Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mob Doctor- Resurrection & Life and Death

My favorite thing is that, on the Mob Doctor facebook page they say, "Don't miss the action packed finale!" and then they post the above picture.  Alright, guys. You got me. I'm intrigued.


Constantine hasn't seen his son Luke in 25 years.  Luke is in real estate and took a loan from a Miami cartel.  Now they're calling in the debt, and he needs Constantine's help.

A man is rolled into the ER after passing out at a lamaze class.  For some reason, the entire class accompanied him to the ER, as you might expect.  Olivia makes a judgement call that they have to shock him to get his heart beating at a normal rhythm, but when they do so, he flatlines.

Constantine goes to his buddy Tripani from the triumvirate, because he has a connection to this cartel.  Tripani complains that Constantine didn't bring him any pignoli biscotti.

Tripani's girlfriend is sick, so Constantine offers for Grace to make a house call in exchange for Tripani calling the cartel and telling them he'll pay Luke's debt.

Olivia is upset she killed her patient, and she and Grace explain to his wife why he died.  While they're doing that the guy sits up on the table and is like,

 and they're kind of all like,

Which is I think below minimum requirements for a reaction when someone who is dead for 30 minutes comes back to life.

Constantine brings Grace to Tripani's, and tells Grace about his son.  Tripani says that the cartel already ordered a hit on Luke, so it may be too late.

I'm not sure why Tripani's girlfriend can't go to a real doctor, but anyway, Grace suspects that she has silicone implants that are leaking, which is causing her problems and says they need to replace them.    Chloe is hesitant for some reason.  When they replace the implants, Grace and Brett discover that they are saline, not silicone.  Then Chloe's urinary tract starts bleeding.

Luke is being trailed by the hitman, and gets scooped up by Constantine just in time.  Constantine throws Luke's cell phone out the window so he can't be tracked anymore. They take Luke to a hotel and he starts freaking out about almost being caught, but Constantine says he won't be found again, unless he's stunad. Tripani calls Constantine and says the hit can't be called off because the hitman goes off the grid once he gets a hit.  That sounds kind of dumb, but sure.

So Brett finds out that Chloe has a tumor and it's on her... prostate?  WHOA. Chloe was born a man.  She's upset because she doesn't want Tripani to find out, but when she comes out of surgery, Grace tells Chloe and Tripani it was an "abdominal tumor" but they had a complication and had to remove Chloe's uterus.  Quite crafty.

Afterward Tripani corners Grace and he's like, I want to know the truth about Chloe because I already know the truth!!  And then he's like, don't tell nobody.  And Grace walks away without actually telling him the truth of what Chloe had.

Stuart is getting worse and  now he is seeing halos.  The doctors realize it could be some type of toxicity and they realize he's overdosing on foxglove?  Because of some natural cough suppressant he's been taking.  They give him something to counteract it and in seconds he's pretty well cured.  Amazing.

Gio had gone to a newsstand to pick up some magazines for Luke.  He gossips a little with the guy at the newsstand, who turns around and spills the beans to someone as soon as Gio turns his back.  Gio goes back to the hotel room and looks for Luke, but then walks out.  The hitman is close behind him.  He hears the water running in the shower, so he slips into the bathroom and shoots through the shower curtain.  When he pulls it back, no one's there.  And when he turns around,

Constantine shoots him dead.  That hitman fell for the old running shower trick.  I think Macauly Culkin used that one in Home Alone.

AND, here's where things actually get good!  It only took 12 episodes + cancellation, but this is it.

Gio knew the newsstand guy was going to run his mouth, so the whole thing had been a set up.  Luke decides he'll stay around for a while, and he wants to meet Grace.  Now why would Constantine's son want to meet Grace?  Hmm...

Constantine needs to go see Grace's mother.  While he's gone, Stavos gets a call from the cartel, and there's a BIG problem.  Tripani double crossed Constantine and never took his offer to the cartel.  Now it looks like Constantine just killed their hitman without trying to make a deal or make good on the loan.  Constantine left his phone in the car while he goes to get a drink so he doesn't get the message, of course.

The cartel comes into the bakery with crazy automatic weapons and shoot the place up.  Gio gets killed!  Some other guy gets killed!  A third dude gets killed!  Only Stavos survives!  But then they torture him to find out where Constantine is.  Now this is what I thought the mob was supposed to be like this whole time!

