Thursday, November 15, 2012

American Horror Story: Asylum- I Am Anne Frank Part 2

What??  AHS was picked up for a third season???
I'm sure by now, you've all heard the terrifying news, that American Horror Story was picked up for a third "MINI-SERIES."  I don't know what Ryan Murphy will write about, since he's pretty much burning through every plot point in this season, but... We'll see.

For the second week in a row... no Levine.  The episode starts with Sister Jude visiting a man named Mr. Goodman.  He was in a concentration camp, and now he's a nazi hunter.  She tells him about Arden/Grouper, and he says he will look into it.  He asks if she has ever seen Arden shirtless, as SS doctors have their blood type tattooed on their upper arm.

After getting shot by Anne Frank, Arden stumbles into Sister Mary Eunice's office.  Anne is holding a gun to his head and asks for Sister Jude.  Frank, the security guard tells her to drop her gun. 

Next thing Anne knows, she's waking up in a straight jacket with Sister Jude by her side.  Jude tells her that she was sedated.  Anne tells Jude she saw something in Arden's office without legs.  Jude says they checked his office and they found nothing of the sort.

Sister Mary Eunice interrupts them and says that Anne's husband is there to see Jude.  Jude speaks to the man who shows her a picture of himself, his wife, and their baby.  He says her name is Charlotte and their baby has colic.  Charlotte has become obsessed with Anne Frank, doing research, and even giving herself the number tattoo.  Sister Jude doesn't like the sound of this now, because she has a nazi hunter going after Arden.  Dr. Thredson creeps by and says "Oh that sounds like Postpartum Depression." Sister Jude is like, no one asked you, Dr. Butt-in-ski.  Charlotte's husband tries to take her home, but she denies knowing him at first.  Eventually she relents and they leave.

Dr. Thredson speaks to Jude about her barbaric threat to sterilize Kit and Grace, but Sister Jude says it wasn't a threat.  Thredson says she isn't a doctor so she can't do that.

Sister Mary Eunice visits Grace and Kit in solitary confinement.  She releases Kit, saying that Sister Jude decided he doesn't need the operation.  Grace assumes she's off the hook as well, but Sister Mary Eunice says she'll still be sterilized.  Grace tosses and turns all night, and then a bright light shines in her cell and something enters her room.

Dr. Thredson meets Lana and says they are leaving right after dinner.  He then walks to his office and meets with Kit.  Kit asks him to save Grace from being sterilized, but Thredson says that Kit is his patient, so he'll need to work with him first, and then he'll see what he can do for Grace.  His idea is to record Kit confessing to the murders, and that will help because.... because... um?  I thought Thredson was going to say that Kit was crazy so he doesn't get the electric chair, so why does he need to confess? 

Anyway, Grace is with the aliens.  Alma is there, and she is pregnant, and by the incision the aliens make in Grace's belly, I'm guessing they impregnate her too.

Sister Jude makes a call to try to inform Mr. Goodman that she gave him the wrong information.  Dr. Arden overhears and asks her what she found in his lab, but she says there was nothing there.  Dr. Arden informs her he is going to press charges against her for allowing Charlotte to shoot her and then let her go home without consequence.  He's calling Father Timothy to demand her dismissal.

Sister Mary Eunice walks in on Arden as he is tending to his wound and she offers to help him.  He thanks her for getting taking Shelley to the woods to protect him.  However, it appears that Sister Mary Eunice didn't take Shelley to the woods, she took her to a playground so she could scare little children.  I'd post a picture buuuut, I don't want to.

Charlotte/Anne is back, as fast as she left. Her husband is afraid to leave her alone with the baby when he goes to work because one time he turned his back and she tried to smother it.  So that's a pretty good reason right there.  He wants Dr. Thredson to help her.  But, Dr. Thredson had just slipped out managing to bring Lana with him.  Sister Jude asks Frank to find him.

Charlotte's husband runs into Arden who tells him there is a more humane way to deal with Charlotte.  And with that, he gives her a lobotomy, with her husband watching... which seems kind of wrong, but ok.  With all the crazy things that happen on this show, that's the least of my concerns.

Frank catches up with Thredson and says Jude wants to see him.  Thredson says "I don't work here anymore, Frank.  As a matter of fact, I never did.  You can tell her I said that."  OH.  SNAP.

Frank goes back to Jude and tells her they can't find Lana anywhere.  He's sure she isn't on the grounds.  Jude knows she's done for, so she tells a story about a squirrel which apparently everyone on the internet is RAVING about but ok.  It's a story about a squirrel guys, chill out.  It was a dumb story.  No one should be winning an emmy over it.  So Sister Jude dolls herself up and leave Briarcliff and immediately gets her sin on.

Thredson brings Lana to his house.  He says she can't go home because that's where they will look for her.  She can't make calls because she will put herself and Thredson at risk.  No one can know where she is until they go to the police tomorrow.  Thredson thinks she is the person who can tell his story.  Lana is perplexed by what he means about "his story."  She's planning on exposing Briarcliff.  Then she notices his... nipple lamp?


Then, Thredson seductively offers her a mint from his skull bowl.

She decides to pass on the mint.  Her breath feels fresh enough.

She asks to use the restroom, which is down a hallway in which many of the doors are closed.  She wanders into a room which I can only imagine is his craft room, complete with a human ribcage on the wall.  He says he makes lampshades, and Lana asks what material he uses.  He says skin, and opens a trap door, which Lana falls through.

At Briarcliff, the detectives come to arrest Kit.  They got his confession tapes and Thredson's evaluation.  Grace is bleeding on her chair, and screams that Kit is innocent and Alma is alive.

In Thredon's lab, Lana is chained to the floor.  She sees Wendy, frozen.  Thredson says they are going to continue their therapy.  He wants Lana to kiss Wendy.

At the end of the episode, Charlotte is cleaning up her Auschwitz stuff and throwing it away.  Turns out, she isn't Anne, but her diligent study of her nazi pictures reveals that Arden was indeed they type of nazi who would stand right behind Hitler.

WOOF.  What an episode.  It isn't the worst one yet, but it did give us another glimpse into these dang aliens.  I mean, is Alma dead or not?  Did Thredson kill her or what?  I feel like we're going to have A LOT of loose ends at the end of this season.

Meanwhile, the internets are aflutter saying that the 2012 Bloody Face has blue eyes and Thredson has brown eyes, so what's the deal??

I can't believe I didn't see this Thredson as Bloody Face coming that second they showed that scene where he was popping up, overhearing every conversation.  Dude's got a light foot!  Dr. Butt-in-ski indeed.

What did you guys think of the twists and turns of this episode?  I have a feeling that this episode will be the equivalent of the one last season where we find out Violet died.  AKA, the rest of the season will be dreadful after this.

Picture Credit: FX/tumblr


Chiara Soprano said...

Thank goodness for the recap, I couldn't stay awake long enough. So the good doctor may well be Bloody Face,hmmm interesting development!

Casey said...

I watched last season of AHS, but this one started too creepy for me. no lead in to the creep factor, lol.

I wish one of you were into Sons of Anarchy. That's mob connected and my new obsession. No SOA lovers here?