Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Mob Doctor Recap: Legacy

Whatever she's saying, it's a lie.
Despite all odds, The Mob Doctor is back.  That'll probably be the nicest thing I say in this recap.

This episode starts out with another insufferable flashback.  In this one, Grace remembers that one weekend, her mother left her alcoholic father to watch her and Nate alone.  And that weekend, he was a great dad and didn't drink at all.  Sounds plausible.

In the present day, Grace is treating a patient named Sarah who is expecting a heart transplant.  Sarah is afraid someone else will pop up on the donor list and she will lose this heart.  Presumably, this has happened to her before, but Grace all but promises her that won't happen.  So we already know that Sarah isn't getting a heart.

Grace is set to perform the surgery under Dr. Baylor, the surgeon who flipped out at Olivia in the last episode for screwing up that surgery.  However, just as they are about to start, they fear that Sarah is septic and they postpone it until they can run some tests, which means the heart has to go to someone else.

Meanwhile, Brett is trying to diagnose a patient, Will, with an intestinal blockage.  Olivia comes along and gives him some suggestions, and he accuses her of "patient surfing" and trying to get back into Dr. Baylor's good graces with her diagnostic skills.  As Brett is discussing Will's situation with his parents, Will's younger brother Ethan tries to plug something into an outlet, and gets shocked so badly he flies across the room.  He tells Brett he is ok, except he burnt his finger, and Brett, accepts this even though the child just got electrocuted, and tells Ethan that Olivia is really good with burnt fingers.  He thinks it's sweet revenge.

Um, first Brett diagnosed the bleeding bride with a panic attack, and now this... I'm thinking he's the worst doctor... pretty much ever.

Constantine calls Grace and says he has a patient with a unique medical situation.  She finds out that his patient, Eddie, is serving life in prison with no chance of parole.  Constantine used to be his cellmate, and Eddie knows all about Grace and everyone in her town.  Eddie faked chest pains to get transferred into the infirmary.  He is Sarah's father, and he knows she needs a heart transplant, so he wants Grace to kill him in such a way that she can use his heart for Sarah.

Constantine thinks Grace should just do what Eddie wants, but Grace doesn't want to kill people.  She says there are other options for Sarah, even though like two scenes earlier she was all, THIS COULD BE HER LAST CHANCE.

Olivia treats Ethan and says he has no muscle damage from the shock, and Ethan says his finger is great.  As he walks out of the room, Olivia notices he is limping.  She says it could be nerve damage from the shock, but he says probably not because it's been like that for  awhile, but the doctors can't find anything wrong.

Sarah's tests came back and showed she wasn't septic after all, but now her heart is failing faster.  Grace says there is some operation they can do to replace her heart with an LVAD, maybe?  Sorry, I'm no doctor.  But this surgery would buy Sarah a few weeks.  Grace asks if Sarah has anyone she can call, but Sarah says both her parents are dead.

Olivia starts to give Ethan an MRI, but as she reaches to take off his shoe, he says his foot is killing him since he got shocked, even though he said nothing of the sort after he got shocked.  Olivia takes his shoe off... and this kid's foot is TWISTED.  Like the sole of his foot is pointing up towards his face to the point where I don't even know how that could happen while you are still wearing shoes! This is BEYOND House at this point, this is some Emily Rose type stuff.  They should have aired this episode on Halloween.

Sarah's father Eddie has himself transferred to the hospital by faking a heart attack.  Grace says he's pretty dumb to do that if he's trying to donate his heart.  Eddie says he knows what drug he wants to take to kill himself, and he just needs Grace to get it to him.  She says she isn't going to lose her license by aiding and abetting a suicide.  Funny where she draws the line.

Grace performs the surgery on Sarah to put in her LVAD.  Dr. Baylor says it looks good, but Grace remarks it would look better if it were a real heart.  Dr. Baylor don't appreciate Grace's passive aggressiveness, but Grace says she just wishes Dr. Baylor had trusted her judgement the day before.

Sarah starts bleeding and Dr. Baylor asks Grace if she nicked something.  Grace is appalled to be asked!  Of course she didn't nick something, she's a finest surgeon in the land!  Stupid Olivia must have snuck in and nicked something when they weren't looking!  Grace says the aorta must have torn but comes up with a quick solution.  Problem solved.

