Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mob Wives: RECAP "Younger Version of the Same Old BS," Ep 606

to be continued . . . 

Marissa got a kick in

The fight between Marissa and Brittany continues with a mini-army of security guards separating the two. They are fighting over nothing says Karen. Brittany makes attempt after attempt to free herself from the guards to attack Marissa. Carla says Brittany "got popped in the forehead." All the ladies try to stop the fight. Brittany calls Renee "a twat" for trying to end the fight. Nice. Marissa is hot under the collar about Brittany getting in her face, while Brittany says she will wait there all night if that's what it takes to fight it out. Drita says she can't fight there with all these people around, it's not like it's a parking lot. So Brittany wants to take it to the parking lot. Where did I see a fight in a parking lot recently? Hmmm

Brittany fought more with security than she did
with Marissa

Karen says Drita acts like Brittany's coach. Marissa says she tried to talk nice, but Brittany was standing and kept getting in her face. This is true, Marissa could not get a word in over Brittany's shouting "fight, fight, fight." Marissa feels threatened and pops her in the forehead. Fight begins! Karen is annoyed with Brittany for not respecting her enough to just have a conversation. After they are separated, Marissa yells over to Brittany that she doesn't want to know Brittany's family because they might call the cops. Marissa tells Karen she is sorry about the fight, she tried to be civil. Karen doesn't blame her. All the blame is on Brittany. She came ready and looking for a fight. Drita understands Brittany. Of course she does, "violence is the answer." Karen says when you get up in someone's face they are going to come out swinging. Carla agrees with Marissa. Karen feels Drita is manipulating Brittany. Marissa says at the end of the day she popped Brittany in the face, she got in a good kick, she came out in tact, and Brittany got thrown out like the trash she is. All's well that ends well if your hair and your boobs are in tact.

And in this corner we have "Rock'em Sock'em" Drita D'Avanzo who is meeting Ang at a building that used to be an old strip club. She is trying to bring back memories for her book. Now this same place is a restaurant. They go in and check out all the remodeling that went on over the years. Drita said she has been shot at and had guns in her face back in the day. Her father must be so proud. Lee used to go there too, but she didn't know him then. Lee doesn't want her to write the book because he closes the door to the past and never looks back. She says he won't read her book. Ang tells her don't let Lee get in her way.

Moving in rules

Renee wiping down the crumbs in her kitchen when AJ and Andrea walk in with their luggage. Their room has been redone for them. She tells them no alcohol and no parties. AJ wants Renee to do the food shopping and cook dinner. Don't forget the snacks!

Marissa goes to see Ang and meet her for drinks. She wants to talk to her about Brittany. Ang tells her she has been going for tests for her health. Ang asks what happened between her and Brittany. Marissa says she walked in pretty and walked out pretty. Marissa says Brittany came with her hair in a braid and kept talking about fighting. Marissa explains when Brittany stood up, she defended herself. Ang says Marissa threw the first punch. Marissa says Ang seems to side with Brittany. Ang shouldn't blame her because of the way Brittany provoked her. Brittany makes her want to hit her. She wants Ang to warn Brittany she will never get the best of her.

Drita meets with Brittany and Andrea, Brittany's mother. Brittany is pissed off about what happened with Marissa and she wants Drita to tell her mother what went down. Brittany said Marissa threw the first punch, it landed but it didn't hurt her. Drita says she is a fighter and a fighter should be able to fight her f*ckin' battles. They are both pissed off at Karen, who was mad because Brittany was looking at Drita. Why can't she look at Drita? Drita says Karen should have called Brittany to see how she is doing. That's loyalty. Wait, what? Look who's talking? Drita is giving friendship advice now? Friends call each other? Did I just hear that? Is that why Drita called Karen to tell her she married Lee? And when "Carla disappeared off the face of the earth," did Drita call and ask how she was doing? Meanwhile, Andrea gets herself all worked up and starts yelling that their families go back 25 years and Karen doesn't have her daughter's back? Respect is earned. Karen should have been in her daughter's corner. They feel Karen chose Marissa's side. Maybe if they watch the episode ten times they will all see that Karen told both girls to talk it out of respect for her, Marissa was trying to talk, Brittany was agitated, not listening and standing over Marissa in her face yelling over her. Oh well.

