Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mob Wives: Did Andrea Giovino Flip for Feds?

On last night's Mob Wives, Episode 9, "Drittany," Karen said, "Who knew Drita would flip this b*tch faster than the Feds flipped her mother?" And, as one would expect, both Brittany and her mother, Andrea Giovino took issue with Karen's statement and had a hissy fit. Having been a fan and blogger of the show from day one, I have not known Karen to lie about anything, especially about a sensitive subject like this. I blogged an episode of "I Married A Mobster," based on the life of Andrea Giovino, back in July 2011. According to what I remember of "Working Mom," Andrea seemed to admit she cooperated with the Feds. In fact, according to other sources and from Andrea's own words in her book and to CBS News, she seems to admit telling the Feds whatever she had to in order to stay out of prison. Below are some excerpts with the links to the source so you can read and decide for yourself.  Maybe someone owes Karen an apology?



From our blog dated 7/21/11 Right from "I Married A Mobster"  Working Mom Recap

"One day her brother tells her that a guy won’t or can’t pay back the loan. It was for $20,000. Andrea gets extremely upset. She tells her brother to get that money and do whatever he has to do. Her brother understands, so does law enforcement. The DEA hears her 1982 conversations through wire taps. Andrea and 22 other crew members were arrested.

The Feds take Andrea into an interrogation room. They know her history and all the mobsters she had been with. She can’t play dumb. The Feds say either she tells them everything she knows or she will be facing 10 years in prison. They play her the tapes they have, including some that have recorded threats on her life. If she goes to prison she is sure to lose her kids. The mob wanted her dead. So , Andrea tells the Feds everything she knows. Andrea cannot go into the witness protection program because she shares joint custody of one of her children with her ex-husband, and that child would not be allowed to enter."


Andrea's primary concern has always been her children.  She seemingly admits to cooperating with the Feds to keep custody of her babies. Her full story, including her dealings with the Feds are in her book.

See pages 232 and 233 from "Divorced From the Mob" By Andrea Giovino

You can find excerpts at this Amazon link by clicking "Look Inside"


Here is the episode of "Working Mom" if you've never seen it. Andrea says, "I wasn't being no stand up person for any of those scumbags."  When she faces prison and losing her kids she makes the decision to tell the Feds everything (18:30). By the end of the episode it sounds as though she cooperated for $75,000 and relocation to Pennsylvania.

So did Andrea cooperate, strike a deal, inform on mobsters and talk her husband and brother into cooperating in exchange for money and relocation?  Is that flipping?  You decide.

MM’s 2 cents on the matter:

I’ve kept silent on this matter because frankly I hold a lot of respect for Andrea Giovino.  She’s a woman who had guts, hustle and smarts to do what she needed to do for her family, especially her babies.  I am aware that Andrea is big on charity; helping down & out women get on their feet or ensuring children don’t miss out on a holiday.

I’m sure there is an end game/goal for Brittany Fogarty joining Mob Wives.  On production’s end, blonde eye candy and maybe Drita D’avanzo having someone to talk to besides Big Ang who had way bigger fish to fry.  Brittany’s goal may be exposure for something bigger.  Do I know for sure? No.  Do I know the operation of Brittany’s mind? No.

Frankly, I was floored in learning of Brittany Fogarty joining the Mob Wives franchise.  For reasons I am not comfortable to share, out of respect for private conversations.  For clarity, I’m not referring to any conversation with Brittany.

My take on Brittany Fogarty in regards to her Mob Wives scenes only:

She’s seemingly has become Drita’s puppet.  It’s comical for me to see her one minute tell Karen, “….no one tells me what to do….”  Then see her with Drita slurping up  the advice to tell Carla this and Renee that. In conclusion, Karen Gravano isn’t lying about Andrea Giovino giving the Feds information.  It’s not a secret.  What I don’t understand is the denial about what has been well documented.  Oh the irony continues.


Margaret Winningham said...

She flipped. There is no sense trying to deny it now when you have written a book and did a tv show saying it . Has any one ever noticed that the chick Andrea beats up in the bar on " I married a Mobster " Is Brittany ?? Also ppl keep tweeting about KG bringing up family do they not see all the tweets by Andrea ?? She is saying things too and gets it going .

