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American Horror Story: Asylum - I Am Anne Frank Part 1 Reacp

Guess who?
The beginning of American Horror Story truly shocked me this week.  It started out in the 1960s rather than starting with a useless snippet from present day starring Adam Levine.  "What???" you may be asking yourself.  "Something that makes sense?"  Yes.  I was surprised as well.

Sister Jude has been roused in the middle of the night, because they are dropping off a new patient to her.  It is a woman who stabbed some people with beer bottles for saying antisemitic remarks.  "Wait," you may be saying to yourself, "this is an asylum, not a jail."  Well, shut up.  There's no room for logic here.  Unless Ryan Murphy is trying to say you'd have to be CRAZY not to love an antisemitic joke.  I wouldn't put that past him.

Shelley's situation appears to have gotten even worse since her leg amputation.  Dr. Arden is injecting her with all kinds of things.

Grace sees Kit has a split lip.  He got it from Dr. Arden.  The spider chip went missing and Dr. Arden wants to know where it is.  Kit and Grace have a heart to heart about whether one should or should not tell the story of how they ended up at Briarcliff.  Kit thinks you should, so Grace finally tells him how she got there.  She got up in the middle of the night because she heard a strange sound.  She opened a door and found her father being AXE MURDERED.   The killer follows her down the stairs and she hides in the closet, where she finds... her stepmother has already been axe murdered!  The next day, Grace's step sister accused her of the murders.  The actual murderer had been her step sister's lover, and they had planned the whole thing so they could have the farm to themselves.  Seems a bit extreme.

Dr. Thredson approaches Lana about where she went during the movie last week.  They flashback to Kit telling Grace and Lana no one can know they tried to escape.  Apparently no one can deduce that Nor'easter + three soaked and muddy patients = the escapees.  Dr. Thredson offers to help Lana get out of Briarcliff.

The new patient is keeping a diary.  GUESS WHO?  Lana tells her she can't write or they will put her in solitary.  Dr. Arden walks in and the new patient recognizes him from Auschwitz, and screams that he's a nazi.  She says, "Don't you recognize me?  I am Anne.  Anne Frank."  Yeah, I'm sure Nazis of all people took the time to learn the names and faces of everyone in Auschwitz.

Sister Jude speaks to Anne and tells her that Anne Frank died.  Anne says that there were a lot of bodies but she wasn't one of them.  She met a soldier from New Jersey who brought her to America.  When her father published her diary, she didn't reach out to him because he had a new life, and she felt Anne Frank needed to stay a martyr.

Dr. Thredson speaks to Kit.  He says that if he says Kit isn't crazy, he will get the death penalty.  If he says Kit is crazy, he stays in Briarcliff.  But Dr. Thredson doesn't think he is crazy, nor does he think Kit is evil.  He says he will save Kit's life by testifying that he's crazy, but he wants Kit to try to face the truth.  He plants the seeds that Kit was becoming ashamed of his wife being black and the reason he skinned his victims was racially motivated.  Now... I'VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH THIS!

Last week, Dr. Thredson went to look in on Wendy for Lana, and she was missing.  Thredson said he thought the scene he saw was consistent with Bloody Face, which is why Lana became chummy with Kit, because Kit was locked up when Wendy went missing.  So how can Thredson think that Wendy was taken by Bloody Face while Kit was in Briarcliff AND STILL THINK Kit is Bloody Face?  SOMETHING STINKS.

Anne says that in Auschwitz, Arden was known as Hans Grouper.  They thought he was a gracious man, because he would save people.  But whenever they came back, they weren't the same.  Sister Jude tells her she was never there.  But then Anne shows Sister Jude her number tatto.

Lana imagines that she will get accolades for exposing Briarcliff.   She is giving a speech saying that she survived and did what she had to do to get out.  That inspires her to go to Thredson for help.  Uh-oh.  You in danger, girl.

Kit is beginning to doubt himself after his meeting with Thredson.  He doesn't know if he's crazy or sane.  Then Kit and Grace get caught, as Sister Jude says "trying to make a murder baby."  A+ line, would laugh again.  Sister Mary Eunice picks out the cane they should be beaten with.  Sister Jude says she doesn't know what's gotten into Mary Eunice lately, but "it's a marked improvement."  Um, that would be the devil.  Sister Jude considers sterilizing Kit and Grace, but she gets distracted and has them sent to solitary confinement.  But not before Sister Mary Eunice gives Kit Grace's file and tells him Grace is not so innocent.

Detective arrive to question Dr. Arden about the escort he hired.  Arden says it's a bunch of HOGWASH.  Sister Jude asks the detectives if they will arrest Arden, but they say they can't, they are Homicide.   They ask Jude if she thinks Kit would have the surgical skill to remove skin and heads from corpses. 

Dr. Thredson starts aversion therapy with Lana. He shows her pictures of women and gives her an IV drip of something that will cause her to throw up.  He slips a picture of Wendy in there, that he took when he went to her house. ~supposedly.   Then comes the real doozy, which is conversion therapy.  He brings in a man, who might be another patient at Briarcliff??  I don't know but the whole thing stinks.  Ryan Murphy, you stop this.

After one session, Dr. Thredson says, I'm afraid aversion/conversion therapy won't work with you.  WOW, what a great doctor he is!   He can tell if a treatment will work five minutes into your first session!

Sister Jude takes her case against Dr. Arden to Father Timothy.  He doesn't believe her when she says Arden is a Nazi, and he says he knows she's been drinking.  After Sister Jude leaves, Father Timothy calls Arden and tells him that they are onto him and he needs to clean up any messes he might have.

Kit and Grace talk to each other through the walls in solitary.  He says she lied to him and he wants to truth.  The truth is that her father molested her for years. She told her step mother, and she wouldn't help her.  And then her father sold her horses, and that put her over the edge, and the ax murdered them all in her bunny slippers.

Lana is a catatonic mess after Thredson dashed her hopes of getting out, but then he comes to her and tells her he is leaving Friday, and he won't leave without her.

Kit goes to Sister Jude and says he wants to confess, even if he doesn't remember doing what he did.  He must have done it, because that's what everyone is telling him, and he wants to be forgiven.  Sister Jude knows he probably didn't do it because she suspects Arden AND she saw an alien last week, so she is conflicted.

Dr. Arden brings Anne to his lab.  She pulls a gun on him that she stole from the detectives.  She hears a noise in the back room.  She wants to know what it is, but Arden comes at her.  She shoots him in the leg.  She opens the door to the back room and finds Shelley, A HOT MESS.  Seriously, disturbing.  Shelly asks Anne to kill her.

You guys.  This show is freakin not good.  I don't know what else to say about it.  It's going for shock value above plot.  I expect nothing less of Ryan Murphy.  How did you guys like it?  Any one got a clue what Dr Thredson is up to?

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Chiara Soprano said...

I think that Dr. Thredson has the hots for Lana and wants to convert her himself in a very personal intimate way. Look for that scene soon (also call legitimate rape because she must be leading him on).