Friday, June 10, 2011

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano and Jack Thriller Interview!’s Jack Thriller and Renee get together for an exclusive interview. This is a must see interview for Renee fans!

They start off talking about the fact that Renee actually used to work for 50 Cent. She worked in wardrobe at the time with Tiffany Osborne, a stylist. Renee tells a quick story: 50 Cent was at MTV and Tiffany needed an assistant, so Renee showed up. 50 was changing his pants and she asked him to go in his pants pockets. He told her she could do it. She told him no, in her house you never go in a man’s pockets. And he immediately turns to her and says, “You’re hired.”

Jack asks her to explain, in her own words, who is Renee Graziano? She replies in a heartbeat, “first and foremost, I’m a mom who loves her son.” She is a person who prides herself on loyalty, respect, honor and trust. She is a great friend. She is a very loyal woman. Jack wants to know what it was like growing up in the “hay day of the mob,” as a child? Renee says, it’s everything you have seen in “Goodfellas” that depicts that lifestyle.

Jack asks why was it important for the show “Mob Wives” to be created? Renee says it was important for them, Jennifer as well as herself, to show a lifestyle that people don’t see. They are real people with real issues and she wanted everyone to know the truth. People think they live off of “blood money.” She says maybe there is no money. When they come and take you to jail they take the houses, the cars, there’s no money. While the men are at home, she never asked her father what he does. Her father would leave to go to work, as did her ex-husband, and every other man in this world, and she never questioned it. Jack makes a little joke about how every man needs a woman like Renee who knows how to keep her mouth shut. Renee laughs and then adds, she is also louder than anyone he has ever met.

Jack wants to know what kind of man she is looking for because he happens to be single. And, he likes white girls and Italian girls. Oh, without answering the question, Renee reveals that Anthony Graziano is being released August 4th of this year! (we have been reading January 2012). He has been in jail 11 years. Jack jokingly wants to know if we will see him next season. Renee answers no, and Jack adds Mr. Graziano doesn’t approve of the show. In fact, Renee adds her and her father do not speak, because of the show. Jack wants to know if her father will “whack” her for being on the show when he gets out. Renee says she doesn’t “whack” people or hang out with people who “whack” people. Then, Jack asks if you could have one of the Mob Wives “whacked” just for the hell of it, who would Renee pick. Renee says she prefers torture, like stretching someone out on a board, but it would definitely be “Carla.” So Jack brings up the comment made in the show that Renee is jealous of Carla! Renee answers with a grin, “There’s nothing to be jealous about. Nothing.” Then they both point to the screen and say, “Did you hear that Carla?”

Jack asks what is one of the biggest misconceptions about Renee. She responds that she has been labeled a “trouble maker.” And that is not true. She adds, she is a ‘truth teller’ and that might cause trouble for some people. Renee explains that a “trouble maker” actually stirs up SH*T. She doesn’t stir up anything, she just tells it like it is. She doesn’t talk behind people’s backs.

He asks about season 2 of Mob Wives. She says it’s official. She doesn’t know what other craziness or drama they can create. Jack suggests that she starts dating a black guy in season 2. Renee laughs and says she thinks that would definitely stir up a little drama, a little trouble. He uses the term “moolie” which is an Italian slang expression for a black person; it’s short for “moulinyan” which mean “eggplant.” Renee starts laughing outloud, that really hit her funny, she can‘t stop laughing. The end.

All in all a great little interview which shows the funny and delightful side of Renee!

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Ro said...

I love Renee in these interviews. She is so funny- I love the look she gets before she talks about her childhood. you can tell it's really a great time in her life. Shame we can't see more of the real Renee on the show. I bet those guys thinks she's really cool and hang with her to get stories! Fun for AJ, too.
A shout out to MobMistress for helping me last night!!

jnettemarie said...

Why hello everyone...Finally some me time. Trying to catch up before Sunday.

Ro, Can you post your link again. I can't find and wanna check it out.

I like seeing the ladies be themselves in interviews. I don't do the club thing, I hang at the corner bar with the locals. I bet Renee would be a blast to take to a shot and beer bar and just let loose.

Linda said...

That was great! I agree with Renee not being a trouble maker; she just tells you how she feels. She and Drita just make me smile. It's so fun watching them.

jnettemarie said...

Renee and Drita are my favs too linda.

Ro said...

jnettemarie and everyone, come on over!!
Sister Wives

Mob Mistress said...

Renee & Karen are my favorites. Renee is funny.

Chiara Soprano said...

I am glad you all enjoyed the interview, I did too. Renee is real and down to earth and is shows the funny side of her that we don't get to see on the show. I'm sure once Jail Mail takes off we will be hearing even more from Renee!

Anonymous said...

Renee is hard and soft,Drita is angery and she and Karen need to forget the past, live today!!Carla have a good lfe with your family.