Anonymous said...

she did flip and so did Sammy he's no fucking prize dad of the year put his selfish lifestyle in front of his children and family ... and Renee had the nerve to tell Brit her mom made the wrong choice... at least Andrea put her kids first

Chiara Soprano said...

Margaret I don't think the girl Andrea beat up was played by Brittany. It doesn't look like her but there is a resemblance.

Anonymous said...

I am SO SICK of reading that Andrea put her kids first. WHAT BS!!

HAD she put her kids first, she wouldn't have been involved in running with mobsters. She knew what she was INVOLVED in was ILLEGAL and so that's such BS to keep reading... she put her kids first!!

Talk to women that have done time and NEVER RETURNED! This woman should have known better from jump to get involved in criminal activities because she had BABIES!!
WTF and then to cry AFTER you're busted.. like you didn't KNOW you had BABIES before you went on some crime spree with enough people to fall under the RICO statues!!

She was told she'd get 10 and she probably would have gotten WAY LESS!!


WTF!! She's a fucking rat too!!

At least Karen isn't in denial about her or her dad's shit!!

Mob Mistress said...

The issue isn’t Sammy Gravano. Karen Gravano isn’t claiming he didn’t cooperate/flip/rat. It is well documented that he did.

The issue is Brittany Fogarty’s claims that her mother didn’t. And we’re giving the readers and opportunity to visit the issue if they choose to.

I agree with Andrea Giovino to cooperate in order to raise her children.

Southern Plaid said...

Survey says,"She flipped!"
Her text to Karen was lame. She did the crime,& DIDN'T want to do the time. So she ratted out everyone to save her own ass. End of discussion.

Me again said...

I don't think she's denying it, just saying that wow Karen, talk about flipping.. Your Dad is the bigger flipper. JMO. Brittney already said in EP 1 that her Mom did what she had to for her kids to Renee...

Melissa said...

I did not know much about this woman till now. I can understand her attraction to the street, especially when her family praised it and promoted it. Andrea did not have any role models to let her know she did have to do what she was doing. The fact is she put her and kids in harm ways by continuing Mob activities. I do not judge her what so ever, she was in survival mode and when you have kids you will do anything to support them and she was used to being involved in that life, I can easily see anybody doing the same thing giving her circumstances. You can not judge someone into you walk in there shoes. I believe she did the best she did with what she knew. I can understand her taking to twitter to protect her daughter, any mother would. Andrea life and what she went through has nothing to do with Brittany's behavior.
My personal opinion is from what I have been watching, Brit came onto the show talking smack about Drita, then when she met Drita it flipped. Brittany was taken in by Drita's tough talk and Drita plainly pumped up Brit to fight Marisa and even stirred up Andrea. Drita is pulling Brit's strings. Drita is sucking up to Andrea, who knows what lies she has been telling her. Marisa Jade said it best, "Drita is ass kisser and a flip flopper".

Tedesca said...

I think Mob Wives is the end of the Mafia, the Cosa Nostra, the 'Ndrangheta, name them. They will never again find young men willing to join them, since Mob Wives promised us years ago to show the never before seen reality of the women who are married to mobsters. And now those young men must fear they end up married to a screaming, fighting, yelling, bad mouthing, backstabbing woman - no way the mob will find any talented recruits after the series ends ;)

elhp45 said...

i agree with you guys she did flip but my problem is Karen is the biggest hypocrite ever her dad is the biggest rat in the history of the mob. I get it Brittany did flip over to drita's side but don't talk about her mom and say she flipped to the Feds when your father did. I just find it hypocritical but yet every single mob wife even drita who I love has made hypocritical statements. You guys have to admit I make a good point.

Anonymous said...

On the episode it's the blonde next to the girl Andrea attacks that is Britney.
We know Andrea cooperated. Her brother and her ex did the time so she could be at home and raise the children. We also know this because Renee said she wouldn't do it and she would go to prison leaving the children either with family or in care. Jenn graziano isn't like that though, she used the colour of her child to avoid prison stating that ALL of her family wouldn't look after her child because the child was mixed race. Are they a bunch of racists or did she just pull the race card to save herself?

If Natalie G or Drita had mentioned what Karen did about Karen's father, Sammy, people would have been in uproar. It's because Karen is saying it that people think it's ok and are sticking up for her. Karen always says keep family out of it but when it comes to it... She was the one that dealt the blow. What Andrea did is no different to what Karen did when she let Sammy do her time

Jim Jones said...

what a disgraceful disgusting video I just watched....holy fuck Andrea is a piece of garbage...

