Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mob Wives: Girl Fight Action with Drita D’Avanzo

The language of love

I love the Mob Wives Gods.  Early this morning Undabawse asked me if I saw the videos.  I replied, “What videos?”  Well I get to watch an angry man tell a woman to, “…suck a d*#$…”  over a parking spot.  Honestly I’ve told people to, “suck a diseased d!@# “ for much less.  I know I should be ashamed of myself.


Anywhooooo, I think it’s Lee D’Avanzo.  Please note, I think as I’ve never sucked his pickle.  The balding man makes a call and addresses someone as Drit.  Could this be Lee calling his boo kitten over to beatdown a woman over a verbal disagreement?  Now that’s a winner to hitch your wagon to ain’t it?

Now I cannot 100% type that it’s either one of the D’Avanzo’s.  However, I would bet $20 that it is indeed the sweet, role model of a Staten Island dynamic duo due to the language and the God awful attire the stick figure is wearing. If that isn’t Drita gear I don’t know what the Hell is…..

Is it Wednesday?  It sure in the stoop is and I’ll be watching Mob Wives tonight to get a glimpse of my favorites Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano.

Hey JENNIFER, can Love Majewski and Ramona Rizzo get some air time?  I mean really it is the last season.  VH1 is the network to watch tonight.

P.S. While I was at work TMZ has shared that Drita D’Avanzo has been arrested. Well surprise, surprise…..

Hasta luego,
                    Mob Mistress


Margaret Winningham said...

What a couple !! I thought Drita said Lee looks like " The Rock " wow I guess I haven't seen him lately because that dude in the Video looks NOTHING like I remember " The Rock " looking . I'm glad she got arrested no one is above the law . You cannot go to ppl's homes and beat them up while their children are there . Also when you are a celebrity and you own businesses it is not wise to drive to some ones home to hit them . DUMB !!

Anonymous said...

I hope Mary sues Drita!! Drita and Lee have a lot of nerve talking to someone like that.
It doesn't matter if it's over a parking spot or some stupid tweets a former employee made.

Lee is a disgusting pig.

Drita is a FOOL!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how anyone can defend Drita.
Lee is a lowlife for screaming about his genitals where a 5 year old little girl could hear. What kind of man threatens little children, and spits on their mother? I'm not at all surprised by his behavior. This is the same piece of trash that left his toddler alone while he slept with his mistress in the next room! He didn't want to go to jail so he called the mother of his children to fight for him. Drita swung on command like she's his attack dog. When Ramona said she didn't want to see Drita hurt because she's a mother, Drita didn't understand. & now we know why. Drita is a lowlife too, for fighting a mother in front of her little children.

I'm so angry and I don't even know Mary's children.

I will never support Drita again. I see now she has no self-respect. She's weak to stay with a "man" like that.

Mob Mistress said...

…with a capital D.

Southern Plaid said...

Speechless. So much for setting an example for your daughters. Bet her businesses will b gone within a year @ the rate she's going. What a shame!

Anonymous said...

This is all way too crazy. Tonight's show.. Bridget is so looking up to Drita. Wow.. what a horrible example she's setting.

That mom looks way withered.

Sad, these women at 50 are going to look so horrific!

This show became pathetic and Drita's behavior is obscene. No wonder the show got cancelled.

Ang wants to blame Marissa for B's fighting attitude and swinging first. That's insane.

(fyi, not using my google acct name bc I don't like followers)

Anonymous said...

This piece of trash is a mother, and thats sad! Way to go mom of the year miss Drita. Nice job as a "mom" of two girls that look up to you. Your a filthy piece of disgusting trash. You want to preach about hitting someone with a wrench across their throat if anyone ever dare come to your house, where your kids sleep. Remember that low life? You and your ugly fat bald husband acting like teenage kids looking like complete d@uche bags! I feel so sorry for your kids! They had to grow up with their father in prison and their mother fighting on national tv, now they see their father telling a woman to suck his d@@k and spitting on a female. Then at forty years old here comes their so called "mother" coming up to someones door acting like a low life scum. You and lee should have never had kids!! Your both a disgrace. He is a p@@y b@tch for those b@tch moves. Give it time, he will cheat on you again because your a pathetic woman who deals with it. I can almost guarantee he goes back to prison eventually. Trash at its finest. Not a classy bone in your body.

ItsGabrielle said...

Drita works my nerves!

Anonymous said...

Omigod it's a Lady Boss jacket not about identifying yourself.....she may have even had the new Lady Boss sweat pants on with Drita written on the side.....Lee is really gross bald, it defo him he does sound much deeper on the show?

Lia said...

I can't believe that pig of a man stood there and let his wife act like an animal and didn't even break it up or pull her off.
I guess the D'avanozos weren't expecting to be looks like Lee is filming it too?
She has just ruined all her work and image....this video makes her look weak and rabid. Obviously going there to fight a chick for Lee over a parking spot....that he by the way is apparently in the wrong for ......she is weak and rabid for jumping on her when the woman is older and clearly wasn't physically intimidating her.

