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"The Walking Dead: Killer Inside" EP Recap

The story opens up with a mystery man dragging a deer carcass across the prison yards. The carcass finds its way in the prison yard where two walkers feast on it. Another carcass hanging grabs its attention. While the walkers enjoy their feast, the mystery man walks away with a hatchet, cuts open a gate and leaves a heart behind as bait.

Meanwhile, Rick, T-Dog, Daryl and Carol are outside the prison gates and are talking about using the vehicles. They call for Glenn and Maggie at the guard tower, who look like they were relieving some stress. Axel and Oscar walk out from the prison, much to the crew’s shock. The duo plead their case to Rick: “You gotta understand, we can’t live in that place for another minute with the blood and brains,” Axel explains. Rick stands his ground and says to either live in the cell block or leave the prison, as part of their deal. Oscar disagrees and states “they are no better pricks than the ones that shot up our boys. These were good guys who had our backs….I may not be a saint but were not like them.” Oscar and Axel accept that they have done things that have landed them in prison but felt they paid their dues to society. Rick looks at Daryl. Daryl shakes his head, indicating no. Daryl locks them back in. But T-Dog suggests that they should give the two prisoners a chance.“You want to go back to sleep with one eye open?” Rick said to T-Dog. T-Dog said it wouldn’t be any different then the way he sleeps now. Daryl throws in his two cents: “I grew up with guys like this…they are degenerate but not psychos. Let them take their chances on the road just like we did”. Rick tells the crew his first arrest about a 19-year-old male who stabbed his girlfriend. Rick explained that the boy was so "emotionally distraught" that the jury believed his sincerity and acquitted his case due to insufficient evidence. Two weeks later, the boy shot another girl. So Rick learning to trust the prisoners are as likely to happen as pigs flying.

Back in Woodsbury, Michonne walks around the military trucks and tanks to investigates. She takes note at the alarming amount of bullet holes in the tanks and trucks. She climbs on top of a tank and she finds a severed finger. She climbs down and is bumps into the Governor. “Pretty amazing, isn’t it?” the Governor explains. He suggests that his own group can use a soldier like Michonne. But Michonne has her doubts. She begins to question how the soldiers died within the apocalypse; “Even the Nat’l Guard was overrun,” Michonne noted: “You think one soldier would’ve drove away, against something so slow (the walkers)” The Governor would assured Michonne that the soldiers are trained to never leave anyone behind. She brings up the bullet holes; “you think biters know how to use weapons?” Michonne tells him it’s too bad about what happened to Welles (the pilot) and asks why there wasn’t some kind of service/memorial funereal. The Governor explained how he was shot in the head and the body was cremated. Michonne walks away, keeping further questions to herself.

Back at the prison, the group’s plans are to take the vehicles and to get supplies. Axel compliments Daryl’s bike and suggests he could fix it. Daryl drives off, warning him to not even touch it. Inside the prison, Carl is sitting on the stairs while Lori and Beth bring back crutches to Hershel’s cell bed. Hershel gets up and sits on the bed. Hershel is determined to get on his crutches and can’t stand a minute of being in the bunk. He suggests they go for a slight stroll.

In Woodsbury, Michonne and Andrea plan on escaping and Michonne suggests going to the coast and to take a boat to the island. Andrea questions what would happen if the coast wasn’t safe and even if it was, would they live alone the rest of their lives? Michonne still insists on leaving Woodsbury. 

Glenn, Daryl and Rick running to the rescue
Back at the prison, Glenn gives the Axel and Oscar a week’s worth of food. Glenn tells them to sit tight. Carol locks up the gates and gets in the car. Glenn, Rick and Daryl go outside the prison gates to hunt for more walkers, to get rid of the bodies and to also get wood. Lori, Carl, Beth and Hershel take a stroll outside the prison yard from C-Unit. Carl jokes to go on a race with Hershel. The whole crew is ecstatic to see Hershel finally being able to walk and be in good spirits. But the good moments were cut short when a group of walkers sneaks up behind Lori, Hershel and the rest. Daryl and Rick race to the men and women to save them. Hershel knocks out a walker with his crutch as he and Beth lock themselves out from the walkers for safety. Lori, Carl and Carol go on a shooting spree against the walkers. Lori, Carl and Maggie goes inside one part of the prison while Carol is still out. The women and Carl are being chased by walkers but find a hidden room to lock themselves in. Outside, the men catch up and T-Dog catches up to Carol to aid her. Sadly, he is bitten by a walker and yells at a distraught Carol to go inside the jail. She follows his orders and goes inside.