Chiara Soprano said...

Andrea Giovino is a legitimate Mob Wife. She was raised in the lifestyle, she was grew up around mobsters, she married a mobster, she became part of the mob herself. She didn't know anything but that way of living. Whether she flipped, cooperated, or convinced her husband and brother to cooperate so she could be home to raise her children, I agree with her decision. My greatest fear after having my children and being a mother was always about not being there to raise them. I am sure I would have done whatever it took to stay with my children. She really has a compelling story and lived to tell it.

Anonymous said...

For me it's a no brainer and I don't always agree with Chiara opinions and thoughts on this blog (how ever I do religiously read it) but Chiara is right. She did what she needed to. It's a sore subject for me. My uncles were post office robbers in the 80's in the UK and my mother knew about it and somewhat helped where the money was being kept. When it all went to court she had the choice of going against her brothers or going to prison and losing custody of us. She choose to lose her children. I had 3 brothers and a sister and unfortunately all of us except my sister who was cared for by my grandmother ended up in social services care. In prison my mom signed us over to them to but all of us boys up for adoption. She wouldn't sell her brothers out to keep her children. I never understood it and I still dont.
Did Andrea flip? yes. Did she do it for the right reasons? Yes.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anonymous above. Thank you for adding your very personal experience to the conversation. I'm sure your mother was torn about what to do. For me it would have been a clear choice also. Her brothers were guilty of crimes, her babies were innocent, but they paid a very high price. Sorry you had to go through that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chiara. Whilst growing up it caused me many issues that I had to deal with, it was in fact the best thing in the end that could have happened. I've had a wonderful life with my adoptive parents. They're amazing people. If I had children I know what my choice would have been too. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

LOTS of women involved in crime, raised around crime and even have criminal behaviors STAY OUT of trouble when they have kids bc they don't want to do time & leave their kids behind.

Andrea growing up in that life is no excuse not to steer clear of it after she had her children. It'd be different if it was ONE kid, but it wasn't. She was a mom and put herself and KIDS in danger with her CONTINUED lifestyle. GREED for all that fast money is what keeps people in that life style, even if you're raised in it. It's HARDER to earn an honest living but it is the most rewarding.

It's an easier story to buy IF you've never had to decide whether breaking the law was worth it to make ends meet or if going for a full time job would be better. Many single mothers work TWO legal jobs.
I can't defend Andrea's actions or buy that she turned for her kids... to me, that's SO MUCH BS, it really just irks me. She already knew people go to jail/prison for crimes if they're caught, to me, it's like she knew ratting was her out from the beginning.

Karen said it in Season 1 to Renee.... a WEAK MINDED individual!
We just call them scams, duds, motha fuckas.. and RATS!!

There really ARE women outside of the show that have had to decide how they are going to bring the next meal to the table without risking that jail or prison time. Those same women are also raised around crime too.

A person makes a conscious decision when they engage in criminal activity. IF ANYTHING Andrea should have known better because she was raised around it. EVERY person knows at some time what is right and what is wrong.... regardless of how they were raised, it's bs to blame her upbringing on her decision to sell drugs and loan shark. Was she prostituting herself too bc that's a part of that life too!!!

Prob not because the bitch knew what TF she was doing!!!

Anonymous said...

I did my time. Had an 8 month old baby and two older kids. My kids went out of state to a friend. I sent recording so my baby could hold some memory of me until I got out.

I stayed out of trouble in prison, reflected on how stupid I was to break the laws. Vowed NEVER to commit crimes again. FINISHED my time and probabtion and NEVER went back.

I was raised with dealers, gamblers, boozers, abusers.... gangsters. I never wanted that for my kids from my first born. NONE of my kids break laws, I've been BRUTALLY honest with them about doing time.

I don't break the laws anymore. I would never hide behind my kids to lessen my time. I'd beg for mercy on their behalf and did.. was spared a few years too. I'll never go back to prison because I don't let any criminal elements into my circle.

Do the crime, do the time. If you have kids, take them into serious consideration before breaking the law. Be accountable and let that be the lesson you give your children.

