Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mob Wives: RECAP "The Sit Down," Ep 605

Ready for a Sit Down?

Drita has to come

Drita struts into the warehouse where the other four ladies have been sitting and waiting since last week. Drita wants the girls to "stop poking the f*cking lion." I guess that's her new persona. I remember when she was a tiger. Renee says the mood of the whole room changed and got dark when Drita entered. Carla starts by saying they were all very good friends at one time in their lives. Karen says that why they are all there because they were friends. Carla says she knows Drita has a problem with her, but Drita isn't saying what it is. Carla says she noticed it when Drita walked out of Renee's Party. Drita thinks that Karen making up with Renee is not normal. Carla says then she heard the whole thing at the parade when Love said something about Drita. Drita says she told Love don't think I'll be ok if you hit Carla in front of me. Ang asks why would you care about Love? Carla yells it's not about Love it's about the f*cking friendship and that's why we are all here to establish the f*cking friendship! Carla says I don't care what she said you said, "you should have said you aren't hitting her whether I'm there or not. But you didn't." And then Carla adds she told Drita something in confidence and she found out she told Ang. Drita says she told Ang because she was worried about her. Renee wants the two of them to admit they were hurt. Drita says the last person that should be trying to get us together is Renee.

A lot of talking, like a reunion show without a moderator!

Not everyone agrees

Drita is upset that Renee and Carla made up when they hated each other. Renee doesn't understand how Drita doesn't get that she and Carla have been friends for 30 years, got into a fight and made up. Drita wants to know what Renee thinks a friend is. Renee explains. Renee calls out Drita for saying she is the core of all the problems. Renee says she is sick of Drita picking on her. Drita says Renee fought with everyone. Karen says Drita fought with everyone. Drita admits she was wrong for saying Renee is the cause of all the problems. Renee says they all have issues bigger than what is going in this room and wants to get to a resolution so they can all be around each other. Renee apologizes for her part. Carla says she was hurt by Drita saying "we aren't friends like that any more." Carla says she considered Drita a good friend. Drita apologizes. They all agree to leave everything in that room and not talk sh*t about each other any more. Everyone is happy. Drita never wants to hear anyone talked about her after this sit down. Frankly, I didn't see any real resolution. I heard a lot of talking over each other, a couple of apologies that came out of nowhere and a "resolution." It was almost like a magic trick that you watch, don't know what happens, but in the end the rabbit comes out of the hat. Hmmmm. Well it's only episode 5 so maybe this resolution will dissolve?

Renee, AJ and Andrea wearing fur coats at minus 5 degrees. Renee wants the kids home with her after she paid for a medium to check out the ghosts. She also wants them to get engaged. Renee is going to bribe Andrea with some of her own bling and AJ with a Rolex. They agree to stay there part time. Renee will settle for that.

Marissa and her boyfriend's sister, August, go to a jean shop. Apparently O.Z.'s birthday is coming up. Marissa tells her about the girls, Karen and Renee. Then she tells her about Brittany who is a flip flopper and hangs with Drita. She doesn't like Brittany, but if she wants to bring the tiger out of her she will get mauled.

Brittany meets with all the girls

But soon gets fed up when she hears 
Marissa is still talking about her

The OG girls go out for drinks and in walks Brittany. Bada Bing Bada Boom. Ang brings up Marissa and tells Brittany Marissa said she is a flip flopper. Carla explains the flip flopping remark is about when they were in the Hamptons and Carla told her Drita said "they weren't friends like that any more." Brittany had plenty to say about it. But, at Ang's party, she hung out with Drita the whole time like they were best friends. Renee says Marissa was thinking Brittany's loyalty should be to Karen. Brittany says she is loyal to Karen. Brittany is fed up with Marissa always talking about her to the these women trying to cause trouble for her. She's always in her business. Renee thinks they should talk it out, it's not that serious. Karen feels she is in a weird position. Brittany's father and her father have a long relationship and she has history with Marissa, so she is caught in the middle.

Carla calls her kids Joseph and Carmen to help her pack. She is moving out of her house she has been in for 13 years. It's too big for her to maintain alone. She says there are so many memories in the house, but she has to move on to better things. Carla calls Joe, her ex, because the kids are acting up. He is really no help.