Back at Woodsbury, Andrea hands Merle a marked map: “I marked the area where the farm was”. Andrea shows him where she was at when she was separated by the group. Obviously impressed with her, Meryl asks the question every girl wants to hear: “How come we never hooked up?” Andrea replies with “you called me a whore”. Merle asks her why she didn’t join the group when the farmhouse was invaded. It then clicks in his head that she was left behind. “We got left behind by the same people and saved by another.” Andrea asks Merle if he thought about leaving Woodsbury; “Lemme put it this way,” he explains, “I wasn’t in the best shape when he found me. He should’ve kept going. So yeah, he’s a good man.”

Back in the prison yard, Glenn, Rick and Daryl go on a zombie hunt. But then, the prison alarm rings. The men accuse Axel and Oscar of ringing it but they explain how the alarm system in the prison works and it was caused by the generator. Meanwhile, T-dog and Carol are in the hallway with Lori, Maggie and Carl trying to secure the hallways they were in. To make things much better, Lori then feels an intense pain and her water breaks. A group of walkers trail behind them and Maggie picks up Lori, determined to get her to safety while Carl leads the way. He finds a hidden door for the women and the rest to be safe in.

We go on over the Woodsbury where Merle is meeting with the Governor. Merle suggests taking en named Tim and Martinez and Andrea on a scouting mission to see if Daryl is alive. “She told me where I can find that farmhouse they are holed up in,” he explains to the Governer.  The governor suggests that they can be anywhere and also says it’s a risky mission because Merle is a valued member of Woodsbury and the town can’t afford losing him. But he tells Merle that if he gets more concrete information about Daryl and his possible whereabouts, he would go out and join Merle himself.

Back in the now chaotic prison, the alarm is still ringing and Rick is calling on Lori and Carl while Glenn and Daryl, Oscar and Axel are behind them, walkers trailing after them. They all rush to the generator room with Daryl holding down the door to prevent the walkers from coming in. Back in the “safe room”, Lori is trying to push out the baby and Maggie tells her to let the body do the work. Lori is holding tight unto a pipe as blood is coming down her hand.

At another part of the prison, Carol and T-Dog run into a group of walkers and are now running the other way. But T-Dog knows that his time is running out and decides to run into a group of walkers to take them out so Carol can leave. Carol is heartbroken to see another member of the group perish but she escapes. 

Andrea and the Governor having a talk
We go back to Woodsbury where Andrea meets with the Governor. He tells her he’s sorry to see the two leave. Andrea tells the Governor of Michonne’s plans to go to the coast.  The Governor asks what Andrea thinks of it all. Andrea and the Governor then talk about their personal losses in the wake of the apocalypse; Andrea having lost her parents and sister and the Governor losing his wife and family. The Governor also mentions how he lost his lifestyle as the breadwinner of the family. Andrea says she has to go and she appreciates the way the Governor has taken care of them. “Remember, if it gets tough out there, you’re always welcomed here,” the Governor tells Andrea. “Thank you, Governor,” Andrea responds. “Phillip,” The Governor responds to Andrea’s surprise. She asks why he told her his name. “Someone once told me never say never,” he smirks.

So let’s go back to the men in the generator room. Rick investigates the generators while Daryl holds off the door. But dog doo-doo hits the fan when an unexpected Andrew jumps out at Rick with a hatchet, preparing to kill Rick for revenge. Rick’s gun drops during the fight. Knowing Rick is in danger, Daryl finally lets go of the door to slay some walkers and shut the door again. Oscar jumps in and throws a trash barrel at Andrew, knocking Andrew down. Both Rick and Andrew get back up, with Rick’s gun pointed at Rick. Oscar then shoots Andrew and gives the gun back to Rick. Rick finally shuts off the generators and the alarm stops. During this time, Lori is finally lying down with Maggie and Carl aiding her. Lori knows she is losing her baby and she tells Maggie that she needs to cut her open to deliver the baby. Maggie says she can't but Lori demands it, saying she can't lose her baby.

