Monday, August 20, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Finale Recap, Ep 111

Wolf talks to Leah about her mom's condition

Pia visits Renee, and Renee can’t wait to hear about her meeting with Nora. Pia says she hardly had a chance to say anything before Nora went running out the door. Renee says that is typical of Nora. Pia asks about Giana. Renee tells her that she did not tell Giana that she spoke to her father, who she feels is trying to turn her against Renee. Renee says when he started talking she just screamed at him and now she is worried how Giana is going to take it when he tells her Renee went ballistic. She is afraid she is pushing Giana away. Pia asks about the Boston trip with Dave. Pia senses Renee’s heart isn’t into her relationship with Dave. They both agree Renee needs to focus on Giana first.

Leah and Wolf meet in the park. Leah says her mother is depressed and not doing what the doctors say. Leah wants her to fight. Her heart is weak and they had to stop the chemo treatments. She doesn’t want her mom to give up. Her father says that’s her choice. Leah thinks he is being harsh. Leah says, as hard as it is, she can come to terms with losing her mother, but she says she would rather die before her father. She worries about his health. Her father wants her to be strong, it’s natural that parents die before their children.

Nora and Christina get together. Nora says she met with Pia and it was unproductive. Nora says she couldn’t get a word in edgewise. It was an unintelligent conversation. She is done with Pia. The exhumation is due to happen soon. All the documents are in order. She is almost afraid of the final day because she has been waiting for it so long. She is full of anxiety and fear. She wants her dad to rest in peace with a cremation and a proper burial. It’s the hardest day and best day of her life, at the same time. It’s been eating her up, all the anxiety. Christina is scared for her, she may have a mental breakdown.

Christina goes to see her therapist and needs to catch up. She has good news about meeting with the designer and getting an internship. The therapist is impressed and calls it a huge accomplishment. She asks Christina about her friends. Christina says she has made up with Pia and feels like she has grown and come a long way. She feels she can do anything now. She can focus on the future and move on.

Nora consults with her lawyer

At Nora’s apartment the doorbell rings and it’s her dear friend, Julie, from Florida. She has come to be with Nora for the exhumation of her dad. Nora just wants to know the body is there and that an autopsy is going to be done. It will take three to four hours to bring up the casket from the ground. Only Nora can be there. The phone rings, it’s the cemetery and they say they can’t exhume the body because her brother didn’t sign the papers. She says 30 days have passed and legally they can move forward without his signature. She thinks this is an attempt by the government to stop the exhumation because they have something to hide.

Renee and Giana get together and immediately Renee tells her that her father called her. Renee is finding it hard because she doesn’t know how Giana will react. She tells her she didn’t let Ottavio get a word in. She says all she could think of was all the hurt he cause Giana and it made her snap. Giana says she understands to a point. She doesn’t think her father deserves to be in prison. Renee tells her that she did love him at one time and Giana deserves to have him in her life. Renee says it wasn’t all bad and she doesn’t want to fight with Giana any more. She promises not to bad mouth her father to her any more. Giana is happy about that.

Nora is tired of the cemetery giving her the run around. She gets a court order, with the help of her lawyer. This injunction allows the cemetery to proceed with the disinterment.

Pia and Renee are riding in a limo. Renee has rented a boat for the girls so they can hang out and chill. Leah and Christina are meeting them at the boat. Pia and Renee do not want to hear a word about Nora. Leah and Christina are hoping for fun and no drama. Leah tells Christina that she feels bad that Nora isn’t there with them. Christina tells her it’s the day of the exhumation. Leah says she would do the same thing as Nora. They both think it’s crazy, but hope she gets her answers.

The grave site is covered after body was removed

The morning of the disinterment has arrived. Nora is numb, but she has been waiting four years for the truth. She worries about what she will see and what the outcome will be. She gets there and see chains and locks on the cemetery gate. She’s upset, but all of a sudden the gates open. She goes to the gravesite to find an empty grave. The casket has been removed before she arrived. There is just a hole in the ground. She is upset that she didn’t see him go in and now she wasn’t there to see the casket come out. They told her the body was taken to the crematorium. Nora is worried they will cremate him before she can see him. She hears a siren from the car behind her. Before she arrives at the crematorium the police pull her car over for trespassing. They tell her she doesn’t belong there and handcuff her.

Luckily none of the mob wives were blown overboard!

