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Mob Wives: Unfollowing Chirping Bloggers!

An Unfollow Twitter Party

Remember when Christina threw a hissy fit because Nora and Pia “unfriended” her on Facebook? Leah’s advice was to throw a party. I might be throwing a party too.

Last season of the original Mob Wives, Drita and Carla both unfollowed and blocked me on Twitter. Boo Hoo. They didn’t like something on the blog and decided to teach me a lesson. Now, I haven’t seen their tweets for months, unless I want to. There are ways to circumvent their “block.” Mainly, I don’t bother much with their appearances and projects because I refuse to chase them around to find out what they are up to. It’s their loss because I used to do many blogs promoting their events for their fans. If I write negative blogs, they should suck it up because even negative publicity is good publicity. I guess no one told them that yet.

Fast Forward to Mob Wives Chicago season one. As bloggers, we often start out on a good note with the cast because they are new and we know nothing about them. Then, after watching several episodes, we get a feel for who they are and what they seem to stand for. We write about what we see and our opinions regarding their behavior on the show. What do I get for my hard work? I get unfollowed. I recently saw that Christina, Nora, Renee and Giana have all intentionally unfollowed me on twitter or it’s a coincidental glitch? Who knows who else has also “UN”-followed suit? And, may I add, who cares? If they don’t like what I have to say about their behavior each week, so be it. I can’t help it if Christina is very inconsistent when it come to her love/hate relationship with Nora. I don’t like flip-floppers. That’s how it comes across, whether it’s editing or for real, I don’t know. I also will not apologize for saying Nora hits way below the belt in her comments to Renee and Pia. She said some unforgivable things and I have yet to hear a sincere apology from her. You don’t say things like that to strangers, let alone long time friends. And as for Renee, is it my fault if she has a bone to pick with everyone? Maybe she is high strung, has serious trust issues or just hamming it up for the camera? That’s not for me to figure out. All I know is that sometimes she has legitimate grounds for getting upset and other times she picks a fight for no reason. If she doesn’t like my assessment of her behavior, it’s her prerogative. Giana…well I don’t know what her issue is with me, I have been nice enough to her. 

The question is who are these mob wives spiting?  Not me. I will continue to write and chirp as I see fit. If I can’t see their tweets about projects and interviews and appearances, then I will not be blogging about them. I will focus on the mob wives who do follow me and publicize their work. The fact is that I always support the shows, I support Jennifer Graziano 100% and help keep fans interested in what mob wives are doing on and off the show. I believe most fans do not want to read cheerleaders rooting for everyone especially when they are in the wrong. I write it as I see it, and always will.

There is more than enough for me to blog about. New shows are starting up this fall, like Mob Doctor and Red Widow. I know Jennifer Graizano never sleeps, and her mind is always cooking up more shows too. And you know what? Sometimes I just need a day off from the blogosphere. 

So best of luck to all you “unfollowers,” and I do mean that with all sincerity. I won’t be shedding any tears any time soon. In fact, I will take Leah’s advice and throw myself an unfollow Twitter party! 

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Mob Mistress said...

We blogged with zero readers & no followers. That's never been what we're about. We share our opinions, questions, observations & additional information on the show, cast, etc.

The cast & readers like it or they don't, not our concern. We wish them well. However, I told most of them in the beginning we are NOT cheerleaders. We may like your television antics, we may not.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Giana unfollowed? She is horrible on twitter and has a nasty mouth. While I like the show because it is reality and I love reality tv I just can't get over the fact that they come from, live by and been bred by KILLING and that there are housands of innocent victim families from their fathers, husbands and brothers killing and they are on tv and famous for what.... KILLING. I love drama but there has to be a line and for I feel bad for Renee even though she is mean but she did everything for her daughter and her mean husband is a murderer and giana thinks he is this saint who got accused wrongly, no he is a con man using her to try and get free probably. And she treats her mom like crap. All the while he admitted to buying duct tape, rope and hiring this guy to rob her. Anyways blog about whats true, not what gets them to like you because us readers want what is TRUE.

Anonymous said...

LOL, they should be THRILLED that you and Chiara and other bloggers have taken the time to dedicate a blog to them. I look around other sites and lets just say there aren't so many nice things that are said about them.

I say axe Chicago MW and bring back the NY wives with Big Ang. I've watched MW Chicago but all I've seen on this show is fights, drama, bickering, and more fights. Where as with the NY crew, you got more of a taste on how the mafia lifestyle affects their daily lives. You get bits and pieces with MW Chicago but not at the scale of MW NYC.

Casey said...

Who needs botox when you can read their stunts and feel like you're back in high school again?

How childish to unfollow you guys!? The publicity they get from your blog couldn't be bought. What crybabies!

Monique said...

Great Post and YES it IS PARTY TIME!! I have people unfollow me and unfriend me from Facebook because I tend to be very opinionated as well and been accused of being a troll (ha ha!) for simply expressing my opinion and most times providing facts with links to back it up. I don't fight with anyone and find cyber fights to be very immature.

The truth of the matter is that you and MM tell the TRUTH and TELL IT LIKE IT IS and like most people that know they lie, they do not like hearing the truth. Should you compromise your ideals and writing style, I am sure you will have them all follow you and retweet your posts, but that is why we like your blog so much! With a news, reality tv and most entertainment being hijacked by those that want to skew the truth to favor someone or some topic, it is refreshing to read a blog that tells it like it is regardless of losing the approval of those they speak about. You aren't a kiss ass and you are not seeking their approval in anyway! Like you have always stated -you write about whatever you want, however you want and those that don't like it don't have to read it and I, for one, RESPECT your blog immensely for that!

Although, they now do not follow you anymore, I actually find it comical, because there is that inkling inside of me that tells me that they still visit your blog because their narcissistic tendencies will not allow them to know someone in the blogsphere is writing about them and they not know what it is! yeah right!


Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you all for your comments! I feel the same way you do. The blog keeps their names out there and we are often the number 1 site when it comes to google searches on Mob Wives. That's pretty damn good.

Deana3452 said...

Anonymous 1 above is dead on. I STILL don't get Giana's blind loyalty to her father...and I speak from experience. My father didn't murder anyone--he's just a con man, but we do not have a relationship. I am embarassed that he has never gotten his life together, so I can't imagine sticking up for him.

Hey you said...

One or two of MobWives Chicago unfollowed me luckly I have been able to follow them. I like the recaps you do for your bloggers.

Chiara Soprano said...

Hey you...why would anyone unfollow you? you rarely tweet and you are always sweet? If they did you are in very good company LOL Some will unfollow anyone who doesn't kiss their ass 24/7