If two and a half plots weren't enough for you, here comes a third.  Constantine has Nate going around trying to pressure people who owe him "favors"  into buying....  wait for it... video poker machines!!!  I've been waiting 3 weeks to find out what was going to happen with these machines, and it wasn't in vain.

Also, this episode must be sponsored by Apple, because every doctor is checking their patients' test results on an iPad.

Eddie tries to convince Grace to kill him by telling her he killed two guys, but Grace says if she plays god, then she's no better than him.  Grace tells Sarah she only has a few days left.  I guess when she told Sarah this surgery would buy her a few weeks yesterday, she was lying.  She tells Sarah that Eddie is in the hospital and he would like to see her.  Sarah doesn't want to see him, but Grace convinces her to, because if it were her dad she would want to see him so he could apologize.

Olivia visits Ethan and his mother to tell her that all the tests are negative.  While they are talking, Ethan's entire body starts twisting up.  Olivia keeps trying to figure it out, and Brett is surprised she cares.  They look at Will's intestines and realize that his intestinal blockage is also due to twisting.  They decide it is genetic, and they need to get a full chromosomal map for both kids.

Nate goes into a bar and tries to get the owner to buy some Video Poker Machines.  The owner tells the cop who happens to be sitting there before noon on a weekday, that Nate is trying to shake him down.  So they cop roughs Nate up and tries to get him to say that Constantine is the one who sent him.

Grace manages to get Eddie away from his police escort and into Sarah's room.  Sarah says this is only the third time she's ever seen her father, and both other times were before she was 9.  Kind of makes you wonder how he even knew she needed a heart transplant at just the right time.  Sarah doesn't accept Eddie's apology.

Olivia and Brett show Dr. White the DNA mutations.  They determine Will and Ethan have... Estonia?  Is that what I heard?  That's a country, not a disease!  Well, I have no idea what I heard, but they make a big deal of the fact that one of the parents HAS to have it too.  So I'm sure we'll be hearing more about that soon.

Constantine calls Grace and asks her to meet him in the ambulance bay because he is feeling funny. She goes out there, and Eddie is being taken back to jail.  He sees her and mouths "thank you."  There is something suspicious going on, and then Eddie gets shot in the head.  Grace immediately tries to keep the heart going and get him into surgery.  Some guy's response to this is, "there's brain matter in his hair!"  Best line ever on this show, hands down.

In a predictable moment, the cop who roughed Nate up is revealed to be working for Constantine. That was a test to see if Nate would squeal, and he passed.

Here's where things get CRAZY.

Dr. While is suspicious that Eddie is Sarah's father and he happened to be shot right outside the hospital.  Dr. Baylor spoke to Sarah about the heart, but she declined it when she found out it was Eddie's.  Grace goes in and tries to change Sarah's mind, but she gives her a very clear "no."  So what does Grace do?? She knocks the patient out with morphine and then tells her bosses she got verbal consent.  Ethical misconduct!  Medical malpractice!  Seriously, even when this woman is not involved with the mob she has ... not questionable ethics... NO ETHICS AT ALL.

Dr. White, Brett and Olivia inform Will and Ethan's parents of their diagnosis of... Estonia, and...  that's it.  They don't even tell the parents that one of them may be unwittingly suffering from this debilitating disease, or ask them if they have ever exhibited the symptoms? What??

Grace is by Sarah's bed when she wakes up.  Sarah is upset because she didn't want her dad's heart.  Grace says, too bad.

In Grace's childhood, her dad started drinking again when her mother came home.

In conclusion, if I ever go to Chicago, I am going to avoid the hospitals.

What did you guys think of "Legacy"? Was it worth waiting for?

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Chiara Soprano said...

LOL Mob Doctor the new Black Comedy! as per Mia. I actually enjoy the recaps far more than the show!

SWPants said...

I looked it up- Dystonia not Estonia ;)

I really enjoyed this recap. I'm going to be reading more from you!

I like the show in that it's a combo of various other shows that I've watched. I don't take it very seriously, and I don't know if it'll last, but I still have fun watching it (in a way).

Grace is definitely more shifty than she believes.

Mama Mia said...

Thanks for the clarification! I couldn't figure out what it really was.