Back at the boat, Pia and Renee go on board and Christina and Leah are not far behind. The drinks are being poured. They have all been through so much the past few months. Now they want to have a little fun. They are happy to see each other. The captain introduces himself. The water is very rough and it’s very windy. The ladies can barely stand up on the boat. In fact, the wind keeps blowing them down and they are all falling on each other. The alcohol doesn’t help either. Renee climbs up on a higher part of the boat and the others are screaming for her to get down. Leah says it always ends up being a screaming match with this crowd.

The viewing is about to take place

The police let Nora go. Nora is still upset that she didn’t see the casket come up. She arrives at the crematorium where they are going to open the box to see if the body is viewable. The funeral director tells Nora she can’t see him, he is decomposed and it’s not healthy. He tells her his condition is too bad and that all the parts of his face are gone. He tells her to trust him, but Nora doesn’t trust anyone. He says there is enough tissue to do a DNA test. A pathologist comes to examine the body and to try to identify him from pictures.

Back at the boat all the ladies are getting along and laughing about how much they learned about each other. They got through it all and came out as friends. “How bout that!” says Christina. They actually missed each other. Leah decides to say what’s on her mind. She says she hopes one day Pia and Renee will be civil to Nora. Pia and Renee are stunned and say she is beating a dead horse. Leah wants peace and for everyone to get along. Then Christina tells them this is the day of the exhumation. Pia and Renee do not comment.

Dental records give Nora closure and truth

The pathologist arrives hoping to make a positive identification of the body from photos. He says it doesn’t look like “The German” because he is so thin and had lost a lot of weight. He says he will take some samples of DNA to test, to get to the truth. They have to hold off on the cremation for a couple of weeks until the results come back. They can’t cremate him without a positive ID. Nora can’t wait. She insists on viewing the body herself to try to identify her father. But, she soon says she doesn’t know, he is too skinny. She will not have closure until the DNA results are in. The show ends…but the results are in. They are written on the last screen for us to see. The DNA tests came back INCONCLUSIVE. However, the dental records confirm that it is indeed “The German” who was in the casket.


The end of season one came too soon for me. It took a good five or six episodes for me to get the know all the women in the cast. Now it’s over. They all started out on a level playing field, as far as my opinion goes. But, opinions change and get shaped over time, with each passing episode. It can’t be helped. Like all viewers, I can relate to some women more than others. After watching all of season one, I can say that the two mob wives who were most consistent to me were Pia and Leah. Nora is a little too complicated to get a good take on. Renee and Christina well, my blogs speak for themselves. Let’s get into the finale…and my final thoughts, until the reunion!

Renee is most concerned about Giana being hurt by her father. She even cursed me out on Twitter and called me a “dumbass” for writing a blog about her baby daddy, Ottavio Volpe. This is my rebuttal. Renee chose to procreate with Ottavio. Renee chose to allow the storyline and her daughter to be aired on national television. Renee is the one who bad mouthed him time and time again. The way I see it, both she and her baby daddy hurt Giana, not me. She was offended that I did a blog on him to provide readers with the details of his crime, as reported in U.S Court of Appeals documents? I have done factual blogs on all the fathers and husbands of all the wives and children of the cast, because there is great interest in the men behind these women. He was just the last one on the list. Renee’s twitter account says, “If you can’t handle the truth then stay the f*** home.” Maybe that’s what Renee and Giana should do, if there is a season two? Either that or bring on the truth! The truth about her uncle and her baby daddy to start with.

Christina is thrilled to be an intern for two days a week with a designer. Interns don’t normally get paid, they are there to learn. However, that interview was a dismal failure. No resume, she was unprepared to answer questions of any kind. Still she was “hired.” Why do you think that is? I think maybe it’s because the designer, Anastasia, is getting some free publicity from the show. Is Christina really working there now, or was that all for our benefit, so we can see she has made some progress? Her storyline is weak at best. Here’s an idea or two for season two. Let’s get Christina a professional resume. How bout that? Let’s send her back to college for a couple of refresher courses in designing. How bout that? Let’s let her design a few pieces to take with her as samples of her work. How bout that? Maybe she could watch project runway and learn the names of current designers, like Alex Perry. How bout that? Other than that, what else can she contribute?