Anonymous said...

Drita really showed her (cl)ass today. In the street fighting like some common trash. And that slob of a husband isn't much better. He doesn't even have ANY respect for his wife, if he called her there to do that!

They're both still stuck in their 20s mentally and emotionally when getting into a fistfight was their way of settling every dispute or imagined slight.

An absolute embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Ya, that was not Drita's best moment and did we see Lee spit at the woman? I read somewhere on twitter that the woman swung on Drita? I didn't see that in the video, so I'm just wondering if its true. If the other woman (who identified herself on twitter already) was more of a participant, then a victim, why did Drita get arrested?

What is up with Love Majewski's tweets on the fight... saying Drita has time to fight with this woman but can't schedule her in? Is Love trying to get some air-time? When did she turn on Drita?

Anonymous said...

Drita has ALWAYS steered clear of Love. Love doesn't appear to need air time bc looks like her and her man got something already going.

Drita swung first and then moved in behind Mary. It's sad that the lady is an ex employee and with that, Drita should have been the bigger person and let stupid tweets slide and Lee could have been a gentleman and just moved his car to any of the empty spots... but nope, both really think violence is the answer.

March 9th, court date, wonder how full that room will be?

Drita literally handed her future over to Mary. Mary could be the one to write a tell all book and that would be interesting to read!!!

Lady EL said...

Yeah, way to keep it classy Drita. Your husband is a pig and you're nothing but a lowlife twat-tot. I hope you're reading this, you WOULD NOT get away with that Bullshit at my place, I'd have taken BOTH your asses out. Your nothing but a haggard joke. And by the way, I'm just going to assume when you refer to your husband as looking like the Rock you actually mean Plymouth Rock and not Duane "The Rock" Johnson. And all you Drita lovers out there that have her back in this, take a good long look at yourselves and reevaluate your life choices. SMDH.. this is what it takes to make me post anymore.. what a bunch of douche-canoes.

Anonymous said...

So when did Love and Drita have beef? I would pay to watch that brawl. I remember Drita and Love were buddies on the show. Anybody have the scoop on that?

Oh and I thought Lee was supposedly good-looking??

Anonymous said...

Drita is a fool for going to that woman's house like that to fight.. That's how people get killed. What if Mary had a gun in her home and blasted Drita away. When you go to someones home, you might end up dead, you never know what weapon she will pull out. It a split second Drita's children could have ended up motherless over some BS. Then would Lee think it was worth it to call his wife to come fight, if she ended up dead?! Or if they both ended up dead, and their children parentless over some BS?!

Anonymous said...

Love tweeted that she heard Drita has been calling her racial slurs and making fun of her appearance.

There is a scene in season 3 where Drita & Love are at a restaurant, and Drita says she's not getting involved if Love fights Carla. Then in the green room Drita says if she was there, she wouldn't have let Carla get beat up. Drita basically implied she would have stopped Love. Love was offended by that comment, and Drita called her "crying" that the producers made her say that.

I guess Drita lied to Love and tried to make her hate Renée.

You should check Love's twitter or instagram.

Anonymous said...

I've always been terrified of these women....even just watching them on tv. That's why I watch. Different world. Nice to see that Drita is exactly as she is portrayed on the show.
Quite frankly, I would have punched Mary. Her voice....on and on...shut up.

Ivy said...

This is the story.
Drita and lee are looking after the house next door to Mary's that's there friend and it's technically his parking spot.
Mary was parking in it and this angered Lee. So he started parking in it
Now it doesn't condone here behaviours at all but there is more to it than just what we saw.
Mary is well known to police she is renting her property and known to be on Twitter talking about drita and Lee.
Mary also only spoke to TMZ for a cheque and is selling her story so she is money hungry and drita fell right into it.
I too am shocked at Lee appearance I thought he was tan, big and handsome
Is it definite him?

Evie said...

Drita and Lee are looking after the man who lives next door to Mary's house while he is away. His name is Carl and technically it's 'his spot' however Mary the renter on the video has been parking in it. Lee managed to push her out and parks there now and then a few words were exchanged.
Drita and Lee were walking off after talking as you see on the video then Mary yells back and they turn around and Drita walks up to pinch on with her.
So there is more to it but it's still shocking thT they are so violent at that age and on a mum with her kids watching.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, Mary is the person that told Carla how much shit Drita talked about her when she(Mary) worked for her.

Seems Lee was antagonizing this woman so Drita could end up in a fight with her.

Either way, gross and disgusting behavior from the both of them.
I hope Mary sues both of them and her kids have their lives free from those two!!

Anonymous said...

Mary is an ex employee of Drita's. I saw that on Twitter AND I also saw the tweets Mary posted.