In Woodsbury, Michonne and Andrea are arguing about staying a day later. Andrea says that staying a day later won’t hurt but Michonne isn’t having any of it (hasn’t Andrea learned this about Michonne by now after being with her for 8 months?) 

Faced with an unspeakable decision
Back in the “safe room”, Maggie sees Lori’s C-Section scar, where Lori suggests she cut. “Carl, baby don’t be scared,” Lori said, consoling a shaken Carl. “You can survive in this world....always do what is right. If it feels wrong, don’t do it…you’re such a good boy….” She advises to Carl. Carl and Lori embrace for the last time. Maggie finally cuts Lori open, sending her into extreme shock and delivers the baby. Maggie cuts the umbilical cord and rubs the baby, finally hearing the baby’s cry.  

Rick, Glenn and Daryl investigate the hallway to discover T-Dog’s remains being eaten by walkers. Them men kills the walkers. Daryl finds Carol’s bandana, much to his dismay. The men go out and meet up with Hershel and Beth, who are safe. Hershel asks about T-Dog and Carol. Daryl exclaims they’re gone. When Hershel asks about Lori, a baby’s cry rings out the yard. Maggie and Carl come out with the baby in Maggie’s arms. When Rick asks where’s Lori, Maggie and Carl both don’t say a word but their expression speaks for themselves. Rick, the strong leader of the group whose endured others’ losses, death and despair, finally breaks down when he realizes that his wife is gone for good. The group solemnly looks at a broken down Rick from a distance….

Jane's Notes: do I even BEGIN to start on this? I've thinking in my head on how I was going to present this but even Chris Hardwick of "The Talking Dead" seemed shook up by the episode. Media everywhere covered about how it had to probably be one of the most heartbreaking episodes in the whole series. Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, let's break it down with some commentary;

 Let's talk about Andrea now. I think I need to ask others whether or not Andrea would have sessytimes with the Governor, which is partly why I think she wants to stay. There is a lot of safety and comfort in Woodsbury but also, she needs to be reminded that Michonne could've easil let her go but had saved her butt for 8 months straight so the fact that Andrea begins to question Michonne makes me go; 

Now about T-Dogg...I was NOT expecting that! I think all of California heard me cry "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" as I literally had my hands on my head. T-Dogg was always a good guy and if he was to be killed off, he was killed off as heroic as his character was. He knew he wasn't going to last after being bit and probably didn't want to suffer anymore so he used his final minutes to save Carol (who has grown on me). I heart T-Dogg ALOT and am sad to see him get killed off :( 

Now onto Lori...oh dear, where to begin. I really have no words so I'll let my tweet speak for itself; 

Along with; 

 ...and maybe a case of....

I'll be upfront; Lori was probably my least favorite character from her shenanigans with Shane, to her being objective to Rick's plans of survival and also the way she handled her pregnancy. I was MAD that after complaining about not wanting to be pregnant and bringing a baby in the world, she decides last minute to risk her life for the baby and put Carl in a serious predictament.

The group has had it's share of losses throughout the whole series from Andrea's sister to Hershel's wife. But Lori and T-Dog have been there since the first season so to see them killed off in ONE episode was a major blow of epic porportions to the group. 

So what do you think will happen to the group now? 

I (personally) predict that Rick is going to absolutely lose his damn mind. I think it's time for Hershel, although injured, to step up and take over Rick's position of leadership, at least for awhile. The group has been shook up before but I think with Lori's death, it's going to shake it to the core to the point that I think either the group will take on a new leader, possibly welcome the prisoners and/or even go as far as to disban. It's a good thing that Rick still has Daryl, Hershel and Glenn because they have made it so far and provide a good foundation for the group's backbone. Maggie won't leave Glenn and her family, Beth won't leave Hershel and Carol will lean on Daryl. They have all come to rely on one another...but Rick? Not sure at this point how deep his core of leadership will be shocked to the point where he'll pull a Shane and just become erratic. Hopefully, Rick will realize he still has his kids to live for and will stay united with the group...also, does anyone think that the baby will end up being Shane and looking like him? 

(Keep in mind, I've never read the comic so my predictions are solely based on the TV show) 

Picture Credit: AMC, Comic Book Movies, Huffington Post

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