Ang gets the bad news, all is not well

Ang was called in by the doctor to go over test results. Neil goes with her and he always supports her. The doctor says they saw suspicious nodules in her lung and they have the potential to be cancerous. He wants a specialist in the field to do a biopsy. Ang is disgusted and says she will not go through any more surgeries. She would rather die. She insists she can't do this any more. The doctor insists she needs to take care of her health. She is worried, speechless and scared.

Carla and Karen meet up at Carla's new house. Boxes are all over the place. Every room has to be painted. Karen likes it. Carla wants her to see the before and after pictures. Back to the fight. Carla thinks Brittany was out of control. Carla says Marissa wasn't there to fight in a bikini and heels. Brittany came ready for a fight. Karen told her she wanted them to talk, but Drita pumped up Brittany so much and manipulated her into fight mode. Karen says Drita is trying to put a wedge into her relationship with Brittany. Carla doesn't think that Brittany had any reason to get that upset. Karen says she asked Marissa to talk and she was prepared to talk.

Drita is at her store, talking to prize package Lee on the phone. She tells him about the old strip club she visited. She says Lee would chill there back in the day with three girls at his table. She brings up her book and once again he is disgusted. She wants his support. He is stressing her out by not having her back. He doesn't want her talking about it. She wants him to be happy for her. All of a sudden Lee changes his attitude about the book. Really? Are we supposed to take this whole book thing and Lee's attitude seriously? The best thing I have heard about this book is when Karen told Drita she should start her book, "The day after I met Karen Gravano . . . "

Brittany questions Karen's loyalty

Brittany is meeting up with Karen at a diner, questioning her loyalty and friendship. Brittany seems agitated right from the start. Brittany says she is disappointed. She wanted to fight that girl. She says everyone pumped her up and then told her not to fight.  She feels Karen picked a side and it's with Marissa. Brittany feels Karen has no loyalty to her.  Karen is pissed. She welcomed her to her home, she squashed the situation between her and Renee and she tried to resolve the problem between her and Marissa. Karen asks where is her loyalty? Karen asked her to have a conversation and talk it out, not fight. Brittany says her loyalty to Karen doesn't extend to all the other women. Karen tells her that she asked the same thing of Renee, to respect her enough to leave Brittany alone and she did. Karen said she asked her to sit down and talk, but she was standing over Marissa and ready to fight. Karen says Drita is not Brittany's friend, she is Karen's enemy. Karen says she manipulates people. Brittany says she likes Drita and feels she is the only one who had her back. Karen says she is going to put this behind them and will continue her friendship with both girls. Brittany says she doesn't trust Karen 100%. Karen says the relationship is tarnished and she will keep an eye on her.  It's so ironic that Brittany questions Karen's loyalty over that of flip flopping Drita. Maybe she should have watched all the previous seasons before aligning with the "we're not friends like that anymore" Drita?

Karen says Ang's health issues put
everything into perspective

Ang is meeting with Karen and Renee. She tells them about her CT scan and the spot on her lungs which could be cancer. She says she can't even think about more surgery. She is scared and worried about dying. Ang starts crying, it's heartbreaking. She says everyone in her family relies on her and she doesn't want to worry them so she keeps everything to herself. Karen says you can't be strong for everyone all the time. Karen says this puts everything into perspective, and all the ridiculous fighting over petty Bull Sh*t. Ang says she is drained and mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

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We continue to pray for Ang and keep her in our thoughts during her current health crisis and hope she makes a full recovery.


QueenSos said...