No, she didn't get paid for her story. She gave the ownership rights away, that's why each station that's printing the story credits TMZ with it.
Had she wanted money, she'd have kept the rights to her story and sold it to each outlet that's printed it and she wouldn't have just posted it on YouTube for anyone to copy themselves.

I hope she sues Drita and Lee. I hope Mary is smart enough to get an attorney that will bring up the fact that Drita trained with a professional boxer learning boxing techniques.

All this BS rat talk to silence people is insane behavior. REGARDLESS of the reason that fight took place. Mary is not a part of the sick scripting of the show and the person that filmed the video is a CHILD of Mary's.

Fuck Drita and Lee and any sorry excuse they conjure up!!

Anonymous said...

Mary lives in the house across from Lee's store. She is able to call the towing company because that's her assigned spot. Drita's little lawyers always making up lies to defend her....

Anonymous said...

There is also an empty lot next to Mary's apartments.

Lee could and should have avoided the whole thing by not parking in someone's spot they both already had a twitter beef with.

Drita is such a hypocrite!
Lee is disgusting, can't get on the subject of him again. GROSS!!!

Anonymous said...

To the anon above who said the don't understand how anyone can defend Drita- Im with you. Been saying that since show first aired and her stories changed every episode. Her and Lee have got to be the most awful duo to be given any attention.
Also someone else mentioned Love- I find it humorous that Drita has never once had one ounce of balls or her tough act when it came to Love. And still doesn't. She only targets those who she feels she can bully, intimidate or has a slight chance of putting her hands on. It is really pathetic that people worship her, blow smoke up her ass, follow her .

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see what Drita does in court, does she:

A) Maintain her mobsterness and admit to the charge, never ratting on Mary's part??


B) Does she go on the defense and rat Mary out for provoking her? Doing whatever she can to stay out of jail or admitting guilt??

Is Drita REALLY a Boss or is she gonna go back into civilian mode for court??

Anonymous said...

So uncomfortable to watch- looks like something from "Middle School" Drita could of walked away instead of giving into a woman who should also be ashamed for her part, all over a parking spot? This doesn't look like she was defending herself, it looks like Drita was waiting to pull her out of her house. I watched the show since day one and you always felt bad/admired Drita; she didn't have it easy but my goodness she needs some help with this much rage inside - the money dries up unless we get a job or have a thriving business- If she wants to fight get in the ring as a professional at least you get paid instead of now paying lawyers that could be used for her daughter's college funds.

Anonymous said...

This is the one blog I've always turned to for Mob Wives news.
That said, wtf is up here? Drita is a mother. This is the example she sets for her girls? really? What is she raising them to be-16 and pregnant? Domestic violence victims? Come on, Drita needs to act like a responsible adult, because Lee obviously isn't. Karen made the best decision of her life when she left that loser in the dirt and headed to Arizona. If Drita were smart, she'd ditch Lee, and move on with a mature adult. Or, learn to be one herself. Her daughters need a role model for a parent, not a middle school thug

Anonymous said...

This is gross and I don't know how anyone could be proud of violence .... but not for nothing Love is also so gross for her violence and her fake storylines on all of her "shows" how was she dating Fate and was dating this guy she posted on insta for "7 years"
Everyone on this show minus Ang is a fake kinda happy its almost over

Anonymous said...

Lee is the worst thing that has happened to Drita. She should have left him when she found out he cheated on her. What a scumbag. She is now in the same class as Lee with her latest antics. Would she be ok with her daughters acting this way? It's disgusting and shameful.
She was definitely the aggressor as she drove there, walked up her porch and starting swinging. I'm sure they will settle out of court, but this has probably doomed her career on Staten Island.

Southern Plaid said...

Premeditated is the vocabulary word that both Drita & Lee need to look up before their Court date. That's how it looks & sounds to me. Lee knew if he parked in that parking space, right or wrong, he knew Mary would react,& then he would call Drita, & it would b on & popping. Literally!

Southern Plaid said...

Right. She is very lucky. Mary could have " Old Yellower" her ass.

Jim Jones said...

drita is a filthy gutter rat....

Anonymous said...

I don't know..Just seems like so many are so down on Drita lately. I've always had a soft spot for her and it makes me sad to see all she's going through lately. Yes, I realize she should not have struck the other gal but why couldn't the lady have handled it differently?? You know I like the saying "Be Good to everyone; all are going through their own battle." Instead the lady is just screaming in Drita's face. Anyone who knows Drita's temper knows it is 'unwise' to scream in her face. I wouldn't scream in her face, oh heck no. I've seen neighbors screaming at people not to use the curb in front for parking, don't put your foot on THEIR PROPERTY if you're walking by, it gets petty and sad, really.

Jessica Davis said...

Drita................LOL!!! That so called "woman" acts like a 18 yr old black ghetto male. No wonder her husband gave up on her. She's more man than he is. LOL!!! She is some great role model for her daughters. They have the ghetto in them too. Poor girls.