it. Its disgusting that they are starting fights with the ladies while grieving and kudos for other bloggers and sites for NOT engaging in that! Only those who have been attending know what is true, I doubt Ang would ban any of the ladies as she was friends and friendly with them all and this sing even something that should be fought over at this time, if at all.

Anonymous said...

Karen and Brittany were told not to go for their own safety since their family not sure which were rats and afraid for their safety. Drita and Ang were the closest and knocking Drita is simply wrong she is heartbroken she lost her close friend Ang. If that even is a bodyguard it looks more like Lee her husband. I dont blame drita if it is a bodyguard u can never b too safe at some wakes. God bless Ang her family and friends and us fans don't need this negative nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Anon above about Karen and Britt not allowed to be there and why- I don't think thats accurate, and to Drita fans- no disrespect but enough is enough. None of these women deserve to be targeted, its sad for ALL of them not just Drita, Drita and Ang were not the closest , and its not a friend competition. They were for tv in Drita's eyes through, if I am to add my 2 cents. Now for all the accusing and gossip- if you fans of Drita's want to push certain stories are we then to believe all the other stories that say Ang and Drita were on the outs and made up on her deathbed , cause thats out there also. I don't see anyone bringing that up

Anonymous said...

Please find me the article that says Drita and Ang were on the out

Jim Jones said...

I for one am just glad Karen was able to say goodbye to her friend and pay her respects to her family...all the other stuff is just a bunch of fuckin bullshit...

Jim Jones said...

Anonymous said...

Anon above questioning me- I will not post a link here as its not my site but you can google yourself dated 2/19/16.. Hollywood Life. " Big Ang and Drita make amends at her deathbed"As I said above, but comprehension is KEY. You don't see people running crazy ( because respect) with that article do you? So why assume all that negative is true about all of the other ladies? Being banned, anything nasty /negative? That was my point so if you believe one article in favor of Drita then we should believe ALL? Cant have both ways so all are true or none are- that was my point . Im happy that Karen was able to go and grieve and pay her respects. Someone mentioned above about no rats. I find that a hideous thing /excuse as Renee was married to one but her and Ang were friends for over 30 years ,making AJ her son part of that theory and Ang LOVED AJ. She also never treated Karen like crap because of her Father. Im sick of this rat labeling and excuse as the ladies themselves were not rats and should not be treated as such. RIP ANG .

Anonymous said...

To the Drita Defenders.
You remind me of a replay of Gnat and her begging to get back in, stay relevant and cover all the lies of the past.

Karen was so nice to Drita at first. There were lies Drita told that Karen could have fronted Drita on and hasn't.
From Season 2 Ep 1, Drita told lies on Karen and Karen still never told the truth on Drita.

Example: Drita told people she put Karen in the hospital after the rooftop fight, when in reality, it was Drita that go so socked up she had to have been seen at a doctor's or hospital and Karen NEVER said a word about it.

Drita's dirt over the past has been brushed under the rug and covered with the hoopla of a "fight", which we never saw until AFTER the show on someone in the streets.
Karen said way back that Drita was a psycho and Drita said she wanted to set a good example. Drita got too wrapped up in "making that money" she wished Karen to make (have a screenshot)way back in S2E1.

I feel bad for Karen bc she had very happy eyes when the show started and doesn't anymore. I wish her the very best and the most prosperous future. I pray she finds that happiness that puts the shine and sparkle back in her eyes.

Drita, I always had a feeling she was one of those girls that act innocent and are really vampires.. they go to suck the blood and life out of you.

Drita is cool with whoever she thinks will benefit her and losing Ang was a huge blow to her book and future with the mob movement currently going on.

Karen's fans have every right to call things as we see them. I'm not a Drita hater bc there's nothing to hate. She steals ideas and is too * not to realize she's showing the public that.

Susan Testa said...

Absolutely well put