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Mob Wives: Love Majewski Brings It On!

"Not your run of the mill poisoner"

I've had the pleasure of meeting Love on a couple of occasions and speaking with her a few times since her episode, “Love Hurts,” of the Investigation Discovery's series I Married A Mobster. She has quite a personality that I can only describe as effervescent, like champagne. I know we all have questions about Love’s new role on Mob Wives. So I called her for a little chat. Love was gracious, as always, and was happy to answer my questions.

Hi Love, first of all I would like to congratulate you on joining the cast of Mob Wives. I’m thrilled for you. To be honest, it has been one of my wishes that you would be brought into the show. Maybe I can ask you a few questions to partly satisfy our readers, who are dying of curiosity?

Hi Chiara, thank you so much, I always enjoy talking to you. What is it you want to know?

We know the women in the cast of Mob Wives have a long history, yet Carla calls you, “...the newcomer into their little clique...” Just how well do you know each of the mob wives?

Ironically, it’s Carla who is the newcomer, since she only knows everyone since the show started. I’ve known Big Ang over 20 years, and I went to high school with Karen and Ramona, so I know them since I was about 14 which is well over 20 years.  I’ve known Drita through the other girls.

Did Jennifer Graziano approach you about being in the show?

Jennifer did approach me and we discussed my doing the show. The reason it came about was that different situations kept arising in the story line where my name was being brought up by the other wives and then edited out. It made more sense to bring me into the show and include me as part of the story line rather than exclude me, because I've had friendships & rapports with the Mob Wives. After doing I Married A Mobster and Deadly Sins this show seemed like a natural transition for me.

Who would you say you are closest to in the Mob Wives cast and why?

Oh this is a little tricky. When I was younger, as teenagers, I was best friends with Ramona. In this group I have gotten to know Renee.  You'll have to tune in to see whether we're friend, foe or frenemy.  I'll say I’m closest to Karen. Karen is the most fun to film with. When we have to shoot a scene, Karen takes over the room.  I think the director who I adore has an assistant when it comes to Karen. She is great to work with and has it all under control. Karen is very generous in ways people don’t see. Like, when we do the green room scenes and we have our hair and makeup done. We have to pick out outfits to wear and jewelry. Karen will tell me to wear some of her jewelry if it goes better with my outfit. I’ll tell her no because she needs it for next week and she answers don’t worry I’ll find something else. Karen is really a team player. The more time I get to spend with Drita, I can see why Karen and her were once good friends.   They share a similar sense of humor.  Both women are generous!

I know you can’t give away too many details, but how are you introduced into the storyline?

The show was already filming when I returned from spending time in Florida. I divide my time between Florida and New York. 

From the pictures we have seen online of different events and your birthday, it seems you are on good terms with Karen, Ramona, Renee and even Drita. Does that mean you have issues with Carla in season three?

Let me put it this way, I don’t like anyone who talks behind my back. If you got the balls to say something behind my back, have the balls to say it to my face.   I need to stress that goes for each and every one of the Mob Wives and anyone I deal with. 

The reason I ask is that a few weeks ago there was a little Twitter war between you, Handy Man and Carla, and rumor has it you once dated Handy Man. Can you tell us about that?

I did date him briefly, it was never anything serious or important to me. I typically date a certain caliber of men.  It was during a vulnerable time in my life.  Handy Man wasn't  boyfriend material for me.


In the super trailer for season three, you are saying that someone is going around calling you fat, ugly and is accusing you of stalking their boyfriend. I think I know who, but can you elaborate on that?

Without giving too much away I will say this, I have never stalked a man in my entire life. There is no shortage of men in my life. I never said I was skinny.  Sure I could lose a few pounds.  But then again I love me a good burrito bowl!  Some say only a dog wants a bone. A real man wants a woman.

You said a few things about yourself that got a tremendous reaction from fans and I’d like to give you an opportunity to clarify, in some detail, why you did what you said you did.

Who did you poison and why?

I poisoned one of my boyfriends with a  household product because he abused my dog. He always used to say you love that dog more than me. Then I noticed a change in my dog and one day a wife of a friend of his told me he was abusing my dog. He was driving with the dog in the car and the dog was looking out the window. He made a very sharp turn and the dog flew out. He picked up the dog and brought him into her house to clean him up before bringing him back home. I was so mad, I poisoned him, not enough to kill him just to give him violently ill with severe diarrhea. Then I took all the toilet paper and car keys and left him there.

Who did you shoot and why?

There is an article on that so you should research it. Okay, I will do that, Love.

