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Mob Wives in limo going to the event!

Last Thursday night a fundraiser was held to raise money for cancer. We can all relate to this disease. It’s great that so many of us have made a difference by partaking in breast cancer walks raising money for new technology and research. This particular fundraiser will benefit  people who can not  afford to get a mammogram on their own. Free mobile units will be set up for free mammograms. The biggest way to beat breast cancer is awareness and early mammogram's are the key.

Chip, Paulie (La Grande Cigars), Frankie

The event, which took place on the Arthur Avenue Market in the Bronx, looked to be quite a success. Set up in the middle of the market is La Casa Grande cigars, one of the hosts for the event, and they had  skilled professional cigar rollers on site.  The event featured some speeches, raffles and live music by Gfella, an Italian hip-hop artist.  Arriving early, I met Nora from Chicago Mob Wives, who was looking very nostalgic  in her outfit, and she seemed pretty busy helping out.

Big Ang and Gigi

Sheila and Pete Giudice

Pia looked stunning!

Frank Russo was looking HOT!

Arthur Avenue is known as the neighborhood setting that the Mama's Boys from the Bronx are from. Three of the boys were there from the show. Giovanni, the cannoli king; Chip, who's gym Krunch Time Fitness hosted and was he looking VERY handsome; and Frankie, who is always sweet.  Gigi from Jerseylicious, Sheila and Pete Giudice, brother and sister-in law of Teresa from RHONJ, were also there for support. The very charming Frank Russo, from Big Ang, also came by.  Mob Wives Big Ang, Carla, Leah and Pia all arrived together making a grand entrance. Big Ang came adorned in a lovely white big fluffy fur coat. Pia looked stunning in a little red dress. Carla, whose body is nearly perfect, sported a black studded dress, and Leah DeSimone, who wore pink. As soon as Big Ang hit the pink carpet camera flashes went off from every direction. 

Mob Wives got up to speak

Nora Schweihs

Each of the girls were called up to speak about cancer and mentioned someone they know who has been affected by the disease. They all thanked everyone for their support and were happy to be a part of the event. Big Ang & Carla had some fun behind the cannoli counter and the girls mingled with the guests and were open for picture taking with fans.

Cannoli fun!

A few times I strolled across the street for some fine wine and I guess Nora did the same. Laughing it up with the guys at the bar, she seemed to be having fun and we all had a few laughs.

It's always great to see the Mob Wives taking time out of their busy schedules to help a good cause. Cheers to everyone who showed up and supported the cancer event.

Written By: Carmela Corleone

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