Marissa and Carla are waiting for Karen and Drita to join them at a restaurant. Carla says she closed on both houses and she is ready to move. Everyone sits down to chat and they are all happy and cool with each other. Marissa throws the "lush" word around for a few laughs, but it gets Drita's attention. Drita wants know what her issue with Brittany is? Why is she calling her a lush and flip flopper? Marissa explains why she called her a flip flopper, she's talking about Drita behind her back one minute and then she is best friends with her the next. Drita points out that Marissa says she doesn't care what Brittany is doing, but she cares enough to talk about her. Karen feels caught in the middle. Drita tells her Brittany said Marissa back paddled on what she said.

Big Ang is visiting Renee and she shows her how she redecorated AJ's room for him and his girlfriend. Ang isn't thrilled with what she sees. She hates the colors. Renee says she smoked a joint and decorated. Ang says "I could tell." Ang decides she has to take over and spruce it up a little to make it nice. Ang tells her don't smoke pot or hang anything ever again.

Karen and Karina go to the salon. Karen tries to spend time with her daughter whenever she can. She has grown up so fast. Karen is very proud of Karina for how well she adjusted to living in New York. Karina thanks her for making her stick it out, now she loves New York. Karina is pursuing a modeling career and it's good for her confidence. Karen tells her how Brittany and Marissa don't get along. They both like Brittany, but Karen wants them to solve their issues.

Carla and Drita see Brittany coming with an attitude

Another get together at a bar with Brittany, Marissa, Renee, Karen, Carla, Drita, Ang. Brittany is going there with an attitude, ready to fight Marissa and it won't take much to set her off.  Brittany arrives and the other ladies are trying to talk Brittany down. Ang and Drita decide take her to another table to talk to her. But Brittany is already fed up with Marissa and ready for a fight. While they are alone Drita tells Brittany that Marissa said "Brittany better be monotone with me." Brittany gets even more agitated. She wants to kick her in the face. She already said too much. Karen says she brought Brittany into the group and wants her to respect her enough to just talk. Karen doesn't like it that they took Brittany off to another table because it looks like they are creating sides, conquering and dividing. Karen goes over and tells Brittany she wants them to squash it in a mature way because she is in the middle. Karen wants her to hear what Marissa has to say. Brittany tells her to "get the f*ck out of here." Brittany is not in the mood to talk. Marissa arrives decked out in her bathing suit and cover-up. Not exactly fighting attire.

At Ang's party Brittany never left 
Drita's side

Brittany tells Ang and Drita when they left the Hamptons they had an understanding for Marissa to keep her name out of her mouth. Ang, trying to calm Brittany down, points out Marissa is not dressed to fight. Brittany says she came in flats with her hair in a braid and she is ready for a fight. Marissa says it's hilarious they had to pull that rabid b*tch aside like she is foaming at the mouth. Karen tries to get them to talk it out respectfully. Marissa agrees. They finally get Marissa and Brittany together  at the same table alone to talk. Karen wants them to have a one on one to talk it out. Brittany immediately asks Marissa what the f*ck her problem is? Marissa says she doesn't have a problem. Brittany confronts her with everything she has been saying about her, including flip-flopper and cheerleader. Marissa says she didn't say cheerleader and tries to explain what she did say. Brittany isn't letting her talk. Brittany calls Renee over to verify what Marissa said. Renee says Marissa never said cheerleader, she did. Brittany tells her you got a problem with me because we could fight. Within seconds Brittany lunges at Marissa and everyone else jumps in to separate them.

Brittany seemed to get a good shot at Marissa
and the cameraman is right there to get it all

And so we wait to see what next week brings. Keep an eye on Twitter, the drama is spilling out into social media!

NOTE: Based on next week's episode we learn that Brittany did not make contact with Marissa at all, but in fact Marissa pops Brittany in the forehead and seems to get a kick in as well before security breaks it up.  See next week's blog!


On a more serious note, some of you may or may not know that Big Ang has had a setback with her health and is fighting cancer once again. We at the blog send our prayers and positive thoughts to Ang and her family.  A special Go Fund Me account has been established to help finance her medical care at Also, the MobCandy store is selling T-shirts to help the cause.

Please take a moment or two in your day to say a prayer for Ang.


elhp45 said...

At the end of the day these two are fighting over a few words being said while big ang is literally fighting for her life it really puts things into perspective if there is a god please help big ang.

Leah said...