Constantine shows up on the Devlin's doorstep and tells Grace's mother that it's time they tell her the truth.  But while they are talking, the cartel drives by and shoots both Grace and Constantine a bunch of times!  Grace runs out and sees her mother and Constantine dying.  She starts screaming, help, help. Is there a doctor in the house?  If only there was some number one could call...  Who knows what to do in a situation like this?


Constantine and and Grace's mother are rolled into the ER. They are alive, but barely so.  All of Constantine's belongings are in a plastic bag, and Grace sees Nate calling him.  She pockets the phone and walks out of the ER.

Nate was calling to tell Constantine that everybody's dead, even Stavos.  So good on Stavos for giving up Constantine's location.  That really worked out for you, huh?

Detective York asks Grace some questions, but she doesn't give him much information.

Grace asks Dr. White if she can scrub in on Constantine since she's his doctor, but Dr. White says no.  He's tired of ignoring her frequent absences and odd patients and now he has a better idea of what she's been up to.  Agent York approaches Nate and says he knows he works for Constantine.  And Nate is basically like, Yeah but you can't prove that.  Maybe Nate should rethink going to community college.

Tripani comes to the hospital to give Grace his condolences, but also slyly mention that Constantine killed her father.  Which kind of pisses her off.

York then questions Ro to get some information, but she doesn't give anything up.  Then he's like, oh one more thing, what's the deal with Franco and Grace.  And Ro says they broke up years ago.  To which York is like, Cool, didn't know that, thanks.

Grace barges into Constantine's room and says Tripani told her he killed her father.  Constantine says he couldn't have done that and deep down she knows why.  "Love me or hate me...

Ok, but still.  You know what she meant.  So you're NOT denying killing the man she was raised to BELIEVE was her father?

Grace goes to their mom and tells her Constantine told her he's her father.  The whole family is upset, but Nate is relieved as long as he's really his dad's kid.  Nice.  Their mother starts having some complications and Grace starts barking orders at Brett, but Brett says she's gone.  Grace starts explaining why their mother died to Nate in a very clinical way.  Nate says

Grace goes to Constantine and tells him she's tired of this and she's going to go to the FBI and tell them everything.  He plays the message Stavos left him about Tripani double crossing them, and convinces her she should avenge her mother.  She goes to Luke and asks him to arrange a meeting with the cartel.

Meanwhile York goes to Franco and says he KNOWS Franco still has the hots for Grace.  Still has the hots!!  It really shows in like... you know... their chemistry?

York takes Franco's gun and badge.  Yikes.

Grace and Luke meet up with the cartel guy.  They're all pissed that Tripani played them against each other, so Grace makes a deal with him and convinces him to turn on Tripani.  So the guy is like, ok we're done, and then Grace is like, no wait.  Which one of you shot my mother.  Some guy smirks, and Grace...

She sure showed him.

When she gets back to the hospital, Constantine says now they're ready to make their move.  Grace is confused because she made a deal and she thought they would be at peace.  Now she realizes it was a ploy.  Constantine used her, he never had intentions to make a legit truce.

Constantine falls asleep because of his pain killers.  Grace turns the sound off his alarm for his monitor, and then pumps him full of insulin.  She takes the simcard out of his cell phone.  She puts the phone and the syringe in the hazard bin, and walks out as he flatlines silently.

She speaks to Nate and tells him she's done with this life, but Nate says he's staying in.  So Grace strolls out of the hospital in slow motion.  Franco is waiting in a car at the front.  She hops in.

It's just the two of them now.  They drive off to Mexico.


So pretty much the last five minute of the last two episodes were pretty great.  Other than that...

What did you all think about this show?  How could it have been better?  Hope you enjoyed it more than I did!

One thing is bothering me though... what will become of those poker machines??

Picture Credit: realitytvgifs, tumblr, FOX


Chiara Soprano said...

Oh boy both these recaps were hilarious! That's the only reason I am sorry to see it end, the recaps were so entertaining. I love how you added Mob Wives gifs to amuse yourself and the readers!

Anonymous said...

The gifs were an awesome touch to the recaps! :D I liked how honest you were too. Great job, as always!

Anonymous said...

What confuses me is why she kept the sim card. Great recap :)