Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mob Wives: The Change of an Opinion

Gorgeous, Ferocious, and Audacious
A Tigress never changes her STRIPES or do they?

Since April 17th I’ve watched every episode.  Each week I waited with bated breath for the next Sunday. The drama, the makeup, the surgery, the shoes…how could I not. These four women; Karen, Renee, Drita and Carla have gone from relative obscurity to reality show sweethearts. It’s funny how my own opinion of each lady has changed too.

Karen was my favorite in the beginning. She seemed sincere and brave wanting to face the demons; she once escaped. I also noticed that as the weeks went by her innocent smile turned into a grimacing smirk. Her plans to rectify any hard feels turned into plotting a personal agenda. Karen came back to NY as Drita’s friend but once she felt comfortable she changed her tune. And now knowing that Karen wasn’t exactly wearing a chastity belt during that time rubs me wrong. I almost get the feeling she used Drita to get in good with Renee.

Renee and Drita are my girls and love each one for their take it leave it attitude.

Drita will eff you up if you piss her off and she doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you're at, or who you're with. That’s it, the Louboutin’s are coming off and she will beat you like a red headed step child. I gave up bathroom beat downs long ago but apparently Drita didn’t get the memo. But after a few weeks our little fighter turned into a passionate wife and doting mother. She has this endearing quality about her; just watch her with her kids.

Renee, love her or hate her. But you’ll always know exactly how she feels the exact moment she feels it. She believes in the Hollywood myth of old gangster movies and that’s how she lives her life. Loyalty, Respect, and the mafia code of honor. It was kind of obnoxious in the beginning but to know her is to love her. And out of the four Ladies she is the only one I’d trust with my friendship.

And then there’s Cruella. What purpose does she have on this show? I’m guessing it’s to stir Drita’s pot with her big wooden stick that she keeps up her boney little ass. Cause she sure as hell DI-ent do anything else this season. Oh wait, she did. She threw her ex-husband under the bus every chance she could.

Season 2? Let the games begin…

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Chiara Soprano said...

Harley, great to read how your thoughts were shaped by the show over the course of the season. I think it's true of all viewers and fans who had never heard of or seen these women before. I didn't know how I would feel. In the end I related the most to Renee. It was a surprise to me, but her off show interviews showed her in a very different light.

Mob Mistress said...

What's does Karen's vaginal activity have to do with Drita dating her ex and not having the courtesy to tell her?

I have friends who have cheated on their mates for THEIR reasons. Those same friends have been there for me whenever I needed. Those same friends have not talked to me in a year, sometimes two and it's like we talked yesterday. Drita cannot have it both ways when she is trying to justify her behavior. And I think Drita is guilty of hypocrisy on more than one level.

Please tell me you didn't buy the salon story?

Harleys Angel said...

I found Renee to be a little obnoxious in the beginning Chiara. But she just grew on me and I found her to be the most sincere. You may not like what she says, but there’s truth at the heart of it.

OK Mistress I hear ya. If Drita did to me what she did to Karen; Drita would be dead to me. END OF STORY! What does Karen want Drita to do, apologize? And what? That’s going to make it all better? What’s done is done. This was 2 years after they broke up and Karen was pregnant. She wasn’t even living in the same state. They weren’t even friends and given the situation with her father, who knew if Karen would ever come back.

Drita got exactly what she wanted? She wanted Lee, She got him. But she also made a few deals with the devil to get her man. And now all her dreams of a fairy tale life with Lee have been nothing short of a nightmare. Karma is the Devils loan shark. Both these women have issues.

I know you think Karen is the little darling of the group Mistress…I see her more a sly little fox. LOL

Mob Mistress said...

I've never written any where that Karen is a litte darling. LMAO!

And it wasn't 2 years, as Drita pulled out of her ass on the rooftop.

The friendship would be done for me too. However, Karen was willing to move pass it. For her I do not think it was about Lee. It was more about trying to repair a friendship. And yes, I believe that is what Karen wanted for Drita to just say, "Karen, I should've called you to tell you. I didn't. I apologize."

The Underboss said...

Now some of you really like Drita but I think she is an angry woman who is as slick as Karen. She also likes to pretend like she does not remember. Unless she suffers from traumatic brain injury or is a raging alcoholic she remebers what she does. I think that both Drita and Karen are two peas in a pod. That is why they were friends in the first place. They probably swapped boyfriends all the time. I really do not care either way. I have no favorite.

Gabrielle said...

Drita blacked out on the rooftop right? How was she able to tell Karen everything Carla was saying while they were fighting when Karen thought Carla was laughing about them fighting? She gave all the details at the reunion, she even remembered that Karen tried to kick her in the face. Hmmmm, blackouts or excuses?

Harleys Angel said...

Sounds like excuses Gabriella? Drita seems to get amnesia when convenient. I think Drita needs to work on her temper and I hope as she watches her behavior on TV she realizes she needs to get some help to learn how to handle situations in a non violent way

Harleys Angel said...

Gabriella, That should be an ! not a ?. I agree with you.

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