I've worked out what's gone wrong with the show..........tonight's episode flashed back to season 1 scenes and that was easily the best showed how families that had a loved one connected with la cosa nostra struggled and went the drama and were affected it's turned into he said she said and how much they want to hurt beat each other up and when it finally comes to blows it gets broken up before anything really happens!!!!

Ambrley said...

Great blog I totally agree with the sit down in the warehouse....nothing was resolved they didn't really address anything just a few accusations and a couple random apologies and then they are all was terrible and edited badly. We can't these ladies talk normally and give sides of stories and make sense!!!! It jumped all over the place......another built up and pointless scene. Big ang has really stirred the pot this season...if u watch she has been the one to talk and put her foot in it.
Renee has no storyline this year.......or Carla........I want to see how there business are going and more of there families!!!!
The constant bitching is tiring this year and getting old.....the new girls constant battle is getting boring.
I agree that the episodes where they show there kids and families and contact with loved ones are much better than all this extra ness of new girls fighting and constant bickering.
Marissa does herself no favours she comes across as a total's sad cause she might be a nice girl.....if she would humble herself a bit it would save face.
Does anyone else think it's completely awkward now with drita and the girls all hanging out??
Drita was just hurt she was left out and instead of admitting it she just got angry and threatened was obvious . Does this make her a dildo too now?
I'm curious to know if Karen had even met britney before the show started filming??

Chiara Soprano said...

Well Amberley you raise a lot of great points and questions. I am in agreement with a lot of what you say. Carla's storyline should be her issues with Drita. I think the issues were much bigger than what came out in the warehouse. If Drita did walk out so Love could hit Carla that is unforgivable. Drita saying they weren't friends for no apparent reason? Yes there was a reason! At the end of season three she sold out Carla, Ramona and Karen and broke their pack. Drita is guilty of that but no one confronted her about that. If Drita was left out that could be the reason why. I would find it awkward to hang out with Drita after all that, but I'm not a Mob Wife lol My understanding is Karen met Brittany during or right before filming and took her into the group because of their fathers' long time friendship.

Melissa said...

The sit down as we all know did not get to core of the issues what so ever. Drita flaked on Carla, Ramona and Karen and broke the pact they made and went back to the show when all the other girls thought she was on same page. To quote Karen,"they were replaced by two irrelevant bitches". I believe that is why she was snubbing Carla, because of guilt or maybe she really did not care about Carla, obviously. What I found interesting was that when Drita met up for drinks with Marisa and the other woman except Brit, she questioned Marisa about Brit and in a way stood up for her, someone she just met. Did we ever see Drita stand for Carla in any sort of way when Carla was the odd man out instead of Drita? Carla stood up for Drita season 1 and season 2, season 3, things flipped and Drita kept her mouth shut. In my opinion Brit is a Drita wannabe and to me that is laughable. The way she spoke to Karen in the episode last night was showing off for Drita. Drita has a new puppet, lets see how far she leads Brit in the wrong direction for her own purposes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment that Marissa might be likable if she could bring it down a notch, just a little more humble. Brittany came to the bar dressed like a middle-schooler all ready to fight - it was a little hard to watch. Especially the way she spoke to Karen... I think she said get the F*** outta here? That was uncalled for and way out of her place.

And Carla and Drita... I agree that if Drita really did walk out so Love could jump Carla, then that is unforgivable.

Also, one of the new girls on twitter keep throwing around the word "old" (I think to insult Carla).. as if its not something to be proud of.. Listen, you will be the same age as Renee, Carla, drita.... someday, and it will creep up on you sooner than you think. You better hope you look as good as they do.

Now, the fight scene, once again, we can't tell what the heck happened. I read on twitter that Marissa got the better of Brittany... does anyone have the scoop? Someone has to know someone who was at the bar.....

Anonymous said...

Brittney and Marissa, especially Marissa, fake. I can't even watch this Marissa's phony, look-at-how-sexy I am. Zero, no personality. Ang, Drita, Carla, Renee...real.'re trying too hard. Stop. I'm requesting a refund for the season due to Marissa. Seriously, who can stand to be around that? The fake hair stroking. ...look at me...look at me...uggghjj!!!

Anonymous said...

And Karen is too large for the outfits she wears. I'm a larger woman too. Don't wear that please.

elhp45 said...