AFTER MY INTERVIEW with Love I did some research online to find the story about her shooting. The incident took place about twenty years ago and was brought up on “I Married A Mobster’s Love Hurts,” episode. Love’s boyfriend at the time was Raymond Merolle, a well known criminal who had a car theft operation dubbed “The Untouchables” because they couldn’t be caught. Love came home from Florida to find out, from a neighbor, that another woman had been staying with Merolle while she was away. Love got into a fight with the other woman, breaking her nose and causing her to lose consciousness. When Love pepper sprayed Merolle, she told police that he began firing shots at her. That is when she took out her gun and fired at him.

Why did you stab your last boyfriend in front of his mother?.

I stabbed him because he lied to me. He said he was paying the bills while I was in Florida, but when I came back  I learned he didn’t pay anything. I owed 4 to 5 months of bills. He was getting ready to move out and he had his mother with him. I didn’t know that. I was so angry and I knew I had to get the jump on him when he walked through the door. He literally left me with $20, no car and all these bills. He had emptied out the bank account. I was so angry and so hurt I grabbed the letter opener a friend brought me from Africa, and stabbed him with it. It snapped in half. His mother started yelling and carrying on because she never wanted us to get back together.

Love is very close with her mom, Lorraine ♥

You know I love your mom, Lorraine, can you tell us if she will be in any scenes with you?

My mother has filmed with us on more than one occasion, but I don’t know if they will keep those scenes in the show. Ramona and Karen grew up in her house and she treats them just like she did back then.

Have you enjoyed being in season three so far? Was it what you expected?

I really enjoy it. Filming with Karen and Drita is a lot of fun. It’s different than the other shows I did where I was just telling a story. On Mob Wives I can show all sides of my personality. It’s a lot more work, but a lot more fun.

What, if anything, surprised you the most about filming?

I think what surprised me the most is how much of our lives the audience really gets to see. So much of the show is real and genuine. The show doesn’t hide much. Mob Wives is keeping the “real” in reality. They show so much of our trials and tribulations with the exception of one cast member who isn’t very forthcoming, the rest of us really let the public into our private lives, especially Renee and all she has been through.

One last question, it’s been bothering me forever. Do you know if Carla wears hair extensions? I know a few people who would like to pull them out.

Yes she does. All the time. Some of us will wear extensions occasionally, for the green screen scenes, but she wears them all the time.

I knew it! So much for that great hair…fake, just like the rest of her!

That’s all I have for now Love. This should keep our readers happy for awhile. Best of luck filming the rest of the season three episodes! I can’t wait to see you on the show and hope to talk to you again soon.

Okay Chiara, it was good talking to you. 

And with that Love was off and running. She is really a pleasure to talk to and I am sure she is going to exceed all our expectations for season three. Love says, “We are either gonna love her or hate her.” I say, “We are gonna love her!” Kudos to Jennifer Graziano for another brilliant decision to add Love to the cast! JustJenn Productions Rocks!

Don’t miss the Mob Wives premiere on Sunday, January 6th at 8 PM on VH1 and set your DVR because you will need to see it again! Jenn just told me on a scale of 1 to 10, episode one is a 13!

P.S. If you haven't already heard, Love has her own Cosmetic Line, Veritas Cosmetics which we blogged about a year and a half ago. You may want to check out her website where she writes blogs giving beauty tips about hair and makeup! Follow her on Twitter @LoveMajewski so you don't miss a thing she has to say regarding the drama on the show!

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Deana3452 said...

I really enjoyed this interview and am so excited to see what Love brings to the show. What makes me laugh though is I read about all this stuff she did, but still think, "She seems so nice!" And I am not being sarcastic! I think she seems really nice! And, to be honest, if someone was abusing my dog, I might have done a lot worse than just poison the person. lol

cuzns cuzn said...

Deana3452 I totally agree w/ u 100% can't wait 4 2Morrow. Just luv Love. Also can't wait 2 read ur blog Chiara..This is gonna b gooood..

Anonymous said...

I love how Love always takes the time to talk to her fans and those who are interested in her story...can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Deana3452 said...

Thank you, cuzns cuzn! I was really laughing because half my brain was like, "She stabbed someone, she poisoned someone" but then my other half was "She seems SO sweet!" LOL I wish her luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Gee, it seems like everyone hates Carla this season!!
I read somewhere that Drita got back together with Lee?

Rosey said...

Hi everyone,

Love seems to be a very real person. Get in her face and she will cut you literally! I am awaiting to see the new Karen and Drita "friendship" as they supposedly made up.
Here's to watching tonight!!!!

Anonymous said...


Love represents what being tough is. You don't have to say much. Just looking at her, I can tell you she will rip you apart . Girl is naturally tough!! Love her!!

Love Majewski not just an urban legend said...

Love u ladies u provide such insight into our lives way beyond what the cameras catch