Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E10

Oooo la la, the box for Sonja's toaster oven is ready!

I think I should get an award for hanging in there for ten episodes, even if I have to be reminded every single week that the show is about to start. For some reason my brain has checked out. I wonder why these six women put themselves on this ridiculous show. I am curious to know if Aviva, Carole and Heather regret their decision now? Maybe StoodpidHouses will tweet them for me and ask? I love that website. How they are able to watch and write about all the BRAVO franchises blows my mind. But, on to the show…since I actually watched it.

Why the hell did Heather offer to try and help Sonja develop a “brand.” Sonja doesn’t seem to know what she wants. The team Heather put together seems to think they know what she needs. No one is on the same page. They should have saved themselves time and wrote Sonja’s name in black with the silhouette of a woman as the “J.” That’s all she wanted. Meanwhile, she is complaining and arguing with them and she isn’t paying them a dime for their professional services. They did design a box for her toaster oven. To me it looked like the statue of David’s body holding a toaster oven. Really? I don’t get it. Who buys toaster ovens any more anyway?

Ramona inserts her two cents in Heather and Sonja's meeting

Why the hell did Sonja bring the impossible to get along with, Ramona, to the meeting? Ramona kept criticizing Heather and her team’s marketing strategy. No one else could get a word in edgewise. This was not a productive meeting and everyone was frustrated. Meanwhile, Lord knows how many toaster ovens are piled up in some warehouse just waiting to be boxed?

LuAnn thinks it's fine to use "American Indian" 

The ladies and their men go to dinner without Heather. I’m sure she didn’t mind being left out. However, LuAnn starts referring to Native Americans “American Indians,” and Carole tries to correct her with an insult. She says even a third grader knows not to say “Indian.” LuAnn doesn’t care and keeps using the phrase and begins putting her hand over her mouth making the stereotypical “wah wah” sound. This is a grown woman at a restaurant! What the hell is she thinking? She is putting Carole in her place by showing her she is part “American Indian” and can say or do any insulting thing she wants. Frankly, I hope the show gets a tremendous amount of flack for that and yes I am serious. Way to go Carole! LuAnn is right too, money can’t buy you class or political correctness. LuAnn is a prime example of that.

Speaking of politically incorrect, all the pigs in America have also been insulted by, Poopie the pig, an animated cartoon pig who dances, thanks to Harry Dubin. I still don’t know what the hell all these women ever saw in him?

Sonja has to tell Jacques what she thinks!

Towards the end of dinner, Sonja gets terribly drunk and starts calling Jacques out for not marrying LuAnn. After all they are planning to have a baby. All inappropriate for the time and place. Everyone is embarrassed because she carries on and on and with her big outdoor voice. Ramona, who is well verse in being drunk and inserting her foot in her mouth, manages to calm Sonja down before they all got thrown out. At least Sonja didn’t try to put on a strip show.

Ramona's priceless expression to inappropriate lyrics

LuAnn has picked a real hell of a band to perform at the Christmas party. All the women sing (and I use that term very loosely) “Jingle Bells,” except for Aviva, who doesn’t know the words. Is this even credible? She doesn’t know the words to Jingle Bells? Never mind. After the band plays that sound, they launch into a very vulgar and inappropriate song “I want to f*ck you in the ass.” Everyone is shocked and clamoring about the lyrics. LuAnn must be mortified, but she picked them and they looked like a punk rock group. Why the hell didn’t she go over a song list with them? This is exactly why I do not buy into these shows. This was definitely staged to create drama for the show. Just like the outrageous band Sonja picked for Aviva’s anniversary party. Come on BRAVO you can do better than this?

I hear there are 18 episodes to this season, which means I may have 8 more to watch. UGH! Too bad when I make a commitment I stick to it. Oh well, back to my Mob Wives.


m said...

Every once in a while Stoopid Housewives makes me think about maybe tuning in. I read your WTH moments and decide "No, I'm good!"

Chiara Soprano said...

Sorry about that, but I'm sure anything else you are doing would be a better use of your time LOL

Krystina said...

Actually, LuAnn is correct. While the good ol' white folks have taken upon THEMSELVES to deem "Indian" politically incorrect, I live in Oklahoma, known also as Indian Territory. My grandma's husband is full-blooded Creek and hates being referred to as a Native American because it implies that everyone else born in America but of different descent is not native to their birthplace. He says American Indian is preferred. Also, the clinics for American Indians here are NAMED "Indian" clinics.

Chiara Soprano said...

Krystina, I never heard that before. Thanks for sharing from your own first hand experience. We all learn something new every day!

SPershing said...

I cannot believe that SonJa was being so demanding for a service that she isnt even paying for...please!
Ramona has reached new heights of rudeness. And, I'm right there with you about Harry...guy seems smarmy and I wouldnt let him shine my shoes.. Sheesh! just found your blog and I love it!

Chiara Soprano said...

SPershing, welcome to the blog, I hope you find many more topics you enjoy here!