Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mob Wives: NEW Time Slot!

In case you haven't heard AND before you have a meltdown on Sunday night, January 27th, 2013, let me advise you that Mob Wives is OFFICIALLY being moved to 10 PM ET/9c. 

I am one unhappy blogger. Unlike the blogger at VH1 who gets to preview the show before it airs, I have to watch and take notes as the show airs. You can imagine how hard that is when there is so much being said and so many scenes to account for. Then I have to type it all up coherently while trying to read my chicken scratch handwriting. The recap part takes about two hours. Then I shut down the computer and go to sleep. While I sleep, my brain marinates on what I just saw and works on coming up with my two cents. The following Monday morning, I get up, have breakfast and turn on the laptop. I pull up the recap and add my two cents. I love adding my two cents, especially when something or someone really irks me. Right now VH1 has irritated me. Aside from cramping my style, I think it's a little late notice for all fans to find out about the time change and reset their DVRs. Plus, they make it seem like they are doing us a favor, but I have seen nothing but unhappy comments on their facebook page and Twitter about the time change.

There is also word that the show will not be on February 3rd, the night of the Super Bowl, for obvious reasons. Then the following week it will come back at 10 PM, its NEW, regular time slot. Ugh!

Thanks a lot VH1!

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