My kids are awesome and know how to steer clear of several family members. On the Holidays, it's just us because I made that choice to NOT BE INVOLVED and so we're shunned by family but not by society!!!

Jim Jones said...

I'm not talking about her decision...I'm talking about her lifestyle its disgraceful....and by her actions on twitter she is still the same.....defend her all you want..

Anonymous said...

I agree Jim. It's her wanting to still play the gangster, never did her own time for her own involvement AND wants to be given honor and respect for talking her way out of being accountable. It shows in her kids' behavior too. Feels entitled to shut people down that don't agree and wants to wear a polished personality. Both snakes.

An GREAT example of a woman choosing to break the law on account of her kids is Sandra Grazzini-Rucki!! That tough bird fought the system, hid her kids in a safe place while fighting a deceiving and abusive husband. Probably went broke in the process too AND did her time.. I think she's in jail, barely found out about her. She got busted in November... almost mob news, def a woman to be admired behind breaking laws.

I'd watch her as a guest on Mob Wives.

Andrea can put her little "gangster" hat on a hook and stop feeding the outlets such a crock of crap. Lil' Linda's mom is another fabricator, didn't nobody marry her but said she was his wife the more she spoke on her "story".

Thought Mob Wives was about moving forward and earning a living outside of the mob mentality. A "new" spin, not another remake of everything before it. MW's has lost its way... go to the light GIRLS!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty hypocritical to say Andrea did the right think as opposed to Sammy, they are both rats who got involved with an illegal lifestyle and did not want to do the time. Just because Andrea "wanted to raise her kids" did not make it any more or less right than Sammy did. It is pretty sexist to say that it is ok for a woman to rat and not Sammy, when we all know she just did not want to go to jail. Everybody cares about their kids man or woman and the child welfare laws favoring women are pretty awful. (I am a woman btw dealing with my brother's child custody issues). I read her interview on the subject and she makes me sick, her whole thing was to marry somebody affiliated with the Mob and she influenced Fogarty (according to her interview) to do illegal things and then flips so fast when she got caught. So saying she was so influenced by the lifestyle around her can apply to most mobsters, so that does not make her situation any more or less special. I think Karen just wanted to piss off Brittany so she talked about her mom flipping because as Big Ang said we all know what Karens father is.

Chiara Soprano said...

If you are referring to me, I didn't say or imply that it wasn't ok for Sammy to cooperate. The situation in his case was totally different. Gotti was throwing him under the bus and trying to implicate Sammy. It took Sammy a year to make that decision because Gotti wasn't keeping quiet and trying to save himself. All the evidence the Feds had came from recordings of Gotti. So Sammy made the decision to save himself.

Anonymous said...

These people are criminals!!!! They chose to be criminals. I had criminals in my family. Saw drugs all the time. My Uncles couldn't stay out of jail. What did I do? Worked and raised my children as far away from all of that as possible. I don't feel sorry for ANY criminal. We make choices. Each of those choices have consequences. Don't be sorry for flipping or not flipping or letting someone take the fall. Be sorry you made bad choices and hurt other people. Then straighten up and act right.
This whole "rat", "flipping" nonsense needs to go...
If this is all these women have to talk about they need to get a real life. Who has the time for this!?!
Move on!

Anonymous said...

Drita and Karen are arguing about "fake stories" on blogs or with rag mags.

Bridget and her mom were caught releasing the story of Karen and Bridget being banned.. a "fake" story.
They obviously know people who will print what they say without verifying the information they give. That would be the same mentality to call Drita and blame Karen or let her believe it was Karen.. like Bridget did with the Lee story Marissa brought up.

Drita better be careful who she's mixing up with the hopes that they will be beneficial to her future.

Anonymous said...

This woman is a mess and I can see why Brittany is wrong on many levels. I will say this: she nor Brittany or any other person on the show ,affiliated by parents or what ever have no room to say what they are about Karen. Total idiots. Dumb as a box of rocks her, Brittany and Drita are. Calling Karen a rat is laughable and simply not true. Andrea doesn't know how to own her shit yet at her age therefore Brittany is already a lost cause. Oh look she is Drita number 2! Yippeee. I still can't wrap my head around just how thirsty to be part of the show Andrea was. If her twitter is any indication of what type of person she is, people better take note and jump ship. Also- if sammy is to be labeled rat, then so is Andrea.