Nora got her closure. That made me happy. Now that she has put her father to rest, she can move on. However, there was too much chaos involved in the whole disinterment process and especially what was aired last night. I thought the editing could have been better. Too many details needed to be shown. In a previous episode I swore the Nora was told they had all the signatures of her siblings, and last night they state that the brother never signed. I was a little confused. And, when did Nora bring the cemetery the injunction issued by the court, because they already had the grave opened and casket removed? Why would they do that without her being present? I guess it’s because it would have had to be a two hour episode all about Nora.  But, I am glad she got her answers and now has closure. This was a ground breaking event, not just at the cemetery, but for reality television. Jennifer Graziano, executive producer and creator, is to be commended for dealing with real issues and showing another situation that has never been done before on reality television, again!

Pia is still upset with Nora. I don’t blame her. The argument is still fresh on her mind. She tried talking to Nora and couldn’t get a word in. What more can she do? I find Pia is making the most of the opportunities being provided to her as a cast member. The photos from her shoot turned out great. Her agent, Deana Morales, is getting her plenty of exposure and lucrative assignments. Most recently she signed on to represent Cold Steel Vodka. I find Pia to be a positive force on the show. She took a lot of verbal abuse from Nora before standing up for herself. She also was able to put aside her differences with Renee, who as Nora pointed out, said her fair share of ugly things to Pia. She patched things up with Leah right away. And she even got over Christina pulling her hair out. It takes a pretty big person to get past those things. So what if she isn’t ready to forgive and forget with Nora right now? Nora hit her with the lowest blows and is impossible to talk to.

And Leah. My heart goes out to Leah. Her mom being diagnosed with breast cancer, just as she was starting to film the show, had to take it’s toll on her. I didn’t see her getting too much support from the other wives either. They were all wrapped up in their petty arguments. I know what it is to watch a parent get weak and sick from chemotherapy. I’ve seen the pain. I know how it feels to watch them get thinner and thinner until they die from cancer. It changes you. It’s sickens you. It saddens you. It’s all you can think about. Where was her support? Pia was the only one who met with Leah and her mom so she could help them from the benefit of her own experience. Maybe there should have been more compassion for Leah filmed? So many of us have been down her road and can relate to what she is going through. I don’t think Leah had the energy to fight or put up with all their BS, because she was emotionally drained with her own, real, personal crisis.

So that’s my take on the finale and season one. I am hoping for word on season two. I would like to see more of these ladies. I love to blog about them. The good and the bad. Let’s all write to VH1, let’s tweet them too and demand a season two! They could and should add a couple of more wives to spice things up! What did you think? Let me know.


Deana3452 said...

Great recap and two cents. I am not a fan of Nora, but I will admit some of the looks on her face at the funeral home were heartbreaking. I felt sorry for her. I don't think I would have had the nerve to go in and look at remains like that.

I felt horrible for Leah too...when she was talking to Wolf. Sorry that you had to go through that with a loved one, Chiara. It's heart wrenching.

Kristina said...

I'm a huge Mob Wives fan and was very excited for this show. That being sad, I wasn't "blown" away from this show. The episodes just never seemed to flow together. I don't know if that's because the editors worked it that way or sadly that's just what they had to work with.

I'm very glad that Nora's storyline ended and she got closure. I couldn't imagine doing what she did. But I don't want to see Nora back for a season 2. Whenever she is speaking, it always seems to me that she is struggling to speak. Not sure if it is because she's rushing her words, or she's nervous, or alcohol or what. With Nora's fighting and drama, I just have the feeling she is trying to being the "Renee Graziano of Chicago" and honey, there is only 1 Renee Graziano!!

Leah-I love Leah. Wish there was more of her but sometimes when someone doesn't have drama, they don't get much air time.

Pia-I like her a lot. I feel she had the most growth of anyone on the show. With everything Nora and Renee were saying about her made me like her more because Pia always had her head held high.

Renee-HMMM. I really wish that Renee will "visit" for a few episodes Mob Wives and enjoy Miss Renee Graziano, Drita and even Ramona have words with her. :)

Christina-I'm 1000% agree with you on everything about her.

I don't want a season 2. I would LOVEE a reunion show but it just doesn't fit. The girls, the drama, the made-up drama, it always seemed overly exaggerated with some of them. Maybe another set of girls would work, maybe not.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Kristina, enjoyed you take on the show! :)

Anonymous said...

Mobwives hasn't been promoted or renewed yet because of vh1 who has said NO to a season two for these ladies and I will tell you why. The sheer vulgar display on twitter to fans. They are suppose to represent woman who are innocent and hurt by their fathers/family being in the mob, yet they are just as vulgar and pro-mob and vicious to vh1 fans/viewers and that is NOT sitting well with vh1. No innocence there. The other reason vh1 isnt rounding s2 up is Giana's display, She blamed vh1 for making her dad look like this monster when it was her telling the viewers the story, vh1 had nothing to do with that yet she told the entire world vh1 is the bad guys, and made it seem like we did something intentionally to hurt her. These ladies had opportunities handed to them, doors open because of vh1, lets see how they fare without us!