This world is filled with delusional people - Brittany being one of them. How can Brittany blame anyone for pumping her up to fight when it was Brittany who told Karen to GTFOH after Karen asked Brittany to just have a talk with Marissa? How can Brittany say she has a mind of her own, but them admit that others "pumped her up" to fight? Seems to me that if you have a mind of your own regardless of what others say you're going to do what you want to do. This Brittany chick is a damn joke and she looked like a damn fool trying to get around security. Renee's description was the best - she looked like she was in the circus. I also find it interesting that Brittany would question anyone's loyalty when she was quick to side with Karen regarding Drita, yet when she met Drita she told her what the others were saying and then she went back to tell Renee what Drita said about her. Clearly this girl doesn't know the definition of loyalty. She's an idiot and she's too damn skinny - she needs to eat more. When looking at her trying to get around security all I could do was laugh, because she looked like a damn clown - big teeth and a hunchback. I can't with this girl.

Chiara Soprano said...

QueenSos you made excellent points!

Anonymous said...

Brittany should change her name to Shitme!!
All through the series I've had a soft spot for would have been a totally different Ep, if Drita told Shitme to STFU and sit down.
Even Shitme's mother wants to get in there and hang it on Karen....rewind back a few episodes when Shitme's mum didn't have a nice word to say about anyone.
Respect to Karen....Can't believe Shitme and her attitude towards her....Karen brought you in Shitme and you speak to her with so much disrespect...mortified!
She tried to make a fool out of Karen, she already has with Drita, send her back to her catwalk, over Shitme already!
And lol at your work xx

Anonymous said...

AJ was so cute in how he put his forehead forward for a kiss from his mom. He's really grown in quite the loving adult son. So cool to see. His g/f cracks me up bc she just says what she has to say.

Prayer and more prayers to Big Ang. Love her and hope she does well with her battle.

I still like Marissa. That was a good knot Bridget got and wow, what a weak minded supposedly grown woman Bridget is.
With what's come out lately about Drita and Lee, I believe Drita said something about her and Lee stepping in where Bridget and her b/f were mentioned.
Ang in even saying that Marissa punched Bridget before she could hit her was lame. Bridget told Marissa she wanted to fight and it was at that point that Bridget should have been ready to defend herself.. she dressed the part but didn't know the whole routine, guess she needed more input from Drita. Pathetic!!!!

Andrea needs to be released from her contract. She looks like a mummified and shorter version of her kid.

LMFAO at Drita reminiscing at a strip club!! Her old hang out, what a gross woman she is. Ewww that her future husband was introduced to her there, that's all so gross. Gunfight or no gunfight, nothing can save that ugly scene!! GROSS!!

Lee is so fat and ugly, no wonder his kid knocked him about his bald head. GROSS and no past image will ever save his ugly ass!!

Yuck, he and his dick neck wife ruin the show.

Anonymous said...

That episode was hard to watch. Marissa had every right to pop her in the forehead, what else could she do.... just sit there and wait for Brittany to hit her while she was sitting down? Brittany went crazy afterwards, but it was because things didn't go down the way she had planned. Clearly, Marissa wasn't planning to fight in those heels and bikini, and she did not act physically aggressive towards Brittany. I hope it's a lesson learned.

I do have some sympathy for Brittany.... her mother seems like the kind that will drive her daughter to the park to watch her fight. Sad.

Karen went above and beyond to try and prevent a physical altercation, she even overlooked when Brittany said GTFO. Clearly, she was not thinking straight and was in fight-mode. There are a few slow-mo videos floating around twitter and Renee's face during the fight was hysterical. It's very clear NONE of the ladies (except Drita) wanted to see any violence.

Southern Plaid said...

Brittany deserved everything that was handed to her,& clearly, she needs a new " coach!" ����

Marissa did exactly what she told Drita she would do," either talk to me like a lady, or get slapped like a child." Classic!

Brittany is "Gutter Butt Trash!"

Liana said...

Terrible episode.....the show has lost its way thinking violence will bring over it and tough talk.
I prefer watching season one and two......the girls seemed more authentic back then.
Can anyone clarify that's Lee in those videos floTing around? He just seems so different from past pictures. I thought he would be bigger, tanner, and deeper voice. We did Mary use to work for?
Carla, Marrissa everyone seems so fake maybe it's the way it's edited?
Brittney, drita....all these alliances formed real quick and without much reason to justify it.......
Anyway thanks for the blog chaira

Chiara Soprano said...