To be honest I find it more weird that Carla is hanging around Renee and Carla I mean come on Renee called Carla a filthy dirty husband stealing cunt while Karen in the season 3 reunion said Carla got what she deserved with love attacking her and not only that goofed on the fact that Carla's uncle was a rat and was killed with a canary and gave interviews exposing this really personal family issue So I don't know if you agree with me but selling someone out and calling them a mothball is nothing compared to attacking someone's character, be happy they got beat up, and viciously attack their families. I really wonder what Carla's cousins and other family members think about her relationship with Karen after all she said. I think it was Drita who tweeted something about Carla's sister still hating Renee and Karen a while back and Carla responded by saying that she has a right to be friends with anyone no matter who likes them or not which to me sounds like it's true anyways regardless of whether you agree or not you have to admit I make an understandable point

Ash said...

On Twitter or maybe Instagram ages ago someone posted they were at the bar it was in Jersey and saw the mobwives filming and the 2 new girls were fighting saying the blond looked to be the victor.. Sorry that's all I can do. maybe hashtag mobwives you could search that way to find her? The fights are terrible anyway they get broken up way to quickly and not much really happens. The girls were much more authentic in season 1. The fights were better ....

Anonymous said...

That was so tacky for Britt to brag about being grown and then dresses down to fist fight. So stupid that she keeps on Marissa about bringing her name up after the Hamptons when Britt was talking stupid on Marissa in the car ride.

It's SO obvious that Britt is jealous of Marissa. So is Drita. They want to clown her but FACT IS:
Marissa still models.
Marissa HAS a movie coming out and a REAL script.
Marissa has a comic character fashioned after her.
Marissa is NATURALLY beautiful... without makeup AND early in the morning!
Marissa isn't jealous or afraid of anyone.

Britt has fake hair.
Britt has fake front teeth.
Britt is NOT pretty to wake up to... and does NOT look good without makeup.
Britt was the FIRST one to throw shade in the RIDE to the Hamptons.
Britt is begging so hard for attention, it's desperate. She will end up with a dickneck too!

An interview with AfterBuzz said that Marissa was told she was going to a "beach party". Britt was NOT dressed for a beach party. It's a crazy look for Britt and seems only to be there to help save Drita's ass from the scandalous things she did to Ramona, Carla and Karen.. more Karen and Carla bc they were the ones that helped put that whole show together in the beginning.

Hope Britt is being paid HUGE for her "role" in the show.

Anonymous said...

The fights in Season 1 were less scripted in. I think there was always that element of a "set up"... where certain cast members knew there would be a fight and others didn't.

Seems with the "fights" still going on, they are obviously staged towards one person. This time it's Marissa that thought she was going to a beach party. Before that, Nat G that said she'd been "set up" more than once. Before that, it was Carla and it's pretty obvious she was mad for reals afterwards and was about exercising her legal rights!!!

For me, I think the fights should be in a ring... or on a beach, whatever.. as long as both fighters know what's what. That surprise for ratings is what people are starting NOT to like.

It's too underhanded and obvious.

Anonymous said...


Drita is that you?

elhp45 said...

No is this you Karen?

Hey you said...

Welll, I think Brittany and Marissa are a good include for this last season. However, they are fighting! Lol
With all the twitter drama I've seen before the start of the season, I don't think The Sit-down worked.
Lastly, Big Ang is a strong person and I hope she is kicking cancer's ass.

Anonymous said...

When spoken to directly, Drita still never owns anything or gives any answers about anything. She still threatens , gets her tough guy on, and wreaks havoc. I just dont get it. Someone tell me again how that gets believers and fans?
Brittney is a terrible actress and an obvious Drita follower/wannabe.
I appreciate how all of the ladies besides Drita and her puppet are authentic, upfront and go directly to a source when need be.

stacy said...

I find it hilarious that the Anon above seems to have woken up with both Marissa & Brit at one time and knows what they look like w/o makeup and who has real or fake

Anonymous said...

They were shown without makeup on the show Stacy & on Twitter. Brit's veneers almost fell out more than once... lol...

Anon said...

Get over on Twitter and check this video posted by @brattinyc.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it maybe not the right spot to post but I don't have twitter.

I've heard that Drita got arrested fighting a neighbour because of Lee.
Apparently, the woman Drita fought with is her Ex employee and they're feuding via facebook since ages. The women is also in touch with karen and Carla. There's a youtube video and a facebook link:

Do you know anything about this story?