Deana3452 said...

I am going to be surprised if there is a season 2. The way it ended last night made me believe there isn't going to be one. They wrapped it up well. A season finale usually leaves a big question...and the fact that they answered the big question about Nora's dad at the end surprised me. It just seemed to me like it was the end. I hope not.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised either to be honest if there wasn't a S2 of MW.

I have no issues with Pia, Nora, or fact, I wish all the MW well.

But MOB Wives has given ALL of them GREAT exposure so for Miss RUSSO, Gianna and Christina to attack and go after Chiara was a bullshit move because at the end of the day, MM, Chiara, Carmela and me all have personal various opinions on MW....yet whether the opinions are negative or positive, its STILL putting the wives on the map. Those 3 are biting the hand that feed them.

Who wants to promote people that do that and attack like a pitbull at those that are merrily expressing what has already been seen and research? How about that? :P

Anonymous said...

That is really strange that these people would react so vicious towards all of you, and VH1, and the fans of VH1. You and VH1 did not send her father to prison. Yet after reading your blog, it seems as though these women were attacking you, and everyone else, even VH1. And that ridiculous fight on twitter between Renee, and Leah was really out of control. Like you said... They bit the hand that fed them!

Anonymous said...

I missed where Giana attacked vh1 in regards to her dad. Does anyone have a screen shot? I also dob't get the problem with the twitter beef. I'm sure it caused some interest. The show should go to Bravo. They could promote it far better than vh1 has

vai said...

If there's a season 2 I hope vh1drops Renee and Giana. They have their opportunity but they didn't know how to handle it. And I've never seen a cast member so evil and tried so hard to be badass. And idk if anyone noticed she used Karen's line " I'm coming for you" lol. The others deserve a season 2 n that's my two cents.

Anonymous said...

The only 2 girls on this show with any class are Pia and Leah. Renee and Christina are brutal and Nora is a complete nut job. I love your take on Christina and that BS interview! Renee and Gianna can't have it both ways...they put their family secrets out deal with the after math!

Anonymous said...

I don't think there will be a second season either. These women, except for Nora, exaggerated their 'mob ties' for the show because the real daughters of any Chicago outfit guys wouldn't come near this show, that is a fact.

Leah is great, though, she is funny and real and I just enjoy watching her. Watching Nora is exploitative in my opinion because she is just fragile and mentally ill. Christina is blah, and how can you claim to love fashion and not know Alexander McQueen and other huge names in fashion? Pia is also kind of blah, but the way she talks makes me laugh because it reminds me of a lot of people I know.

And Renee? Well Renee exaggerated her relationship with her uncle and changed her name to appear to have more of a mob association. She judges others and thinks that she is above everyone, but has chosen two men to marry who she can't stand, one is in jail for murder, the other thinks that she is an unfit mother and tried to take her daughter away from her. So Renee, if you don't want people to know your business, don't go on television and air your dirty laundry, and don't get all huffy when people repeat what you have already put out there. She is just the ultimate hypocrite. In my opinion, she is the shrillest, most dishonest, and most vulgar woman on the show, and almost everyone I know thinks that.

I would like to see a reunion show......VH1? Anything coming up?

Monique said...

MW Chicago was a bit weird for me. I wanted to like it and went in with a completely open mind, but after watching I really didn't feel any connection with any of the ladies.

I don't like the twitter drama and attacking the blog. It's really immature.

I also found the the issues were too polarizing. You have these really heavy issues with Nora and Leah and then you have these ridiculous issues with Renee, Christina and Pia. I felt I couldn't sympathize with the ladies with the petty issues when there was all these real deep problems going on so it bored me at times.

Maybe a season 2 could offer them a chance to redeem themselves (both on tv and the cyber world), and I am willing to give them another chance, but from the looks of it-this may be the end.

Question- have you blogged about Wolf? I am curious as to his mob ties and his past position.

Chiara Soprano said...

Monique, I have researched Wolf and Christina's father, Raymond Janek, and could not find anything on them at all. However, that doesn't always mean they weren't associated with the mob. Carla's father was an associate, but we found nothing on him either. It may depend on how long ago they were in the business and the extent of their alleged "crimes."