Liana, Mary worked for Drita, I think both Carla and Karen confirmed that. Mary also said it was Lee in her tweet and just from his behavior I have no trouble believing that. So he made his grand appearance for free in a parking lot. Ironic.

concerned1 said...

Karen is the most loyal of them ALL and the realist n honest and forthcoming to me. The rest are wishy washy

concerned1 said...

Karen is the most forthcoming and loyal,honest and realist of them all. The others are wishy washy n switch sides n ride the fence. Team Karen all day. Brittney Karen should have left her ass where she was. What u get tryna turn everbidy in to the shmoney....don't know how to act or handle it..n get big headed..and also cannot fight..

Hey you said...

I hope Big Ang is getting the treatment she needs. My prayers for Big Ang.

Unknown said...

what a complete disgusting disgrace Drita is....a total alley cat....

Melissa said...

Wow and can I say it again,WOW!! First Drita feeds off drama and especially when it deals with physical violence, as she said, she is a fighter and she understands Brit's frustration. Brittany goes to this get together with the main goal of fighting Marissa. Drita is the one that pumped Brit up to fight. Drita takes Brit with Ang and goes sits by them selves, so she can manipulate the situation even more that she already has. Marisa shows up looking fab with a bikini and heels. Karen goes over and tries to talk sense into Brit and she gets, "get the fuck out of here Karen" which was so disrespectful, I was even surprised by this girls gall. When Marisa sat down she tells Brit to calm down, Marisa's body language was not on the offensive. When Brit started talking like a teenager and gets up and walks over to the seated Marisa repeating about fighting. Marisa popped her in the face and high heel kicked her, which I think she had every right to do. Everything Brit was doing and saying was leading to hit Marisa. Marisa defended her self and Drita almost orchestrated that whole situation. Brit is proven her self not only to be immature, but to be dumb by listening to Drita. I am not giving her a pass after she treated Karen in the way she did and show that she is Drita's puppet.

BTW..I have mentioned more than once that the way Lee speaks to Drita is embarrassing and Drita should be correcting the way Lee speaks to her, It shows that Drita has no self respect and if she did, she would not allow her husband to speak to her that way. Drita is teaching her children that it is ok to be spoken to that way by a their boyfriend, or spouse. Watching the video that has been leaked of Lee grabbing his crotch and speaking to a woman like no man should speak to a woman. Lee is ridiculous, even more so seeing him. I remember on Season 4 Drita tells Rene, Lee looks like the Rock....not so much the celebrity Rock, but more like an actual rock a balding out shape rock with a filthy mouth. I have even less respect for Drita than I did before and I did not have much. Drita and her husband have become a punch line. I started off with WOW...I will end with WOW!!!

Veni Alex said...

How could we expect Brittany to act like a lady? Just watching her how she speaks at front of her mother is horrible. I do have bad mouth but at front of my parents I would never use profanity, period!!! It is disrespectful. I am sure my mother drops the f bomb 1000 times a day but never at front of her children(myself and my brother). Doesn't matter how old we get, we never use bad language at front of our parents. Looking Brittany and her mom tells me that they don't have problem f bombing each other. Brittany mother did not teach her respect and that girl is trying so hard to imitate Drita it's unbelievable. Drita said in episode one that Carla came out of Karen ass, I am saying now that Brittany is crowing into Drita's ass in order to become Drita. The girl made an ass of herself with that silly fight. She got popped in the forehead and kicked in the guts by a girl who was not even dress for a fight. Karen ignored Brittany Get the fuck out of here saying to Karen was disrespectful and she is questioning her loyalty after that?!? Even now on tweeter we can see that Brittany is kissing Drita's ass. The girl came on the show as Drita big ass fan hoping to be as successful as Drita. So far she is failing.

Veni Alex said...

Agree with everything you just said. I was shocked to see how Lee looks like and act as well as Drita punching her ex employee to prove herself to Lee. The way this man talks to Drita is disrespectful.

