Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Real Housewives of NJ-Parenting and Kids

Albert & Caroline Manzo with Lauren, Chris and Albie
Watching reality TV, I can’t help but be amazed at some of these kids. It seems either they’re fantastic, or I wanna reach through the screen and smack ‘em.

Let’s take a look at the RHONJ kids and their parents.

Caroline: My favorite NJ housewife, who raised 2 wonderful sons who don’t mind working hard. But then there’s Lauren. Every time I see Lauren, I see a very poised, intelligent person who seems to never get as much credit from Caroline as the sons do. Middle child stigma? Italian mother favoring the sons stigma? Or is Caroline just being harder on Lauren to make her a stronger woman? We, of course, never know all the details but I wish Lauren would get more kudos.

Jacqueline: Oh, brother. How did such a classy person end up with a daughter like Ashley who is the Queen of Manipulation? Chris buys her a new Jeep because he loves the kid. He will co-sign and pay the first 2 payments. Ashley knew to not involve Jacqueline in this because Jacqueline would say no. Ashley apparently manipulated Chris into doing just that as well. But, of course!, Ashley claims. She deserves a new Jeep because she is working part time and interning! But when Chris wants to take the 2nd set of keys, and wants to take the Jeep to get coffee later, that little witch has the nerve to say no??? I yelled at the screen so loud, my dog ran under my desk. My blood pressure is going up as I type, so on to the next kid…

Joe & Teresa Guidice with all four of their girls.
Teresa: Can you say “oblivious”? With all the crap that her family is putting her sister-in-law Melissa through, Teresa makes me want to scream sometimes. Ok, not as much as Danielle did, but still…She put her family in the poor house with all her spending and never thought a thing of it. I’m glad Teresa finally asked her brother Joe what she could do to make things better with Melissa. Again, Caroline had to step in and tell her to make it right. Teresa didn’t like that because she feels she is an adult and doesn’t need advice like that. But Teresa is so childish, it now makes me very concerned for Gia. It was evident at the gymnastics meet how much Gia loves her Uncle Joe. I’m afraid when Joe Giudice has to go to jail for trying to obtain a license using false ID, Teresa will never have the maturity to raise those kids alone. Gia will suffer the most because she is the most aware of what’s going on. She is a great kid who has a big heart and loves her family. You can see it in Gia’s eyes that she is wise beyond her years. I love it when she rolls her eyes at something Teresa does because I’m sure 99% of the watchers of the show are doing the same thing at the same time.

Rich & Kathy Wakile with Victoria and Joseph (my favorite Bravo kid <3!
Kathy: Great parenting by Kathy and Rich. Their kids Victoria and Joseph have a solid relationship with their parents, as evidenced by the contract segment. I’m sure that because Victoria had to go through such a traumatic time when she had brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of a tennis ball, that the event made her grow up rather quickly. She seems like a great kid and I liked her right away. I love the relationship that she and Joseph have. But Joseph himself? He is my FAVORITE RHONJ kid! He has the most wonderful smile and sense of humor, loves his sister and is honest with his parents. He has that Ralph Macchio personality and every time I see the repeat of the contract episode, I find myself wearing a huge ear to ear grin because this kid just makes me laugh. I know that Kathy said people think she is too overprotective of her kids, but if those kids turned out like that, I think NOT! Great parenting.

Of course, we only see fragments of their lives and I’m sure much gets edited out. It’s tough being in the public eye. But I feel, for the most part, these kids help make the show as much fun to watch as it is watching their mothers.

Photo credit: BravoTV.com


The Underboss said...

I appreciate your insight. I agree that Caroline has done the best. This season has been difficult to watch with the addition of Melissa.

Chiara Soprano said...

I never watched the show, but your blog makes me want to give it a try. Parenting, or lack of it, is one of my favorite subjects. It sounds to me like my blood pressure would go up too Isabella. Great read!

Mob Mistress said...

I love Isabella's voice & first blog. Thank you for joining our team.

Though I don't think Caroline favors the boys. I think that's what we are led to believe. However, on her Lauren Manzo's tweets she makes it very clear her and her mother have a wonderful relationship. They spend a lot of time together.

Melissa ruins this season of RHONJ. Teresa is far from perfect. However, she says let's put it in the past. Then she bashes Teresa with her sister(s) & Kathy. Kathy plays angel goodie two shoes. However, her and Rich bringing up Teresa & her family and bashing whenever having the opportunity per show.

nicole adamec 1998 said...

Kathy your my favorite because your real and your a great parent. I love your son hes my favorite howswive kid of all of the shows. he's sooo CUTE !

nicole adamec 1998 said...

Kathy your my favorite because your real and your a great parent. I love your son hes my favorite howswive kid of all of the shows. he's sooo CUTE !