Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: No Talk of Reunion Show

Mob Wives Chicago, It's A Wrap!
No Episode 111 Reunion Show

I have been waiting, like most fans and viewers, for word of a Mob Wives Chicago Reunion Show. Reunions shows typically follow a week or two after the finale and rehash all the drama that was aired during the season. But to date, I have not heard that a Reunion Show is in the works for season one of Mob Wives Chicago.

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days now. As I sit here behind my computer, I am disappointed that a Reunion Show hasn’t been mentioned and may not take place. I wonder why? Surely there is something that can be rehashed in an hour show?

Someone made an observation to me and it made sense. If you look at the finale, it seems that all the lose ends were tied up with a big red ribbon. Everyone’s problems and issues were sort of resolved. Christina, for example, has gotten her divorce out in the open and taken a step towards independence with her internship. Renee has full custody of Isabella and has made peace with Giana about her father. She has even taken the first step into working things out with Dave. Nora has closure because she now knows it was her father in the grave and she was able to cremate the remains and give him the burial she felt he deserved. Even her wine, “The German,” was set to come out as the show wrapped up lose ends. Pia has given up pole dancing and has turned to a more respectable way of earning a living. She certainly made the most of this opportunity to capitalize on the exposure the show gave her. And Leah’s situation with her mom’s health unfortunately cannot be resolved as quickly. Fighting cancer is a long battle and an emotional roller coaster. I know Leah will be at her mother’s side, loving her, supporting her and encouraging her. But what about the friendships between the women?

So what is left to rehash on the reunion? What about the friendships between the women?  If you follow Twitter, you can’t even figure out who is friends with who any more. If I knew, I would tell you. All I can be sure of is that Leah and Pia have gotten close and support each other. Leah and Renee are at each other’s throats. And, the “Taylor Street” girls, Leah and Christina, are also angry at each other, I don‘t know why. It’s all very confusing. I would have thought that would have made for a great reunion show because obviously something went down off camera, after the last episode was filmed. They never said what caused the blowups, and I for one, would love to hear the whole story from the all the horses’ mouths.

What do you think? Do we need a reunion show? Is there enough controversy here for a season two? As Leah often says, “stay tuned.


Chiara Soprano said...

Dear Anonymous, we are in receipt of your comments and there will be a blog up tomorrow regarding what you had to say. We appreciate your taking the time and for being so forthcoming. Thank you.

Somaya said...

I agree. Although a reunion would be fun and is expected - there wouldn't be much ground to cover - more than a review or summary of what we have all seen.

Overall, I was very disappointed in this Chicago version of Mobwives. I think with the NY group - the past that the ladies shared seeped out onto the camera - probably without their ever knowing or thinking or even wanting it to. That made for great entertainment. Alot of the conflicts with the Chicago wives - (aside from Nora's comment to Renee about losing her daughter)seemed strangely insignificant. It was almost a little puzzling as to why the women would get so worked up over relatively small things? I can't help but wonder if things from the past will come out on season 2 - if there is one? IMO - you just can't beat a rat being exposed/two women (who at one point lived together and were thought to be "best friends") fighting over one man. I cannot wait for the return of the NY wives.

Chiara Soprano said...

Dear Anonymous we are working on the blog using the utmost discretion to protect your identity. We fully intend to publish it soon.

Anonymous said...

I read earlier that they did tape a reunion show months back and that it was ground breaking TV, whatever that means.

Chiara Soprano said...

No Anon, not a reunion show, you are talking about the finale, which was taped weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

please show the reunion show...there is always a reunion show! you can't have these reality shows without a reunion show!!