Jim Jones said...

what a complete disgusting disgrace Drita is....a total alley cat....

Anonymous said...

I'm so mad that Drita fought that woman at the woman's home and in front of her children!!
Lee is the sorriest excuse of a man I have ever seen on a national media.

I feel SO BAD for their kids, especially the ones they fought in front of that don't belong to them.. motha fuckas!!

What an example that 40 year old sorry excuse of a woman is setting for fans and for her own daughters. I'm so floored by such trashy behavior, that's beyond ghetto, that's straight ratchet behavior. Ghetto rat!!

Lee is so gross, his ugly mouth matches his appearance. Drita is delusional thinking anyone would want him!!! Drita's neck looks like a dick, he should suck that. Nasty man!


Jim Jones said...


QueenSos said...


Anonymous said...

Your sins will find you out...Lee is a coward speaking to woman the way he does & so is Drita Dumb'vanzo... she is all about violence now look what Lucifer gave her #enjoy girl...

James Malnar said...

Karen is an instigated, and maybe if Marissa wasn't so high and mighty and a straight up bioyc*h than maybe Brittney would not have gotten so pissed. As far as any mobwives being real, likeable, of loyal that is drita and big ang. The other girls believed loves bs when they knew she had recently said the same crap about Renee. They were lookin for reasons this season to start in on drita and create drama for STORYLINE. It is no coincidence love just showed up at that parade and stirred the pot. C'mon if any has half a brain u seen this coming from season 5 s finale, and love jumoed at her opportunity to stir the pot, and Karen has had it in for drita for a long time. Karen, Carla, and Renee are tired drama creating and jealous. Drita and bug ang have the most fans, fact, and are the biggest reason mobwives has been on so long. Big ang is the only senseable one who is being loyal to drita. Oh, and Marissa is as annoying as nat g, only difference she kisses Renee's as*! # teamdrita.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Drita fan and I've been following the show since day 1.

I'll tell what this fan likes and why I keep watching.

OK.. the fights are ok IF they are behind real issues, the first two made sense, the rest didn't. It became of thing of not liking or liking Nat and that was obvious to see which MW's stayed.

I like Karen because she comes from a real background and she's really faced real issues people do where the family or a lead family member is dirty and or flipped in court.. and there are also people that are born into crime families and really don't want to raise their kids like that, Renee.. then there are those like Carla that don't see some crime as being so bad.. lol

Nat G, Drita, Nat D have no ties and are wanna bees.
Alicia and Drita are in denial about their parts in the criminal world.

What's going on is a reality of criminal lives. Drita's recent arrest shows that she really hasn't dealt with any issues nor wants to face the reality of being so deep in crime pays.

I like seeing how money can be made legally, ethically and in large wads. I won't lie, I like easy money but am willing to work hard to get what I want. I also know I have to be on one side of the law or the other, can't fly both ways.

I like Marissa, she is sweet and likes to flaunt what she gots.. nothing wrong with that, she keeps it classy.

Britt.. she has ties but did NOT grow up in the life, she was actually sheltered for it. She and her mom want to knock the mob but want to act like mobsters.

Karen, Renee, Ang and Carla don't need to "act" like mobsters bc they are who they profess themselves to be.

Anonymous said...

I don't see Karen as an instigator. I see Karen as someone that is trying very hard to make a person see the reality of what they're doing. She has tried to just say it but people don't always get it.

Carla learned a hard lesson on loyalty with Drita. Love was wrong for attacking her but Carla was acting like a fighter and for reals, there are consequences when talking so much shit. Unlike Marissa, Carla was too trusting with everyone.. Marissa wasn't. She swung first and was down to kick ass. Unscripted, I don't see Carla as a fighter.

Marissa doesn't kiss anyone's ass. She's told Renee, Drita, Karen and Ang shit already and most just sat there sort of shocked. I like Marissa, she's alright unless you got insecurities, then yea, I can see people not liking her.

I'm glad she quit playing with her hair so much but whatever, she's too fine for words. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Just read big ang sister said Neil is nolonger part of her life in a interview with Dr oZ. Sad.